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We'll Burn this City Down - Elijah Mitchell - 26 Apr 2021

Eli didn’t know what was going on. He wasn’t sure anyone really did, but they’d all taken to the streets of the city to help people where they could. To sit back and watch, after finally revealing themselves, felt like it went against everything they believed in and fought for. At the very least, he’d never forgive himself if he just sat back during a crisis and didn’t help in some fashion.

There was chaos everywhere. Where they didn’t find monsters, they found car accidents and other property damage. It reminded him of the zombie apocalypse type movies that were popular a decade or so ago. He’d indulged in watching a few since arriving in this time period.

There was a small fire in a dumpster outside of an office building and a car crash blocked the street nearby, causing a gridlock on the nearby streets. He doubted anyone would be able to make it through until the accident was cleaned up.

After sending their sailor guardians and knights out into the city to help, that left Elijah with his princess and her closest protector. They turned the corner and saw black smoke billowing into the night sky. He looked back at the two with him. “Come on, let’s go check it out in case there’s anyone still trapped in there.” He hoped that it wasn’t really necessary to say that and that they’d be in agreement that they should look into the situation. If there was a fire nearby, emergency services might not be able to get to it considering how gridlocked the streets were.

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RE: We'll Burn this City Down - Cidney Lunette - 24 May 2021

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Sailor Neo Moon had never quite been the type of person to sit down and just watch as something awful happened. Even from the time that she was a child she was petulant, going out of her way to end up in the middle of things, caring only that things were resolved and not whether or not she herself was harmed in the process. To be honest, it had been hundreds of years since then, but Cidney hadn’t really changed – in fact, an argument that she had only become more likely to do it as a result of Sailor Moon’s influence on her childhood was probably closer to correct.

The truth was that Cid hadn’t seen anything like this since before they came to the past. It wasn’t a secret, at least among her and her friends, that the future that they left was in dire straits. If it hadn’t been then they wouldn’t be here. Cidney had hoped that she never would see people in the streets injured, cars blowing up left and right, and hordes and hordes of monsters attacking them left and right, relentlessly. The whole force of the Sailor Guardians was out, trying to reign things back in. Neo Moon wasn’t about to not be involved.

As Eli suggested that they move into the nearest building, Neo Moon quickly nodded. ”I was thinking the exact same thing.” She said, smiling gently, happy that her knight was in the same mindset that she was. They weren’t about to stand there and let the building burn down. ”I’ll head in first. You two follow me,” she said, and then without waiting for protest Cidney went directly for the door. She pushed it open, and smoke billowed outwardly; she covered her face with her elbow at first, taking her tiara from her head and transforming it into a filter mask before putting it back on her face.

She looked back to Neo Moon Knight, and nodded toward the door she was holding open. ”C’mon. We got work to do.”

RE: We'll Burn this City Down - Elijah Mitchell - 14 Jul 2021

Neo Moon Knight nodded when Sailor Neo Moon said she was thinking the same thing about checking the inside of the building. He returned her smile, glad they were on the same wavelength with this. More often than not they were, but sometimes they disagreed. Still, they were always united in their desire to help others. That would never change.

“Right.” He nodded when Sailor Neo Moon said she’d go in first. He had no objections, not that Sailor Neo Moon was waiting for any. Neo Moon Knight let their teammate go next before taking up the rear. He surveyed the outside of the building, taking mental notes in case he needed to create a portal to the outside.

“Right behind you.” He entered the building with his staff in one hand and the elbow of his other arm covering his mouth and nose. He wished he could have a gadget like Sailor Neo Moon’s tiara that could transform into something useful, but alas, he did not.

They split up and began exploring the building independently. Or at least that’s what they planned to do, since they’d be able to move quicker. But before they could get far, a group of the zombie-like skeletal creatures started dancing in front of them.

“What the…” Neo Moon Knight really didn’t know what to make of the creatures or the dance. It looked familiar, and it took a moment for him to realize what it was. He’d seen what was called a music video with people doing that dance to an old song. What was it called? Thriller maybe? Yeah, that’s it.

“Over there’s a spot where we can get around them.” He gestured near the wall, thankfully one that was not currently burning. “We need to keep moving.” As coordinated as the dancing zombies were—a feat that would have impressed him under ordinary circumstances—they currently had other, more pressing things they needed to stay focused on.

