Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
March 2031, Spring

Dark Alliance

The Dark Alliance

The Dark Alliance hadn’t always existed.

While the oldest of the two major factions within the Dark Alliance, the Dark Kingdom, may have rebuilt after the coronation of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, they had done so quietly.

The Black Moons were more proactive and visible, and neither the Black Moon nor the Dark Kingdom got along. Both factions viewed themselves as superior despite their drastically different propagandas.

November 1st, 2031

It was during Act 3 when Queen Metaria struck a deal with Chaos which would see the revival of Chaos agents. Queen Metaria had summoned their revival during the royal ball that the royal family had been holding, and made her first grand appearance, signaling the official revival of the Dark Kingdom.

However, it wasn’t until Queen Nehellenia stepped in and formed an allegiance with the Black Moons that the Dark Alliance would officially be formed. While the factions still have very major dissenting opinions, they are working tirelessly to get along with one another and make their union work. Both factions believe that they are stronger together rather than apart.

White Diamond of the Black Moon was even promoted by the Dark Kingdom once they conquered Elysion, making him officially Prince Diamond.


The Dark Alliance has many divisions that serve under Chaos, with the High Queen Metaria and High King Wiseman being at the highest authority. White Diamond was promoted to the role of Prince Diamond after the first public appearance of the Dark Alliance, when they corrupted Elysion.

Queen Nehellenia (Hecate) used to be a High Queen due to her involvement in the formation of the Alliance, but the Nether Moon has since been purified and they’re no longer part of the very alliance they formed.

Dark Kingdom

  • Queen Metaria is the founder and absolute ruler with Queen Beryl as her second-in-command.
  • Queen Metaria turns a Dark Kingdom member’s Star Seed to stone to control them. They then obtain power, which is basically the equivalent of selling their soul.
  • They can summon homunculus to terrorize and steal the energy of humans.
  • This would be their third revival, but this time with a focus on the capture of the Sol Knights.
  • Within their hierarchy they have Queens, princes (rare), knights, and soldiers.

Black Moon

  • Wiseman is the leader of the Black Moon Clan, and it would be the Crystal Empire’s first time dealing with him.
  • White Diamond, now coronated as Prince Diamond by the Dark Kingdom, is the Chosen One of the Black Moon.
  • They believe that extraterrestrials should not exist on Earth, and that Earth should solely belong to humans. They are vehemently against Sailor Guardians, the Crystal Empire, and the Galactica.
  • They joined the Dark Alliance under the belief that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.
  • The current Black Moon, for example, Crimson Rubeus, Green Emerald, Blue Sapphire and the Specters, are the younger versions in this time compared to the ones that the Crystal Empire will meet in the 30th Century. This is them dealing with the “formation” of the Black Moon.
  • They do not have access to droids or Nemesis.


  • Their leader is Fiore.
  • They are an extraterrestrial humanoid race who have green skin. Their hair is blue with pink highlights for men, and pink with blue highlights for women.
  • They can alter their appearance to blend with the ecosystem of the planet they’re presently on, e.g. they can appear as a human on Earth.
  • They can summon Cardians to steal the life-energy of humans. While they no longer do so to support the life of their Tree, they do so to encourage Chaos and may give their life-energy offerings to Queen Metaria.
  • They are considered the “weakest” of the Alliance.

Death Busters

  • Pharaoh 90 is their absolute leader, with Mistress 9 as his second-in-command. Pharaoh 90 is a counterpart of Chaos.
  • They originate from the Tau Nebula system and they’re capable of taking on a demonic form.
  • Pharaoh 90, Mistress 9, Germatoid and Kaolinite were resurrected in the bodies of humans, but they may shift into their demonic form at will.
  • In order for their faction to grow they plant the seeds of their daemon-kin into the body of humans. This is a process called ‘vesselization’, in which the mind of the individual is completely altered to support their daemon-kin.
  • Their primary goal is to recapture Earth and the Silver Crystal for themselves, and they’ve agreed to the Alliance to make the process easier.

Shadow Galactica

  • Sailor Galaxia is the leader of the Shadow Galactica, and Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi are her commanders.
  • Their souls and memories were revived in the bodies of humans, giving them a unique appearance.
  • They no longer possess the ability to steal Sailor Crystals or have the Galactica Bracelets.
  • Sailor Galaxia intends on reconquering the world in efforts to make Chaos stronger.
  • They may harbor a strong hatred towards the Galactica.


Powers & Notes

  • All Alliance antagonists may have a majority of their abilities that were in the series, excluding the ones that are mentioned on the roster. They may also have one new attack and ability.
  • All Alliance members have obtained some sort of human form in order to move freely through the world.
  • Due to their union, each member of the Dark Kingdom is acquainted with one another, but only division leaders are the most powerful.

