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Let the Wine Flow - Adamao Megalos - 06 Sep 2018

Teleporting into the old movie theater, Diamond ignored the smell of buttered popcorn, something he had begun to get used to since joining the clan. He had never been a big popcorn fan in his life, it wasn't quite as popular in Greece as it was in America, and then when Diamond saw just what Americans tended to dump all over the popcorn, he lost even more interest. Today wasn't about popcorn though, it was about a celebration.

Grabbing a crystal wine glass from the refreshment area of the lobby, the Black Moon Clan had changed a few things around since taking over the failed business. Holding out the glass to one of the new recruits, Diamond hardly even looked at the girl before requesting her services. "Pour." As she filled the glass with the dark red pinot noir.

Taking a quick sip of the wine before moving towards the front of the lobby, Diamond didn't care if he was interrupting other conversations as he began to speak up, drawing attention back to why they were really gathered tonight. "A toast to Emerald and I! Not only did we lure the queen out of her palace, but we saw her weakness as well!" Raising the glass, Diamond was careful not to jostle the liquid, lest he stain the white clothing he wore at their meetings. Here he was White Diamond, a commander within the Black Moon Clan, and he had just done what no one else had been able to do since the queen took the throne. "And of course, to Sapphire, the most brilliant of us all."

Turning to face his younger brother, Diamond clasped a hand on Sapphire's shoulder, smiling to him. Sapphire had done him proud, and while Sapphire might have protested the violence privately, behind closed doors, he didn't speak out of line publicly. Diamond understood it, and truly, he was more than happy to take care of the violent part for both him and Sapphire, if it meant keeping his younger brother out of harm's way and safely behind in their headquarters.

"As for all of you..." Looking to the new recruits, they all seemed to huddle together in the back of the meetings, like scared children. "Now that we have made this move, you will all be expected to step up and keep the momentum going. Keep in contact with your commanders and whatever technology you need, Sapphire can create it for you. If any of you do as well as this, you might be standing here next time." If they didn't...then they wouldn't be standing around at the meeting period, but Diamond left that part off for now. The new recruits knew what was expected of them, Diamond made it very clear that he expected nothing less than complete loyalty to the BMC. If they hesitated, then he was happy to have them replaced.

The explosion had been a big step for the BMC, it had announced them on a much grander scale than before, and made them the biggest threat to the city by far now. The Dark Kingdom was nothing compared to them now. Though the queen had come to the aid of the explosion, she hadn't been able to revive the dead, and Diamond had already heard rumors of minor protests popping up about the lack of security towards the citizens. There was a candlelight vigil going on at the explosion site, to honor the dead, but that didn't make the people feel better, especially those who lost someone close to them. They wanted answers, and they wanted answers from their queen now. Perhaps it might die down in a week, but Diamond hoped that it wouldn't, and that their anger would spread to others.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Lorelai Price - 08 Sep 2018

Lorelai always liked a good party. She hadn't been directly involved with the explosion that had been a beautiful statement against the queen and her brainwashed monkeys. The Sailor Guardians were just as big of hypocrites as the rest of them. They allowed that queen of theirs to come to power. They followed her and protected her as though she were the most precious thing that had ever existed. She was sick of them all and she couldn't wait to see them burn under her powerful blue fire.

Personally? She loved the idea of taking out Sailor Mars. She thought herself to be the guardians of fire and war, and that meant that she was Lorelai's rival. She was going to enjoy killing her personally. As much as she wanted to kill Serenity, Sailor Mars was going to be her priority.

Tonight, however, she was Koan. She had been one of the first soldiers to arrive on the scene. The old abandoned theater was the perfect kind of haunt for her. Her whole thing was death. She was able to accurately depict how and when someone would die. Her domain of power was unique. Not many of the other members of the Black Moon Clan could do the same. Each one of the sisters were unique not just in powers, but also in personality. Koan was the psychopath.

