ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Future Moon


Lady’s team

Princess Lady Serenity appears 17 years of age by the 35th Century. Ever since the Sailor Wars of the 21st Century, the Amazoness Quartet have been by her side, aiding her in protecting planet Earth. Similarly to the Sol Guardians, the Amazoness Quartet’s own Asteroid Knights would begin to awaken from then onward, and by the time of the 35th Century are fully-fledged knights.

A ceremony was held in the 35th Century to act as the renewal of vows for Princess Lady Serenity’s team, and Princess Lady Serenity would begin to finalize her training in preparations to become Queen by the 40th Century.

All Amazoness Quartet and Asteroid Knights are fully awakened by the 35th Century, regardless of their experience in the battlefield.

Black Moon Aftermath

After the 30th Century war against the Black Moon, coupled with the Sailor Wars of the past, the troubles of the Crystal Empire hadn’t ended there. While there was peace for a time, the Dark Alliance began to reappear slowly, and unbeknownst to all but Sailor Pluto, history had begun to repeat itself due to Princess Lady Serenity’s adventures through space-time.

It started with a nationwide blackout, one which hadn’t been seen since the 21st Century, as Queen Metaria revived and engulfed the nation in darkness. Chaos had craved revenge, tired of their failures and assumed a new form – Sailor Chaos – to lead the second incarnation of the Dark Alliance.

Since then, an illness only described as madness had begun to implement itself in the minds of humans, as it had not taken much to trigger a violent reaction from a human’s emotions. Once triggered, most humans would not listen to reason, and only those with a strong willpower could.

The Earth was chaotic by the 40th Century, and there was not much that could be done with the powers of the Silver Crystal as Sailor Chaos deflected most of its power. Neo Queen Serenity had even tried to ascend to Sailor Cosmos to combat Sailor Chaos with her team, but were forced to retreat for a time to recover in the Crystal Palace.

Princess Lady Serenity came up with a last resort plan: return to the past and prevent this future from happening. Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion gave the Future Moon their blessings, and a space-time key was given to them to travel back into the past.

Princess Lady Serenity believes that if they’re able to alter the past to a degree, then a new future could form, but at the cost that they may not be able to return to their original timeline. The Future Moon are okay with this, as they believe it is for the greater good.

Arrival in the 21st Century

When the Future Moon traveled through space-time, they would arrive in 2030. Upon their arrival they were greeted by Guardian Cosmos, who would inform the Future Moon to not meddle with their families lives during this time period.

Because of this and her desire to obtain information, Princess Lady Serenity had chosen to use Luna P on her grandfather, Dion Lunette, and obtained a job as a journalist. Diana would infiltrate the Sol Guardian’s old Command Center and make use of it once more for their team.

Princess Lady Serenity had also been spotted at times as Sailor Neo Moon, which had caused uproar with the Crystal Empire. Even Neo Queen Serenity was unable to handle a Sailor Moon other than herself, and managed to trigger her transformation as Sailor Moon which otherwise didn’t happen in Princess Lady Serenity’s timeline.

The Future Moon would not be able to live with their families during this time period until late February 2031, when Princess Lady Serenity and Diana would announce their identities to the Crystal Empire and were soon invited to stay at the Crystal Palace following the purification of Queen Nehellenia into Deity Hecate.


The Amazoness Quartet

Born from the asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta, their slumbering Sailor Crystals landed on Earth in the Amazon Rain Forest, where they would remain until they were needed by Princess Lady Serenity. It was Queen Nehellenia who disrupted their slumber and corrupted them, forcing them into service.

After being freed from Queen Nehellenia’s control, it was revealed that the four girls were destined to become the protectors of Princess Lady Serenity. They went into a slumber until the 30th Century, when they would awaken during the timeline where the Sailor Wars were being fought in the past (Sailor Stars arc).

After the Sailor Wars they returned to the 30th Century to continue aiding their princess. The Amazoness Quartet consider themselves to be sisters, but it’s up to player discretion whether they’re related by blood.

They would have not been involved in the original Black Moon arc.

The Asteroid Knights

Awakened in the 30th Century sometime after the Sailor Wars, Princess Lady Serenity soon learned that she would be equipped with a full-fledged team of Sailor Guardians and knights. Like the Amazon Quartet, these Knights were born from the power of the Asteroids but did not land in the Amazon Rain Forest and didn’t suffer the control of Queen Nehellenia.

These Knights would have lived somewhat normal lives with the circumstances of the future, and they aren’t related by blood or have the same bond as the Amazoness Quartet


The Amazoness Quartet that protect Princess Lady Serenity are true Sailor Guardians. Lady Serenity and her team have reached the Eternal stage, and their knights are equivalent in power.

The Amazoness Quartet have Sailor Crystals, but due to their service to Queen Nehellenia they may still possess their Amazon Stones as mementos. They don’t need the Amazon Stones to use their powers, and we believe that the powers of the Amazon Stones were originally their powers except twisted by Queen Nehellenia so that no one would suspect they were real Sailor Guardians.
  • The Amazoness Quartet may have all of their original abilities, including 2 new ones.
  • The Asteroid Knights may have 4 attacks and 2 abilities.

Living Situation

After traveling into the past in efforts to save their future, the Future Moon would have divided up into groups for more affordable living in Infinity City as housing is not cheap.

However, after the end of February 2031 which led to them revealing themselves to the Crystal Empire, they were gifted housing within the Crystal Palace. Some may still opt to have their own abodes, while others might find it more affordable to stay within the Crystal Palace.

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