Eternal is a Sailor Moon roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since July 10th, 2018.

Late March 2031 - April 2031



  • The Galactica arrived on Earth September 12th, 2025, and have remained on Earth since.
  • Their primary goal is to assist the Crystal Empire in extraterrestrial and intergalactic affairs, as there is extreme xenophobia on Earth.
  • The Galactica are unified under Queen Fireball, who is the equivalent to Neo Queen Serenity in power in the Osmanthus system.
  • During the Sailor Wars their powers were usurped by another, eliminating the original Sailor Guardian or knight. Their current incarnation is their revived form before they were usurped.
  • Each Galactica may handle the Sailor Wars in their own unique way.
  • While each of them submit to Queen Fireball, they also submit to Sailor Cocoon, who the Galactica view as their de facto leader. The Starlights view Sailor Star Fighter as their leader.


When Guardian Cosmos granted everyone rebirth, the Sailor Starlights were also revived on their home planet, Kinmoku. They were greeted with a wonderful sight: Kinmoku was fully restored, along with the loved ones that they’d once lost during the Sailor Wars. Princess Fireball has since become Queen Fireball and she’s married her lover.

Now that peace has been restored on Kinmoku, Queen Fireball decided to pay a visit to Earth to honor the new King and Queen. Along with them for the ride, the revived purified Galactica Soldiers have decided to pay Earth a visit. They, along with Queen Fireball, have sensed the union between the Earth and Moon and as they’re no longer corrupted by Sailor Galaxia, desire to give their gratitude.

But they weren’t expecting the uproar amongst Earthlings when the revelation that extraterrestrials existed among them. Queen Fireball and the girls have offered to extend their aid in efforts to achieve peace in the Crystal Millennium, and they were invited to stay in the Crystal Palace.

Current Development

After years of uncertainty with their mission on Earth, years of Sailor Star Fighter focusing on her relationship with Neo Queen Serenity and lack of leadership of her team, the Galactica have once more found themselves with purpose, but not in the way they would have liked.

Sailor Star Healer was corrupted and taken by the Dark Alliance, after her personal chauffer and concierge, Saturn Knight (Spectrolite), corrupted her. This has since caused unrest within the Galactica, creating a stain on the relationship between the Crystal Empire as Queen Fireball could not comprehend why she wasn’t informed of the incident by Zoisite, Sailor Neptune and Neo Queen Serenity, who were all involved.

The remaining Sailor Starlights, Sailor Star Fighter and Maker, have been working to protect Queen Fireball as well as find their teammate. Sailor Star Maker has been training with Queen Fireball in efforts to get her up to par as well as protect her during her trainings.

Queen Fireball has tasked the Galactica with a mission: find and retrieve Sailor Star Healer, and many Galactica have been seen out searching for her despite their relationship with Star Healer. There has been efforts to work more with the Crystal Empire ever since, and even Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne may become in dire need during these troublesome times... and even the Crystal Empire has found themselves asking the Galactica for aid with the planetary knights with their ability to detect Star Seeds and Sailor Crystals.

However, with Queen Fireball’s relationship with the Crystal Empire due to the event, will the Galactica intend on returning to the Osmanthus system, or will they choose to remain? And furthermore, how will they handle the shift in the wind as the Pantheon revives?


Starlight Pronouns

Our Sailor Starlights are assigned AFAB at birth, but they may utilize they/them pronouns and identify as transgender if they choose. They may alter their physical appearances and appear masculine for disguises for plot purposes, but they cannot alter their actual sex.

The Galactica cannot alter their physical forms like the Sailor Starlights can.


The Galactica and Starlights can naturally speak, read and write English without the aid of a device. They may also use their own native tongue.


Queen Fireball is the First Order Imperial Queen of the Tankei Kingdom of the planet Kinmoku. There are no additional rulers or planetary princesses, as the Starlights themselves won’t recognize themselves as a princess out of respect for their Queen. Kinmoku does have its own nobility which governs its three moons, and the planet itself would have been heavily inspired by Chinese culture.

The Galactica recognize Queen Fireball as their leader, next to Sailor Cocoon, during their stay on Earth. Each Galactica planet has its own governing body and culture which the player may world build.

Princess Gowns

On Kinmoku, as the Sailor Starlights were never seen in their “gown”, they will not have one. During formal occasions set by Queen Fireball, they may wear a gown of their choosing.


The Starlights can use their manga, Materials Collection and 1992 anime attacks, and they may have one new attack. The Galactica Sailors may have four attacks and three abilities. The Galactica Knights can have three attacks and two abilities.


The Galactica and Starlights do not have stages, but they may eventually gain new powers overtime when permitted through events. They are on equal footing to an Outer Guardian.

Writing Sample

Sailor Starlights and Queen Fireball require a writing sample. Galactica Sailors and Galactica Knights do not require a sample as they are original characters.


What about the Galactica Sailor Fukus?

Each Galactica Sailor utilizes the fuku that was originally worn by the Sailor Animamates, as the Sailor Animamates had usurped their powers therefore they had usurped their fuku as well.

Were the original Sailor Animamates brought back as well?

No, they weren't. They lost their right to resurrection by Guardian Cosmos.

What is the extent of the Galactica's memory of Sailor Stars?

The Galactica will remember what happened in the Stars arc until their powers were usurped. After that, they'll suffer from a memory gap and know that they were revived. Whether or not the Galactica Knights survived the Sailor Wars is up to their player, but they wouldn't have gone to Earth.

Can the Galactica Knights be corrupted during the Sailor Wars in Sailor Stars?

This is up to you, but we recommend that they haven't gone to Earth or encountered the original Stars cast. They may have had other duties that they had to perform from Galaxia.