"Hopefully tonight's meeting is more interesting than the last one." Koan sighed dramatically and she leaned her head back against one of the columns. The last meeting also hadn't followed what had been one hell of a light show. She was looking forward to seeing how they were going to celebrate.

"And there is our fearless commander White Diamond." She said as she saw Adamo finally show up. Her lips curled into a smile and she took a sip of her own whine she had gotten earlier. She wasn't like the recruits. There were recruits that weren't going to bat an eye at the idea of taking a life. She certainly hadn't. She had been all too willing to kill someone in order to become a full member of the Black Moon Clan.

Koan rolled her eyes when it was mentioned that Emerald was to be toasted. Right. Because Jade was the best. She didn't like the woman but ultimately it didn't matter. Emerald wasn't the one that she interacted with most of the time anyway. Her commander was Rubeus. And thank god. She would lose her mind if she had to listen to Jade all the damn time.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Jade Rodriguez - 11 Sep 2018

After observing the explosion site a little further, Emerald decided to head back to headquarters. What was done was done, the Sailor Guardians continued to try and aid the pathetic civilians and escorted their precious alien Queen to safety.
This was possibly the closest that Emerald ever gotten to their little Queen, moments before she witnessed them trying to escort her to safety. The long, white hair and gown was not traditional human attire and hair style for certain. While some might beg to differ on Emerald’s own hair color, it was natural. Jade was just one of the lucky humans gifted with an uncommon hair color.
As she phased beside Diamond, a smile formed on Emerald’s features. To receive such praise from Diamond was an honor, and after looking to the eager faces in the crowd, she’d known that she made the right choice to push Rubeus aside and take the glory for herself. “Diamond’s plans never fail us. With him as our leader and Wiseman’s future heir, the Black Moon Clan will conquer the White Moon!”
Emerald knew that she was making a bold statement by declaring Diamond as Wiseman’s heir, but they’d all known that that was likely the future. Wiseman had shown far too much interest in Diamond for it not to be. Emerald grabbed a wine glass that was poured and held it high, toasting it to Diamond before taking a drink of it herself.
She made a point to gaze at Rubeus and his pathetic Specters. Oh how she’d loved this moment. The glory wasn’t meant to be hers, but she was opportunistic. Had they known just what role they could have played?
“My proposal to you, Diamond, is to attack the Sailor Guardians individually. Unlike their Queen, we may be able to eliminate her guards one by one before we ultimately see them fall. I propose leading several teams to attack both the Sailor Guardians and King Endymion’s Heavenly Kings!”

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Adamao Megalos - 16 Sep 2018

Standing in front of the crowd as some of them clapped, others cheered at the mention of the queen's weakness, Diamond smiled. This was perfect, they had damaged the city, and they had damaged the queen. She had fainted right before their eyes, leaving her vulnerable and open to attack, if she hadn't been surrounded by her guardians. That was the key, and it was why Diamond had ordered Emerald to keep her distance. Emerald was a good commander, and it was too risky to make a move while all the guardians were around.

With Emerald next to him during his announcement, he placed a hand on her shoulder, though he hadn't expected for her to speak up in quite the way she did. Announcing to the whole clan that Diamond was meant to be Wiseman's heir wasn't true, there was no way for her to know that, even Diamond didn't know that himself. Wiseman wasn't ready to announce an heir yet, leaving them without a prince or princess for the moment, and it was merely implied that the person who pushed the Black Moon Clan the furthest might get that position, but Wiseman never actually spoke of just what someone needed to do to gain that position.

"I appreciate the praise Emerald, but such an announcement will be made in the right time, when Wiseman has chosen." Hazel eyes glanced towards the back of the room, where he knew Wiseman was watching, from the shadows. Wiseman was always around, even if people didn't immediately see him, Diamond knew that their leader was watching. He would be curious about this celebration and how people acted during this small party, and he would be watching for people who tried to overstep their bounds. Wiseman did not like it when people stepped out of turn, especially if things went poorly because of it.

