ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Eternal has relocated Sailor Moon to artificial islands that started off initially as Infinity City, the home of Infinity Academy. When the Crystal Empire rose to power and Crystal City rose from the depths of the sea, crystallized bridges connected to Infinity City, making it much larger in size.

Officially, the Infinity or Crystal Territories are not part of any state, but are part of the United States.

Please note: Although some articles and threads may state “Florida”, we are no longer set in Florida, and have chosen for a more fictional location.

Infinity City

Infinity City is an artificial island, accessible only through boat or plane. Infinity City is famous for its Infinity District, which houses the Infinity Academy and Infinity Towers. While Infinity City is desirable to the wealthy and elite, Infinity City has a thriving middle class. Infinity City is currently governed by its mayor, Lilith Rey (Queen Metaria), who is also responsible for overseeing Crystal City.

Canonically Infinity City resembles the series location Sankakusu.

Crystal City

Crystal City formed out of nowhere (read: magically) just several miles from Infinity City. It is connected to Infinity City via a crystallized bridge. In efforts to protect its bridge from oceanic storms, the same Silver Crystal material can form a protective shield.

Crystal City is a floating landmass and its buildings are made entirely out of Silver Crystal. Mimicking its city, the Crystal Palace is an impenetrable fortress that no modern technology can destroy, not even darkness. It’s the tallest structure in the world and the largest, its crystallized structure glistening in the sunlight.

Crystal City became the Earth’s new capitol as it is the home of the Crystal Empire. Crystal City is the only way to access its resurfaced neighbor, Elysion, through a bridge.

Canonically Crystal City resembles the series location Crystal Tokyo.


The Crystal Empire, the result of the union between the Earth and the Moon, has several territories. As unfortunate it may seem, while the Sol System denizens may wish to venture back to their home planets, they are no longer habitable.

The “magic” that kept the planets habitable vanished at the fall of the Silver Millennium, as the planets adjusted to the harsher conditions of their current alignment.

The Moon Kingdom

After the defeat of Queen Beryl and Queen Metaria in 2010, the Moon Kingdom was restored to its former glory. However, a young Cynthia Lunette at the time had rejected Queen Serenity’s offer for her to become the new Moon Queen, believing that her place was on Earth. Ever since then, the Moon Kingdom remained not only habitable, but untouched and undetectable to humanity.

That was until Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion ascended the throne of the Earth, unintentionally breaking the seal that was once placed upon the Moon Kingdom. Scientists were quickly able to detect the ancient city, and missions to the moon were once again popularized and on demand.

While it is easily accessible by the Crystal Empire and they’ve deemed it a “vacation spot”, the royal family primarily advocates for the Moon Kingdom to be an archaeological site in hopes of garnering knowledge of the past. Neo Queen Serenity hopes to one day restore it and make it more accessible.


The Golden Kingdom, the former title of the Kingdom of Elysion, is currently under the reign of King Endymion when he took the throne of Earth. Just weeks after his coronation, a secondary landmass surfaced from the depths of the sea, revealing itself to be the lost kingdom of Elysion. Unlike the Crystal City, which floated above the Northern Atlantic ocean, Elysion was on par with the coastal land levels. Land strips had magically formed and connected the Crystal City to Elysion.

When scholars arrived at the lost kingdom, they were stunned to find that after thousands of years items within the palace were untouched with time due to the protection from the Golden Crystal. Archaeologists flocked to the city to discover more of Earth’s ancient secrets. Because of this, the Golden Kingdom is under restricted access, meaning certain clearance must be given for ordinary citizens to enter its borders.

After the kingdom resurfaced, the High Priest of Elysion, Helios, and the Maenads made themselves known to the world, swearing once again loyalty to King Endymion.


Science and Technology

Since 2018 after the coronation of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, technology in 2031 has improved immensely after the reveal of extraterrestrials.

Scientists have managed to reverse engineer technologies that they uncovered at the Moon Kingdom after its own unveiling. Neo Queen Serenity had agreed to send scientists to the moon in efforts to provide Earthlings with a chance to learn about Lunarian civilization.

