ETERNAL is a Sailor Moon Role Play set during our SECOND STORY, shortly after the defeat of the Dark Alliance and during the early reign of the Crystal Empire. The Silver Millennium has been reviving in the present day, and Earthlings are discovering their connections and the truth. But lingering in the shadows deities of old have their own unfinished business. Could Elysion’s restoration be a blessing or a curse in disguise?
October 2031
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Is Justice Ever Blind?
// July 18th 2030
Mayor occupation
Queen Metaria (Formerly)

Lilith wondered what sort of backlash there would be if only one judge was banning Guardians from their courtroom. Surely Max couldn’t have been the only one that was against the Sailor Guardians? A small chuckle escaped her lips at the mention of the media, her lips soon forming into a smile as she took a bite from her food.

“Politics is truly a scandalous world, isn’t it? You can’t tell which party is telling the truth until their lies become too thick.” She’d known that since day one as Mayor, and since her duties before that. When there was a presidency in the United States, the media was questionable even then—who were you to believe?
Perhaps freedom of speech had gone too far.

“That seems silly.” Lilith arched a brow at the idea, wondering what was going on in Max’s mind. Could he truly believe that he’d met this crazy woman who believed that simply because she had power underneath her fingertips, she could control the world? Lilith knew Max though, and she’d known that this must have been bothering him a lot if he was to tell her about this. “If you met her before their identities were revealed, you’d have to remember her. Did you do your research on this Sailor Guardian to confirm whether or not you know her?”
Thanks to the internet, everything was public knowledge when you were a celebrity. If you were a Sailor Guardian, there was no escaping your background being on the internet. Just what dirty secrets could some of the Sailor Guardians have?
Lilith shrugged at the mention of the Dark Kingdom. Yes, they were also another threat that their city had to worry about, but insofar, Lilith wasn’t very impressed. “Hmph. When the Dark Kingdom becomes a bigger threat then I’ll worry about them. Wiseman is my primary concern.” Granted, it was a foolish move on her part to ignore the Dark Kingdom entirely, but she had a lot on her mind as Mayor. If one criminal faction wasn’t currently engaging in activities as they should have, then why should Lilith waste the city’s resources on them?
It didn’t make any sense.
“Of course. We can all blame it on you-know-who.”

Played by Vii
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