Pulling his attention back to Emerald, Diamond was glad to hear her change the subject, back to the queen, and how to deal with her. Yes, it was obvious that they couldn't take on the queen with all of her guardians around, and if the queen had a weakness, then all of her guardians had weaknesses as well, they just needed to figure out what they were. Nodding, Diamond agreed with Emerald, but it would be a daring plan to overtake.

"Yes, we need to remove her guardians. It will be important to observe them and learn their weaknesses, so that we can exploit them when the time is right. We must also keep the Dark Kingdom in mind. I do not know what they are planning, but we cannot risk underestimating them either."

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Lorelai Price - 22 Sep 2018

”Oh my fucking god. She is so obsessed with him that it's disgusting.” Lorelai grumbled to herself and took another sip of her wine. She couldn’t believe that Jade was so in love with Adamo and yet he never seemed to realize it. Either he was the world’s most oblivious man or he really wasn’t that interested. She was willing to bet that it was probably a little bit of both. She didn’t know Adamo well. She knew that he was the likely heir of the Black Moon Clan. He was most definitely Wiseman’s favorite.

No one could deny that.

Lorelai stopped herself from rolling her eyes now that Jade was going on with her big master plan. So… she was going to do what she was sure everyone else had been thinking about doing. What a wonderful plan. She put a hand on her hip and she finished off the rest of her wine. She knew that she wasn’t a commander, but she was going to put in her two cents worth. They needed to be careful, as much as she wanted to jump in and strangle the life out of Serenity herself.

”The thing that puts a wrench in your plan, Commander, is that the guardians seem to be able to appear at a moment’s notice. So what stops Sailor Venus from appearing if we attack Sailor Neptune?” She posed the question as she stood forward and she put her empty wine glass on the tray as one of the new recruits passed by. It was a good question. They didn’t know how the guardians were able to seemingly teleport out of nowhere.

”And the other question is the identity of that strange guardian that no one has seen before. Who is she? And where has she been this whole time? I agree with Diamond. We have a lot of work we need to do before we can launch attacks.” Koan said.

...It felt dirty to be the logical and reasonable for once.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Jade Rodriguez - 25 Sep 2018

Of course.
Emerald had almost forgotten just how important Wiseman’s opinion was to Diamond, but everyone in the room could already agree that he was the chosen one to lead the Black Moon Clan. No, that wasn’t why Emerald was infatuated with Diamond. Emerald fully believed that they would make an excellent couple, they already worked well together and that’s what mattered.
Romance, while it was always flattering, was not the sole thing Emerald wanted from Diamond. She wanted to rule alongside him, to prove that they would excel in anything together. But Emerald knew that that time wasn’t now, they had to wait for Wiseman’s opinion.
“Yes, of course.” Emerald turned her head away, hiding her blush marks on her cheeks from her comrades. She wasn’t embarrassed, but she knew that she’d make a big mistake if she hadn’t agreed.
“The Dark Kingdom are vermin. We shouldn’t worry entirely about them, they don’t even have a proper structure and were defeated once before. Why should they matter?” Emerald asked, shrugging her shoulders. But when she heard Koan daringly speak against her plan, brown hues turned sharply towards her.
“Not only is time on our side, but the alien made a foolish mistake on revealing the identities of her Guardians. We must attack them when they are off-guard and not expecting a move. We must function as a unit, together, and not go at this alone. We’ve all seen the Guardians work together as a team well, but alone they are useless.” Emerald pointed out, taking a sip of her wine as she leaned against the popcorn stand casually.
“I don’t know who this Guardian is, but with the appearances of more Guardians from outside the Solar System, who’s to say she isn’t one of them? That makes her more of an enemy to us and she must be eliminated.” Emerald wasn’t about to let the anonymous soldier slide so easily, but she’d readily turn towards Diamond.
“What do you advise?”

