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[Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Myeong Min-Ji - 08 Oct 2018

Today was alright, despite Min not having much luck getting the Three Lights back together. Who knew where the other Starlights were; possibly searching for the whereabouts of the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon. Healer would be that predictable, always focusing on her duty and whatever she could do to snuff the enemy quick. Maker, she wasn't too sure about. Regardless, she hoped to bring up the Three Lights debut to them when given a chance. Cynthia could use the support now, more than ever, especially after that explosion that shook her to her core.

Suddenly, Min felt uneasy as a sense of dread began to overtake her. She pulled a card out of thin air and looked at what displayed. A starless night over a dead city with no lights to be seen. Not even from the moon itself.

She had a bad feeling about this.

And she would be right. It got dark fairly quick, quicker than usual. Min peered out her window to see the rest of the sights. It was not normal at all. It seemed like something blocked out the sun and there were no lights to be seen out in the city. Nothing at all.

She needed to warn Cynthia.

With the card in her hand, Min rushed out of her room, trying to remember where the Moon Queen's quarters were. Damn, this palace was large, but she needed to inform someone of this predicament. And also, ensure the safety of the queens. While rushing, Min could not find her own queen anywhere and worried where she might be during this time. She pulled out her phone to try and communicate with Asteria but no service. She tried the Galactica communicator but to no avail. Something seemed to be blocking their service as well.

Shit. Min knew that her queen could defend herself but it didn't stop her from worrying about it. She shook her head to try and clear her troubled thoughts. First Cynthia, then Asteria. It was best to keep cool for right now. Try to, anyway. She continued looking until she found the familiar queen in her line of sight.

"Cynthia, hey!" her voice seemed panicky but she needed to get her attention somehow. She went over to the Moon Queen while also trying to catch her breath. "Have you checked outside?"

RE: [Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Cynthia Lunette - 09 Oct 2018

Serenity had been asleep within her bedchambers, tossing and turning in her bed. Her bedsheets were all over the place, and just as Serenity was turning to another position, she woke up abruptly, clinging onto her bedsheet and panting. Gazing around her room, Serenity tried to recall what happened in her dream, but she couldn’t.
Why had she woken up so abruptly?
Yawning tiredly, Serenity got out of bed and began to walk the halls of the Crystal Palace. She was hungry, eager for a snack shortly after her bedtime. She’d been asleep for at least an hour now, having gone to bed early in preparation for tomorrow’s activities.
Except she woke up midway through the hour, unable to stay asleep.
“Mmm, I hope there’s some ice cream in the freezer… Mr. Oliver usually makes sure there’s some for me….” She murmured, rubbing her eyelids as she’d yawn once more.
That was when she nearly bumped into Min-Ji as she ran towards her. Startled, azure hues widened in surprise as she watched Min-Ji try and catch her breath. “E-Eh? Are you okay, Min-Ji? I was just on my way to the kitchen to get ice cream, I can’t sleep. What’s going on outside? Is something wrong?”
With everything that had been going on lately, Serenity had hoped that nothing was going on outside. But with the way Min-Ji was nearly out of breath, she wasn’t counting on it. She’d bend down, trying to make sure that Min-Ji was okay first.

RE: [Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Myeong Min-Ji - 13 Oct 2018

After she felt like her heart was slowing down and she caught her breath, Min recomposed herself. She straightened up and held out the card with the starless night painted on for Cynthia to see. Her expression darkened to more of a worried look.

"...Something's happened outside. We need to look into this." Min peered over to the windows. It was dark out but Min knew how suspicious that was since nightfall was not to come for several hours.

"Do you know where everyone might be?" She felt bad bombarding Cynthia with these concerns since the explosion in the city just happened a few days ago but there was no waiting around for this. This was another urgent matter that needed investigating and if Min could rally a group together to go look then she would like Cynthia to help as well.

RE: [Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Cynthia Lunette - 14 Oct 2018

Serenity became more worried as she watched Min-Ji’s demeanor. What was wrong? Was it that bad that there were no stars in the sky? She’d have seen it several times before, but if it was spooking out Min-Ji this much she decided to take another look.

Serenity walked over to the crystalline windows, gazing up towards the dark, starless sky. Serenity had gone to bed early, but she wasn’t fully aware of just what time she went to bed at. It wasn’t unusual for the Queen to take naps when she wasn’t occupied, after all.

“It’s okay, Min-Ji! It’s nighttime, isn’t it? We’ve had starless nights before, don’t you remember?” Serenity asked, teasing her a little bit as she nudged her. But there was something about Min-Ji’s overall behavior that she knew that this couldn’t be the case.

