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April 2031
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We'll Burn this City Down
Tag: Neo Moon and Sailor Ceres // Dead Will Walk Event/March 15
Princess occupation
Future Moonfaction
Sailor Neo Moon

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Were those zombies… dancing? Cidney had seen stranger things in her life – living as long as she had would make that practically inevitable even without the idea of her being a Sailor Guardian. ”That just isn’t right…” She said, noticing that their third had made her way further into the building without them. ”At least one of us didn’t get distracting by the Dancing Dead.” This wasn’t really the time to joke, she was aware of that, but… it took the edge off. She learned that from her mom. If she ever said that around Cynthia she’d never hear the end of it, so she just… wouldn’t.

The flames were hot, and hotter than Cidney would’ve expected. She and Elijah were well capable of going through them, and she was sure that Ceres was off using her wind powers for good – even if it just meant keeping the flames at bay – but… the smoke was a problem. She wished that she could’ve more easily protected Elijah, but each of their abilities manifested differently. She wasn’t entirely equipped with the ability to make force fields on the fly like some of the other Sailor Guardians, and the Eternal Tiare was something unique to only the Lunar royal family.

”This is insane. Dead people walking, weird creatures doing all sorts of things to people… I don’t know if anyone in the Alliance has the ability to do anything like this.” Most of them were magical and it was true that the majority had come back to life in some way or another, but that was through Chaos. It seemed as though only Cosmos and Chaos had the ability to return things to life, though she supposed that this was less that and more… necromancy. ”Wiseman, maybe? But this doesn’t fit his M.O.” Not that anything made sense anymore. The timeline she knew was gone.

Still, she pushed through and made her way around the dancing zombies, glancing back and looking at Elijah as she did so. Then she removed her mask, and held it out to him with one hand. ”Take it. You need it more than me,” She said, reaching into one of the pockets on her uniform – she wasn’t a savage, of course her dress had pockets – and pulling out a small white handkerchief. She put that up to her mouth with her free hand instead, and it would make due. ”But I’m gonna need it back if we have to beat something up here.”

Played by Dusk
EST/GMT-5, Discord @ Dusk#5035
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