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Adamao Megalos - 26 Sep 2018

"Queen Beryl's last associates are no longer with her, if I recall correctly, so who is she working with now? Unknown variables should never be dismissed. I want to know more about them." Diamond would be damned if their plans were going to be derailed by Queen Beryl and her clan.

Standing before the rest of the Black Moon Clan, with Emerald next to him, Diamond suddenly found himself in the middle of the next important decision. Though they had gathered here today to celebrate the win they had accomplished, the work was never over, and if they wanted to remove the false queen from power, they needed to act while their momentum was high.

Happy to hear that Emerald already had plans for their next mission, Diamond's head turned to look at the voice who spoke up against Emerald, Koan. One of the four Specter Sisters, Koan was a soldier that had wasted no time in taking action and jumping into the clan. Though Diamond hadn't spent much time with any of the sisters one on one, he had heard good things from Rubeus. Normally, Diamond spent his time with the other commanders, but the more Rubeus praised the sisters, the more Diamond considered that he might need to get to know them better.

"That's an excellent point Koan, they do seem to have some sort of teleportation powers like we do. I am skeptical to think they share telepathic powers though. Watching as they came to the explosion one at a time, it seems unlikely that they have a telepathic link, and if that is true, then they must communicate with technology. And if they use technology..." Turning his attention away from Koan and focusing directly on Sapphire, Diamond smiled to his younger brother. "Then we can intercept that." Sapphire was a genius when it came to technology, he could do anything, if given the time. Hopefully Sapphire would be able to figure it out quickly and give the Black Moon Clan a leg up.

Technology might be on of the things they needed to overcome, but it seemed as though there were other guardians too that might need addressing. "Emerald is right, there's no reason to believe that this guardian is anything more than the other new guardians that have been coming to Earth. Though, why now? If we can learn her identity, then we can figure out how best to deal with her. Until then, I wouldn't worry too much about her. She clearly hasn't been needed until now, I still think the guardians we know should be our focus."

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Lorelai Price - 30 Sep 2018

"To completely ignore the Dark Kingdom because you see them as inferior is a bad idea, Emerald. Even you have to know that." Koan said as she looked over at the commander, a look of complete disregard plastered all over her face. At least she was being good and wasn't rolling her eyes at her just yet. But that was only because she didn't feel like getting herself killed. But she was bringing up a good point. Why the hell would she underestimate the enemy? She thought that Jade was supposed to be smarter than that. Of course, the real question came down to exactly what Diamond said. Who was working for the Dark Kingdom now that the Shitennou were no longer under their thrall?

While she wasn't as in love with Diamond as Emerald seemed to be, she could see that he at least had a brain in his head and that meant that he actually could see the points that she was bringing up. She had to admit that she was slightly smug about that fact. Emerald hated the sisters and looked down on them. It was nice to see that someone else didn't see them as useless.

"As much as I would love to kill Sailor Mars personally, we need to be smart about this. Otherwise, we'll get wiped off of the map like the Dark Kingdom did the first time they tried to take on the Guardians. We need to be better than them. I know we are just as all of you know that we're better than they are. But we still need to be smarter. While they want to kill the queen as we do, they want to use the Silver Crystal for themselves." Koan said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

It reminded her of her own parents, who had been so eager to accept immortality. The Dark Kingdom wanted that same goal, even if they killed the queen they would still use the damned crystal to cheat death and that was unnatural.

"I say that if we can, we use the Dark Kingdom to fight the guardians. That way we don't waste our time and resources. Let them destroy each other while we play the long game. We swoop in before they can take the crystal and they will be weak. But we'll be strong." Koan said with a slight smirk on her face. She doubted that it was going to work for each other. A part of her also hated the idea of sitting on her ass and waiting, but it would be a very good way to get rid of the White Moon and the Dark Kingdom. Let them destroy each other.

But hey. If they blew her off and didn't wnat to do it, then what was she to do? She was just a soldier, even if she had ambitions to be far more than that.

