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RE: Let the Wine Flow - Lorelai Price - 23 Oct 2018

Koan didn’t really put much faith in technology. While it was true that Sapphire had been able to come up with gadgets that were far more advanced than most other pieces of technology in the world, it was far too easy for technology to be neutralized. But who was she to tell Diamond that they shouldn’t put so much stock in it? Her abilities were all very mystic in nature and technology could be very useful for them.

She was itching to try and take down that awful and horrible monstrosity of a palace. There had been a few times that she had stood within the shadow of the monolith and tried to think of how she could take it down. Her blue fire burned hot and no amount of water would ever be able to put it out. But she wasn’t so confident that her fire would be powerful enough to consume the unnatural crystal that made up the alien queen’s palace. They would need another way to take it down…

”I’ve seen and heard enough to know that when one of them is in trouble, it never takes long for the others to appear. They definitely have ways of communicating with one another.” She didn’t care who quickly Emerald was to dismiss her. One day that bitch’s arrogance was going to be what got her killed.

She was an idiot to be so quick to dismiss those that she considered to be beneath her.

And that was coming from someone like Lorelai. She wasn’t known for being the most humble person, but her ability to look into the future and predict how someone was going to die meant that she knew better than to try and underestimate the enemy. That meant even the Dark Kingdom, even if they were vermin as Emerald called them.

At least Diamond was more or less more pragmatic. And he seemed to realize that underestimating their enemy was a horrible choice. Lorelai raised a brow at Diamond as he approached her and that sick smile slowly slid over her face. ”Oh I will come up with a perfect way to destroy her. She has similar abilities as I do. I can feel her trying to watch us and see what and who we are. But her abilities aren’t clear. I can feel that. Something is interefering with her powers as they are trying to interefere with my own.”

Which meant she could be taken by surprise if she couldn’t see the future.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Jade Rodriguez - 09 Nov 2018

Unless they personally began to stalk every building in Orlando, Emerald wondered how Diamond planned on doing that. Granted, it was possible to begin investigating them by watching their movements and missions, but even then, that was still small numbers. They still hadn’t made a single move yet, aside from small murders here and there, and minor deploys of youma. 

Emerald laughed at that. She had more fun doing it herself, it was a big stress relief being able to kill with her bare hands, rather than relying on a youma. Though, it would have been nice when she was in a bind.

“Sounds like Sapphire’s got a lot of work ahead of him.” Emerald chuckled, shaking her head. This was all Sapphire’s department, not hers. She couldn’t do anything regarding the communicators, not in the slightest–but she could personally keep an eye on the Towers. “If someone can build something for me to keep an eye on the Sea King and Sky King Towers, I can personally keep an eye on Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Otherwise everything else is for Sapphire, Diamond.”

When Koan didn’t retaliate to her mocking, she was a little disappointed. There was nothing there for her to throw more at her. But it was impressive, as it meant that the little Specter was trying to be more professional.

“Does anyone here have access to the Crystal Palace to install something inside it? Or around it to spy?” Emerald wondered, though she briefly remembered Diamond getting up close enough to talk to the Queen, so that was something, wasn’t it?

“No.” Emerald shrugged her shoulders, taking another sip of her drink. “I don’t know much about them.”

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Adamao Megalos - 27 Nov 2018

What had started as a party to celebrate their victory today had turned into a planning meeting of how to continue fighting the Moon Queen and her soldiers, all while keeping the other team from stealing what they really wanted, the Silver Crystal. It was the ultimate weapon, and Diamond was determined to have it, even if it meant ripping it out of the queen's hand himself. He had come face to face with her, he had seen her weaknesses, how she longed for her people to believe all the dribble that spilled from her mouth, but Diamond had planted seeds of doubt. With a little watering, all seeds grew.

"If anyone can do what you need, my brother can. Emerald, work with Sapphire, plan out just what it is you need. Keep me updated on your project, but it sounds very promising." Would they learn anything new from observing Sailor Uranus and Neptune? Diamond had no idea, but if they could get useful information out of it, then he was happy to direct Sapphire's time to setting that up. "What about Dark King tower as well? Doesn't it seem odd that the guardians would all live in the palace, and only two occupy two of the three main residences in the city?" Emerald lived in that tower, she knew it better than Diamond, but it was weird, right?

