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time after time - Diana LeBlanc - 21 Nov 2021

Diana stretched her arms as she got up from her seat after closing the book she had shut. The Moon Palace’s library was vast; and in the future, she didn’t have much opportunity to explore it as she had now.

Diana had realized just how much she had missed out on in the future with its chaotic state. If it wasn’t the war with the Black Moons, it was something else. There was little time to relax beyond a good few years. 

It was a refreshing change of pace as well, as the books while they gave the appearance of standard books, had holographic technologies within them to display its contents. It explained to Diana how they had survived all these years, frozen in time – even though the Moon Palace needn’t have any explanation after its revival after Queen Beryl’s first defeat.

“I’m finally finished with my set,” Diana announced as she gazed towards her companions. “How are you guys doing?” When reading was concerned, Diana was known to be meticulous, ensuring that she didn’t miss a single detail. It meant that reading took time, but it was worth it in the end.

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RE: time after time - Elijah Mitchell - 26 Nov 2021

Eli started off with his own research before he met up with Diana to check out the Moon Palace’s library. They’d met up with Azazer when they arrived and explained to him what they were looking for. There had to be a reason why Elysian was still under the control of the Dark Alliance, but they weren’t even certain what they should be looking for to figure it out.

He frowned when Diana said she finished her set of books. He knew she’d have mentioned something if she’d found so much as a hint. “I’m nearly done.” He sighed. “I’m having trouble even finding reference to Elysian and the powers that control it.” He was starting to think this whole mission was a wild goose chase. He still believed though that if they could figure out a way to get control of Elysian back, maybe it would help shift things in their favor.

“You don’t happen to remember anything, do you?” He asked, looking over at Azazer. He knew Azazer had been alive during the Silver Millennium, but that didn’t necessarily mean he knew anything about the origins of Elysian or who controlled it.

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RE: time after time - Azazer Hawkins - 28 Nov 2021

Honestly, Azazer was happy to help out even though he was--quite literally at times--a bird brain. Still, he could throw himself into looking through the resources available, though it appeared that the library was woefully lacking in what they were looking for.

If anything ... Well, it almost felt like things were missing but given that he had only rarely seen the library and was more acquainted with the one within the former court of the Nether Moon ... It just felt weird but he was not certain it was worth saying anything about at the moment.

"Uh ... nothing on my end," replied Azazer, setting down a book and staring at the stack he had acquired. His fingers tapped the last one he had read, a quick staccato before he blinked and focused on the fact that Elijah asked him something.

"I mean, besides this library feels like it's missing stuff?" His expression turned thoughtful. "I feel like we might be better off asking Nasir about it? Since we can't find anything here. If ..." His nose scrunched up in thought. "I mean, if it's anything like here or the like, I imagine there's probably a sacred chamber? You know, a place where you could commune and whatever; a spot that really lets you connect with a place. I swear I remember getting yelled at by mom's old priest because I was 'disrupting' some ceremony or the other that was to sanctify a location." Pause. "Or maybe corrupt it, my memory is still kind of spotty."

RE: time after time - Diana LeBlanc - 05 Dec 2021

“What do you mean that it’s missing ‘stuff’?” Diana asked, her curiosity piqued from the statement. Diana hadn’t been too knowledgeable on the library’s contents.

Diana sighed at the mention of Elysion. “The Moon wasn’t allowed much contact with Earth as it was, but I would assume that Lady Selene would have had some records of it.”

It was true though, that Nasir could have been a valuable resource in their investigation, along with the kings and presumably Endymion. Nasir probably would have been more accessible than the latter. And that’s when she realized – Azazer had been onto something with his thoughts.

“When I had to do studies on the Moon Kingdom, we learned that the Moon Palace had its own sacred chambers that only the Queen was supposed to enter. I never thought that such a place could actually be commonplace on other planets, but I also haven’t had the opportunity to visit other planets.” It was a shame, really – that she had been so sheltered and had no true reason to visit the planets across the Solar System.

“It’d be intriguing to visit that spot on the Dark Side of the Moon if it still exists to confirm your theory.”