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RE: We'll Burn this City Down - Cidney Lunette - 01 Aug 2021

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Were those zombies… dancing? Cidney had seen stranger things in her life – living as long as she had would make that practically inevitable even without the idea of her being a Sailor Guardian. ”That just isn’t right…” She said, noticing that their third had made her way further into the building without them. ”At least one of us didn’t get distracting by the Dancing Dead.” This wasn’t really the time to joke, she was aware of that, but… it took the edge off. She learned that from her mom. If she ever said that around Cynthia she’d never hear the end of it, so she just… wouldn’t.

The flames were hot, and hotter than Cidney would’ve expected. She and Elijah were well capable of going through them, and she was sure that Ceres was off using her wind powers for good – even if it just meant keeping the flames at bay – but… the smoke was a problem. She wished that she could’ve more easily protected Elijah, but each of their abilities manifested differently. She wasn’t entirely equipped with the ability to make force fields on the fly like some of the other Sailor Guardians, and the Eternal Tiare was something unique to only the Lunar royal family.

”This is insane. Dead people walking, weird creatures doing all sorts of things to people… I don’t know if anyone in the Alliance has the ability to do anything like this.” Most of them were magical and it was true that the majority had come back to life in some way or another, but that was through Chaos. It seemed as though only Cosmos and Chaos had the ability to return things to life, though she supposed that this was less that and more… necromancy. ”Wiseman, maybe? But this doesn’t fit his M.O.” Not that anything made sense anymore. The timeline she knew was gone.

Still, she pushed through and made her way around the dancing zombies, glancing back and looking at Elijah as she did so. Then she removed her mask, and held it out to him with one hand. ”Take it. You need it more than me,” She said, reaching into one of the pockets on her uniform – she wasn’t a savage, of course her dress had pockets – and pulling out a small white handkerchief. She put that up to her mouth with her free hand instead, and it would make due. ”But I’m gonna need it back if we have to beat something up here.”

RE: We'll Burn this City Down - Elijah Mitchell - 23 Aug 2021

Neo Moon Knight looked up in time to follow Sailor Neo Moon’s gaze. Their companion had gone on ahead of them. He’d actually thought she was still behind them. “But wasn’t she just…” He sighed. They had bigger things to worry about right now. He could figure it out later. “Nevermind.” He needed to focus. They all did.

As they moved past the dancing creatures, and deeper into the building, Elijah noticed his arm wasn’t blocking much of the smoke from reaching his face. He might have to teleport himself out soon. Hopefully, if there were others here, he’d be able to hold on until they found them so he could get everyone out through one of his portals.

He tried not to talk too much, but he couldn’t ignore Sailor Neo Moon’s musings about who was behind something like this. “I’ve been trying to study what we know about those working with the Alliance and I haven’t seen anything like this. The only one that might have been able to is Spectrolite, but he’s not with the Alliance anymore.” He was thankful for that. None of the knights belonged working for the Alliance and he only wished they could free the rest of them. “Maybe.” He nodded at the mention of Wiseman. It didn’t fit with what they knew, but there was still a lot they didn’t know about him.

Neo Moon Knight coughed. The smoke was getting to him. It surprised him when Sailor Neo Moon handed him her mask and said he needed it more. “Thanks.” He said as he put it on. Normally, he’d insist she kept it, but he was feeling a little lightheaded. At this point, the only thing he’d be useful for is creating portals to get everyone out. “Definitely.” If anyone had to fight, he’d gladly give it back because he wasn’t sure he could take on anything with so much smoke around.

As they pressed onward to the next room, Elijah saw something on the floor that caught his attention. He paused to check it out. It was something small. It was black and twisted and he felt fine as he picked it up. “Hey, look at this!” He called to Sailor Neo Moon. He held it up to show her and a piece broke off and turned into green smoke. Something about it caused a sense of impending doom to settle over him. “This kind of looks like those creatures.” He pointed toward the skeletons. It couldn’t be the same material, could it?

