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Late March 2031 - April 2031

(Invitation) listen to the past, the future
Tag: Elijah // March 4th?, 2031

Crystal Empire
Queen Regnant occupation
Sailor Moon alter-ego
Light, Purificationpowers

With the new arrivals of her future daughter and her team, the Crystal Palace’s staff were preoccupied getting everyone settled in. Cynthia had even dismissed her own ladies and assigned them to aid the other staff. Some of the Future Moon’s bedchambers were already finished, while others were still a work in progress.

The residences that Cynthia had provided them with weren’t expected to be permanent, but they were a place for them to stay should the need arise; and with their foe’s activities as of late, it was better to be prepared.

Cynthia also couldn’t help but use this time to be inquisitive, as her own curiosities rose with Cidney’s adult form and the team that accompanied her. To learn that Cidney had a knight only days ago was stunning to Cynthia on its own, as her reviving memories were having difficulty separating child Cidney to now.

Leaving the palace’s staff to their work, Cynthia wondered what Elijah would have been up to, and began to search the palace’s grounds. 

“Oh, there you are~!” Cynthia called cheerfully once she found him, a bright smile formed on her features. “You’re Elijah, aren’t you? Cidney’s knight?”

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