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We're All In This Together - Diana LeBlanc - 09 Jul 2020

Working today wasn’t exactly what Diana had in mind, but it helped put her mind at ease with everything that was going on. Already there were major signs that this timestream was heading towards their future – the corruption of Elysion hadn’t gone unnoticed by Diana and the girls.

In fact, it made her really worried about the King and Queen in general, knowing that they probably weren’t coping well with events. Her boss was flipping out the whole time that she’d been at work, urging his journalists to go out and investigate the scene.

Smartly so, nobody was daring to follow his desires unless they were downright insane. Diana urged most of them not to investigate, job or not – it wasn’t worth their lives.

After clocking out at work, Diana would take a bus ride to Infinity City and onto the Dark King Tower. She’d already texted Puu about meeting her some hours prior. Really, all Diana wanted to do was talk, find things out from one of the present-day Guardians about what was going on.

Unlike Cidney, Diana viewed Puu’s wisdom as valuable, especially after having guarded the Space-Time Door for the brief amount of time that she had. She’d learned a lot during that predicament, which Diana admired Puu even more so. However, Diana was also still vehemently loyal to her princess, and she was therefore not taking any sides in the argument.

When the bus pulled up to the Infinity Triangle (?), Diana hopped off and took a moment to shapeshift into a cat when she was hiding. It was easier to move quickly from the bus stop to Dark King Towers, and it benefited her even more that she was able to conserve her energies. Once she arrived at Puu’s Tower, Diana would once again hide and shapeshift into a human, entering the building and taking a quick ride up to the penthouse suite.

Knocking on the door, she’d introduce herself, “Are you home, Puu? It’s me, Diana!”

You better be home! Diana internally pouted, noting that it’d otherwise have been a complete waste of a bus ride and fare!

RE: We're All In This Together - Layla Dawson - 10 Jul 2020

[Image: tumblr_p9gfjdWRvW1wmrjd4o1_500.gif]

On the other side of that door was a dimmed room, scented candles lit as this was just another day of Pluto ignoring all communication calls unless they were from Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Her mind was overwhelmed with tension as well as her soul as she was pulled between two princesses throwing a complete fit over different mechanisms that were well-beyond her control. Cynthia was behaving irrationally and of course, Cidney's harsh behavior towards her during the battle against Emerald and some odd individual who addressed herself by the name of Atheneite? It just..felt overwhelming and what one needed to do during a time like this..? They just simply needed to unwind and reprogram their mental health -- simply because too much would prompt for an explosion that was similar to Cynthia's own..if not worse and that was something she..unfortunately, was not really content on having. It just seems as if nothing was organized and the more meetings that were had, the more obvious this was becoming...

And speaking of meetings, there was another one called by her royal highness -- one that she didn't bother to give a response to as her silence spoke louder than anything else. She was absolutely fuming with everything that was going on and refused to attend to another disaster and allow a group of women to corner her or even discredit her honesty or least that was how the meeting felt and it was even worse when Cynthia went so far as to allow Mars to quit but went a step further to take it as her resignation as if stating that they did not "need" her anymore. Unbelievable -- the thought only fueling her anger further as her nostrils flared while she stood in front of the counter with her arms stretched out; hands curled against the marbled surface while her coffee was brewing within the machine -- its soft humming offered some peace to her mind as this was just..she didn't really have the words to further describe the current chain of events beyond 'overwhelming.' She even made sure to send a text to a certain someone to inform her of the details of everything and also went a step further to inform her that she was definitely NOT attending this meeting either...she has had enough of chaotic charades for the time being..a temporary feeling that would soon disappear with some time to herself to process everything and just...think calmly instead of with anger.

Meanwhile, aromatic scents of Lavender and Honey was beginning to fill the air around her as these were therapeutic to her moment of meditation; a worn-out Layla eventually making her departure from the kitchen with a cup of coffee where its fresh scent was flooding the room along with the hint of cinnamon, nutmeg, and creamer was whisper within its contents; bringing about a caramel twist to her beverage as the heated cup was brought to her lips -- groaning as there was a sound of a knock at the door. Just when she was about to enjoy the beverage and stopped all movements when that tiny voice caught her ear. Diana? Did she come all this way out here? By herself no less? She knew that her mother would have an entire fit if she found out Diana was wandering alone... no less... She took another deep breath as all the oxygen that she could muster flooded her lungs before dispersing it entirely unleashing the tension that was bubbling up inside of her. That was a real dangerous antic, even if she was a young woman now..Pluto couldn't help her concerns.