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RE: We'll Burn this City Down - Acacia Alvarez - 08 Nov 2021

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The decision to go ahead of them was probably not the best one but it was one she deemed necessary as her mind had gone to a place where top priority was to ensure both the safety of Sailor Neo Moon and Neo Moon Knight themselves, especially in the absence of Ceres Knight at the moment... Her eyes had already witnessed the wild antics that this place left for "entertainment purposes" such as the dancing skeletons. Even she had to admit that it was pretty amusing and plus they were dancing to a classic which made it even more enlightening, but she had to focus. Her gaze shifted towards the smoldering embers from the side as their flames were withering down; instantly reminding her of Vesta whom she had hoped was doing well for the time being before turning her attention behind her as the realization had slammed against her person that perhaps, she might've gone too far, now? "Fuck...No use in waiting..." She whispered under her breath before glancing ahead as the smoke would only intensify with its coloration, informing her just how thick it truly was like the need for oxygen became rather noted and the Cererean needed to be quick on her feet with her thoughts before smoke inhalation became a big problem. She had to think of a method that wouldn't jeopardize this mission any further as it was necessary for her to check for any hot spots before activating her powers as wind against fire was not a good mix at all; bound to fuel the untamed element and spread its essence faster than she'd like to.

It was times like this where Pallas was such a necessity as Ice was her element but with the power of the wind? The two could make things work. But now was not the time for it. Her eyes shifted from their usual brown hues to full-on pink as her irises disappeared into the color pool; lifting a gloved hand to hover over her mouth as there was a slight burst of air energy manifesting within the palms of her hand. The element would morph into what appeared to be the shape of an oxygen mask as clean air fueled those lungs and rid her of the pain of trying to breathe in toxin; ceasing the coughing fit that she was trying to hold back in the midst of it all. She'd look around her surroundings, checking for any hidden spots that may still possess some burning flames before using her powers to fan the smoke away so that a path could be cleared for her as well as her leaders. She'd even glance over her shoulder and lift a free hand so that two more oxygen masks would manifest in front of both Neo Moon Knight and Neo Sailor Moon themselves. This would also rid the usage of the tiara as it'd give Neo Moon an extra weapon to use, just in case something pops off; which is what neither of them needed...for right now.

"Now to keep it moving...."

She muttered as the woman quietly pushed forward, making sure her footsteps were light as those eyes returned to normal and immediately looked around before stopping as the air in her surroundings felt...unusual. "......This doesn't feel right....something's wrong here...something'" She said, glancing over her shoulder as there was an eerie feeling that was making her stomach turn into knots. She better go back...

RE: We'll Burn this City Down - Elijah Mitchell - 18 Nov 2021

Eli really was starting to get a bad feeling since he picked up whatever that piece of stuff was and as much as he wanted to say it was just because they were in a burning building, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what was wrong, which unnerved him all the more. Sailor Ceres had gone ahead while he hung back with Sailor Neo Moon. It was a surprise then, when oxygen masks appeared in front of both him and Sailor Neo Moon. He looked ahead and saw Sailor Ceres with one on. Grabbing it, he quickly put his on and handed the tiara back to Sailor Neo Moon.

“I believe this is yours.” He said. He took a moment and convinced her that they needed to catch up to Sailor Ceres. He still couldn’t explain the bad feeling he had, but thankfully he didn’t have to. Sailor Neo Moon agreed and soon they made their way to where Sailor Ceres was. They caught up to Sailor Ceres just in time to hear her muttering about things feeling off and Neo Moon Knight frowned. “So you feel it too?” He asked. If they were both feeling it, then it had to be more than just a passing feeling or some mind trick being played on him.

“You’re some of the Queen’s guardians!”

The voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he looked to see a young woman, somewhere around the same age as him. She was laying on the floor and had her phone out to take pictures of them. “What are you doing?” He asked as he moved to help her up off the floor. “Can you make another mask?” He asked Sailor Ceres as he helped the woman up. They really needed to get out of there, so perhaps he should just open a portal. But it was hard enough juggling his staff in one hand and holding the lady upright, even with her arm around his shoulders.

“No please, I need these pictures for my blog. They won’t believe I was really here.” The woman started coughing hard. “Please, just a couple more pictures. Please?”

Neo Moon Knight could hardly believe the woman. She could very well die of smoke inhalation and all she cared about at that moment was pictures? “We need to get you out of here.”

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