Eternal is a Sailor Moon roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since July 10th, 2018.

Late March 2031 - April 2031

Future Moon


  • Princess Lady Serenity is now Neo Sailor Moon as of the 35th Century.
  • The Future Moon originates from a timeline that went awry for the Sailor Guardians, and it follows the canon timeline for the series accordingly. The primary difference in this timeline is that Neo Queen Serenity was never able to transform throughout her reign.
  • The 40th Century was under martial law at the time that the Future Moon left.
  • They have been in the 21st Century since August 2030.
  • Their mission is to ensure that their future does not come to pass, and to ensure that a brighter one surfaces in its place.
  • No one within the Crystal Empire remembers them, let alone those who they interacted with canonically. The only exceptions are Sailor Pluto, Luna, Artemis and the Dead Moon.
  • During Act 5 the Crystal Empire became aware of the existence of Sailor Neo Moon and her team, but they haven’t regained their memories yet.

Act 6 Time Jump

  • Neo Moon and Diana would have setup arrangements to meet with the Crystal Empire during the time jump. All members of the Crystal Empire are now fully aware of who they are, have potentially regained memories of their encounters with them due to their encounter with the Future Moon, and are aware of their war-torn future. This means that there is absolutely reason for the Future Moon to be interacting with the Crystal Empire by this point in time, and entering the Crystal Palace.
  • Helios was temporarily taken from the Crystal Empire by the Future Moon. This was due in part to the fact that his powers were on the fritz (as a side effect of Nehelenia's power shift). With Nehelenia's ascension as the Goddess of the Moon, Helios' powers have stabilized now serves Nehelenia (thus serving as an additional tie-in to the deities and the priest/esses that serve them). Additionally, Helios is once more within the Crystal Palace with the reveal of the Future Moon to the Crystal Empire.


By the 40th Century, Princess Lady Serenity is 22 (922) years old, nearing her time where she is ready to become the new Queen and allow her mother, Neo Queen Serenity, to retire. But before she is able to take on her duties as Queen Lady Serenity, she must embark on a mission in the past in hopes of bringing peace to the future once more.

During the 40th Century, the state of Crystal City has entered martial law as the Black Moon and the Dark Kingdom create violence. The royal family believes that the madness inside humankind is not an ordinary one as they won’t listen to reason. They believe that it’s Chaos’s doing, but the only link to it remains in the past as Princess Lady Serenity believes history is repeating itself with Queen Metaria’s and Queen Beryl's return.

The Amazon Quartet and Princess Lady Serenity have traveled into the year 2030 in order to investigate what has brought back Queen Metaria and Queen Beryl. Their history is no stranger to the history books and Princess Lady Serenity is fully aware of what happened during the Silver Millennium and present day Infinity City. When Sailor Moon defeated Queen Metaria during the present day, that should have been the end of it. But Princess Lady Serenity believes that there’s something more to the recent events, and that perhaps Chaos has found a way to resurrect his fragments—but how?

Everything leads back to Wiseman and his crystal orb, but there’s no absolute certainty that this may be the cause. Princess Lady Serenity and the Amazonians intend on restoring the future by repairing the past, but at the cost that they must not reveal their royal heritage and identities without damaging the future. Will they be able to stop Chaos in time before disaster strikes?

Time Traveling

Princess Lady Serenity was known to have involvement in the past before she was conceived, training alongside the White Moon Guardians and learning from her mother and father what it meant to be a true Guardian. During her own childhood, Princess Lady Serenity would have been corrupted by Wiseman and suffered the events of Black Lady and she was eventually purified. Wiseman would have at some point in time been captured and deported to Nemesis, where he would gain the power of the Black Crystal before returning to Earth and re-affiliating himself with the Dark Alliance.

Princess Lady Serenity would have faced the events of Queen Nehellenia and became informed of the true identities of the Amazoness Quartet when they were purified.

The Future Moon would have remained in the future after the events of the Sailor Wars, allowing events to play out in the past accordingly. They were informed by Guardian Cosmos to not enter the past unless necessary, as she would have placed a memory lock on the 21st Century Earthlings so they could make their own choices.

However, by the time of the 40th Century and the Earth continued to worsen in state due to the Dark Alliance, Princess Lady Serenity decided to go back to the past to provide aid. Due to requesting permission from Sailor Pluto to travel into the past, Sailor Pluto was originally the only one who was aware of her teams existence in the past. That was until the events of the royal ball, where Queen Nehellenia was resurrected and recognized the Amazoness Quartet including Princess Lady Serenity.

Although Neo Queen Serenity advised Lady Serenity not to transform, it was only advice – she is free to do as she chooses. The Amazoness Quartet and Knights are permitted to transform when they need. No one from the 21st Century aside from Sailor Pluto, Death Busters and Dead Moon will remember them.


The Amazoness Quartet

Born from the asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta, their slumbering Sailor Crystals landed on Earth in the Amazon Rain Forest, where they would remain until they were needed by Princess Lady Serenity. It was Queen Nehellenia who disrupted their slumber and corrupted them, forcing them into service.

After being freed from Queen Nehellenia’s control, it was revealed that the four girls were destined to become the protectors of Princess Lady Serenity. They went into a slumber until the 30th Century, when they would awaken during the timeline where the initial Sailor Wars were being fought.

After the Sailor Wars they returned to the 30th Century to continue aiding their princess, forming close bonds with her. They consider themselves to be sisters, but it’s up to player discretion whether they’re related by blood. They would have not been involved in the original Black Moon arc.

The Asteroid Knights

Awakened in the 30th Century sometime after the Sailor Wars, Princess Lady Serenity soon learned that she would be equipped with a full-fledged team of Sailor Guardians and knights. Like the Amazon Quartet, these Knights were born from the power of the Asteroids but did not land in the Amazon Rain Forest and didn’t suffer the control of Queen Nehellenia.

These Knights would have lived somewhat normal lives with the circumstances of the future, and they aren’t related by blood or have the same bond as the Amazoness Quartet.


Gifted with the power of Sailor Crystals, the Sailor Guardians who protect Princess Lady Serenity are true Sailors. Like Princess Lady Serenity, they have the power of their Eternal stage to be on par with their princess.

The Amazoness Quartet also have Sailor Crystals, but due to the former service with Queen Nehellenia they may keep their Amazon Stones as mementos and reminders of their desires not to be forced into service. They don’t need the Amazon Stones to utilize their powers, and we believe that the powers that they originally possessed with the stones were once their own and merely twisted by Queen Nehellenia so it wasn’t revealed that they were real Sailor Guardians.
  • The Amazoness Quartet may have all of their original abilities, including 2 new ones.
  • The Asteroid Knights may have 4 attacks and 2 abilities.

Living Situation

After traveling into the past in efforts to save their future, the Future Moon would have divided up into groups for more affordable living in Infinity City as housing is not cheap.

However, after the end of February 2031 which led to them revealing themselves to the Crystal Empire, they were gifted housing within the Crystal Palace. Some may still opt to have their own abodes, while others might find it more affordable to stay within the Crystal Palace.