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listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 03 Jul 2021

With the new arrivals of her future daughter and her team, the Crystal Palace’s staff were preoccupied getting everyone settled in. Cynthia had even dismissed her own ladies and assigned them to aid the other staff. Some of the Future Moon’s bedchambers were already finished, while others were still a work in progress.

The residences that Cynthia had provided them with weren’t expected to be permanent, but they were a place for them to stay should the need arise; and with their foe’s activities as of late, it was better to be prepared.

Cynthia also couldn’t help but use this time to be inquisitive, as her own curiosities rose with Cidney’s adult form and the team that accompanied her. To learn that Cidney had a knight only days ago was stunning to Cynthia on its own, as her reviving memories were having difficulty separating child Cidney to now.

Leaving the palace’s staff to their work, Cynthia wondered what Elijah would have been up to, and began to search the palace’s grounds. 

“Oh, there you are~!” Cynthia called cheerfully once she found him, a bright smile formed on her features. “You’re Elijah, aren’t you? Cidney’s knight?”

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 14 Jul 2021

Eli felt strange about the invite to stay in the palace. He couldn’t quite put his finger on why. Perhaps it was just because he was used to being with the rest of his team in the house they’d been renting. Maybe because he was just adjusting to the whole, having revealed their identities to the guardians of this time period. Maybe because the palace was still the same in his own time period, despite some minor differences, and it made him homesick. Either way, he made sure that as the rooms became available, his fellow knights got first pick of the rooms. It made sense for them to be at the palace now, but he still couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he didn’t belong there.

Having a place for his knights to get a decent rest was a good idea, though. Even he could admit that. They’d also have the palace’s facilities available for training and research or whatever else they might need. It was certainly better than an old, dilapidated house with a leaky roof. They hadn’t been able to find anything else in their price range with enough space for all of them, so they made due.

As usual, Eli’s nose was in a book when he heard someone call his name. He startled and his body jerked, causing him to nearly drop the book. He straightened when he saw it was the queen. “Ye-Yes, I’m Cidney’s knight.” He sputtered.

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 18 Jul 2021

Baby blues fluttered in surprise when she saw how startled Elijah had seemed. Was it something that she had done? Cynthia hadn’t known much about Cidney’s team beyond her original Quartet when they were purified.

Seeing the book that was in his hands made her remember back when she had first encountered Mercury. Back in those days, it seemed that life was so much simpler; they were able to hide their identities from their families and live ordinary lives without the responsibilities of governing a planet. Their only duty was to defend it.

If she had the opportunity to go back to it though, Cynthia wouldn’t change it for the world. She could however, understand why Cidney had opted to alter their futures with everything that they’ve endured.

“Are you okay?” Cynthia asked, her own bafflement visible on her features. “You weren’t heading somewhere important with that book, were you?”

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 15 Aug 2021

Eli knew he needed to pay more attention to his surroundings and not spend so much time reading, at least while he was walking somewhere. There was a sort of false sense of security being inside the palace. Sure, he knew everyone inside was supposed to be an ally, but that didn’t mean things were safe enough to just get lost in a book. He could be walking into walls or another person. It was just so hard to put the books down though.

He looked at the queen and frowned slightly when she asked if he was heading somewhere with the book. “I’m alright,” he said. She looked just like the queen he knew from the future, but at the same time, she seemed so different. Even the way she carried herself seemed different. Eli didn’t know what to think about that.

“No, I was um… just taking it back to my room after I borrowed it from the… um, library.” He stammered. He hoped she wouldn’t be upset with him for doing that. “It is okay to borrow those books, right?” He rubbed the back of his neck as it occurred to him that maybe he should have asked before he took the book with him.

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 17 Aug 2021

Cynthia’s baby blues fluttered with the reaction that she received from Elijah. Did she do something wrong? Why did he suddenly get the impression that it was wrong to borrow a book from the library? She, personally, could care less about the library unless it was the stash of manga that she had stowed away~!

