ETERNAL is a Sailor Moon Role Play set during our SECOND STORY, shortly after the defeat of the Dark Alliance and during the early reign of the Crystal Empire. The Silver Millennium has been reviving in the present day, and Earthlings are discovering their connections and the truth. But lingering in the shadows deities of old have their own unfinished business. Could Elysion’s restoration be a blessing or a curse in disguise?
October 2031
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Is Justice Ever Blind?
// July 18th 2030
Maximilian Chase

"Yeah, probably." Max understood why Lilith was dismissive of his concerns about the guardian, but she didn't understand everything. She didn't know about the feeling he had when he touched her weapon, the vision of the guardian's planet that he saw. The vision felt eerie, from what he had seen of the planet, but the feeling wasn't quite so eerie. It was hard to explain, and to try, Max knew he would sound like a crazy man.

Trying to push it out of his mind, Max wanted to forget about it, but the way that the guardian kept popping up in his life all of a sudden, it didn't seem like he was going to be able to just forget about it. For the moment, however, Max could enjoy a meal with a good friend and talk about less serious things.

"That's an interesting plan." Undercover work was very prevalent, but it was hard work. Not only did it require a certain type of person, but it required someone who couldn't be easily manipulated to join the very side he was spying on. "Hey, I'm salaried, I'm always getting paid." Smirking to Lilith, Max worked on finishing his steak as their conversation turned to more personal talking, catching up with each other's lives.

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