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April 2031
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We'll Burn this City Down
Tag: Neo Moon and Sailor Ceres // Dead Will Walk Event/March 15
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Future Moonfaction
Neo Moon Knight

Neo Moon Knight nodded when Sailor Neo Moon said she was thinking the same thing about checking the inside of the building. He returned her smile, glad they were on the same wavelength with this. More often than not they were, but sometimes they disagreed. Still, they were always united in their desire to help others. That would never change.

“Right.” He nodded when Sailor Neo Moon said she’d go in first. He had no objections, not that Sailor Neo Moon was waiting for any. Neo Moon Knight let their teammate go next before taking up the rear. He surveyed the outside of the building, taking mental notes in case he needed to create a portal to the outside.

“Right behind you.” He entered the building with his staff in one hand and the elbow of his other arm covering his mouth and nose. He wished he could have a gadget like Sailor Neo Moon’s tiara that could transform into something useful, but alas, he did not.

They split up and began exploring the building independently. Or at least that’s what they planned to do, since they’d be able to move quicker. But before they could get far, a group of the zombie-like skeletal creatures started dancing in front of them.

“What the…” Neo Moon Knight really didn’t know what to make of the creatures or the dance. It looked familiar, and it took a moment for him to realize what it was. He’d seen what was called a music video with people doing that dance to an old song. What was it called? Thriller maybe? Yeah, that’s it.

“Over there’s a spot where we can get around them.” He gestured near the wall, thankfully one that was not currently burning. “We need to keep moving.” As coordinated as the dancing zombies were—a feat that would have impressed him under ordinary circumstances—they currently had other, more pressing things they needed to stay focused on.

((EP Total: 6/25))

@Cidney Lunette

Played by Dragon
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