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July 15th, 2030.

White Diamond and Green Emerald launched an attack at a shopping district, bombing the entire site as they watched from afar. Only the mark of the Black Moon was left behind with the use of technology on the ground, a symbol meant to associate the attack with them. Thanks to Blue Sapphire this technology was made possible.

As White Diamond and Green Emerald watched from afar, the Sailor Guardians rushed to the scene to protect the victims of the attack from the Crystal Palace. Sailor Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto made an appearance, and even Neo Queen Serenity herself appeared in efforts to restore order with the Silver Crystal and heal the surviving victims of the attack.

An investigation from the police led by Queen Beryl was underway, but no success in revealing the identities of the bombers were made. Only one indication that it was a direct attack to the Sailor Guardians was noted when Sailor Jupiter’s own bakery was destroyed in the bombing. Among the destroyed buildings was a property owned by a Dark Kingdom soldier.

A public conference was held by Neo Queen Serenity in order to reassure her people, but there were doubts as people began to question the mysterious soldier, Sailor Pluto, who appeared and took a fallen Neo Queen Serenity back to the palace.

Act 2: Darkness is Here

July 22nd, 2030.

It came so suddenly, a cloud of darkness engulfed Infinity City and caused a blackout. It removed any visible light source, including from technologies such as cellular devices and computers. It made the use of any technology impossible. People became trapped in places that required electricity to get out. Riots broke out in the city, and fanatics claimed that the Crystal Palace had stolen their light, their electricity, as it was the only building shining brightly.

As the Black Moons committed various murders throughout the city, taking advantage of the opportunity, even the Dark Kingdom attempted to lure its own back into the fold.

But no one expected that the blackout was unnatural, signaling the return of the Great Ruler of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Metaria! Queen Metaria’s energies finally settled on a sole vessel: Lilith Rey, the Mayor of Infinity City. Only a mere soldier of the Dark Kingdom discovered the truth, reuniting the Great Ruler with her kingdom.

The Day of Darkness ended the moment that Queen Metaria obtained a vessel of her own, reuniting the people with their precious light, electricity, and general power.

Days after the Day of Darkness, the Black Moons used this as an opportunity to form protests within both Infinity City and Crystal City. Investigations by the Sailor Guardians were soon underway, as they believed that the darkness was unnatural, but their investigations were left empty.

Act 3: Ghosts of the Past

November 1st, 2030.

Neo Queen Serenity invited many important persons and their two personal invitees to attend a royal ball following previous events. It was an effort to show that the Crystal Palace not only stands strong, but that the royal family won’t fall just because of the activities of criminal factions. Neo Queen Serenity also desired that the Sailor Guardians cleverly questioned their guests to find out who they’re affiliated with while all are distracted by events.

The evening went without a hitch – that is, until their peace was disturbed as Queen Metaria triggered a ruby crystal given to her by Chaos. Through this, Metaria was able to bring back antagonists that were once affiliated with Chaos: the Makaiju, Death Busters, Dead Moon and Shadow Galactica who remained loyal to Sailor Galaxia. They all became united under the Dark Kingdom, with the goal to get energy for Chaos to revive itself.

Most of them were revived at the royal ball, whereas others were revived throughout the city as Chaos’s darkness spread.

Act 4: A Haunting in November

All threads take place after November 1st, 2030.

After the ball that was almost peaceful and successful, antagonists have begun causing chaos throughout the city once more in ways that no one would expect. Many of them began to trigger ghosts of the past in efforts to frighten the protagonists with bad memories of previous deeds. Others began to cause terror through terrifying ways.

After all, why does Halloween have to end in October? A Haunting in November takes place directly after the ball, and it’s an open world event for players to get creative with Halloween-themed threads.

Act 4.5

United We Stand

Just days after the return of Queen Nehellenia, the Dark Alliance is quickly becoming a formidable foe. Daringly contacting the Black Moon despite the odds, Queen Nehellenia managed to intrigue White Diamond enough to form an alliance. She claimed that she was from the Moon, and that she had experience handling the White Moon. She was a useful, viable ally with many assets, but Green Emerald expressed her doubts due to her extraterrestrial origins.

Within the meeting, Wiseman had also revealed a secret weapon: a prototype crystal called the Counteract, designed to absorb light and dark energies combined. This weapon could pose a potential problem within the foreseeable future, and as the Dark Kingdom is trying to recover their scattered new allies, the Black Moon is a rising threat.

With the alliance formed despite Wiseman’s objection, it was White Diamond and Green Emerald who were dubbed Nehellenia’s primary contacts. Queen Nehellenia would soon form a meeting with Queen Metaria.

Additional meetings between the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon Clan are expected to transpire, and a Dark Kingdom soldier was tasked with the reuniting of the Dark Alliance members.

Divided We Fall

Rising tensions within the Crystal Palace have become a matter of great importance. Due to the incident at the royal ball, Sailor Guardians are beginning to express their dissatisfaction that they aren’t acting quickly enough to defeat their foes and divides begin to form.

Neo Queen Serenity has also revealed that in a meeting, a teleportation device that was once previously used by her to go to Earth from the Moon was found at the Golden Palace ruins. Scientists believe that the teleporter still works and are eager to send their own team to the Moon. However, Neo Queen Serenity is doubtful that they’d like what they see – the Moon Kingdom is still pristine condition since the defeat of Queen Beryl during their teens.

