ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Dark Alliance
Please be advised that the history tab is a collective history for ALL Dark Alliance divisions, which is why they may not have their own individual history unless it's to note something significant about them.

The Dark Alliance

The Black Moon

It began over ten years ago, when Wiseman began to revive crime in the Crystal Empire territories. Wiseman claimed that after waiting patiently through meditation, he obtained power of his own. He used the words of the royal family against them, claiming that Earth belonged to mankind and not to extraterrestrials. He desired that humans rise up against the Crystal Empire for invading their planet. Immortality, most of all, was sacrilege against God and not how God created humans. The Silver Crystal needed to be destroyed.

Wiseman demonstrated his power to humans, and for the first time began to gather followers who firmly believed in Wiseman’s propaganda. By August 15th, 2020, the Black Moon Clan formed.

That was just the start. Wiseman’s actions triggered Chaos more and more, causing history to take a different turn – a turn for the worst.

Dark Kingdom

April 1st, 2020. The Golden Kings began to see troubling signs that the Dark Kingdom was reviving in the midst of the Black Moon' deeds, and they were right.

Queen Beryl’s soul had been reborn into the body of another, and the Crystal Empire remained oblivious of her identity until January 2031. When her memory was recovered after an incident, Queen Beryl’s new persona would begin to reform the Dark Kingdom. Her knowledge of the past aided her in seeking out the Sol Knights, coercing them to join the Dark Kingdom’s cause.

Unfortunately, the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon both had different propagandas, and both of them began to publicly clash for dominance throughout the Crystal Empire territory and the world.

Queen Beryl insisted to the Dark Kingdom that her story was the truth: that Neo Queen Serenity had corrupted King Endymion’s heart and turned him against Earth’s people during the Silver Millennium. She claims that the Crystal Empire was also responsible for Earth’s demise because of the loss of their then prince. She informs them that the Silver Crystal’s gift of immortality is not sacrilege, and that everyone deserves immortality – not just those with a pure heart.


The Black Moon began to be more active than ever before, even overshadowing the Dark Kingdom in their activities. Through their various criminal acts and the chaotic energies surging, it is what eventually led to the revival of Queen Metaria. Queen Metaria took the territory by storm, her energies engulfing the territory in darkness where no light shined on July 22nd, 2030.

She didn’t make her presence known until the royal ball on November 1st, 2030, when she made a pact with Chaos in order to prevent their defeat. She asked Chaos to revive their fallen comrades, signaling the return of those defeated from the Makaiju, Death Busters, Dead Moon and Shadow Galactica.


Queen Nehellenia upon her revival saw this as an opportunity to form an Alliance with the Black Moon, managing to persuade White Diamond despite their Dark Kingdom’s propaganda clash. White Diamond accepted, and plans were formed to create chaos in the territory during January 2031. Until then, the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon worked together to strengthen their bond and dissenting opinions.

Blue Sapphire even created a device that was being tested by Saturn Knight that would be used to taint Sailor Crystals and Star Seeds. The device was meant for Sailor Galaxia’s new host, who no longer possessed the ability to taint and steal Sailor Crystals or Star Seeds.

The Dark Alliance engaged in a series of attacks against the territory, a distraction that was used so that Queen Metaria and Queen Nehellenia could capture Elysion. Queen Metaria had even given White Diamond a coronation – he was now the Black Moon’s very own Prince Diamond.

The Fall

Saturn Knight would use the device that was given to him to corrupt Sailor Star Healer on January 30th, 2031. This action displeased Queen Nehellenia, who believed that corruption should be on one’s own volition, and she began to be led astray.

Queen Nehellenia began to visit Neo Queen Serenity, informing her of her story, and Neo Queen Serenity agreed to purify Nehellenia. It happened to coincide around the time that Princess Lady Serenity would reveal herself to the Crystal Empire, and she too would aid in Queen Nehellenia and the Dead Moon’s purification.

