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dumb enough to try - Zale Peterson - 28 Jun 2020

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He sat, sprawled on the brown, worn leather sofa in his apartment. Sure, he could have a huge house, a mansion with who he was, but he didn't want to. The apartment was all he needed and all he wanted. Exposed brick, Edison bulbs, and stainless steel in the kitchen. A bar on one side of the living room, with labels indicating local brews and liquors. Nothing brand name, nothing that could be simply bought at the grocery or liquor store. In his hand, a rocks glass with a bit of amber liquid in it, he swished it around for a moment and then sighed quietly. A record was on the player, a folksy sounding band playing.

So far the cause had grown from just his Black Moon Clan to others, people claiming to have fought with the White Moon in the past. Wiseman had confirmed the claims, but Zale wasn't very impressed. If they'd fought them before, that meant that they had lost before. Hopefully, they'd all learned from their failures, but he wasn't too keen on jumping to that conclusion yet. He had to meet them all, read them all, see how they responded to him. Then he could judge. The sound of a muted fiddle against piano echoed his thoughts and he looked over at the record player.

He flicked a finger, causing the needle to pull up and end the song abruptly, switching out the records without moving from his spot on the sofa, gingerly placing one of the records into its sleeve and then putting a new one on. He was a bit of a vinyl snob, always had been. Digital was nice, sure, but the sound of a record had its own flair that he enjoyed. Truth be told, he looked down on people who didn't agree, but then again - he looked down on a lot of people. Starting up the new one, he took a sip from his drink and shifting, elbows on his legs as he looked towards the player.

A knock on his door caught his attention, and he glanced over his shoulder at it, finishing off his drink and placing it on the bar as he headed to the door. Another knock came just as he was opening the door, and he leaned against the wall next to the door after he'd opened it. "Ah. Evening."

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RE: dumb enough to try - Lilith Rey - 16 Jul 2020

Lilith didn’t like making home visits, she preferred to keep everything strictly within HQ or at her office. She felt that when she was visiting someone’s home, it was impersonal, and that most of her subordinates would have forgotten that she was their Queen. Her wants and needs came first above them, in Lilith’s perspective, and it didn’t matter if they were within someone else’s house or not.

When Lilith’s vehicle begrudgingly pulled up to the address of White Diamond, Lilith reflected on her initial discovery of the man’s identity. He was a congressman, someone with higher political powers than herself, and he was in a former enemy faction.

Lilith was stunned nonetheless, but it was inevitable – what was once the United States democratic republic collapsed at the ascension of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion.

Parking her car and getting her purse, Lilith stuffed her cigarettes into it as well as her keys, knowing that she’d need the former. While she was comfortable with the occasional drink, Lilith found cigarettes were more of a stress relief.

Making her way to Zale’s apartment, Lilith knocked on the door and waited for him to open it. When he opened the door and leaned against the wall, Lilith raised a brow. "Evening indeed. Shall we get to business, Congressman?"

RE: dumb enough to try - Zale Peterson - 31 Jul 2020

look out hollywood
Fun times in Babylon That's what I'm counting on Before the dam goes up at the foot of the sea Before the new wing of the prison ribbon ceremony Before the star of the morning comes looking for me

Had he been expecting her? Was he supposed to have been expecting her? He wasn't entirely sure. He did know, however, that it was out of character for her. He didn't know much about Metaria herself, but he did know a bit about Lilith Rey, the diplomat, and from what he knew about her, she wasn't much of a home visit type of person. Business was business to be conducted in a business setting, not in Zale's living room when he was in flannel lounge pants. He cleared his throat a bit, and shifted to the side, sweeping one arm out to allow her entrance, and then closing the door behind them.

"So, Miss Rey, what can I do for you? Surely you don't have business at this hour?" He moved his hand a bit, which caused the knob on the record player to move, lowering the volume of the music to a much lower setting. He floated over towards the bar that was set up and refilled his own drink, holding the bottle up a bit. "Can I get you a drink? I've got a few different things to choose from. You're a wine type, yeah?" He shuffled back a bit and gestured to a few bottles that were sitting in a rack under the bar top.

RE: dumb enough to try - Lilith Rey - 01 Aug 2020

Raising a brow, Lilith wondered just how much Zale had known about the plan overall. It was discussed since the Alliance had formed, but Lilith was, in all honesty, not overly fond of the idea of having a Prince.

All it would do was give him power within the ranks of the Dark Kingdom, but was he someone that they could trust? Insofar, Morrigan’s judgements hadn’t been wrong, so she was going to go with the flow on this – so long as they weren’t screwed.

Stepping further into the apartment, Lilith’s dark hues took a brief glance around, but she maintained her distance to Zale. “We do as a matter of fact,” Lilith began coolly, one hand on her hip as she watched him carefully.

“I don’t mind a shot.” Lilith decided, knowing that this was probably going to be a long night. According to Morrigan, Zale was more open-minded than most in the Black Moon, which she hoped would work in their favor.

