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Time to Strike - Lilith Rey - 19 Sep 2019

When the opportunity to attend another event at the Crystal Palace arose, Lilith had already begun making her own plans. Each of the Dark Kingdom’s knights were expected to retrieve an invitation, whether through force or sheer luck. Lilith didn’t care. It was an opportunity for energy collection that Metaria couldn’t resist.

What did bother her, however, was that it was being held within the Crystal Palace. While Metaria may have tested her boundaries and entered the Crystal Palace recently, Lilith knew that it was only a matter of time before she was forced out of it. The Crystal Palace was a symbol of purity, and she was far from that – she was darkness itself. A descendant of Chaos.

Beryl, or rather, Malin however wasn’t. Malin was her creation, someone who Lilith had taken advantage of and gave her powers to complete her tasks. That’s where today had led to, for after summoning Malin to her office, Lilith needed a last resort method. It was an excuse to claim to be busy with the Chief of Police, rather than a random citizen. Within the confines of her office, they would be able to discuss things privately without security cameras.

It was refreshing, really, as Lilith refused to conduct meetings at the police station. Lilith knew that Malin was already on her way upstairs, so it wasn’t any news to her on her arrival. The door was unlocked, a chair accessible for her, and Lilith had several documents lined up on her PC.

This was an opportunity that Lilith would not miss out on, and everything needed to be done perfectly.

@"Malin Bishop"