She took the time to place the coffee mug on the table by the foyer and sighed as her legs decided to take the lead, guiding her over towards the front door where the sounds of locks being undone could be heard by the kitten just as the door crept open; the melanated toned woman peering from behind the door. "I'm here, child... What are you doing here and all by yourself at that? Do you know how dangerous it is to be roaming by yourself..?" She uttered with a frown before pulling the door back further to allow her entrance inside. "..Especially as a royal advisor, no less. Your mother would have a fit." She uttered with a frown as she took a few step backs to allow her room to come in. She might even notice the different scents that may flood her nostrils upon entrance as Pluto was truly trying to settle her nerves and get back into the groove of things.

RE: We're All In This Together - Diana LeBlanc - 11 Jul 2020

When Puu opened the door, Diana wanted to give her a hug, but refrained when she heard her question. Diana’s head tilted from it, her pink hues fluttering.

“E-Eh? I’m just getting off work, it’s fine!” Diana insisted reassuringly, brushing off the remark that she was a child. In Puu’s eyes, she knew that she was – she understood better than anyone that Puu had certain duties to uphold, and for a moment… Diana endured them for her freedom to help aid the Sailor Guardians.

Slipping into the apartment, Diana was quickly introduced to the different smells. It was perplexing at first, but Diana quickly grew accustomed to it.

“Besides, I’m almost done with my training, you know – I learned a few things from Mama in case anything happens. I never go anywhere without a phone.” Diana beamed at Puu. Diana had grown a lot since she was last here, and had centuries worth of training to hone her skills. While they weren’t that perfected, Diana was trying – there were just certain things that Diana couldn’t completely grasp yet.

She knew that she would with time.

“Actually, I needed to come and talk to you, Puu.” Diana’s pink hues gazed up at her with concern. “What’s going on? Is everyone okay? Everyone's aware of what happened to Elysion..."

RE: We're All In This Together - Layla Dawson - 28 Aug 2020

[Image: tumblr_p9gfjdWRvW1wmrjd4o1_500.gif]

Bright hues were settled upon the younger kitten's person while listening to her explain herself a moment as something clicked as her thought process was moving along. Diana was here? Something must have been wrong? While things were terribly chaotic among the Inner and Outer Guardians...and she had her own issues with Serenity as far as her handling with the situation involving Mars and of course, Cidney's behavior with her the night that Jade and this strange figure approached them and nearly brought terror to the city; Pluto was never one to truly neglect her duties..but sometimes a woman needed a break? Sometimes it was just best for one's mental and emotional sanity to regroup from the matter how frustrating things may truly be.

The door would soon be closed after Pluto took the time to peer outside; glancing to the left then to the right out of necessary precaution to make sure that young kitten wasn't followed..considering how dangerous things were truly getting nowadays. Her jawline clenched in anticipation of someone popping out to reveal themselves but yet when none did; there was a relieving sigh and the door was eventually met with a soft shut; the sounds of a lock twisting and snapping in place to seal the room entirely was heard as Diana continued on with conversation -- revealing that she was almost completely done with her training and that Luna had taught her a few things in case anything happened...something that truly brought a smile to the features of the Plutonian -- a first in several days or perhaps even weeks since the entire thing went down as she turned upon the heel of her feet to finally take a sip of her coffee, which was still pipping hot might she add! Her lips pursed to blow a cool wave of air upon releasing the oxygen that flooded her lungs briefly so that the beverage would be safe enough to drink -- bringing the mug towards her lips and tilting it backward as a long sip was taken before pulling the mug away and taking a seat at the couch next to the young Mauian.

"That's good!" Layla responded finally after leaning over to place her mug upon the coaster that laid upon the table before them that was decorated rather nicely while sliding her fingers through the abundance of curls that swirled and coiled upon her cranium; her smile beginning to brighten some more as those lips pulled back further. "It is important that you maintain contact at all times, whether it is with myself or any of the Guardians or your parents... But I'm sure I don't need to tell you that considering that you have the best teacher in the world!" She chimed before casually shooting a wink her direction and laughed before leaning back and propping her elbow up against the back of the couch as there was a sudden swirl in the pits of her stomach; something was definitely unsettling as there was a shift not only in Diana's tone but also her body language...and then there it was.

“Actually, I needed to come and talk to you, Puu.”