Act 5: Kingdom Come

Over winter intermission, the Queensguard has formed at the request of Sailor Jupiter. Although it’s primarily led by the Crystal Palace’s head of security, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Jupiter is also a leading member. Most Sailor Guardians have agreed to return to their original duties as protectors to the royal family, believing that their time of living normal lives is over. The kingdom is in a chaotic state for them to continue their normal lives.

The Crystal Palace had also celebrated the holidays, resuming to their normal schedules by January 5th, 2031. But days after the holidays the apparent union between the Black Moons and Dark Kingdom began to grow more noticeable. They became bolder with their attacks and even appeared to work together side-by-side.

As the end of January approached, the Black Moons and Dark Kingdom began to launch a series of attacks on both Infinity City and Crystal City.

(as shadows we lead) Saturn Knight tests a new device created by Blue Sapphire.

(dumb enough to try) White Diamond and Queen Metaria discuss White Diamond's coronation to become Prince Diamond.

(Crystallized) Green Emerald and Atheneite (Sailor Nemesis) attacked Infinity Academy, which led to the reveal of Sailor Neo Moon and Sailor Pluto. (Here We Go Again) Later that evening, a meeting regarding the appearance of a new Sailor Moon was held at the Crystal Palace. Sailor Pluto appeared to know more concerning her identity than she was willing to reveal, which led to unrest within the team.

Neo Queen Serenity abolished the Moon Kingdom’s laws, calling for a revolution based on the grounds that they are no longer tied to the Moon Kingdom. Sailor Mars, in disagreement with Neo Queen Serenity’s desire to appear in battles, resigned from her position as royal advisor. Neo Queen Serenity took it as her resignation from the team. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter both stood beside the Queen in agreement, but there was unrest regarding these decisions amongst the Outer Guardians.

King Endymion informed Sailor Mars that she was welcome back at any time when he appeared at the meeting.

(this is not the world we had in mind) Zoisite and Endymion discuss what happened at the meeting, and come to the conclusion that the Sol Guardians are responsible for Serenity's inability to transform. They come up with a plan to confront Neo Sailor Moon.

(Wish Upon A Star) That same night, Neo Queen Serenity attempts a successful transformation into Eternal Sailor Moon in her bedchambers, but it dissolves.

(Night at the Museum) The following day, an attack at a museum was conducted by Danburite and Blue Sapphire. The attack was interrupted by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Coronis. That night, Sailor Neo Moon and Sailor Star Fighter encountered one another. (Then A Hero Comes Along)

(Gold Opens All Locks) Meanwhile, at Elysion, the High Kings and High Queens of the Dark Alliance appear for a formal meeting. They are going to conquer Elysion.

(The Tides Have Changed) Neo Queen Serenity calls the upon the Crystal Court for another meeting. She demonstrates her transformation into Eternal Sailor Moon, but the transformation isn’t permanent. Reactions are positive.

(Breaking the Chains) Zoisite asks Neo Queen Serenity for consent to become her new bodyguard and body-double. Due to the absence of Sailor Venus, she accepts.

(Déjà vu) Sailor Jupiter informs Sailor Mars that Neo Queen Serenity can transform. However, the knowledge isn’t well-received and the two enter an argument. Sailor Venus arrives and defends Mars’s stance.

(We Shape Our Own Destiny) Neo Queen Serenity confronts Sailor Pluto at Dark King Tower. They get into a verbal argument, Sailor Pluto standing by her traditionalist beliefs. Neo Queen Serenity fully regains the power to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon. Zoisite intervenes after her power becomes more noticeable.

(resonates through your skin and bone) Helios becomes unconscious after sensing the corruption of Elysion. Sailor Uranus finds him.

(Doctors Without Boarders) Pluto Knight, Sailor Poseidon, Sailor Moon (NQS) and Sailor Saturn fight in front of a hospital.

(Dead Moon Rising) Queen Nehellenia asks Chaos to resurrect the Amazon Trio, and it does so.

(let the shadows fall away like dust) Helios and Princess Lady Serenity communicate in a dream and Lady Serenity wakes him up.

Act 6

(i smile with tears in my eyes) Helios informs Neo Queen Serenity about what he did to prevent Elysion's corruption from affecting King Endymion, the Golden Kings, and her.

(There’s A War Inside Of Me) Spectrolite (Saturn Knight) enters Sailor Star Healer’s apartment at Sea King Tower and corrupts her Sailor Crystal. A new device was created by Blue Sapphire with the help of Sailor Galaxia and Wiseman. Zoisite arrives after a phone call earlier that day and intervenes, saving Star Healer from total corruption.

(a real shot in the dark) Zoisite holds a mandatory meeting for the Crystal Empire, informing the Sailor Guardians that he has evidence that the planetary knights have been reborn on Earth. Not only have they been reborn, but they don't have their memories intact and they're corrupted by the Dark Alliance.

(moonlight sonata) Sailor Neptune informs Queen Fireball about how the Dark Alliance took and corrupted Sailor Star Healer.

(the sky has fallen) Queen Fireball summons the Sailor Starlights after receiving the news.

(Is it too late to say I'm sorry?)

(nightmare syndrome) Queen Nehellenia attempts to invade Neo Queen Serenity's dreams.

(the great vacation (is over))

(pop a 911) Sailor Mau and Sailor Chuu are out searching for Sailor Star Healer, but have a run-in with Green Emerald and Aventurine.


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