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April 2031
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light with a sharpened edge
tag: kunzite; dead will walk event // March 15th, 2031
Ambassador occupation
Crystal Empirefaction
Energy/Ice Manipulationpowers

Kunzite nodded in agreement when Helios said they’d discuss how they’d help the public later on. They had other things to focus on right now. They didn’t know what this creature was or where it came from. Kunzite wasn’t sure which thought was more disturbing.

His eyes widened as he saw the severed part move back and reattach to the creature. That wasn’t good. That wasn’t good at all. He depended on Helios’ magic, the attacks that were meant to distract rather than harm. Kunzite would need the thing distracted if he was going to focus his energy into a bigger attack. Severing pieces hadn’t done any good. He’d need to build up energy for one of his stronger attacks. He’d channeled ice energy through the blade, but it hadn’t been enough. He’d have to build up one of his energy spheres and really blast this thing.

“I need you to distract it for another few moments. I need time to build up a big enough blast.” Kunzite said as he put his sword away. He cupped his hands and started focusing all his energy in his hands.

Kunzite saw Helios practically dancing with the creature out of the corner of his eye. He trusted Helios to keep the thing occupied for the moment. When he had used as much of his own energy as he was willing to pour into the attack, he did his best to gather energy from around him and channeled it into his attack.

When Kunzite felt he had enough energy and Helios had lined the creature up for him, he released the attack. The energy sphere launched toward the creature and hit it straight on. The skeletal creature disintegrated and this time it didn’t reassemble itself. After a few moments, Kunzite turned to Helios and fell to his knees. He would need to rest a few moments to recover his strength from everything he put into the attack.

@Nasir Vasile

Played by Dragon
EST, Discord/DM
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