“How much has Morrigan informed you of the hierarchy in the Dark Kingdom? You are aware that the formation of this Alliance makes you one of us, yes?”

RE: dumb enough to try - Zale Peterson - 01 Sep 2020

look out hollywood
Fun times in Babylon That's what I'm counting on Before the dam goes up at the foot of the sea Before the new wing of the prison ribbon ceremony Before the star of the morning comes looking for me

He gestured towards the shelf with a select few bottles of liquor on them, glancing back until she gave him the ok on her bottle of choice, picking it up and grabbing a shot glass, spinning it and setting it upright. He popped the top off the bottle and poured her a shot, and then filled his glass back up as well. Moving over towards the kitchen again, he set the glass down on the island and slid it towards her. A shot straight off could mean a couple of different things, but the only one he thought was applicable to Lilith was along the lines of a dislike for him personally.

That was too bad. She was a beautiful woman, with her dark eyes and severe cheekbones. She wasn't necessarily his type, he preferred blondes if he was honest. He sipped at his drink for a moment and then put it down after she'd asked her big question, and he cleared his throat, wiping at his lips with her wrist. Bent a bit forward on the island, he looked towards her, up, his forehead wrinkled a bit. He straightened back up after a moment.

"Well, I"ll never be on the same level as the queens, I know that much for absolute certainty." Shameless, sure, but that was his style, wasn't it? He picked his glass up and shook the ice around a bit. "Correct me, if I'm wrong of course, that 'High Prince' puts me just under you and Morrigan. But I assume that since I'm the... face of the Black Moon Clan as it is, I'll eventually do the same for the Alliance. And as for becoming one of you, well, I knew that when we formed this. We'll always be different, of course, but alliances must be made."

He took another drink, assuming that was enough of an answer for her.

RE: dumb enough to try - Lilith Rey - 02 Sep 2020

It was strange being in someone else’s house that was in the Alliance.

Most people didn’t invite her over to their abode, and while she certainly didn’t come here invited, Lilith had come to realize her habits. She’d watch carefully as Zale moved towards the kitchen, getting the glass. What, she wondered, did Nehellenia see in him? In the formation of this Alliance? Was it a status symbol, that the Dark Kingdom were eventually able to conquer most?

If so, Lilith could come to enjoy that. That they were even able to sway the likes of the Black Moon into the fold. But Lilith assumed that that wasn’t the goal.

A disgruntled eyebrow raised at his gesture, her arm moving quickly before the motion was made.

“With that behavior, you won’t be,” Lilith was quick to inform him before she took her own glass. “You act as if Morrigan calls the shots within the Dark Kingdom. Make no mistake, the Dark Kingdom is mine. Morrigan is beneath me.”

As it would always be. He needn’t see her truest form, but Lilith would motion towards her shadow with a face of its own. Amongst the people in the Alliance, it was the only time she would reveal her true nature.

“However….the Dark Kingdom does operate on experience and accomplishments. Prove yourself, and you can gain a higher title.” Of course, it ultimately depended on him. She could easily use his own goals for her own benefit, as the more chaos he created, the more it benefited her.

“The formation of this alliance,” Lilith presumed, “Will ultimately help us achieve our ultimate goal: to take down the Crystal Empire.”

RE: dumb enough to try - Zale Peterson - 14 Oct 2020

look out hollywood
Fun times in Babylon That's what I'm counting on Before the dam goes up at the foot of the sea Before the new wing of the prison ribbon ceremony Before the star of the morning comes looking for me

He frowned a bit and shook his head. That wasn't the case at all. Unlike how they might perceive themselves or each other, he saw them as equals to each other, in their respective ways. Lilith had the energy that she thought she was THAT bitch, and he didn't disagree. But Morrigan had the same energy but in a different manner. A more subtle manner, one that wasn't quite as... knickers in a twist. But that was them. Zale didn't let it on, and he'd never, ever do so, but he didn't think himself beneath them at all. If he thought that, truly, he'd be a fool. He might not prance with a title of royalty, but no one really needed to.

Then again, Prince Diamond had quite the ring to it. He wasn't going to say no to some sort of coronation that gave him an unneeded title if they thought it somehow made him more powerful in standing. The members of his bit of this alliance knew who he was and revered him as the leader and the top dog, so to speak. He didn't need to shower titles and put his nose in the air. They were all human here, in the Black Moon.

He liked the idea of the alliance, so he didn't have to pretend that the idea was a bad one. Did he like the idea of teaming up with a bunch of aliens? Former aliens, sure, but aliens none the less? He didn't. But he also knew that the Black Moon wasn't enough to take down the Crystal Empire on their own. They needed serious manpower for that. Wiseman's powers weren't enough, as much as the old codger wanted to pretend they were.

"You misunderstand, Lilith. What I mean is simply that we're aligning up. Too much talk about who's higher up than who can cause some rifts, and we don't want that. So, as far as what I think, we should all work in tandem, especially in front of the others, to create an atmosphere that's less... chaos?" He sort of chuckled a bit. "Especially around my folks. I know them well, most of them aren't very happy about this whole thing. I'll keep them in line, but it'd be easiest on everyone if we all get along well up top." He took a drink of his drink. "We all have the same goal, and like I said, it'll be easiest to achieve if there isn't a bunch of in-fighting between the most powerful of us on who holds the highest rank."