Koan's comments, however, were far more disturbing to Diamond than they were reassuring, and she pulled his full attention back to her with her words. "If you can figure out how to keep Mars from watching us, do it. Wiseman shielded this theatre, but there's no telling just what those aliens are capable of."

Walking away from Koan, Diamond walked back through the crowd of useless Black Moon members, none of which were even trying to contribute to this plan. "I have a feeling the queen will be compelled to reach out to her people now. When she does come out of her palace, we can disguise ourselves among the crowd she will draw. Perhaps we can use her to take something into the palace for us. A gift for her with surveillance inside it?" There was no way that the Palace wasn't guarded against people like the Black Moon, especially after the explosion, but simply technology? Technology was neither good nor bad, it simply existed.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Jade Rodriguez - 07 Dec 2018

When Diamond gave her next plan an approval, no matter how impromptu it was, a smirk of satisfaction appeared on Emerald’s crimson lips. It always gave Emerald great pleasure knowing that Diamond approved of her work, and to further impress him was important.
Of course, Emerald didn’t particularly care much for working with Sapphire, but out of anyone in the Clan, he was likely the one that she’d get along with easier. He wasn’t nearly as incompetent as Rubeus’s ward.
“I’m so glad that you approve, Diamond. I’ll get to work straight away.” Emerald smiled softly, trying her hardest not to blush. “I’m sure that Sapphire would appreciate the intel as well.”
“Dark King Towers?” Emerald repeated, albeit surprised that Diamond brought up her own residence. “It does, yes. I haven’t….noticed anything at home regarding Guardian activities aside from that runt visiting someone every now and then. I don’t know what business she has at my Tower, but I can look into it.”
And she was determined to. She might’ve not paid much attention to the activity in her own Tower, but when a Guardian visited the Towers it was a hot topic among residents, even more when several of them had visited.
“The next twenty four hours will be crucial for us, so it’s important to pay attention to the media.” Emerald advised, taking another sip of her glass as she’d blatantly ignore Diamond’s encouragement of Koan. It was a simple task to keep an eye on the Inner Guardians, but when it came to the Outer Guardians it was something that she knew that Koan couldn’t handle. It made teasing her all that more fun.
“Do you really think you’d be able to get that close again?” Emerald asked, arching a brow.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Lorelai Price - 05 Feb 2019

”There are other ways to keep an eye on someone.” Koan said as she crossed her arms over her chest. There were other ways and she wasn’t afraid to act the part if she thought that it would get her close to one of the guardians. At the same time, she knew that Sailor Neptune had abilities that weren’t entirely unlike her own. There were rumors she could see into the future. Much like Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars will be my personal mark of triumph. She thought to herself with an amused look on her face. Though Emerald’s question made her raise a brow. ”I do not. I was under the impression they were extremely picky about who is allowed around that ugly chunk of rock.”

Koan’s sharp gaze settled on Diamond again. It was very odd that there seemed to be no guardian in the Dark King tower. Her mind mulled it over once or twice and then she began to laugh. Her laughter was sharp and twisted and she got a few confused and even disturbed glances in her direction. How had she not thought of it before now?! It was completely obvious! There was a guardian living in the tower.

”Oh Diamond, I think there is a guardian living in Dark King tower. The mystery guardian no one seems to know about. Her outfit seemed to match the queen’s personal guardians more than those of the invading aliens. It’s highly possible she’s living there. Even if I’m not sure who it could be.” She frowned.

She knew her hunch was right. But the civilian identity to who that guardian could be? She didn’t have a clue.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Adamao Megalos - 06 Feb 2019

Plans were coming together quickly now, but Diamond paid no attention to the competition that seemed to spark between Emerald and Koan. Honestly, he didn't even notice it, his mind was so consumed with finally having an edge on the queen and her guardians, and he was ready to run with it. Carefully, of course, knowing that the queen wasn't about to let her guard stay down after the explosion.

"Any information about the guardians is helpful. If you can some on your own too Koan, then get to it." If both women brought back information on Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, then perhaps it would be enough to form a real plan. Diamond could hope at least. In the meantime, he questioned the strategies of the guardians, and just why were there two of them living outside of the palace, and in separate buildings? It was strange, Diamond thought, but not something he was about to dwell on, until Koan spoke up.

