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RE: We're All In This Together - Diana LeBlanc - 29 Sep 2020

“Lady means well,” Diana confirmed, knowing fully well what had happened that day after a discussion with Lady. She seemed so excited for it that she was making a difference, but Diana had her own concerns that she wouldn’t argue with her on.

“I already talked with her about what happened that day. I do not think that it would be a problem so long as she continues to hide her identity.” The only problem was, was that even Diana knew that she was impulsive at times – would she reveal her identity if the situation called for it? Diana insisted on keeping their identities a secret for as long as they could, but…

…even she knew that that wasn’t entirely doable throughout the extent of their stay. It was only a matter of time.

“The state of our future… we are prepared to make a sacrifice if it means that it doesn’t come to pass.” Diana informed her, unwilling to go into detail about what was going on in her own timeline. She couldn't bear it.

“If we continue to fight amongst ourselves, it will surely come into fruition, Pluto. Please…take care and ensure that it doesn’t, okay? I encourage you to make peace amongst your friends and lead anyone else who’s strayed back into the fold.”

@Layla Dawson

RE: We're All In This Together - Layla Dawson - 07 Jan 2021

Her palm would immediately cease its movement temporary at the first sentence that parted her lips as her eyes shifted to look towards the distance with her attention unfocused for the moment. She was right. Like her mother, Cidney had spent a great deal around Pluto -- whether it was as friends or simply being groomed and trained to become the woman that she is today, she was raised well under wisdom, glory, and strength. Perhaps, this was what she meant when the two last spoke? Perhaps she just wanted to be able to show that she wasn't that little girl anymore... That she was capable of defending herself and standing on her own two feet as she had been taught by her mother and father along with her loyal and dearest friend.. Maybe that is why she was so devastated and perhaps frustrated that night?

But then there were the matters with keeping her identity a secret, which only made the Plutonian latch onto her bottom lip with the heightened anticipation of what was to come behind her own series of thoughts that would manifest from the tongue as lips parted and her vocals began to translate them. "But it is only for so long that she will be able to maintain that identity in secret. At some point, they are going to want to know. There are too many secrets to go around as is Diana...there is no guarantee that things will get out of hand and I will be left with no other option."

She'd remove her palm for just a moment so that could slide her fingers through her own messy mane before blowing out a release of hot air, something that often happens out as a mechanism to draw attention to her own frustrations and concerns. "Let's hope that the sacrifices intended do not be ones that cost your life. But if we must protect the future in the way you wish to see fit. It is wise to let those of the present help you all. This would not be the first time Small lady invaded the timeline and disrupted its pattern and it most certainly would not be the last." Her hues narrowed attentively. "And while Father would be giving me a lecture that is so stern that no amount of convincing or reasoning would break through that stubborn stance he has should he be here...I must admit that her presence then was more viable than any of us ever realized...and I don't think there would be much of a big difference now.."

She did, however, smile at the mentioning of making peace though there was an eerie vibe that she caught from its placement. "I do not intend to leave bonds and relationships in we prepare for what seems to be not only a fight for our present but also our future...but I do intend to allow the rising Chaos that is coming to crush our solitude and peace to win any more than it already has... I've made my peace with the idea of there being a potential sacrifice..and even if it means laying my life on the line then so be it, Diana. I've always made my peace with this notion and I'd be willing to do it...again and again.."