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light with a sharpened edge - Nasir Vasile - 16 Apr 2021

Honestly, Nasir--Helios--would have preferred staying back, keeping track of things, but the situation was an all hands on deck one. Which was why he was quickly following after Sevik--Kunzite--as they raced through Crystal City.

... except that something was out of place, though Helios could not say what. He came to a halt on the top of a tall building in the Com/Rec District, head tilting to the side as he spun around on his heel. Something had just moved beyond him, though he just barely felt it. Worse: because it was undead, Helios could barely pick up any of the emotional presence a living being would have.

"Kunzite," called out Helios, mismatched eyes scanning the skyline and area around him for anything out of the ordinary, "I don't suppose you're getting that same feeling? Something is trying to stalk us?" That was one way to put it, though at the moment Helios wanted to find whatever it was and deal with it before it lost interest and went after some of the people of Crystal City.

Out of the corner of his eye, Helios caught movement and started to race after it again. "I think it's moving towards the Residential District!" Was this what had been niggling at his senses and his dreams for the past two weeks? Helios was not certain but the idea of undead rising and doing this? It was terrifying, especially when it did not appear to be the Dark Alliance.

So just who it was? It was a thought to consider later.

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RE: light with a sharpened edge - Sevik Kincaid - 29 Apr 2021

Kunzite wasn’t sure how he ended up paired up with Helios, not that he minded in the slightest.  Everything happened so quickly and before he really knew what was going on, everyone was out in the city to do whatever they could to help.  They needed to figure out what was going on and stop it, if they could, but their top priority was protecting the people.

In a way, he was glad he’d ended up paired with Helios on a mission like this.  These undead… things felt different from living beings.  Their emotional presence was as rotten as their physical appearance.  One look from Helios was all Kunzite needed to know Helios felt the same from them.

“I feel it, too,” Kunzite said when Helios asked if he was feeling like something was stalking them.  He’d already been feeling the presence for the past few minutes, and he was trying to pinpoint where it was coming from.  He didn’t know why something would follow them instead of someone else, but hoped maybe they could use it to their advantage.  Maybe it would follow them… 

Before he could make any suggestions, Helios announced it—whatever it was—was moving toward the Residential District.  “Shit.”  The residential district meant more people and, subsequently, more targets.  He took off after Helios in pursuit of whatever this thing was.  As much as he wanted to sit down and puzzle out what was going on, that was going to take time and time was a luxury they didn’t have at the moment.

"I'll try to slow it down." His ice sword was out, and he sent a blast of ice shards toward the undead creature.

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RE: light with a sharpened edge - Nasir Vasile - 22 Jun 2021

"Really do not like this," said Helios, extremely uncomfortable with the wealth of emotions and otherwise that flowed. The fear, panic, and other negative emotions that permeated the city could potentially him and Kunzite if they were not careful, though they certainly did help to cloud the presence of whatever it was that they had picked up.

Yet as soon as the pair made a beeline for the Residential District, Helios moving quickly to keep up with Kunzite ahead of him, he knew that a tactical error had been made.

Mostly because something dark came out of nowhere--radiating hatehatepainanguishhatehatehate--and was coming directly at him. "KUNZITE!" called out Helios, not at all expecting whatever they were tracking to come out so fast.

Reacting quickly, Helios reached out with his hands as whatever it was was about to hit him. His hands made contact with something skeletal (?!) and gripped it, quickly using his momentum to spin the thing towards Kunzite. Mostly hoping the Golden King was prepared to deal with it (which, really, it wasn't hoping; Kunzite was always prepared).

What was really unexpected was that the thing was no longer a blur of darkness but obviously a skeletal arm being wielded by the very skeleton it belonged to! That Helios was now releasing towards Kunzite.

"Coming your direction!" A breath. "Don't think that's what we're tracking either!" It was probably just a distraction, considering that with it so close to them, it was harder to get a read on whatever had been stalking them and hurting others.

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RE: light with a sharpened edge - Sevik Kincaid - 14 Jul 2021

Kunzite hummed in response to Helios’ comment about not liking this. Kunzite tried to stay close to the palace on his patrols for just the same reason. It wasn’t easy to deal with the flood of emotion normally, let alone at times like this, when everything was heightened. Kunzite was used to fighting under these conditions. Well, it wasn’t the sort of thing one ever truly got used to, but he didn’t have much choice. Protecting the King and Queen was more important; as was protecting the innocent people that lived in the city. He knew Helios rarely got involved with this sort of thing, and if it weren’t because everyone was needed, he figured Helios wouldn’t be needed out here for this.

He was ahead of Helios as they followed whatever that thing had been to the residential district when Helios called out his name. Kunzite turned. He’d only just sent an attack toward the thing that had potentially been stalking them, and now it seemed there was something else too. Kunzite barely had time to register what Helios was doing before he saw something headed in his direction. He reacted on instinct, swinging his sword at the skeleton-like creature, slashing through it.

