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Late March 2031 - April 2031

(Invitation) listen to the past, the future
Tag: Elijah // March 4th?, 2031

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“I know.” Eli’s eyes narrowed at the queen and he knew his tone was entirely too harsh, but it was out before he could stop himself. He instantly regretted it though. “I’m sorry.” His eyes softened and he sighed. “It’s just not an easy thing to just put out of your mind. I mean, how would you feel if you weren’t sure if your family still existed in the future? If you didn’t know if your parents still got together? If you didn’t know if you still existed?” Okay that last one was just tossed in there for emphasis. He wasn’t sure if he’d still be in the present or be able to wield his powers if he didn’t exist in the future.

“Dad’s very stubborn though. He’ll hold a grudge for a long time if he sets his mind to it.” A smile lit Eli’s face as he thought about his dads. “Papa once told me how long it took before they finally got together.” He paused and his head tilted slightly as he did some mental calculations. “If I’m figuring things correctly, it’ll still take them a few more centuries before they get together because they’re both so focused on their duties.” He frowned.

Out of everyone he had to leave behind, he missed his dads the most. He knew their past selves were here in this time, but it was different. They didn’t know him as their son and he’d promised that he wouldn’t tell them what would happen because he didn’t want to risk changing things. He didn’t want them getting together now because they felt like it was destiny or something of the sort. There had to be a reason why it took them so long to get together, right?

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