“Don’t be so silly,” Cynthia teased. “You’re asking me that? The palace’s library is for everyone. If it wasn’t meant to be borrowed, there’d be a sign for that. Besides, don’t you think you could be doing a lot more fun things around here than reading?”

Oh goodness, Elijah reminded Cynthia of a younger Miki! Cynthia supposed that it was a match for Cidney, who was much more studious than she was when she was younger. But surely, he didn’t spend all of his time reading, did he?

“I know you’re familiar with the Crystal Palace from the future, but keep in mind that this is the past~! You could be exploring its corridors and finding things you wouldn’t expect. There’s still some rooms in this place that I haven’t even been in.”

@Elijah Mitchell

RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 02 Sep 2021

Relief flooded through Eli when the queen said there would be a sign if the books weren’t allowed to leave the library. He still felt a little like she’d caught him doing something he shouldn’t be, but he was glad it, at least, wasn’t because of the books.

Elijah gave the queen a blank look when she asked about doing something more fun than reading. “More fun than reading?” He blinked a few times as he processed what she was asking. Well, he’d heard her correctly at least, but it still took a moment to process her meaning. “But there isn’t anything more fun than reading. Unless you mean writing, but as much as it’s fun, that’s also work…” He shrugged.

“Is the palace different from the future?” He asked and then his jaw dropped open as he realized she wouldn’t know the answer because she hadn’t seen the future yet. “I mean, most of it seems pretty much the same…” He hadn’t been in every room, but he was fine knowing that certain rooms were really none of his business. He paused and blinked again. “Which rooms haven’t you been in?”

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 05 Sep 2021

Cynthia was left speechless for a few moments. Was he really serious? He considered reading and writing to be the most enjoyable activities!? Cynthia's baby blues were bewildered, as even though she was Queen now, she still related those activities to homework and duty. When she picked up a book, it was usually manga, and that was enjoyable!

“Y-You’re kidding me, right?” Cynthia asked rhetorically as she attempted to fully comprehend Elijah. In many ways, it was very much like how she met Miki – she was the studious bookworm, unable to socialize until someone – her, to be more specific – put her foot down and intervened and started a friendship.

“Exploring life is much more fun than reading and writing! Going out and exploring the Crystal Palace, discovering what secrets it has to offer, or just going out into the world and seeing new things. You’re in a new time period, aren’t you? Do you really think that everything here is just like it was in the future?” Cynthia pointed out.

“When me and my friends were in the future, we weren’t given much free time to explore like we wanted. We were on a mission, but…that doesn’t mean that you guys can’t have that luxury here! I don’t think Layla will be that fussy about it now that the truth’s out!” A mischievous grin formed on her features, but even Cynthia had to remind herself of certain restrictions when it came to time traveling. Fortunately for Elijah, exploration didn’t seem to be that big of an issue.

Cynthia paused for a moment though as she thought about the rooms she hadn’t been in. There were quite a few, the Crystal Palace was a massive structure, but Cynthia also believed in personal space. “I avoid staff offices and chambers that I don’t have to be in, a lot of them are on the higher floors of the Crystal Palace though.”

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 23 Sep 2021

Eli blinked at the queen. She looked the same, she even sounded the same… well, mostly. He mostly recalled the queen he knew encouraging young people to study so they could be the best versions of themselves. It was jarring to say the least.

“… I’m not kidding you.” He frowned. Having gone back in time, it sometimes felt like he’d entered another realm of reality, but this was by far the strangest thing he’d encountered yet.

His frown deepened when the queen started talking about exploring. Exploring was dangerous though, and not just because of running into enemies in the street. “No, I know things aren’t the same as in the future, but what happens in this time period can have unforeseen consequences in the future. The last thing any of us would want to do is change the timeline too much.” If one of them ended up not being born or growing up somewhere else because they changed the wrong thing.