“If it makes you feel better, we can go outside and check things out if you want. What time is it?” She was, after all, going to be accompanied by a Guardian. While Min-Ji wasn’t one of her Guardians, she was just as powerful as an Outer Guardian. Surely, Charlie would approve, wouldn’t she?

“I don’t know....” Serenity shook her head. “Shouldn’t everyone be in bed? The Outers usually sometimes go to their apartments, but.... I don’t know about Lena and the others.”

RE: [Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Myeong Min-Ji - 16 Oct 2018

Min knew that Cynthia had to be joking there. This was no time to really make light about a potential threat, given what happened several days prior. Besides, starless nights were uncommon back on Kinmoku so there wasn't much reassurance there. The queen hadn't changed all that much since Min was last here. She just had to be patient and not go off on her. Not like Star Healer anyway.

"That's not what worried me, silly," she scoffed. "It came very suddenly. Rather...unnatural. Like something caused it..." She peered out at the dark sky and back to Cynthia. "It was still daylight, just a bit, before it happened."

The other concern was the lack of lights from their view. Usually when it's dark, the city came alive with street lights, store lights, even the local parks had some sort of life out there. But the view was pitch black; almost impossible to see out there. Min couldn't help but scowl at the sight.

Min took out her phone but it seemed dimmer than usual, almost like the light was sucked out of it. She was able to glimpse at the clock.

"It's 6:32." She put her phone back in her pocket and sighed. "Alright, let's see what else is going on. I don't have a good feeling about this..."

RE: [Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Cynthia Lunette - 17 Oct 2018

It came suddenly? It was unnatural?

Concern suddenly surfaced on Serenity’s features as she listened to Min-Ji. She knew better than to know that her friend would joke about something like this. But when she was so used to the safety of the Crystal Palace, to an extent where most things failed to penetrate its marvelous crystal exterior, Serenity hated to admit that something’s tended to go amiss.

This was one of them. But she supposed it was partially due to her own personal link to the Crystal Palace that made it difficult for her to notice it. Not to mention, she was asleep for a little while. And when she heard Min-Ji mention the time, it seemed that she was asleep for far less than she’d originally thought.

She’d tensed, inching closer to Min-Ji when she heard the hurried footsteps of servants throughout the Crystal Palace. There seemed to be a commotion, people wondering what was going on. Serenity’s ears perked up, grateful that Min-Ji came to her first. The last thing she needed right now was for someone to question her when she’d been asleep, unable to give a proper answer.

Now that she’d looked at her surroundings a bit more, it seemed that there was no light inside the Crystal Palace either. Only the crystalline walls provided a faint glow to give them light.

“I think you’re right... I don’t know what’s going on, but we need to find out. Have you talked with Charlie at all? Usually she’s the one to jump at something like this.” She asked, further inching closer to Min-Ji. The last thing that she’d wanted was to be separated from her, especially when the Crystal Palace was massive and easy to get lost in. There were some wings that she’d known by heart, but she wasn’t about to get lost.

Not now, especially not in the dark. Serenity still wasn’t used to darkness, even after all these years, she clung to the light. She didn’t want Min-Ji to know that she was a little scared.

No, she was actually frightened, especially when she saw Min-Ji’s phone. It looked almost pitch black, with the white lettering for the time barely noticeable.

“U-Um, did you notice your phone was dimly lit? Did you do that intentionally? Do you have a car to drive?”

RE: [Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Myeong Min-Ji - 21 Oct 2018

Talk to Charlie? Min-Ji was rather...hesitant to approach the outer senshi especially to discuss anything. Granted, they would be the next people to go to when Cynthia was unavailable but first impressions never went away that quickly. She remembered how..."hostile" they were when the Starlights first appeared to find their princess. It was understandable then but the trust wasn't there yet since their second arrival. Min had doubts it would ease up anytime soon. She shrugged it off, trying not to let that bother her since this needed to be looked into.

"No, they would've been the next people to find if I couldn't find you. But...I'm glad you're okay."

She naturally inched closer to Cynthia and placed an arm around her shoulders as the two continued onward. She looked around as the others paced through the palace, wondering what was going on.

Min noticed how odd it was that the phone was unusually dim. She took it out again and seemed uncertain. Even the phone was at the brightest setting yet it was nearly pitch black. How was this possible? As they ventured through the estate, it was as though the light was sucked out of everything. Almost everything. Thankfully the crystalline walls gave off some sort of light but it was not much. It was worrisome and Min hoped they could find out the source of this darkness quickly before panic arose from civilians.

"Uhh..." Min peered left and right, heart beginning to race. What timing for that type of question to emerge. She hadn't bothered to learn to drive since she got here. That was the last thing on her mind right now since public transportation could work just as well. But that would not help now if there was no way to get around in the dark.

"Sure?" She shrugged her shoulders. "No better time than now. Or find someone who can drive."