Well, her laughter was what drew Diamond's full attention. Emerald had mentioned one of the guardians showing up now and then, but that wasn't anything alarming to Diamond, there was no telling what friends they had outside of themselves they could be visiting. He wanted new information, important information, something he could take back to Wiseman and formulate a real plan with.

"Why would the queen make a public announcement of all the identities of her guardians except for one?" Looking at Koan when he said it, Diamond wasn't really talking to her, not fully at least. Bringing a hand to mouth as he pondered the thought, Diamond began walking slightly, almost pacing as he considered the idea. "What does the queen know that no one else knows?" Talking out loud, Diamond knew that he had to find more information. Wiseman wouldn't settle for anything else.

Stopping in his tracks, Diamond knew that he might need to return to the palace, and confront the only person with the answers. "I think I can Emerald. She was so eager to prove me wrong, I think that she can't resist talking to people who disagree with her."

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Jade Rodriguez - 13 Mar 2019

Brown hues darted towards Koan when she seemed to speak out of turn for a subordinate. She didn’t like it, Rubeus’s little bunch seemed to be straightforward and outspoken, as if they thought that they were commanders.
No, she refused to let that happen.
“And what do you suggest, Koan?” Emerald outright asked, narrowing her gaze at her. Once more she spoke out of turn, and it bothered her that she dared to be firm on her stance that there was a Guardian in her very own tower. She tried her hardest not to let either of them see her fist tighten.
“I don’t need a soldier around my Tower, Diamond, please leave it to me.” Emerald gave him a look, one that spoke of her desires to remain in charge of the situation. “Let Koan handle that pesky Sailor Mars. The mystery Guardian will be mine. I’ll kill anyone who invades my Tower if they’re part of the White Moon’s inner circle!”
She was being daring, but Emerald was confident in her abilities as a commander. She wouldn’t be outsmarted by a soldier. She refused.
“Is it possible that this Guardian has a special power, Diamond? That makes things even more intriguing for us and a more appropriate task for a commander.” Emerald smiled, though she was surprised at the fact that Diamond seemed confident in being able to wiggle himself back to the Queen.
Was she so easy to get close to? It made her wonder.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Lorelai Price - 10 Jun 2019

"I don't know if it would be all that wise for you to do it, Jade. You have been in the public view before because of being a model and if you begin poking around too much and asking too many questions, then eyes could end up on you. That would be too risky to you and to the Black Moon," Lorelai said with a faint roll of her shoulders and she took another sip of her wine. She didn't feel like she should have to give all the answers here. These were the two commanders that were supposed to be far, far more intelligent than her. They were supposed to know everything. Jade especially was arrogant and always thought she knew better.

Apparently, that wasn't the case.

"You should have someone a little less in the public view poke around Dark Tower," Lorelai said. Once again, she was keeping her tone of voice tightly controlled. She wasn't going to get any shit here for being disrespectful to a commander. She knew that Jade didn't like her and was just looking for any kind of excuse to kill her.

They were droning on some more and she just downed the rest of her wine. The buzz was starting to grow a little more noticeable now. She was growing bored and wanted to take the party a little more wildly. She wanted them to start planning the future and she wanted to go and make someone suffer. Or even better than that, she wanted to kill someone. She loved it when she took a life. It always left her with such a nice fuzzy feeling.

Boring! I want to do something a little more exciting than standing around and gossiping about the guardians and queen.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Jade Rodriguez - 31 Aug 2019

Emerald was losing her patience. What was the youngest of the Specters trying to prove? Did she truly think that she would be able to navigate her Tower, let alone the Dark King Towers? Emerald laughed at the mere thought. She would stand out like a sore thumb.

“I’ve been an inactive model for years. Don’t use that as an excuse towards me.” Emerald scoffed. “Most of the people in my Tower don’t even know my occupation. Besides, I wouldn’t be as myself… I could use either my own crescent or my natural talents and create a disguise.”

Granted, Emerald didn’t have much talent in disguise. But she at least knew fashion and how to make herself look presentable in situations.

Emerald glanced at Diamond sternly. “It is my duty as an occupant of the Towers to eliminate this pest, not an outsider. Please Diamond, grant me the opportunity to eliminate the mystery Guardian and handle the other three Guardians of the Towers. I’ll show them who truly owns the Towers!” Emerald held up her glass of wine, then took a sip from it.