Dark Kingdom



Queen Beryl grants her followers one realm of influence; e.g. water, fire, ice, lightning. They are able to teleport and levitate. They may even create homunculi who will use their realm of influences for their attacks.

Each member may have up to four attacks and two abilities.


Dark Kingdom followers do not need to transform to use their powers. Only the Sol Knights will be able to will themselves into their knight form.

Star Seeds

Using power given to her by Queen Metaria, Queen Beryl had petrified the Star Seeds of her followers to force them into submission.



Queen Metaria is the Great Ruler of the Dark Kingdom and her subordinate is Queen Beryl. Underneath them would have been Saturn Knight and Venus Knight, and then the other subordinates. Longevity in the Dark Kingdom is important to their hierarchy.


See the Sol Knights article for their initiation expectations.

All other followers of the Dark Kingdom would have joined through someone who is already a member, and would have met with Queen Beryl to swear their loyalty to her. Queen Beryl would then petrify their Star Seed and turn it to stone, where they would then obtain power and a mineral codename.

Naming Conventions

Followers of the Dark Kingdom will be given a codename which are based on minerals (e.g. Beryl, Zoisite) that their petrified Star Seed changes to. Sol Knights will also have a mineral codename instead of their actual planetary identity.


Before joining the Dark Kingdom, depending on the follower’s activities they may have already obtained immortality from the Silver Crystal. It would have been through joining the Dark Kingdom and their Star Seed petrifying that they would lose it. Followers want their immortality back at any cost even if it means stealing the Silver Crystal.

Queen Beryl has taught her followers that everyone deserves immortality regardless of their purity, and that under her reign everyone will have it. What her followers don’t know is that Queen Beryl never, ever had immortality even prior to obtaining her memories.

Queen Metaria

Queen Metaria was revived on July 22nd, 2030, when her energies escaped the Galaxy Cauldron and she returned to Earth. Her arrival on Earth had caused a blackout that led to violence in mass as no light was able to shined through her dark cloud. When she finally settled on a vessel, she had chosen Lilith Rey, the Mayor of the Crystal Empire territories.

No one would have joined the Dark Kingdom through Queen Metaria unless it occurs in character, as until July 22nd, 2030, Queen Metaria was nonexistent.

Queen Metaria has reclaimed her title as the Great Ruler of the Dark Kingdom and demands utmost respect, but her respect for Queen Beryl has waned due to inaction.

Black Moon

Naming Conventions

Soldiers and associates of the Black Moon are given a mineral for their codename, e.g. Diamond, Sapphire, or Rubeus (Ruby) which is up to your choosing. When a soldier or associate has been promoted to the rank of commander, they gain a color attached to their codename, e.g. White Diamond, Blue Sapphire.

Black Moon members may still use their civilian identities, but when communicating with another member of the Black Moon they prefer to use their codenames.



Otherwise known as Death Phantom, Wiseman is the leader of the Black Moon who everyone abides by. Unknowingly to everyone, he is also a fragment of Chaos, similarly to Queen Metaria.


With the formation of the Dark Alliance, the Black Moon's hierarchy has changed. Queen Metaria has bestowed White Diamond the title of Prince Diamond for his agreement to the union. As a Prince, Diamond has more authority in the Dark Kingdom than a standard knight or soldier.


They are the highest ranking members of the Black Moon Clan. Under the will of Wiseman, each commander is capable of assigning missions to their soldiers. Commanders are recognized by the color attached to their name and they’re considered the most loyal to Wiseman.


They are members of the Black Moon who underwent the murder initiation rites. While some may have also been in the Black Moon for a long time, it takes a while for them to obtain recognition to become a commander. Some associates may also have been promoted to soldier after obtaining recognition and proving their worth. Each soldier is assigned a commander and must obey them.


They are members of the Black Moon who underwent the criminal act initiation, and they’re basically considered the scum of the Black Moon. It takes a while for an associate to gain recognition to be promoted as a soldier, and they must work hard in proving their worth. Associates who’ve proven their worth may be promoted to soldier.