Upon doing so, scientists have been able to advance technologies such as computers, holograms, rocket ships, and they are in the process of developing the first spaceship.

It should be emphasized that these aren’t the only technologies improved, and you’re free to inquire to staff on what is acceptable and what isn’t. However, be aware as we are only 13 years after the coronation of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, and not within the 40th Century timeline, technologies are NOT outrageously futuristic.

There is also greater understanding of Earth since Elysion has surfaced from the depths of the sea. A teleportation device has been uncovered at Elysion, revealing that Earth had at one point in time, been capable of developing advanced technologies without the aid of extraterrestrial influence.


Religion has always been a fragile concept that the former government tried vehemently to protect. They believed that if extraterrestrials were ever to be discovered, that it would disrupt society as a whole – they were right, except extraterrestrials didn’t come and invade the planet like in that sci-fi movie you watched.

When King Endymion rose to power with Neo Queen Serenity at his side, it set forth a whole movement that extraterrestrials were, in fact, real. It disrupted civilization, certainly – but some humans still clung heavily to the religions that they grew up with.

Some became radicals, believing that the gift of immortality was sacrilege against everything that God stood for and desired for man. In many ways, the Black Moons consider themselves to be the protectors of the old society that mankind clung to. They, however, have their own twisted beliefs of what God is at the same time.

However, others grew to tolerate extraterrestrials, believing that they were here to fight with them for the greater good. The Sailor Guardians had done their part protecting Earth, and why should they believe otherwise?

Today, the old religions still stand strong despite the existence of extraterrestrials. Even Sailor Mars continues to practice her religion. The Crown encourages Earthlings to continue to practice.


Neo Queen Serenity bestowed Earthlings with the gift of immortality to appease citizens, but during the first few months of her reign chaos ensued. She desired that everyone was on equal footing, but the Silver Crystal’s gift would not bestow immortality on anyone who lead antagonistic path. The estimated lifespan of a Crystal Millennium citizen now is roughly 1,000 years, with their ageing ceasing when they’ve reached maturity.

Contrary to belief, it is possible that an Earthling may willingly reject the Silver Crystal's gift at any point in their lifetime, but no scientific evidence has been available yet.


Countries of Earth still have their own governmental systems and monarchies but ultimately report and abide by the final rulings of the Imperial Family and have done so since the ascension of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion in 2020. Essentially: the Crystal Empire functions as oversight to make sure that things are on the right track.

The only difference of note within the United States. When the Queen and King ascended to the throne, the need for a president faded as Crystal City is functionally part of the United States. While there are those that may have been opposed, the Crystal Empire have been the major governing power within the United States since the ascension of the Queen and King. Overall, things operate as it has: there are still politicians, the Senate and Congress continue to function, with the same infrastructure for the states in place.

The last thing of note is the primary point of contact for the countries of the Earth and the Crystal Empire rests with the Golden Kings.

Sailor Guardians

The world is aware of the true identities of the Sailor Guardians. This action was decided by Neo Queen Serenity as although it was dangerous, she believed that they should not hide anything from Earthlings if they were to gain their trust and protect them properly. This action resulted in many mixed feelings from her team, some of them outright disapproving of it.

The existence and identities of the Sailor Galactica are also public knowledge, and Earthlings became informed that extraterrestrials do exist.

However, there are some factors that were kept hidden from everyone. For example, although everyone is aware that Sailor Saturn exists, they are uninformed that she is the harbinger of destruction. No one is informed of the existence of Sailor Pluto aside from other Sailor Guardians in efforts to protect the existence of the Space-Time Door.

Sailor Guardians function almost as if they were celebrities today, yet they are primarily the bodyguards of the royal family. For their own security, their families were urged to take residency inside the Crystal Palace, though some may have opted against.

The Black Moon and Dark Kingdom frequently do smear campaigns against the Sailor Guardians, yet their popularity is still high.

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