RE: [Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Cynthia Lunette - 23 Oct 2018

When Min-Ji inched closer to her as well and placed an arm on her shoulder, Serenity felt a bit of tension ease just a little bit. She was grateful for Min-Ji’s strong, comforting presence, especially when they were surrounded by an unusual anomaly.

Serenity heard several individuals running in the hallway, scattering in different directions to find people. One of them just so happened to run right towards them, it was a palace servant.

“Your majesty, your majesty! Lady Myeong! Thank goodness I’ve found you both, your voices...they’re so recognizable. The city’s in a crisis, there’s no power throughout the city....only the Crystal Palace is the single source of light in the city. No hospitals have power. Citizens are starting riots and looting!” She informed them, catching her breath. “If you’ll excuse me, your majesty, I need to find several others and inform them. Please stay safe, both of you.”

When Serenity heard that coming from the servant, she quickly gazed up towards Min-Ji. What in the world was going on with this city? First the explosion, now this? It was so much happening at once that Serenity didn’t know what to do.

Before she was able to address the issue to the servant, the servant had already darted off running in the opposite direction that they were heading. Serenity didn’t find it rude, no–in fact she wouldn’t have stopped the servant. But it simply drew more concern now more than ever.

They needed to find out what was going on. Why was the city suddenly engulfed in darkness? Serenity was uncaring that she was still dressed in her pajamas and truly unkempt to go outside. This was an emergency.

”I don’t understand what’s going on, Min-Ji.” Serenity informed her, clinging to Min-Ji’s arm for additional comfort. She wanted so badly to bury her face into Min-Ji’s chest, but she’d known better than that. “I’ve never had to deal with something like this before.... There’s so much happening at once, I don’t know what to do...and now that I’m no longer Sailor Moon, what can we do if there’s an enemy? What if this is an enemy? I don’t know how to drive...but I can still fly!”

RE: [Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Myeong Min-Ji - 02 Dec 2018


She couldn't transform?

That would explain a few things. But it still shocked Min because how was that possible? How was she not able to transform and teach the enemy a lesson? Asteria was still able to transform as needed to combat enemies so what was holding Cynthia back from being Sailor Moon? And if she wasn't able to transform, how else would she fight back? Flying was not enough in this case. And with her act of courage in response to the explosion not too long ago, that nearly exhausted her of all her power.

Min was baffled at this realization because a sailor guardian's powers don't just...dissipate like that. She didn't want Cynthia to feel like she was being held back but at the same time, Min didn't want her to overexert herself. She placed a firm hand on Cynthia's shoulder.

"Besides flying, what else are you gonna do? Remember last time? You don't want to push yourself too much..."

Min clutched her brooch in the inside of her jacket pocket. It was probably a good time to transform and figure out what's going on out there. Cynthia might not be completely powerless but she wouldn't be alone in this case. Min would probably need to increase her power if she was the only one able to incapacitate an enemy. She often held back out of respect for Cynthia but it might be necessary to step up her game if that's the case.

"...But we need to do something about this. You're not going at this alone."

RE: [Blackout Event] A Bad Omen - Cynthia Lunette - 02 Dec 2018

Serenity let go of Min-Ji when she spoke concern about her abilities. Was it really that much of a big deal? Serenity had known that she wasn’t Sailor Moon anymore, but she was still capable! Besides…she was learning! That was the most important thing, wasn’t it?
And besides, she’d spoken with Charlie about it, they were going to start training her powers. This was a very good opportunity! “I’ll be okay, Min-Ji! I promise.” Serenity winked in a playful, reassuring gesture, hoping that it’d ease some of Min-Ji’s concerns.
The touch on her shoulder told her otherwise though, and she’d merely gaze towards it. Min-Ji was a much taller woman, almost like Charlie, whereas Serenity felt small in comparison.
“Charlie and I both talked it out and we’re going to start training this form. I think I’ll be okay, I promise. And I know you’re coming with me, silly~! I wouldn’t expect anything less with what’s going on.” Of course, she’d totally understand if Min-Ji had to set things aside for Asteria. Asteria was, after all, her Queen.
She wasn’t.
“But there’s something you need to know….and that’s that when I became Queen, my duties changed…” Serenity turned her head away then, unsure of how to really explain it. “Mama wasn’t allowed to fight either. Queen Serenity, I mean. But…..Lunarian Queens were allowed to use their power during dire circumstances. We’re meant to be symbols of peace and light, to guide people towards choosing the right path. We aren’t meant to engage in combat that much, when I was Sailor Moon it was different…. Now…I’m Queen. I have the same responsibilities as my Mama. But I intend on fully learning how to use this form so that way I’m not powerless. I need to be able to protect these people and fight when necessary, too! So let’s go, okay?”