The Black Moon are capable of living on Earth without getting caught. So long as their upside down crescent moon symbol is not on their forehead, to Earthlings and other factions they will appear as an ordinary human. But once their crescent forms on their forehead for them to use their powers, they are seen to everyone as a member of the Black Moon. They may only use their powers when their crescent moon is on their foreheads, they cannot wield it without it.

In order to properly differentiate their identities, please ensure that you use their civilian name when writing with their civilian identity and their Black Moon name when writing their Black Moon persona.


As the Black Moon has just formed for the first time, its members have yet to obtain the power of the Black Crystal. They do not possess Black Crystal Earrings. Instead, all of their powers are generated from the upside down black crescent moon on their foreheads. Unknowingly to Black Moon, Wiseman still has the ability to manipulate them through their crescents, but not nearly as extensive as their future counterparts.

Unfortunately, they are limited to the realm of influences of nature, water, fire, thunder, air, metal, mediumship, psychic, and darkness and may choose only one realm of influence. All Black Moon have the ability to teleport and speak telepathically to each other.

Wiseman has granted his subordinates one realm of influence, 4 attacks and 2 abilities.


Presently, the Black Moon do not have access to droids as Blue Sapphire has not created them, nor has he the ability to do so as Wiseman has not merged with Nemesis. Therefore all of their violence is currently being done by its members. They believe that because everything is done by them and not the aid of underlings, that they are much more powerful and should be more respected than the Dark Kingdom rebel group.


Scientists today have discovered and confirmed the existence of a 10th planet in the Solar System, lingering beyond Pluto with an unusual orbit. However, they’re unable to pinpoint its exact location and study it at the present time. Wiseman has not yet therefore been banished to Nemesis and has not merged with the planet to create the Black Crystal.


Fiore, Ail and An were among the few in the Dark Alliance who didn’t need to be reborn. Fiore’s inner darkness was triggered once more when Chaos had visited him, taking advantage of the fact that he was once a friend of King Endymion.

While Fiore, Ail and An had previously not known each other, Fiore had stumbled upon a floating Makai Tree with Ail and An on board. It was through their interactions that by extension, Fiore’s own darkness had corrupted Ail and An once more.

Fiore is seen as the leader of the Makaiju because he is responsible, although not knowingly, for the corruption of Ail and An. However, in the Dark Alliance hierarchy, Fiore, Ail and An are seen as inferior and not well-respected. This is primarily due to the nature of their corruption, and that they believe that they are easily among those who could be purified.


Fiore, Ail and An are skilled in energy collection, and have chosen not to feed the energy that they’ve gathered to the Makai Tree. Fiore would be determined to meet the needs of Chaos, as their whispers are heard in his mind.

While on Earth, the Makaiju will be disguising themselves as humans rather than their extraterrestrial forms. It is possible that because of their corruption, the Makai Tree might be suffering as it is no longer being fed with their positive energies, and they could hope to rectify that through misguidance.

Exploration of how Fiore, Ail and An feel about the marriage of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity is possible as well. How they may interact with the Black Moon while being identified as extraterrestrials is also another exploration point, as the Black Moon are highly xenophobic and a major player in the Dark Alliance.



Ail and An are extraterrestrials from a planet not within either the Solar System or Osmanthus. After the events of the series, they began their travels once more throughout the Solar System on board the Makai Tree.

Fiore would have likely been from either the same planet from a different region, or perhaps a different planet entirely in the same planetary system.


Makaiju may have all of their original abilities in the series, plus one new attack. They may still shapeshift into a human and extraterrestrial.

They may still create Cardians, but may have opted to use their energy-gathering resources to give to Queen Metaria and Chaos instead of the Makai Tree.

Death Busters


The Death Busters are from the Tau Nebula, a solar system in an entirely different dimension. After their defeat in the series, the Tau Nebula no longer exists as it was already on the brink of destruction. However, Chaos has promised the Death Busters that Tau Nebula could be reborn if they succeed with their mission.

