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RE: listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 27 Oct 2021

Cynthia supposed that she could understand where Elijah was coming from, especially considering that he was only recently adjusting to this timeline. She was sure that within time, that viewpoint would change.

What he said next though was a hard candy to swallow. Now that they had recovered the memories that Guardian Cosmos had sealed away from them, and she understood why that Guardian Cosmos did it... Cynthia had recalled how much she fought for the future that she had once seen and only been to a handful of times.

To learn that the future wasn’t what they had wanted it to be was heartbreaking. Cidney and her team shouldn’t have had to go through so much in their ideal future like they had, but here they were…each of them within the Crystal Palace’s walls, fighting for a different future. It hurt. Cynthia wasn’t even sure what she wanted the future to be now, or if she could go on saying that they were fighting for their future – but she had to remind herself that they had to fight for the hear and now; that, after all, was more important.

“Cidney told me a little bit about it,” Cynthia murmured softly, and then reassuringly added, “But now that you all are here, we will try our hardest to build a future that we will all come to love. I hear that things are already taking a turn that they hadn’t before, and that’s a good thing~!”

“Just don’t forget about having a little fun though, okay?” Cynthia winked. “It’s important to find that balance, especially during these stressful times. If anyone finds that you're working too hard, you won't like what we have to say~!”

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 18 Nov 2021

Elijah knew things had changed in the future. That’s why they couldn’t go home. He was glad things were changing, but he missed his family and he missed his other friends. He missed being home. The past… It wasn’t home, yet. He knew it would be a while before it was, if ever.

“I just… I hope there’s some things that won’t change.” Eli still wanted to exist and he wanted all of his friends to exist. He figured there were quite a few things in his life that he always assumed had to be fate. His dads came into his life at just the right time and he knew he’d have become a different person if it weren’t for them. Would they still adopt him in this new future? What if knowing they were going to adopt him changed too many things and it ended up not happening? It scared him just thinking about the possibilities.

“Oh, I’m sure Dad will have a few choice words to say and if not him, then I’m sure Papa will give me that disapproving stare of his until I relent.” The words were out of his mouth before he realized it and when he did, his hand slapped over his mouth. He looked at the queen with wide eyes, like he thought he’d be scolded for talking that way about his fathers. Though, he knew he still shouldn’t have been talking about them. He hadn’t decided what he was going to say to them yet, if he said anything at all.

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 22 Nov 2021

Cynthia’s baby blues gazed curiously at the statement that Elijah made. What was it that he didn’t want changed? It was unfortunate that she would have otherwise been in the wrong if she would have pried for it, so she didn’t – but it didn’t help that that question might have lingered on for a bit.

“Just try not to think about it too much,” Cynthia said reassuringly, though she knew that that was more difficult than said. “And remember that we’re still in this fight. We don’t know what to expect of the future, so we should just focus on what we’re currently doing, you know?”

Dad? Papa?

Cynthia’s baby blues fluttered in surprise. Who were his dads? Was it something so significant in that time period that she couldn’t pry for any answer now? Cynthia became internally irritated at the thought that the future was so complicated, something that they shouldn’t question so freely – and it was something that she, as a queen, had to set the example for. But oh goodness did she want to pry for more information!! Why did he have to say it like that?

She was internally whining, despite her outward features being simply surprised by the comment.

“Whatever happens, I’m sure your dads will understand,” Cynthia laughed.

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 26 Nov 2021

“I know.” Eli’s eyes narrowed at the queen and he knew his tone was entirely too harsh, but it was out before he could stop himself. He instantly regretted it though. “I’m sorry.” His eyes softened and he sighed. “It’s just not an easy thing to just put out of your mind. I mean, how would you feel if you weren’t sure if your family still existed in the future? If you didn’t know if your parents still got together? If you didn’t know if you still existed?” Okay that last one was just tossed in there for emphasis. He wasn’t sure if he’d still be in the present or be able to wield his powers if he didn’t exist in the future.

“Dad’s very stubborn though. He’ll hold a grudge for a long time if he sets his mind to it.” A smile lit Eli’s face as he thought about his dads. “Papa once told me how long it took before they finally got together.” He paused and his head tilted slightly as he did some mental calculations. “If I’m figuring things correctly, it’ll still take them a few more centuries before they get together because they’re both so focused on their duties.” He frowned.

Out of everyone he had to leave behind, he missed his dads the most. He knew their past selves were here in this time, but it was different. They didn’t know him as their son and he’d promised that he wouldn’t tell them what would happen because he didn’t want to risk changing things. He didn’t want them getting together now because they felt like it was destiny or something of the sort. There had to be a reason why it took them so long to get together, right?

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 03 Dec 2021

Cynthia’s features softened as she heard his concerns. She understood where he was coming from all too well, she would be worried about that too! But Cynthia wasn’t the sort who thought much about the future, if at all.

“I get it,” Cynthia said reassuringly, placing a gentle palm against his shoulder as she gently nodded. “Your concerns are normal for someone in your position. If I were in Lady’s position I would be thinking similar, if not constantly! But that’s why I try to make the most of my time that I have with everyone I love, and respect the decisions of those I love even if I might not be happy about it.”

“I guess with knowing Layla and having learnt about space-time, I try not to think about space-time too much either. It’s too confusing and something I don’t want to wrap my head around!” Cynthia laughed, placing a palm against the back of her head nervously.