Those words prompting every inch and width of muscle mass to tighten against each other in every portion of her body as there was a soft nod given -- her eyes beginning to narrow and grow with a look of seriousness as a non-verbal signal was given for her to continue on with what she had to say, acknowledging that this conversation was just simply not going to be any sort of good? Acknowledging that this wasn't just any 'regular' visit, granted Pluto had been missing in action since the last meeting.

But what came next was definitely not something that she was prepared for as concern began to settle into her eyes and her front teeth were immediately nibbled upon as those pearlescent fangs grazed across the bottom flesh, anxiety rising in anticipation of what was set to come next...

“What’s going on? Is everyone okay? Everyone's aware of what happened to Elysion..."

The very words slammed against her person like a ton of bricks as the stars had written something about a dangerous change lying ahead in the path for the Guardians...but never did she think that it would be of this magnitude... Her heart could be heard thumping loudly within the confines of her ears while the saliva that was manifesting upon her tongue lodged within her throat -- making it difficult for her to briefly swallow as this was something that she had to explain but was proven difficult considering the circumstances and decisions that led up to this point.

"It is a lot to is still something that even now, I process with so much frustration being left in its wake kitten..." She spoke aloud - breaking her brief silence as her tone was solemn, soft. "I do not believe that everyone is okay, considering that there has been a turn in many different directions that may have brought the Guardians of the Sol System further apart than they were together..." She admitted before gazing off to the side. "...I have not physically been in contact with anyone beyond Alexis, Violet, and of course, my knowledge may not be as extensive as the others..considering that I..shut everyone off for a few days....with all that has been going on. Which probably was not the best idea..but I feel as though it was necessary.."

RE: We're All In This Together - Diana LeBlanc - 30 Aug 2020

Once the door was closed from behind, Diana would take this as an opportunity to shift into her preferred form: that of a young adult grey cat. It wasn’t that she didn’t like her human form, because she did – it gave her flexibility to move about without suspicion but, using it took energy that she was still too young to spare.

Besides, she felt that Puu might have been more comfortable with her cat form than her human one.
“Mama and Papa taught me well,” Diana smiled. “You did too.” She quickly re-acknowledged her time as Guardian of the Space-Time Door. It was an experience that she would never, ever forget.

“I’m fully aware that this mission that Lady and I are undergoing….is one where I in particular, will be tested as an advisor.” It was also something that she was constantly reminded of as each day passed, each dealings she had to deal with in regards to the Future Moon.

Diana listened quietly as Puu spoke. It wasn’t her place to scold, she wasn’t going to – she was just going to listen. This was a time of great stress and she could tell with the way that Puu was explaining things that she was also under a lot of stress and pressure.

“You are a soldier of solitude,” Diana acknowledged with a gentle nod. “We all have our methods of coping, but I will strongly implore you to seek them out again…. The future that Lady and I come from…” Diana cringed as she reminisced about its condition. “Is one that could be avoided if everyone works together and we deal with the problem now.”

RE: We're All In This Together - Layla Dawson - 03 Sep 2020

[Image: tumblr_p9gfjdWRvW1wmrjd4o1_500.gif]

"And you've done nothing but make me proud since the day I've taught you." She admitted as the woman felt well-acknowledged...baring the soul of a proud parent that simply adored the visual of watching a young child that she created and raised grow up to become a woman of elegance with her own strength that had been molded and manifested by the teachings of both her Mauian parents as well as the Plutonian Queen herself. Her eyes did, however, lift to meet the little kitten's own as she shifted from a human being to now becoming that familiar feline state -- prompting Layla to pick her up and prop her on her lap; immediately supplying the best affection she knew how with her palm pressing against the furred scalp and immediately began to roll and work those prints beneath her digits against her cranium.

She was also well under the impression that while this was soothing, Diana was just in need of affection at this current time as even she seemed to be rather stressed-out with all the happening developments that were taking place right now -- from the downfall of Elysion to the chaos that was unraveling within the Crystal Empire.

She'd listen to her dialogue in silence, taking it in as she realizes that Diana was now beginning to embody the form of an advisor that was meant to oversee and guide the ladies of Future Moon -- softening her features some as this was truly a sign of reflection as the young kit had definitely grown to become a fine young lady, even bringing about a smile that she couldn't help to break out before nodding her head.

"Indeed I am, It is hard to break away from the traits that you've become so used to adapting that to just simply change into something unfamiliar felt like a threat to life...perhaps a little dramatic in explanation but my point's easier said than done, my dear Diana." She admitted once more as her thumb worked its way from the front of her cranium down to the back of her head before even going so far as to brush her thumb over the based of her furred appendage. "...You don't even have to bother to finish that sentence, Di. I'm aware of what could become if things continue to forget I am....also the Guardian of Time..and within those timelines what I witnessed...?"

