Crystal Empire

The Crystal Empire is the union between the White Moon and Golden Kingdom under the reign of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity. Together, they rule over the Earth and the Sol System as a whole and defend it from invaders.

Under the Crystal Empire, the Sol Guardians, Helios, the Maenads and Heavenly Kings work together to ward off their enemies, advising each other on an as needed basis.

Future Moon

40th Century, Crystal City.

Princess Lady Serenity is on her way to becoming the next Queen of the Crystal Millennium, but in order to do so she must put an end to the Dark Alliance as they’ve worsened in the future. The Earthlings are in a state of madness, and Princess Lady Serenity believes that it all relates to what begun in the past and that’s where she must resolve it.

Princess Lady Serenity and the Asteroid Guardians and Knights traveled into the 21st Century to investigate the Dark Alliance and hopefully put an end to it. However, there’s one catch: Neo Queen Serenity instructed Princess Lady Serenity to not reveal her identity as Sailor Neo Moon, but just how long will they be able to abide by that command as chaos continues to ensue?

The Galactica

Led by Queen Fireball of Kinmoku, the Sailor Starlights have joined forces with the reincarnated Galactica Sailors and returned to Earth in order to give their thanks to Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Kinmoku has been fully restored, and as a result of Queen Fireball’s absence, the kingdom is temporarily being ruled by her destined lover.

Queen Fireball hopes to aid Neo Queen Serenity on her quest to achieve peace. However, it is posing quite a challenge as some Earthlings are fearful of extraterrestrials, even if they are Sailor Guardians. Queen Fireball, the Sailor Starlights and Sailor Galactica are currently residing in the Crystal Palace as guests.

The Dark Alliance

Once separated into two factions: the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon Clan, both with dissenting opinions of immortality and the Silver Crystal’s existence, they became unified under one Alliance. High Queen Nehellenia, one of the leaders of the Dark Kingdom, had sought out the Black Moon Clan and offered them an opportunity to change the future and get what they desire by merging with the Dark Kingdom. The agents of Chaos could work stronger collectively rather than independently, and they hope to take down their White Moon enemies.

However, along with the union, High Queen Metaria was responsible for asking Chaos for a deal: to bring back their former comrades, which was why High Queen Nehellenia became resurrected during the royal ball. Queen Metaria made her presence known that night to the White Moon and so did Chaos, resurrecting the Makaiju, Death Busters, Dead Moon and Shadow Galactica, uniting them under one faction: The Dark Alliance.

Also part of the Dark Alliance, the Shades were sent by Wiseman of the 40th Century to infiltrate the divisions in the past, ensuring that their future comes to pass.

The planetary knights are also part of the Dark Alliance.


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