It took a moment for Kunzite’s brain to catch up with what Helios said. “I’m inclined to agree with you.” He nodded. He was certain one, if not both of the creatures they’d been dealing with, was sent to distract them. Actually… “I’m beginning to think these creatures attacking the city are supposed to keep all of us busy. Though that begs the question: what is happening while we’re all distracted?”

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RE: light with a sharpened edge - Nasir Vasile - 08 Sep 2021

The seemingly young-looking man took a breath, mostly gathering himself after what he had just done. It was not as if he could not fight but that it did not necessarily agree with his personal beliefs.

... or Helios was more or less a radical pacifist at the end of the day which, in more ways than one, meant he was probably more dangerous than anyone ever really gave him credit for. Rubbing his hands together, trying to alleviate the residual feel upon his skin that came from handling the undead, he watched as Kunzite swiftly dispatched it.

"Something shifted when Hecate's ascension, there's been a feeling of something just about to happen for a while, and ..." Helios shook his head. "Despite the date," the fact it was the anniversary of the revival of the Golden Kings, "I think that is a mere coincidence as well and someone is keeping our focus elsewhere."

Almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth, there was a brilliant flare of fire on the street below them. A group of undead had been attacking a family only for one of the parents to blast them all and leave only scorch marks behind (and thus the family was now safe, quickly recovering and heading straight towards one of the shelters). "That only proves things have greatly shifted," he said with a sigh, before elaborating. "I expected magic to return to the populace but slowly over the next few decades. We'll need to inform the others to be aware that Earthlings might be spontaneously developing and using magic because of Hecate's ascension."

That certainly meant he was going to have to talk to Dion Lunette--and others--about education regarding magical talents and more.

Finally catching up with Kunzite, the High Priest came to a halt and tried to sort out once more whatever it was that was playing with them. "... still within the area, I believe." He had been about to say something else when Helios spun on his heel, the very thing they had been looking for now there and staring them both down.

"That makes it easier," he said, breaking away from Kunzite as the hulking beast struck the ground that had been between them.

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@Sevik Kincaid

RE: light with a sharpened edge - Sevik Kincaid - 23 Sep 2021

Kunzite’s jaw clenched at the mention of the Golden Kings’ revival anniversary. He’d been tense all day because of it and this just felt like exactly what they’d all been waiting for. He didn’t want to think this was because of him and the other kings, but if he was being honest, it felt like way too much of a coincidence for something this big to just happen on this specific day for a reason that wasn’t connected to him and the other kings in some way. He nodded when Helios insisted it was just a coincidence and while he knew it was too soon to jump to that conclusion, there was still a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that whispered that there was more to this than what they thought.

“Do you have any feelings or instincts about what this might be keeping our focus from?” Maybe if they could figure that out, they could do something that would help get rid of these skeletal creatures once and for all.

The flare of fire caught his attention and he looked down to see a parent blast the creatures with fire in order to protect their loved ones. Kunzite was at a loss for what just happened. He looked over at Helios, grateful one of them could explain it. “I guess we’ll need to inform the public in some way or at the very least, provide resources for those that do show signs of powers.” His mind was already racing to possibilities as far as how this could be twisted back on the Crystal Empire, especially by the Black Moon. They’d really been pushing back about life spans becoming unnatural. He could only imagine what they’d make of humans suddenly showing powers.

After managing to find the thing they were chasing once more, it seemed to present itself quite eagerly for them to find it. “Almost too easy.” He jumped to the side when the thing struck the ground in between them. “You don’t suppose it led us here on purpose, do you?” He asked. Had it been a coincidence that they saw that human use their new power? Had this creature meant for them to see it? For as long as they’d been after it so far, it clearly had been toying with them, but this was the first quasi attack.

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RE: light with a sharpened edge - Nasir Vasile - 25 Oct 2021

"None," admitted Helios, ill-at-ease because he had no sense of what they were being distracted from. "Whatever path we now walk on, it is taking us to an unknown future. Those of the Future Moon ..." There was a shake of his head. "The timeline that they came from is one they can no longer return to." Which meant that they had deviated greatly, especially considering that the Black Moon Clan had never been in play this early in the timeline (something that was easily known from checking the Crystal Palace computer archives and referencing that which had come after the dealings with the Dark Kingdom).

"Educational courses," intoned Helios, absolutely serious about it. It was something that he had briefly brought up with [Jadeite] not so long ago for all that he had not thought it would be a necessity of the near future. Things really had changed in unpredictable ways. Ways that could very well push more to follow and listen to the propaganda of the Dark Alliance if not everyone developed magic at the same time.

"Maybe?!" replied Helios, having to duck to avoid a wide swinging slash made by the creature. It spun to go after Kunzite, Helios using the opening to blast it with a bolt of condensed energy. Part of the creature's body broke off, falling to the ground. It writhed and twisted as if it were alive and in pain before it turned to wisps of green smoke. Helios was left with the uneasy feeling that this magic was something far, far different than what those of the Dark Alliance used. It almost felt as if it were tugging at the very immortality that many now possessed but ...

