ETERNAL is a Sailor Moon Role Play set during our SECOND STORY, shortly after the defeat of the Dark Alliance and during the early reign of the Crystal Empire. The Silver Millennium has been reviving in the present day, and Earthlings are discovering their connections and the truth. But lingering in the shadows deities of old have their own unfinished business. Could Elysion’s restoration be a blessing or a curse in disguise?
October 2031
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Fishy Conversations
Song Cordelia

"That is good," a voice chimed in from beside Marcelline, a touch too jovial to be entirely genuine. "They are definitely staring."

Cordelia Song leaning would-be-casually against the glass, one heeled foot balanced against the barrier between them and the thousands of tons of water - but there was a tension in her shoulders that belied the nonchalance. Her gaze was turned away from the teenager, despite having addressed her, a cascade of teal hair half obscuring her face and expression as she glided a single fingertip across the refracted surface of the tank. The fish on the other side did not flinch away, as if they did not recognize her as Foreign. But they were not drawn to her as they were to Sailor Mermaid. Cordelia's connection was to the waters themselves, rather than the creatures that inhabited. The rhythmic pull of the tides. The singing of the currents.

She was sure that their similar connection to the deep waters is what had brought them both here. Orlando was frustratingly close enough to the ocean to smell it lingering on the air, but far enough to make it a journey to reach. She often pestered Charlie into driving her out to coast, but other times, she settled for dragging her to the aquarium. This. This was all artificial. But a very realistic knock-off. It did calm her; gave her some clarity.

The Outers had yet to decide if the Galactic visitors presence was a benefit or a nuisance to Earth's current political climate. Cordelia was leaning toward the later. She did not like visitors in their solar system. It made her... itchy... and the public perception concerned her. It took a great deal to remember these were not the Animamates they had battled, but other entities entirely.

Still when she had felt the active energy of an intruder one of them in the Aquarium - the energy of low grade powers being used - she had wandered away from her spouse to find the source.

It had not surprised her in the slightest to discover which one.

Finally meeting the other guardian's eye, Cordelia slid hers to the people behind them, silently hoping to redirect the younger woman's attention. A small crowd was indeed forming, whispering behind their hands. The children looked excited, the adults pensive - perhaps even a bit apprehensive. Though, to be fair. It was difficult to tell now if they were responding to Marcelline's circus trick or to Cordelia herself.

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