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April 2031
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Let the Wine Flow
Adamao Megalos

Teleporting into the old movie theater, Diamond ignored the smell of buttered popcorn, something he had begun to get used to since joining the clan. He had never been a big popcorn fan in his life, it wasn't quite as popular in Greece as it was in America, and then when Diamond saw just what Americans tended to dump all over the popcorn, he lost even more interest. Today wasn't about popcorn though, it was about a celebration.

Grabbing a crystal wine glass from the refreshment area of the lobby, the Black Moon Clan had changed a few things around since taking over the failed business. Holding out the glass to one of the new recruits, Diamond hardly even looked at the girl before requesting her services. "Pour." As she filled the glass with the dark red pinot noir.

Taking a quick sip of the wine before moving towards the front of the lobby, Diamond didn't care if he was interrupting other conversations as he began to speak up, drawing attention back to why they were really gathered tonight. "A toast to Emerald and I! Not only did we lure the queen out of her palace, but we saw her weakness as well!" Raising the glass, Diamond was careful not to jostle the liquid, lest he stain the white clothing he wore at their meetings. Here he was White Diamond, a commander within the Black Moon Clan, and he had just done what no one else had been able to do since the queen took the throne. "And of course, to Sapphire, the most brilliant of us all."

Turning to face his younger brother, Diamond clasped a hand on Sapphire's shoulder, smiling to him. Sapphire had done him proud, and while Sapphire might have protested the violence privately, behind closed doors, he didn't speak out of line publicly. Diamond understood it, and truly, he was more than happy to take care of the violent part for both him and Sapphire, if it meant keeping his younger brother out of harm's way and safely behind in their headquarters.

"As for all of you..." Looking to the new recruits, they all seemed to huddle together in the back of the meetings, like scared children. "Now that we have made this move, you will all be expected to step up and keep the momentum going. Keep in contact with your commanders and whatever technology you need, Sapphire can create it for you. If any of you do as well as this, you might be standing here next time." If they didn't...then they wouldn't be standing around at the meeting period, but Diamond left that part off for now. The new recruits knew what was expected of them, Diamond made it very clear that he expected nothing less than complete loyalty to the BMC. If they hesitated, then he was happy to have them replaced.

The explosion had been a big step for the BMC, it had announced them on a much grander scale than before, and made them the biggest threat to the city by far now. The Dark Kingdom was nothing compared to them now. Though the queen had come to the aid of the explosion, she hadn't been able to revive the dead, and Diamond had already heard rumors of minor protests popping up about the lack of security towards the citizens. There was a candlelight vigil going on at the explosion site, to honor the dead, but that didn't make the people feel better, especially those who lost someone close to them. They wanted answers, and they wanted answers from their queen now. Perhaps it might die down in a week, but Diamond hoped that it wouldn't, and that their anger would spread to others.

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