Well, he was not sure he could put it into words. Especially when those wisps of green smoke encircled the creature and once more made it whole.

"Oh, that is concerning." Helios dodged another attack, clearly having its attention and trying to keep it so that Kunzite could attack it unimpeded. "We may need to destroy it all at once if it can regenerate like it just did!"

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RE: light with a sharpened edge - Sevik Kincaid - 12 Nov 2021

Kunzite pressed his lips into a thin line at the mention of the Future Moon.  He didn’t care much for discussions of time travel as it often made him feel dizzy and like logic had been tossed out the window.  “I just hope things turn out for the better,” he said, knowing full well that sometimes change wasn’t always for the better, long-term or short-term.

“Educational courses are a good place to start, but I’m sure there’s other things we could come up with once we have more time to think about it.”  Right now wasn’t exactly the best time to be considering how they were going to support the public with the return of magic.  No doubt the Dark Alliance would use the opportunity to smear the Crystal Empire as much as possible, so no doubt there would be time and energy poured into combating whatever misinformation was circulating.

Kunzite dodged the attack as Helios hit the creature with a blast of energy, causing a piece to break off.  He’d never seen monster pieces writhe and turn into green smoke before.  Whatever this was, it was different than anything else they’d ever faced and the knowledge left a bad taste in his mouth as well as dread in the pit of his stomach.

“Concerning might be an understatement.”  He frowned as Helios caught the creature’s attention and Kunzite nodded at Helios’ words.  If he was going to destroy a creature like this, he’d need to use one of his strongest attacks based on everything he’d seen so far.  While Helios had the creature’s attention, Kunzite focused his ice power into his sword, causing the blade to glow.  He concentrated as much of his power into his blade as possible before finally lunging in the creature’s direction.  He swung the sword and brought it down, slicing into the creature as he released the power in the blade. 

He watched and waited, breath caught in his throat as the pieces of the thing writhed on the ground.  Had the attack been enough?  Or was this thing going to reform itself?

@Nasir Vasile

RE: light with a sharpened edge - Nasir Vasile - 28 Nov 2021

Honestly, speaking with [Princess Lady Serenity] about the future and the fact they could no longer return to it had left Nasir unsettled. Mostly due to what had passed unspoken, especially in relation to himself and his future. His beloved had been rather quiet when it came to the topic of his place in the future and ...


"Me too," said Helios, expression briefly troubled before his focus shifted elsewhere. "There will be plenty of time to talk and plan for educational courses and more once we get this under control." He did not necessarily mean their opponent dealt with so much as he meant the entirety of whatever had caused undead to rise as they had.

Still, a bit disturbed by the lingering unease of the magic behind the creation of the giant skeletal creature, Helios had to keep twisting and moving to bait it into action and dodge out of the way to maintain its focus. There was no triumphant noise from him as Kunzite managed to cut deep into it, severing bone and more and causing it to begin to deteriorate.

Except that it began to jerk back into motion, Helios having to react quickly as it went through the exact same motions it had just gone through. It was almost a dance, mismatched eyes cutting towards Kunzite as he ducked under a swing of its claws and sent a blast of magical force into its torso.

"One more time?!" he called out, having lined the monster up for Kunzite to strike it down. The fact that it looked to be lost in repetition, strange gurgling noises being made, was almost sad but the atrocity needed to be destroyed before it tried to stalk and hurt others who were not capable of dealing with it.
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@Sevik Kincaid

RE: light with a sharpened edge - Sevik Kincaid - 06 Dec 2021

Kunzite nodded in agreement when Helios said they’d discuss how they’d help the public later on. They had other things to focus on right now. They didn’t know what this creature was or where it came from. Kunzite wasn’t sure which thought was more disturbing.

His eyes widened as he saw the severed part move back and reattach to the creature. That wasn’t good. That wasn’t good at all. He depended on Helios’ magic, the attacks that were meant to distract rather than harm. Kunzite would need the thing distracted if he was going to focus his energy into a bigger attack. Severing pieces hadn’t done any good. He’d need to build up energy for one of his stronger attacks. He’d channeled ice energy through the blade, but it hadn’t been enough. He’d have to build up one of his energy spheres and really blast this thing.

“I need you to distract it for another few moments. I need time to build up a big enough blast.” Kunzite said as he put his sword away. He cupped his hands and started focusing all his energy in his hands.

Kunzite saw Helios practically dancing with the creature out of the corner of his eye. He trusted Helios to keep the thing occupied for the moment. When he had used as much of his own energy as he was willing to pour into the attack, he did his best to gather energy from around him and channeled it into his attack.

When Kunzite felt he had enough energy and Helios had lined the creature up for him, he released the attack. The energy sphere launched toward the creature and hit it straight on. The skeletal creature disintegrated and this time it didn’t reassemble itself. After a few moments, Kunzite turned to Helios and fell to his knees. He would need to rest a few moments to recover his strength from everything he put into the attack.

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