The Dark Kingdom

When Guardian Cosmos granted rebirth to those affected by the Sailor Wars, she mistakenly granted rebirth to Queen Beryl. Her soul journeyed from the depths of the Galaxy Cauldron and awakened in the body of another, not too long before the day that King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity ascended the throne.

She remembers everything, and ever since her awakening, she began to lure people into the Dark Kingdom. It started quietly – little criminal acts here and there, the gathering of energies using power that was given to them by Queen Beryl that her soul had leftover from her time with Queen Metaria. Eventually, it grew into something bigger over the years – but it wasn’t nearly as noticeable as the Black Moons themselves.

The first of the Dark Kingdom were lured in primarily by Queen Beryl, and each of them were given the ranks of General based entirely on their loyalty and longevity in the Dark Kingdom. Eventually, others would be recruited in by members. Their Star Seeds were corrupted, transformed into stones that she along with Queen Metaria can control, and that is how they access their power. They have no need to transform, but usually wear military-esque uniforms on the job.

Queen Beryl informed her followers that she remembers the true story: about how Neo Queen Serenity corrupted the then Prince Endymion’s heart and turned him against the people of Earth. She claims that the White Moon were responsible for the Earth’s demise because of the loss of their prince.

She also informed her followers that the Silver Crystal’s gift of immortality is not something to be ashamed of, but it is something to be outraged by due to the fact that each of them had lost it based on their negative energies and criminal deeds. It’s that very fuel that she believes is key in their mission, to get the power of the Silver Crystal within their grasps so that they are free to have immortality and its many gifts.


Using her crystal orb, Queen Beryl is able to grant her followers one realm of influence of the following: nature, water, fire, ice, darkness, lightning, the stars and telekinesis. They also have the ability to teleport and levitate in thin air. They may have up to 4 attacks and 2 ability. Dark Kingdom followers and Planetary Knights are also able to create homunculi who abide by their realm of influences.

This is with the exception of the planetary knights, who utilize their own planetary powers that were awakened by Queen Beryl. The planetary knights may have 4 attacks and 2 abilities.


Dark Kingdom followers do not need to "transform" to use their powers. However, planetary knights do. Planetary knights don't have a transformation phrase or sequence as they "will" themselves into their knight form.



In the Dark Kingdom, there is no real hierarchy besides Queen Metaria and Queen Beryl. Queen Beryl is Queen Metaria’s subordinate and ultimately abides by her, but she may choose to go against Queen Metaria at any time. Followers of the Dark Kingdom tend to be of equal rank amongst each other, but they acknowledge their time of joining in the Dark Kingdom.

Naming Conventions

Followers of the Dark Kingdom will be given new codenames to abide by when they’re on missions. While they’ll still be able to utilize their civilian aliases, their Dark Kingdom alias is based off of a mineral, e.g. Beryl, Zoisite.

Planetary knights are also given new mineral based codenames as they are uninformed of their previous knighthood identities. They may recover some memories overtime during the game.


Before the followers of the Dark Kingdom joined, they had already accepted the Silver Crystal’s gift of immortality. However, it was upon joining the Dark Kingdom that they lost the right to immortality, and they want it back at any cost, even if it means stealing the Silver Crystal. Queen Beryl was never immortal even before the formation of the Dark Kingdom due to her previous malicious activities.

Queen Metaria

Lurking within the depths of the Galaxy Cauldron, Queen Metaria has escaped and found the chaos on Earth as an opportunity to begin anew. She has taken Lilith Rey, the Mayor of the Crystal City, as her hostee.

The Black Moon

Wiseman, a human terrorist in the eyes of the royal family and government, claimed to have waited patiently through meditation to obtain power of his own. Using the words of the royal family against them, he claimed that Earth belonged to mankind and not extraterrestrials. That they should fight back, not work alongside them, and that immortality was sacrilege.

He demonstrated his power as a human by creating terrorism, reviving crime and murder that had been unseen for a decade. He informed Earthlings that the White Moon was doing nothing to stop him. Much to the dismay of the government, Wiseman managed to gain followers in his teachings and formed the Black Moon Clan.

Neo Queen Serenity, unable to gain the courage to step into the conflict, allowed the government to handle the situation. It went against what she believed in to kill a human. Presently, the Crystal City has received the highest crime rates in over three decades with the Black Moon Clan’s formation. But Neo Queen Serenity was uninformed of the true nature of Wiseman, that Wiseman was not a human.

Unknowingly to Earthlings, Wiseman was a fragment of Chaos in human form. He had managed to bestow his followers with his powers through the use of the Black Moon crescents that formed on his followers foreheads after their initiation rites.