“Forgive me for saying so, it’s not all that different. When you went to the future, there was a danger that things might not happen the same way if you knew how things would work out. Would you make the same choices? Would you take the same risks? It’s not so different from us. We could accidentally start talking about things from the future and the wrong person might overhear or maybe an innocent friendship will end up changing the course of someone’s life.” Not that there hadn’t already been significant changes to the timeline by now. They may not even recognize the future anymore, which was the whole reason they had to stay here now, right?

“That makes sense, I suppose.” He conceded, but the queen was the one that brought up the fact that she hadn’t explored all the rooms. He didn’t quite understand what it mattered if she hadn’t seen those rooms when they were personal rooms belonging to others, but he wasn’t going to question it.

@Cynthia Lunette

RE: listen to the past, the future - Cynthia Lunette - 29 Sep 2021


He was serious. Cynthia saw that frown form on his features, and she immediately recognized how it was that Cidney and Elijah got along. They were two sides of the same coin, and Cynthia recalled a younger Cidney more invested in academics as well than she was. She always made Mama Ikuko happier!


Cynthia frowned then as she listened to his explanation. Was it possible that he didn’t know about the fate of their future? Cynthia believed that the likelihood of them returning to the future that they’d known would have been slim at best, and that they would have remained stranded within their timeline.

There was a reason for that train of thought, and it was because Cidney had provoked her enough to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon once more. In the timeline that they desired, Cynthia had recalled that Neo Queen Serenity ceased the ability to transform upon her coronation. That was a drastic change in itself and one that she knew had risks, but it was a choice she made without memories of the future. Cynthia also knew that destiny had a funny way of having surprises, and knew that it was also best to remain optimistic about timelines.

“I think,” Cynthia began as she placed an index finger against her chin. “If Layla had a problem with what you all were doing, she would have said something. She’s very vocal about that type of stuff. I don’t think there’s any harm in exploring this time period within reason. Cidney did when she was little, you know.”

The question that Elijah gave her soon left her pondering momentarily. It was a good question to think about, but one that Cynthia had already realized that she had broken that as well.

“Time is fickle,” Cynthia murmured. “You don’t know what’s going to cause the time stream to diverge. You need to make the most of your life without fear of what you’re doing, while bearing in mind the future that you desire. We are all in charge of our own destinies, and if we desire a certain outcome, it is within our power to make it happen. Even Cidney made friends with her classmates when she was little, so it’s best to make the most of your time here.”

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RE: listen to the past, the future - Elijah Mitchell - 24 Oct 2021

Eli wasn’t sure what to think about the queen’s reaction to the fact that he enjoyed things like reading instead of video games. He recalled a time or two in the future where Neo Queen Serenity had actively encouraged Cidney and him to work hard on their studies. To think that hadn’t always been the queen’s position was… enlightening and he wasn’t sure if it was a good thing. He’d always admired the queen and he knew why Cidney had admired her so much growing up. Neo Queen Serenity had always been a vision of grace, gentleness and the embodiment of love itself. Speaking to her now, though, it was hard to think they were the same person.

“I’m not saying I won’t explore at all, but I still have some reservations about doing too much.” He would not likely let go of that fear easily and he wasn’t sure it was something he could do voluntarily. For as much as Layla did her best to protect the timeline, there were things that were beyond even Layla’s powers. She couldn’t see the ripple effects of every single choice made and she wasn’t constantly investigating things to know if there were any dangers. He bristled slightly at the mention of Cidney exploring the current time period the last time she came here. He kept his mouth shut, but did Neo Queen Serenity really expect a young child to have any idea about how temporal mechanics worked?

“There is some truth to that, but we wanted to make the future better than it was. Sometimes things happen that are beyond what we as individuals can envision for the future.” He didn’t want to say too much, not because he was afraid of affecting the timeline, but because he wasn’t sure how much the queen was told about the reality of the future he and the others came from. Perhaps he was still a little bitter about not being able to go home, but could anyone blame him? What was he and the others supposed to do? Were they supposed to just stay there indefinitely? Live out their lives in the past? What happened when their future selves were born? Could two of them exist in the same timeline? If not, then how could they get close to anyone knowing this was only temporary?

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