Demonic Entity

The Death Busters were once demonic entities who did not possess a human form. In order for them to survive on Earth, they had to have a vessel. Chaos had granted them rebirth into the body of an existing human who would act as their vessel.

Because Chaos desires to ensure that they succeed, Chaos has granted them a new ability: the ability to shapeshift without destroying their human vessel.

None of the current members of the Death Busters use their previous vessel, they have a new one that until March 2031, no one identified.


Pharaoh 90 is still the leader of the Death Busters with Mistress 9 at his side. Among the Dark Alliance, Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9 are well-respected. This is primarily because the governing body of the Dark Alliance is aware that Pharaoh 90 is an incarnation of Chaos, similarly to Wiseman and Queen Metaria.

Germatoid would fall under Mistress 9 along with his assistant, Kaolinite. Kaolinite may attempt in character to persuade others to bring back the Witches 5.


The Death Busters do not ‘recruit’ per se. In fact, their idea of recruitment is finding new vessels that can handle a Daimon Egg that was implanted into them. If they can handle that, the vessel may become a member of the Death Busters, but may or may not be aware that they are a host for another entity.

Anyone who has become a vessel will still be granted similar powers to the higher-ranked Death Busters, but may not be able to shapeshift for long periods of time unless they show their loyalty to the Death Busters and Pharaoh 90.


The Death Busters may have all of their original powers and abilities from the series, plus two new attacks. They may still shapeshift and Germatoid may still attempt to create new Daimon Eggs.

Shadow Galactica

When Queen Metaria asked Chaos to grant rebirth to the Shadow Galactica, only Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi became affiliated with the Dark Alliance. None of them have Sailor Galaxia’s bracelets to signal their control, they are committing their crimes through Chaos’s corruption.

Phi and Chi were Sailor Galaxia’s top lieutenants during the first incarnation of the Shadow Galactica, and continue to remain loyal to her cause.



Sailor Galaxia, Phi and Chi were all reborn into the body of another so that they weren’t easily identified by the Crystal Empire and Galactica. Because their power wasn’t as strong as before they weren’t easily detected as well.

It wasn’t until Saturn Knight’s purification and ultimatum that led to the reveal of their true civilian identities, which took place March 2031.


Sailor Galaxia is considered a top ranking member of the Dark Alliance hierarchy despite not being ranked a queen. The Dark Alliance does know not to underestimate her, but she must show her loyalty to their cause.


Because the current Shadow Galactica is unable to steal or corrupt Star Seeds of any type, they are currently unable to recruit new members to join their cause. Sailor Galaxia may ask higher ranking members such as Queen Metaria, Queen Beryl or Wiseman to bestow power, but they won’t become Sailor Animamates.


Shadow Galactica are capable of wielding all of their powers from their previous incarnation, but cannot steal or corrupt Star Seeds of any type with their own powers. They may also still create Phage, please see the homunculus page for information about them.


As aforementioned, Sailor Galaxia no longer has her bracelets, but Sailor Galaxia has been working closely with Blue Sapphire to create an alternative. Blue Sapphire’s device was a prototype glove which worked well with the power of destruction.

Saturn Knight worked closely with Blue Sapphire and Sailor Galaxia, and even corrupted Sailor Star Healer, revealing the full ability of the glove. While the glove is no longer in Blue Sapphire’s or Sailor Galaxia’s hands after Saturn Knight’s purification, Sailor Galaxia may ask Blue Sapphire to recreate them.

Sagittarius Zero Star

Shadow Galactica no longer uses Sagittarius Zero Star as their headquarters, having been grounded on Earth since their rebirth. They now take residency in Elysion which is Earth’s former capitol.

Taken Codenames

Metaria, Metallia, Metal
Smokey Quartz or Quartz
Rubeus (Ruby)
Petz or Petzite
Calaveras or Calaverite
Hawk’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye
Fish’s Eye

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