Initiation Rites

Followers of the Black Moon may invite new recruits to join their cause. Others may find themselves lured into the cause through intimidation and fear. However, in order to prove that they’re trustworthy, the initiate first must commit murder. Murder demonstrates the willingness to pursue chaos and undergo a dark path and do what it takes to put an end to the White Moon. Initiates who choose to commit murder will start off as a soldier.

If the initiate is unwilling to commit murder and obtain a rank upon joining the Black Moon, the initiate has another choice: a criminal act of their choosing. However, this is often frowned upon by higher ranked members, as it demonstrates weakness. Initiates who choose to perform a criminal act will start off as an associate, a rank below a soldier.

If the initiate is able to succeed, they are given the mark of the Black Moon, an upside down black crescent on their forehead by Wiseman. Wiseman then grants them one realm of influence, one power and teleportation.

Naming Conventions

Soldiers and associates of the Black Moon are given a mineral for their codename, e.g. Diamond, Sapphire, or Rubeus (Ruby) which is up to your choosing. When a soldier or associate has been promoted to the rank of commander, they gain a color attached to their codename, e.g. White Diamond, Blue Sapphire.

Black Moon members may still use their civilian identities, but when communicating with another member of the Black Moon they prefer to use their codenames.



Otherwise known as Death Phantom, Wiseman is the leader of the Black Moon who everyone abides by. Unknowingly to everyone, he is also a fragment of Chaos, similarly to Queen Metaria.


With the formation of the Dark Alliance, the Black Moon's hierarchy has changed. Queen Metaria has bestowed White Diamond the title of Prince Diamond for his agreement to the union. As a Prince, Diamond has more authority in the Dark Kingdom than a standard knight or soldier.


They are the highest ranking members of the Black Moon Clan. Under the will of Wiseman, each commander is capable of assigning missions to their soldiers. Commanders are recognized by the color attached to their name and they’re considered the most loyal to Wiseman.


They are members of the Black Moon who underwent the murder initiation rites. While some may have also been in the Black Moon for a long time, it takes a while for them to obtain recognition to become a commander. Some associates may also have been promoted to soldier after obtaining recognition and proving their worth. Each soldier is assigned a commander and must obey them.


They are members of the Black Moon who underwent the criminal act initiation, and they’re basically considered the scum of the Black Moon. It takes a while for an associate to gain recognition to be promoted as a soldier, and they must work hard in proving their worth. Associates who’ve proven their worth may be promoted to soldier.


The Black Moon are capable of living on Earth without getting caught. So long as their upside down crescent moon symbol is not on their forehead, to Earthlings and other factions they will appear as an ordinary human. But once their crescent forms on their forehead for them to use their powers, they are seen to everyone as a member of the Black Moon. They may only use their powers when their crescent moon is on their foreheads, they cannot wield it without it.

In order to properly differentiate their identities, please ensure that you use their civilian name when writing with their civilian identity and their Black Moon name when writing their Black Moon persona.


As the Black Moon has just formed for the first time, its members have yet to obtain the power of the Black Crystal. They do not possess Black Crystal Earrings. Instead, all of their powers are generated from the upside down black crescent moon on their foreheads. Unknowingly to Black Moons, Wiseman still has the ability to manipulate them through their crescents, but not nearly as extensive as their future counterparts.

Unfortunately, they are limited to the realm of influences of nature, water, fire, thunder, air, metal, mediumship, psychic, and darkness and may choose only one realm of influence. All Black Moons have the ability to teleport and speak telepathically to each other.

Wiseman has granted his subordinates one realm of influence, 4 attacks and 2 abilities.


Presently, the Black Moon do not have access to droids as Blue Sapphire has not created them, nor has he the ability to do so as Wiseman has not merged with Nemesis. Therefore all of their violence is currently being done by its members. They believe that because everything is done by them and not the aid of underlings, that they are much more powerful and should be more respected than the Dark Kingdom rebel group.


Scientists today have discovered and confirmed the existence of a 10th planet in the Solar System, lingering beyond Pluto with an unusual orbit. However, they’re unable to pinpoint its exact location and study it at the present time. Wiseman has not yet therefore been banished to Nemesis and has not merged with the planet to create the Black Crystal.

The Shades

In the 40th Century, Wiseman was building an elite team known as the Shades, and shortly after Princess Lady Serenity and her court disappeared into the 21st Century in efforts to put an end to their turmoil, he unveiled their true natures.

Originally, the Shades started off as mere recruits who seemed rather talented for what they were, but they were also suspicious in the sense that they answered to nobody but Wiseman himself. Not even to Diamond. Nobody even realized that each of them were commanders in rank by the time of their unveiling.

But when Princess Lady Serenity ran off into the 21st Century, he summoned the Shades and and he unveiled their true natures to the Black Moon of the 40th Century.

Led by Sailor Nemesis, these Guardians abide by Wiseman’s whim from the 40th Century. They followed Lady Serenity into the past, their mission to kill her and her team and to partake in the Dark Alliance and ensure it follows onto the proper path that leads to their future.