RE: dumb enough to try - Lilith Rey - 15 Oct 2020

“You speak like a politician, as you should,” Lilith chuckled, as had this been a political scene, he would have been above her in status. The whole situation was rather humorous, but one that Lilith wasn’t going to dwell on as her human form wasn’t preferable; had it been, it wouldn’t have been tolerated, and she would have strived for a higher title.

An eyebrow raised at the mention of being less chaotic. Was he seriously asking her that? Lilith was, in essence, among one of Chaos’s purest forms amongst mankind. Next to Wiseman and Pharaoh 90, she was the firstborn incarnation – a title that she wouldn’t ever let go of.

“To ask me to be less chaotic would be depriving me of my nature, White Diamond,” Lilith smirked. “We wouldn’t want that, now would we?”

“But yes,” Lilith eyerolled. “Unfortunately, Morrigan was correct in her ambitious move to form an Alliance with our two factions. Your Clan’s propaganda is also the reason why we are proposing that you become a Prince of the Dark Kingdom, as a show of good faith in our union.”

“It would give you political powers within our ranks, and our own members would be able to take you a bit more seriously rather than see you as a nuisance. You see, title means everything in the Dark Kingdom. My soldiers wouldn’t dare question someone of royal status. Are you familiar with the history of the Heavenly Kings?”

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RE: dumb enough to try - Zale Peterson - 12 Nov 2020

look out hollywood
Fun times in Babylon That's what I'm counting on Before the dam goes up at the foot of the sea Before the new wing of the prison ribbon ceremony Before the star of the morning comes looking for me

"Well, you know I do love some political power." He said with a smile, referencing of course, his job title as a member of congress. He'd always enjoyed that, and he had a knack for it, something she even acknowledged in the way he'd spoken. Zale was a lot of things, some of them negative, but no one could deny he was damn good at his job. He listened as she spoke of title being of the utmost importance in her neck of the woods, and while he thought that rather stupid if nothing else, he was willing to play along with it if it meant keeping the peace within their ranks.

After all, that was one of the things that had brought them all down before, wasn't it? He'd heard the tales of when the others had fought the White Moon, and the lack of unity, the rivalries between them in rank, over power and glory, had always been something that had been key in bringing them down. Whereas on the other side, there was never any question in her power, in her role as the leader of the group, they fell in line behind her and kept her close. They knew their roles as a team. The Dark Alliance needed that same dynamic, or they'd fail again.

"I am actually a bit vague on their story, unfortunately. I've heard bits and peices, they'd been some of Endymion's, corrupted and brought to your side, something like that? We do love a good corruption story, don't we?" He said with a bit of a chuckle, reaching for the bottle to refill his glass and offering to do the same for her, doing so if she accepted, or simply pushing it to the side if rejection was the answer.

RE: dumb enough to try - Lilith Rey - 14 Nov 2020

“I’m quite impressed that the royal family isn’t even remotely suspicious of your activities,” Lilith praised, chuckling softly. While Lilith presented herself as intimidating and domineering, Lilith knew how to hold a conversation. It was a shame that most within the Alliance only approached her if it was necessary, as she wasn’t often able to display her civilian persona.

But she wasn’t complaining, it’s how she wanted it to be. She intended on presenting herself as the Great Ruler, even though she didn’t openly use the term nowadays with the more modernization of the Dark Kingdom.

Lilith placed her glass down as a sign of rejection to a refill. Whether he refilled it or not though, it didn’t matter much to her. She wasn’t here on a social visit; she was conducting business.

“Are you?” Lilith arched a brow. “I would have expected that for someone so against the Crystal Empire that you would have dived right into their history.”

“Very well then,” Lilith’s back straightened as she placed one palm against the side of her hip, the other resting at her side “The Heavenly Kings are the personal protectors of King Endymion, until I corrupted their minds and turned them against him during the Silver Millennium.” The memory was met with fondness, inflicting pain and darkness was always a well-loved past time.

“They were killed during the war of Earth versus the Moon and reborn on Earth once more as humans. They found themselves back within my grasp thanks to my unfortunately useless Queen Beryl as of late. They were the Generals of the Dark Kingdom and the predecessors of the Knights.” Lilith shrugged. She would deal with Beryl at another time.

“The point of their story is that they have a history of failure. They are easy to manipulate, and this is their presumably third lifetime. If you’re able to manipulate them, you will find your way easily within the Crystal Empire.”

“However…” Lilith restrained herself from crushing the glass that she had previously placed on the table. “I have a personal vendetta. They made the Dark Kingdom what it was back in the day. As the predecessors of my Knights, I want them to endure as much pain and suffering as I possibly can inflict upon them. However, should they have been returned to the Dark Kingdom…they would ultimately hold more authority over the Knights, you see. This is where title comes much into play. Do you understand?”

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