Canon mention of our Timeline

During the Black Moon arc of the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, King Endymion spoke of a time where Wiseman had appeared for the first time. The Earth had reached an era of peace and prosperity, but Wiseman began to revive crime and murder unseen in centuries.

During this timeline, Neo Queen Serenity hadn’t stepped foot outside of the Crystal Palace but had daringly done so to combat Wiseman. She managed to defeat him and capture him, deporting him to Nemesis.

Our game’s story follows this timeline, but with its own unique storytelling. In our story, we’re set several years after Wiseman’s first appearance in public. The Black Moon has formed for the first time, and protests, murder, terrorism and general criminality are on the rise. Neo Queen Serenity has made public appearances as it’s during the early years of her reign, and she’s trying to ensure peace, prosperity, and equality. It’s been difficult to achieve and ensure Earthlings that there is no need for extraterrestrial racism, and the Galactica, lead by Queen Fireball of the Osmanthus system, are attempting to aid in that goal.

Wiseman and the Black Moon have not been deported to Nemesis and haven’t gained access to the Black Crystal. Blue Sapphire has not been able to make Droids and has no knowledge of this; he has, however, created many alternative technologies for the Black Moon.

Crystal City

Forming out of nowhere in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Florida and near the Bermuda Triangle, a landmass magically floated out of the sea and began hovering over the ocean. It contained a city completely crafted out of Silver Crystal, with buildings ready to be occupied by its new residents.

Crystal City is a mystery to the world with its abrupt formation, and it has been closely tied to the coronation of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion with its formation happening only weeks after the event.

The Crystal City is the game’s primary setting, and our characters would have moved to the Crystal City at some point during the early reign.

Connecting to the mainland

The Crystal City has several strips of land connecting to America’s mainland, and in efforts to protect it from oceanic storms, the same Silver Crystal material formed to create tunnels to protect the land strips and its travelers.

Infinity District

Infinity District is a coastal city that boarders the land strips that connect to the Crystal City, and neighboring it, are the towns that the Sailor Guardians themselves grew up in. The towns are home to plenty of elite businesses, schools (Infinity Academy) and residential areas (the Infinity Towers).

Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace is an impenetrable fortress that no modern technology can destroy, not even darkness. It’s the tallest structure in the world and the largest, its crystallized structure glistening in the sunlight.


Neo Queen Serenity bestowed Earthlings with the gift of immortality to appease citizens, but during the first few months of her reign chaos ensued. She desired that everyone was on equal footing, but the Silver Crystal’s gift would not bestow immortality on anyone who lead antagonistic path. The estimated lifespan of a Crystal Millennium citizen now is roughly 1,000 years, with their ageing ceasing when they’ve reached maturity.


King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity have governed the Earth with absolute power since 2020. Other countries are permitted to have their own government systems and monarchies, but they all abide by the rulings of the Imperial Family as they are lesser in rank.

There is no longer an acting president of the United States, but there are politicians. When King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity ascended the throne, it seemed to have its own magical effect on the United States where presidential campaigning ceased. Despite this, it should be noted that the King and Queen still govern relatively similar to how the United States does today.


The world is aware of the true identities of the Sailor Guardians. This action was decided by Neo Queen Serenity as although it was dangerous, she believed that they should not hide anything from Earthlings if they were to gain their trust and protect them properly. This action resulted in many mixed feelings from her team, some of them outright disapproving of it.

The existence and identities of the Sailor Galactica are also public knowledge, and Earthlings became informed that extraterrestrials do exist.

However, there are some factors that were kept hidden from everyone. For example, although everyone is aware that Sailor Saturn exists, they are uninformed that she is the harbinger of destruction. No one is informed of the existence of Sailor Pluto aside from other Sailor Guardians in efforts to protect the existence of the Space-Time Door.

Sailor Guardians function almost as if they were celebrities today, yet they are primarily the bodyguards of the royal family. For their own security, their families were urged to take residency inside the Crystal Palace, though some may have opted against.

The Black Moon and Dark Kingdom frequently do smear campaigns against the Sailor Guardians, yet their popularity is still high.


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