Because when they arrived the Dark Alliance was a unified faction, there was no longer a need to divide themselves. However, they are still considered recruits as they have not been in the 21st Century’s Dark Alliance long enough.

Failure was not an option, and thus they brought with them the Black Moon’s technologies from the future in order to ensure their success.

But throughout the cosmos, nobody would have suspected that these Sailor Guardians were merely pawns in Wiseman’s and Queen Metaria’s own game. The Shades weren’t meant to awaken in their current state, but as the Galaxy Cauldron sensed the Solar System was in turmoil, it had sent new Guardians to Earth in order to aid with the Sol Guardians victory. Wiseman had used his orb and detected their Sailor Crystals, luring them to the Black Moon Clan before they awakened their Sailor Crystals and became pure Sailor Soldiers.

There was one Shade who remained untouched by the light, a true Soldier of Chaos, and that was the Shade’s leader—Sailor Nemesis. Possessing a Sailor Crystal born from the undetected planet, Nemesis is the last soldier of the Solar System who was born on Earth.


Sometime within the 38th Century, Guardian Cosmos had cast off new Sailor Crystals to Earth, each of them taking on the form of newborns from that time. Each young child grew up separately from one another, each of them living their own individual lives. It wasn’t until later in their lives that as these Sailor Crystals began to bloom, Wiseman began to detect them with his own Black Crystal and conjured up a plan of his own.

Through misfortunate events, false promises, among other events in the girls’ lives, these girls were in some form of way recruited into the Black Moon Clan and joined on their own volition. Wiseman took immediate interest in these girls and began to train them into an elite team as he recognized their potential, but did not ever force them to do things that they weren't already willing to do for the Black Moon's cause.

None of the girls knew that their original purpose was to do the exact opposite of their assigned mission: to ensure peace on Earth. To aid the White Moon. They simply didn’t have the chance to awaken their original purity.

They should be 25+ in appearance by the time of the 40th Century, but they will be biologically older than that.

Sailor Nemesis

Sailor Nemesis is the antithesis to Sailor Moon. She is the Sailor Guardian who was never supposed to exist, an artificial humanoid created by Wiseman using the Black Crystal. The Black Crystal is her own birthright, and through her own power she commands the Shades and ensures that they remain on the path to darkness.

Sailor Nemesis’s Sailor Crystal was not among the Shades who were cast off from the Galaxy Cauldron, and she was never “corrupted” – she was born that way.

Corruption & Purification

Sailor Nemesis is the only Sailor Guardian among the Shades who is incapable of being purified. While it may seem that these girls are corrupted Sailor Guardians, one should remember that they chose to join the Black Moon on their own volition. They should not ever consider themselves to be “corrupted” humans.

Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon can purify the Shades, minus Sailor Nemesis, because of this.


  • Each Guardian may have up to 4 attacks and 2 abilities, with the exception of the Shades with purified and corrupted attacks/abilities. Please only list their corrupted abilities for now, as we will announce when you may add their purified abilities. Be aware that once they are purified they will be unable to use their corrupt abilities. Shades that don't have a corrupted element do not have corrupt attacks/abilities, and therefore their attacks/abilities are accessible in their purified and corrupt state.


The Shades fuku mimicks that of the Sol Guardians own, except it’s got a black base with accented primary colors. The brooch and tiara symbol is replaced with a Black Moon symbol. Their gloves, accessories, shoulder pads, shoes, and bow sizes may be of varying lengths.

Please note: when they are purified anything black will become white.


Are the Shades immortal?

Not anymore. When they were born, they were born with immortality as they were for quite a long time, of a permitted mindset. But just as soon as they joined the Black Moon and their cause, they were stripped of their immortality immediately. This was not Wiseman's doing, but rather the Silver Crystal's recognition that these girls fell into the wrong crowd.

Sailor Nemesis's connection to the Black Crystal is what keeps her young, despite being of a much older biological age.

Do the Future Moon know that they're in the past?

At the start of their game play, no, they're uninformed. They will, however, reveal themselves in due time, such as being informed of the identities of the Asteroid Guardians and Knights. It will cue them into being aware that they are from the future.

Does Queen Metaria and Wiseman know of their existence in the past?

In order for the past to play out correctly, no, they don't. They've infiltrated the past through their own means, and intend on keeping it a secret, for however long they're able. If in the event that they're caught with the power of a Sailor Crystal by higher ups in the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon, they are permitted to inform Wiseman and Metaria of who they are, but no one else.

Taken Codenames

Metaria, Metallia, Metal
Smokey Quartz or Quartz
Rubeus (Ruby)
Calaveras or Calaverite
Lapis Lazuli
Hawk’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye
Fish’s Eye
Black Spinel


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