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Jade Rodriguez - 02 Oct 2018

That was true, Emerald realized when Diamond noted that the Generals that used to work with Queen Beryl became traitors to her cause. Just what had caused that? Was it possible that someone could so easily become delusional and believe in the alien’s cause enough to work so closely to them?
Emerald was disgusted and took a sip of her drink. Brown hues darted towards Diamond when he began to speak of intercepting their technology. Was it possible to penetrate the Crystal Palace that way? The Crystal Palace was known to be an impenetrable fortress that not even the US military could take down. Unless they leaked their technology outside of the palace, how….was it possible?
Emerald tried her hardest to comprehend the possibility.
“Diamond, is that possible when we don’t know where to begin? What has history told us about the Sailor Guardians communication?” Emerald asked, wondering who amongst them was knowledgeable in history. Emerald certainly wasn’t, she hadn’t cared much for the Sailor Guardians until she joined the Black Moon Clan.
Koan’s insistence made Emerald shrug and tilt her wine glass slightly. “Hmph, I never said that I’d ignore them entirely. They’re still vermin and should be treated like pests. Why do you think I insisted on teamwork? More cockroaches are better than one.” Emerald smirked, glaring at Koan as she spoke about killing Sailor Mars herself.
“It’d be hard to use the Dark Kingdom to fight the Guardians when we don’t know who they are. They’re still hiding, and Beryl hasn’t made any movements yet. It’s almost as if...” Emerald would turn towards Diamond, this time with concern. “…they’re trying the same thing. We need to be careful with our next move.”

RE: Let the Wine Flow - Adamao Megalos - 04 Oct 2018

Speaking to the Black Moon Clan as a whole, Diamond wasn't trying to call any one person out, he needed them all. While many of the soldiers and associates could come and go, some of the soldiers were closer to becoming new commanders than others, and Diamond couldn't discount them. He needed their strength of numbers, but he also appreciated more minds working to come to an idea. Diamond could think up good ideas, but he couldn't account for all variables and he didn't have time to do reconnaissance on everyone by himself.

"We need to, at the very least, figure out how many are now working with the Dark Kingdom and what their powers are." Learning who they were would be much more difficult, and Diamond wasn't holding his breath for that just yet. In time, he assumed, they would screw up and their identities would be revealed then.

Emerald wasn't wrong, not entirely, when she questioned if they could actually intercept the communications of the guardians. It would be an incredible longshot, that was for sure, but Diamond knew the one person who could do it, if anyone could. "I'm not entirely sure how their communications work, but if anyone can figure it out, and figure out a way to give us the upper hand, it's Sapphire. I except that everyone will help him in any way he needs." Sapphire could often work by himself, but if Diamond's little brother wanted anything from anyone, then Diamond expected him to get it.

More importantly than communications though, was the truth about the Sailor Guardians. They could intercept communications all they wanted, but all it served was preventing more guardians from coming. Sipping the wine in his glass, Diamond nodded along when Koan spoke. Walking towards her, Diamond stopped in front of the Specter Sister. "If you want Sailor Mars, then you can have her. When you figure out a plan to take her down, let me know. I trust you will find a suitable weakness of hers first, of course."

Diamond hadn't watched the Specter Sisters closely, but Rubeus spoke highly of them, and so Diamond had turned his attention towards them more lately. Then there was Chiral and Achiral, Emerald's soldiers, who she claimed were very close to becoming commanders themselves. If that was true, then they had a powerful group and could execute their plans against the guardians to completion.

Looking back to Emerald, there was a lot to discuss between both the guardians and the Dark Kingdom. "Do you have any thoughts on how to use them first?" If the Black Moon Clan could let the Dark Kingdom do the work for them, then Diamond was all for that idea. It would mean less casualties on their side and they would come out with the Silver Crystal without much of a fuss on their end. The crystal was the ultimate goal, whoever killed the guardians was of little concern to Diamond.