ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Sol Knights
  • Interested players must also read the information about the Dark Kingdom.
  • The planetary knights are different in comparison to the Future Moon and Galactica knights. If you are seeking to apply for those knights, please see their respective faction articles.


Silver Millennium

The protectors of the Solar System’s Sailor Guardians, the planetary knights were tasked with the duty to protect not only their planet, but also their princess as well during the Silver Millennium. Some knights may have familial ties to their princesses, while others may not be related to them at all.

The Inner Knights were privileged to have spent time with their princesses for a time during the Silver Millennium, but when a potential war was brewing, Queen Selene had sent the Inner Knights to be trained by the Heavenly Kings on Earth. It is possible that some Inner Knights may have found themselves caught in Queen Metaria's corruption alongside the Heavenly Kings, but the Outer Knights wouldn't have been.

The Outer Knights were tasked with protecting their planets from harm, while their planet’s Sailor Guardian was tasked with protecting the Outer Rim from outside threats. All knights would have died at some point during the war between the Earth and Moon, eventually finding themselves reincarnated on Earth.

Present Day

Upon their reincarnation on Earth as a human, their familial ties to the Sailor Guardians may not have happened in this lifetime if they had them. They would have been reborn as their own person and with their own unique histories. If you desire your knight to still have familial ties, please discuss with staff and affected Sailor Guardian's player.

Each planetary knight would have encountered either Spectrolite (Saturn Knight) OR Danburite (Venus Knight) at some point in their reincarnation’s life, persuading them to join the Dark Kingdom. All knights would have joined the Dark Kingdom before Queen Metaria’s revival on July 2030, the earliest knight could have been part of the Dark Kingdom since April 1st, 2020. We won't allow knights to have joined after 2026.

Using her power that was gifted to her by Queen Metaria, Queen Beryl would have turned each planetary knights Knight Gem to stone upon joining the Dark Kingdom. What memories they possess of their past life is foggy or corrupted at best until their purification.


As of March 2031, knights may enter the game already purified and ready to redeem themselves for their actions as part of the Dark Kingdom. They can also choose not to redeem their actions despite their purification – the choice is entirely yours! However, the earliest that they are allowed to be purified is March 2031.

The Crystal Empire has been working hard in their efforts to purify the knights, and thanks to Spectrolite (Saturn Knight) they have already obtained knowledge of the identities of said knights. Spectrolite would have been the first knight to be purified (see current development for additional information).

The Heavenly Kings would recall the Inner Knights to some degree due to their training with them. Zoisite, for example, was aware of Danburite and aided in starting his purification.

We ask that all purified knights explain how they were purified in their histories. Upon their purification, their corrupted Knight Gems may return to normalcy, and their powers will no longer focus on the dark aspects of them. They may, however, still have their petrified Dark Kingdom stones.

Current Development

  • A Dark Kingdom soldier discovered the truth about Queen Metaria and Queen Beryl despite forming a close bond with Metaria, and was promptly outcasted. This soldier has important intel regarding the knights.
  • After the formation of the Dark Alliance, the knights and soldiers were tasked to work alongside the Black Moon Clan, as well as other divisions in order to learn to work together. It should be noted in the application who the knight is working with from the Black Moon Clan.
  • The majority of knights would have been present during the royal ball, when Lilith Rey reappeared as Queen Metaria for the first time. Many knights attacked during the royal ball, but no identities were discovered – it only led to suspicions on whom was casted out of the ball by Neo Queen Serenity’s power.
  • A soldier was tasked by Queen Metaria to search for their comrades that were resurrected during the royal ball by Chaos.
  • During an encounter with Danburite (Venus Knight), Zoisite managed to give him a brief moment of clarity with a touch of purification.
  • On January 31st, 2031, a meeting was held at the Crystal Palace as Zoisite revealed that the planetary knights were resurrected alongside them. The evidence became more factual after Zoisite’s encounter with not only Danburite (Venus Knight), but also when Spectrolite (Saturn Knight) attempted to corrupt Sailor Star Healer. The Sol Guardians are now actively working with the Galactica in efforts to regain their knights.
  • The planetary knights have now taken residency within Elysion, and are learning to work with the Dark Alliance.
  • Spectrolite (Saturn Knight) has captured Sailor Star Healer and corrupted her. He has since become Queen Metaria’s favorite general.
  • As of February 2031, there has been a divide with the planetary knights, starting with Spectrolite’s purification. Ever since then, the Crystal Empire has been able to lure more knights into the fold. If you wish to play your knight as purified from the start of the game, you are now free to do so! We ask that you implement such details in your history, however.


The Inner Knights during the Silver Millennium may have been permitted to train alongside the Heavenly Kings, as Danburite (Venus Knight) was known to do so. Through this, they may have learned Terran style fighting techniques that they may recall in their present lifetime.

The Outer Knights were trained alongside the standard soldier from their planet, whether with power or without. They may have done random sparring sessions in the Silver Millennium with their respective princess.

During present times, each planetary knight does not recall their initial training, but their powers may come to them a lot more naturally than other soldiers. Some of them may question how they’ve obtained unique abilities that other Dark Kingdom knights do not possess.

Powers & Transformation


Each planetary knight possesses a Knight Gem, and with it they are able to transform into the knights that protected the planets. Their Knight Gem shouldn’t be confused with the Heavenly King stones.

When they were reincarnated on Earth and encountered a member of the Dark Kingdom, their Knight Gems were corrupted and shifted into stones. Remnants of their powers still remain in the stones, and once the knights become purified they will regain their Knight Gem powers.


In order to use their powers, regardless if they’re in servitude under Metaria or purified, planetary knights must will themselves into their knight form. They don’t have a transformation phrase or sequence.


The planetary knights have their own individual uniforms representing not only their respective culture and royal family but the colors most often associated with their planet. Often, the case is that the uniforms of the planetary knights are militaristic, or at the very least inspired, but that may not be the case for all.

Additionally, their uniform always has an accessory or feature that represents their Sailor Guardian. This can range from an emblem on their attire or an aspect of the weapon they wield. However, while in the service of Queen Metaria, this symbol is not visible and replaced with a red star signifying their allegiance to the Dark Kingdom. Likewise, while corrupted the colors of their uniform are subverted with blacks to further hide the truth of who they actually are.
  • Moon is silver.
  • Venus is gold.
  • Mercury is blue.
  • Mars is red.
  • Jupiter is green.
  • Saturn is purple.
  • Uranus is navy blue or gold.
  • Neptune is teal.
  • Pluto is garnet red or black.

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