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RE: time after time - Elijah Mitchell - 21 Dec 2021

Eli nodded when Azazer mentioned that he hadn’t found anything either.  “We definitely wanted to talk to Nasir and King Endymion about all of this, but I was hoping there might be some legend or something that might explain the basics of what powers control Elysion or the creation of Elysion or something.”  He hoped that there might be something to jog their memories since if they knew why Elysion was still under the Dark Alliance’s control, he hoped that one or both would have shared it with the rest of them.

Elijah blinked at the mention of sacred places.  In theory it made sense.  He wasn’t high enough in ranks, or at least he hadn’t been in the future, to have access to information on anything like that, but if that was the sort of thing they were looking for, that both made it easier and harder.  It gave them something more specific to look for, but to find out information like that, they’d probably have to dig through a library on Elysion, if one even existed.

“It’s better than anything else we’ve come up with so far and with what I know of magical systems, it makes sense if there’s a sacred chamber or other sacred space on each planet as sort of the magical ‘heart’ or ‘star seed’ of the planet.  If a place like that did get corrupted, only the rightful priest or ruler may be able to undo it.”  In theory that should be Endymion, but that didn’t explain why he wasn’t able to undo the corruption.

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RE: time after time - Azazer Hawkins - 27 Dec 2021

"I mean like ..." Azazer was clearly trying to think on how to phrase it. "Look, my memory is still kind of scrambled because of the entire being a hawk for hundreds of years but the books that talk about the other planets and their cultures, in specifics and description? They're not here. Sure, the ones about the Moon and Earth are here but ..."

A sigh escaped. "It's weird, they should be here and they're not. Even I know Selene enjoyed the knowledge that could be found in her library but most of this is stuff that we can kind of infer ourselves? Mom kind of tried to make her own but it was never as big as this." His nose wrinkled up, Azazer shaking his head and his expression smoothing out. "Or maybe it was always like this, it's just not what I expected to find."

For a moment, as Diana and Elijah both offered their thoughts, Azazer had fallen quiet as he worked through his spotty memory to elaborate more. "It should be, um ... King Endymion's mom as the ruler, maybe?"

There was a frown on his face. "Sorry, my memory really is spotty but I know that just like Selene and mom had priests--uh, they weren't called that though, I think--there should be the same for Earth? Except well, Nasir isn't really connected to Elysion anymore and kind of makes things more complicated." Sigh. "If he still was, I think between the King and him they might be able to manage something but not now. Especially if Metaria has found it and invited Chaos to hunker down in it."

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RE: time after time - Diana LeBlanc - 12 Jan 2022

“That’s okay,” Diana said reassuringly. “Everyone’s memory is a little foggy still, I think.” Diana was, admittedly, a little grateful that she didn’t have to deal with a past life. She could reassure herself easily that she remembered what she experienced, and that she hadn’t forgotten something.

“We should be grateful that King Endymion, Lady Gaea, and High Priest Helios are on our side.” Diana said in response to Elijah. While Diana hadn’t had the opportunity to interact with Lady Gaea, she was intrigued. “Elysion as a whole is enough to address those topics to those three, but it’s intriguing nonetheless to see what is in the Moon Kingdom’s library on it.”

“Azazer isn’t wrong though…it is odd.” Diana began, walking towards the library’s bookshelves as she ran her fingertips alongside some of the books. “According to history, Lady Selene treasured knowledge, so to see this library without much contents is strange. I wonder…is there a way to check in the database to see what was supposed to be in this library?”

Diana wondered if books might have been lost to time, but….that was unlikely given the technologies behind the books.

“Lady  Gaea would have access to those chambers, yes,” Diana confirmed. “Even the Moon Palace itself has one, but only the Queen was allowed to enter. I’m not sure if it’s the same on Earth with Elysion.”

“Unfortunately, King Endymion’s power in this time isn’t completely intact,” Diana pointed out. “While High Priest Helios is powerful, in the future… King Endymion’s power is stronger than now.”

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