Her eyes fell shut as she took a moment to process the thoughts and visuals that were beginning to flood her mind. "It is sickening and it brights about an ominous feeling that I can no longer shake or ignore. It brings about a sense of unease...but we also mustn't give up hope..which I have not done...even during the direst times...I have never forgotten the light of hope that continues to radiate and guide us to the rainbow that awaits us through this horrific darkness..." There was a moment's pause. "...And I think there's where things have fallen dim...we have forgotten that because of the amount of stress, pressure, on top of having to deal with things in our own backyard...while trying to keep the citizens safe and pleased...even with the harsh reception that we may receive."

RE: We're All In This Together - Diana LeBlanc - 05 Sep 2020

Having grown up with Lady, Diana had adored Puu from the moment that she met her. The air that she gave was comforting, maternal – like Mama. It was why, when Diana witnessed Lady and Puu fight, it was entering an uncomfortable territory.

She couldn’t side with either, only guide them to befriend one another once more.

Now in the form of an adult cat, Diana nuzzled against Puu’s own hand, curling up in her lap. To hear what she had from Puu was a relief, as Diana felt that at times she was struggling as an advisor. Her team, unlike from when it first began, had grown much larger, and it was the multiple personalities that she had to consider in the fold.

“When you left the Space-Time Door for the first time, that was your moment when you accepted change.” Diana purred, reminiscing about the incident momentarily. “We do not adjust to change easily, but I believe in you.”

Diana sighed as Puu reminded her of her powers. While yes, she was all too familiar with her powers and abilities, Diana wasn’t ready to submit to a fixed timeline. She believed that they had a chance to make change, that the universe…was filled with infinite possibilities.

“You must make an effort to ignore those feelings, as that’s what Chaos wants.” Diana insisted, and then asked, “And you must remain open-minded. Things are happening in this timeline that we have not foreseen, are they not?”

RE: We're All In This Together - Layla Dawson - 07 Sep 2020

[Image: tumblr_p9gfjdWRvW1wmrjd4o1_500.gif]

A smile curled at the Time Guardian's features as the feline nuzzled against her palm, prompting her to giggle quietly as the brushing of her thumb against her scalp continued. She was always told she had a maternal side to her and it was probably not only due to her being the eldest of the group but also because she had the distinct pleasure of picking up some qualities and traits of the Late Queen Mother was almost as if she took on a duty that was nonverbally handed down to her once Queen Serenity ascended to the Cosmos; leaving her to not only play the role as the Elder Guardian but also as a mother figure to all of the Sol System's Warriors, including that of her fellow faction: Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune when given the opportunity to do so -- considering they handle things on their own and only aid the notion that the Outer rim Senshi operated like a well-oiled machine.

Her eyes lifted when she mentioned something about leaving the Space-Time Door for the first time, prompting a minor flashback as she had almost forgotten about that day -- leaving her duties down to the little kitten who was so young but yet so prepared to carry on a big job in her absence, something that she'd thank the child forever for as it served its purpose but never did she realize that the purpose it served was greater than what she believed: acceptance of the changes that were coming. Her thumb would eventually stop moving as those caresses would cease and her lids grew heavy. She knew that they weren't going to idle by and allow nature to take its course...not when it affected the nature of their future and possibly their lives that could prove to be detrimental to their future's future.

"I have no intention of giving Chaos what it wants...but you're right. I broke laws to save my comrades and though I would do it again...I believe the opportunity to remain on the side of steadiness has gone out of the window when I broke all three taboos..which I suppose would prove your statement to be correct..." She took a deep breath and held it for a few minutes as there was a sight and brushed her entire palm down her back instead, having to swallow the hard pill that she didn't wish to be wrong but in a sense...she couldn't right either. Things were changing...and she has no choice but to otherwise accept the consequences of her own actions...that led to consistent laws of time being broken...but it wasn't as if it was for the greater was just the fact that her father was far more strict about his precious timeline than they could ever imagine...even if he hadn't been seen in eons...and is rumored to be off somewhere watching and observing, she couldn't help but feel like he was a wee disappointed and proud of her at the same time. But that was a conversation for another time.

"I never got to see the full depths of your it really...truly that terrible? Sometimes you can see things from a perspective on the outside but to truly be inside of it and experience it on a day-to-day basis? Is something far more different than we could ever bare to pressure of explaining." She inquired as her hand rose to brush across her scalp idly, never baring the question before but always curious as this was a rare opportunity, so why not take the chance?

