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April 2031
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(Open)  Dead Reckoning
// November 2030
Mayor occupation
Dark Alliancefaction
Queen Metaria

It was time.

After some of the evening's entertainment passed and everyone had their fair share of a relaxing evening, Lilith would take a sip from her champagne glass. A smirk formed on her red lips, it was time for their great plan to come to fruition.

Gently, long, dark fingernails moved towards the necklace around her neck. No one seemed to suspect anything from it, or so she assumed--not even the Crystal Palace reacted to it when she entered the building before. Perhaps it was a sign of good faith from the Neo Queen, but Lilith had spent sometime scheming up this great plan.

She remembered days ago she took a private jet and traveled to D Point to the ruins of the Dark Kingdom, where she made contact with the Great One. They both struck a deal -- Chaos had agreed to lend Metaria energy, the consistent failures of the knights displeased them both. Metaria had expressed her own worries for the Dark Kingdom as a whole, as she believed it was slowly crumbling from within. There was something that seemed to keep the Dark Kingdom knights from completing their tasks, but what?

Lilith brushed her fingertips along the ruby gemstone that laid center of her necklace. The mere gesture alone caused an abrupt earthquake within the vicinity that lasted for longer than several minutes, as Chaos unleashed a mere morsel of energy outside of the Crystal Palace.

"Oh Great One, Chaos! Together we shall be able to see our plan through!" Lilith internally thought, resisting every urge to cackle as dark energy would begin to surge outside and spread throughout the Crystal City. But she could still feel it, the light that shone from the Crystal Palace was stronger than ever -- just like before. It sickened her.

"It's time for us to unify! I give you my thanks to lending me your beloved energy, revive our fallen comrades! Affiliate them with the Dark Kingdom!" Lilith internally thought once more, abruptly standing as she felt the ground shake from underneath. Screams filled the Crystal Palace's ballroom and music suddenly ceased, and citizens dropped to the floor and covered their heads.

Played by Vii
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