ETERNAL is a Sailor Moon Role Play set during our SECOND STORY, shortly after the defeat of the Dark Alliance and during the early reign of the Crystal Empire. The Silver Millennium has been reviving in the present day, and Earthlings are discovering their connections and the truth. But lingering in the shadows deities of old have their own unfinished business. Could Elysion’s restoration be a blessing or a curse in disguise?
October 2031
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Fate Always Wins
// July 17th 2030
Kali Portner

It was embarrassing to bring up something so personal with a stranger, and in such a public place, Kali didn't know what to say. Normally she was happy to give her opinions and speak her mind over any subject, and people often came to her for advice. Kali didn't always have the right answers, but she could at least talk matters out with those around her and perhaps come to a good answer together.

It was equally as unsettling to discuss her own personal life with a stranger in such a public place, bringing up Sera, but Kelvin was so easy to talk to, that it didn't feel weird. Not until Kali realized what she had said, at least. Typically she was so careful about keeping her family's secrets, and while having an adopted daughter wasn't exactly Earth-shattering, things were just best when Kali remained a mystery. She had already revealed herself during the explosion, kind of, people had seen her, even if they didn't know who she was or what she could do.

Changing the subject was definitely the best decision, though it put Kali in a tough situation. There was no telling who was around, especially considering that the explosion had been a terrorist attack, but Kali's job wasn't entirely a secret, she just was never spotlighted since she 'wasn't' a guardian. "I am an advisor to the queen. I did some minor work in science before the queen appeared, but when you're offered that type of opportunity, how can you pass it up?"

"I know that a lot of people don't understand how everything with the queen works, but she's really a sweet person and will do anything for this universe."

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