RE: We're All In This Together - Diana LeBlanc - 12 Sep 2020

Diana was relieved to hear that Puu agreed with her, but there was something about the agreement that made her ache. Truly, Diana wished that they hadn’t ever had to go that far, but they had….and now here they were, fighting the beginning of that battle.

Except Diana wondered just how worse it was in comparison. She’d never got to see it from the beginning, and this…this was something disastrous. It was one bad accident after another, the increased tensions amongst parties and the only thing that kept the Future Moon afloat as it were was that they were determined to keep focused.

They saw the biggest picture of them all.

Diana could feel the furs on her back spike up as she heard Puu’s question about their timeline. Her gaze was downcast, focusing on her lap as her paws were crossed.

“It is,” Diana confessed openly, sadly. “Metaria has corrupted the minds of most humans on Earth. Chaos is feeding off of whatever it can take…. The Crystal Palace, as you can imagine…protected everyone. Lady, the others and I – we couldn’t bear seeing the madness that humans were enduring at the time. Lady made the bold decision to leave…and we followed, with the consent of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion.”

“Our mission here is to ensure that that future doesn’t happen.” Diana informed Puu, her gaze still downcast. “With what changes we make through our actions, so be it – but we’ll act properly, while obeying laws. But you do not…want to see what we all have endured in entirety, Pluto. I don’t even want to think about what’s happening now there…”

@Layla Dawson

RE: We're All In This Together - Layla Dawson - 22 Sep 2020

[Image: tenor.gif]

She doesn't believe that anyone wishes for them to be in the predicament that they were in...let alone having to be pressed to the point where their backs were pressed against the wall; where they were running out of oxygen as the darkness began to close in on its prey with the intent of completely consuming not only its light but also strip them from all the strength that was holding them up by the arms and legs just for them to fall and truly succumb to the malice that creeps inside of them; embedded by the mass of light. It was almost as if she was being forced to lose a hope that she strongly desired to empower within her soul and activate as Cynthia would when times were at its darkest and it only beckoned the question of whether or not, this would be a different time or whether Layla had fought the good fight?

Or perhaps, it was just fear?

Her eyes settled upon the young feline's as she appeared to be..solemn, plagued with an ache that was incomprehensible and even harder to utter as the tension in her back muscles was observed beneath her palm. Perhaps, that was a fairly sensitive question to ask? She was so used to baring little emotion unless necessary that sometimes it often made things a little difficult for Layla to respond -- a habit that she was slowly shedding as the years lingered on and her time with the rest of the court prevailed, something that was becoming more evident as the deep irises that the Guardian of Time possessed had soften and grown dim of its usual light. She was asboring the information in, listening to her speak about how Metaria had corrupted the minds of most Terrans and Chaos fed off of what little light remained for the delicate beings of Cosmos, her heart shattering into several pieces before closing her eyes shortly.

She felt emotionally overwhelmed, tears glossing over her hues but stopped its attempt to fall as her brows furrowed. Was that the future that was set for them all? Was everything that was happening in the present the key behind what awaits their future? But this also brought some light shedding on why SHE was here, and by her? She meant Cidney. She came back to prevent the tragedy that awaits them in the days ahead out of fear of that being their state of reality; something that forced a sigh to part and break the silence that lingered too long.

"I understand, Di. This explained so much yet so little..." She admitted.

"Cidney came here and is bearing witness to the very disaster that may have led to the future downfall of the entire palace and what appears to be the settling victory for a group of beings who seek to destroy and explains now, why Cidney blew her cover that the towers...when Emerald and..her subordinate decided to cause harm to the innocent denizens of this planet... A stubborn girl she was... but...I suppose she was trying to prove a point to me that I wasn't exactly seeing....and it would also explain her bouts of frustration...but yet it only beckons the question of how terrible it truly is...yet I'm fearful to learn the answer to such a question as your body's language tells a story more harrowing than anything I've ever witnessed..."

This made her concerns intensify as now it lead the question of whether not things were unresolvable beyond recognition.

"Which worries me even the things that are transpiring now have thrown us for such a loop that I am uncertain if any of us were prepared for this, prepared for the very peace we worked so hard to bring and maintain now being disrupted again...all because we allowed our guards to be lessened by absent threats..threats that may have been lurking long before we were willing to believe...or accept."

Or was it the fact that they refuse to acknowledge the potential reality that they may have failed to protect the world before the fight had even begun..?