Cynthia took note of what was being said about Elijah’s dads. There were very fewer men among the Crystal Empire who were so duty focused, whereas staff under their employ could also be considered such.

“You’re making it really hard to not pry at you, you know!!” she pointed out as she groaned and whined.

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 21 Dec 2021

The queen’s words prickled inside Eli. She said she understood, but she didn’t. It made things harder considering that his parents were both right there. He saw them all the time and yet he couldn’t say anything to either of them. “My dads aren’t even together yet. How could I even tell them? How would you react to finding out you had a kid with someone you hadn’t even considered dating?” It just seemed too complicated no matter how one looked at it.

Elijah frowned when Cynthia said he was making it hard not to pry for more information. This was the queen. She wasn’t supposed to be focused on gossip and secrets from the future. She should be the one upholding the taboos about revealing too much information about the future! Still though, he had to admit that he kind of wished he could talk about it with someone, maybe someone that might be able to tell him how they might take news like that in this time period.

“I can’t tell you outright, you know.” He bit his lip and then sighed. “But I suppose I couldn’t stop you from guessing if you wanted.” He paused. “I’ll even tell you if you guess it right.” This was probably a bad idea, but he’d already said it. He couldn’t take it back now.

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 29 Dec 2021

Cynthia’s smile remained on her features, but softened as she heard Elijah’s concerns about his dads. She understood wholeheartedly where he was coming from, how difficult it was to be in a time period that wasn’t his own and fretting about what may or may not happen. She reminisced about how Lady was when she first arrived all those years ago.

The memories hurt about how horribly she treated the little girl, grateful for how much effort Endymion had put into caring for her when she was selfish.

“You have to have faith in them,” Cynthia reminded him. “That’s all you can do is have faith in their decisions and let them have the time they need to develop their relationship. You know, I loved Endymion more than anything when I was growing up and I still do, and when Lady came to us all those years ago… I wouldn’t have imagined having a child! We were both shocked, but we cherished the knowledge. It hurts now thinking that we forgot about those precious memories.”

She understood why they forgot. It was how space-time worked, how Guardian Cosmos wanted things done, but it didn’t mean that she agreed to it.

“Give them time, okay?” Cynthia smiled softly, her baby blues soon fluttering at the mention of her guessing on what he was talking about.

“E-Eh? I want to know, you know – but I’m the worst secret keeper!” Cynthia whined as she shook him just a little. “Don’t tempt me like thaaaat.” Cynthia couldn’t ever keep that a secret if she’d found out who his dads were, she knew that she would be so tempted to start plotting to get them together!

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 23 Jan 2022

Elijah heard what she was saying, but he still worried about what finding out they had a child together would do to their relationship, both now and in the future. “But didn’t it feel weird to hear about what would happen in the future?” He was certain that [Princess Lady Serenity] told him that Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion weren’t together when she visited the first time and they found out about the future. He couldn’t imagine doing that with his dads. Maybe things would be different if they were already together…

He nodded when she said to give his dads time. It wasn’t easy though, having to keep his distance from them. He was probably keeping more distance from him than was necessary, but he didn’t want to accidentally say something he shouldn’t.

Eli chuckled when the queen said she really wanted to know, but she was a terrible secret keeper. He hadn’t expected that since she seemed so wise in the future and had such a practiced way of phrasing everything so nicely. He was sure he’d never heard the queen whine like that before. He still half wanted to tell her to see if she had any advice on dealing with his fathers as they were now, but if she didn’t want to be responsible for keeping that secret, he could hardly put that on her.

“Okay, I’ll just let it be a mystery then,” he said as he held his hands up. He wished he could get advice from someone that knew them in this century, but he supposed it would have to come from someone else.


RE: listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 29 Jan 2022


Cynthia hadn’t really thought about much about how she felt about the future, but she did recall one little incident as she laughed nervously. “I mean, aside from learning that Endymion and I would have our own child? I don’t know. I think we were both surprised at the time that the little girl we were taking care of was our own.”

Not to mention the embarrassment that it was known to her friends that she and Endymion would have a child.

“I think that that may be a similar reaction to your dads, maybe,” Cynthia thought aloud. “It really was a shock. Though I guess you could say that we were all surprised as well that of the conditions of the future at the time, since we arrived during the war against the Black Moons…”

It was strange, she wondered whether or not the current Black Moons were the same as in the future, or just reincarnated like they were.

Cynthia couldn’t help but deadpan at Elijah though. Why would he make her go through all of that!? It wasn’t fair!

@Elijah Mitchell

RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 06 Feb 2022

Eli nodded. He couldn’t even imagine someone showing up and telling him that he had a kid with someone he knew in the future. Surprised would likely be an understatement, which was a large part of why he hesitated to say anything to his dads. “Just surprise? Not embarrassed at the idea you’d have a child or with whom you would have that child?” He hadn’t been there, but he’d heard stories, enough to know that the queen had been fairly young yet when she found out that [Princess Lady Serenity] was her future daughter.

“But it’s hard to say for certain how my dads would have reacted if you don’t know who they are. Isn’t it?” He countered. He wasn’t trying to make her feel bad about not knowing, but his dads were both so duty focused, it was hard to imagine them reacting well to something like this until they were together. If he knew they got together on their own terms, that might be different, but until then? He wasn’t so sure about it. Even his dads advised against saying too much. It was why his dad suggested Eli wear the contacts.

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