ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Catherine Lunette


Nehelenia Hecate Queen Hecate Cate Once, Morrigan de Lune
Chronologically? Millennia. Physically? 32.
Face Claim
Lady Gaga
  • Cell Phone: Cate's very own cell phone, her personal hand-held attachment to the rest of the world - and largely the easiest way to, of course, get in contact with her. Nehelenia may not exactly understand the use of modern commodities such as a cell phone, but she has at the least chosen to keep up appearances and try.
  • Compact: Cate has a makeup compact on her at all times, tucked away in a pocket or in a bag - one never knows when they're going to need to touch up their makeup and, well, sometimes one just needs to see themselves.
  • Mirror: Other than the compact that Cate tries to keep on her person, Cate also has a large, full-length, ornate mirror in the bedroom of her home. It is, of course, [b]not the mirror which Nehelenia was trapped in for eons but is used to allow Cate to remember that time.
  • Obsidian: Though not technically on her person at all times, Cate has multiple obsidian statues, figures, and other displays in her own. She also carries around shards of obsidian around sometimes, which she uses in her magic.
  • Triple Moon Staff: Queen Hecate makes us e of the Triple Moon Staff, an example of her magic and control over the moon. It is a large, black and silver staff that is taller than even her own height on average. At the tip of the staff is the sign of the tri-goddess; a full moon at the center and a crescent moon on either side. When necessary Hecate can turn the staff into a more compact wand form.
  • Perses and Asteria: Perses and Asteria are Cate's familiars. Perses is a large, black Borzoi and Asteria is his mirror opposite - white as opposed to black. Perses and Asteria do not leave the moon palace on most occasions, but Hecate is able to summon them at will. When Hecate is on the moon, Perses and Asteria are never far off.


Queen Hecate
  • Magic: Nehelenia was gifted with the ability of black magic by Chaos, allowing her to cast magical spells, curses, and hexes on other individuals with a surprising amount of clarity and a near guarantee that they will come true; that said, for certain stronger curses, certain requirements must be met. Her black magic also allows her to sense the dreams of others and fly unaided. As Hecate, she has maintained her use of black magic, while also gaining control over the light side of magic as well, including the ability to heal and purify others, grant protection, and more.
  • Lumokinesis: Lumokinesis is the ability to generate and control light. When Hecate was Nehelenia this ability had been twisted into being the ability to control shadows instead; upon purification, this is what it became. Hecate can control light in a myriad of ways, including creating laser blasts, illusions, and hard-light objects. She is also able to use her lumokinesis in order to make it seem as though objects or people are invisible, including herself.
  • Mirror Paredri: The Mirror Parerdri are creatures that Cate can create using obsidian. The Parerdri are mirror images of herself, entirely made of obsidian and largely featureless as they are absolutely made of glass, meaning they lack any of Hecate's distinguishing features other than her facial features. 
  • Transformation: As the leader of the Nethermoon, Hecate has the ability to shift into the form of an animal. When she was corrupted she was able to become a large, black widow spider but since being purified this has changed into the ability to shift into the form of a lange deer-like creature.
  • Dreamwalking: Hecate is able to access the realm known as the Dreaming through her natural magical abilities. This is something that most Nether Moon individuals are able to do in a myriad of ways, though Hecate is unique in that she can mold and shape the dreaming to her heart's content.


Once upon a time, there was a queen. The queen, Helenia, was beloved by her people, and was the most beautiful woman in the land, and the most powerful - except, she wasn't. In truth, the queen was the mirror image of a more powerful, supposedly more beautiful queen... her twin, if you would, that existed in the light. Our queen was forced to exist in the dark, powerless in comparison, the queen of a Dead Moon. It wasn't fair. It wasn't right. And so one day, Our Queen tried to take what she wanted - needed - and was rightfully hers.

But her sister was too powerful, and try as she might, Our Queen was locked away. Trapped on the other side of the looking glass, forever, never to be freed - but despite the so-called victory of her sister and the White Moon, her Silver Millennium, it was our queen that would rise victorious. As her final act before being locked behind the mirror, she laid a curse on the fortunate of the white moon: it would fall, and soon. The newborn princess would not rise to claim her mother's throne. Perhaps the White Moon did not take her prophecy seriously, for they were not prepared when the time came.

Our Queen watched as the Silver Millennium fell. She watched, vindicated, as the queen of the White Moon lost everything that she held dear. She watched as the queen sacrificed herself in order to bring back her daughter, the future king of Earth, and her daughters' hand maidens in time. It would matter little. Though she had been spurned and hidden away, locked in the darkness of the new moon's embrace, she had won. For now. And though she was imprisoned, that meant that she would always keep her youth and her beauty. Though the loneliness was strong, without her kingdom any longer, The Queen would wait. She'd grow stronger. She'd grow ever more envious and vindictive. Over time, Helenia became Nehelenia.

It was thousands of years before The Queen would gain the opportunity to escape once again. It was with the help of a powerful solar flare, aided by the ever-growing power of Chaos. When she was free Nehelenia sought out agents that would be able to help in her unfinished conquest of the White Moon; after all, the Moon Queen's daughter had been revived, and Nehelenia had awoken in the very time that she now existed. And Nehelenia knew exactly how to defeat them - she had watched as the moon queen had used the power of the Silver Crystal. And it would be hers.

Nehelenia took Elysion first, capturing the High Priest, though his spirit escaped. From there, her capture of the planet Earth and the defeat of Sailor Moon and her guardians seemed almost inevitable... if only it hadn't been for the fact that the Golden Crystal had been lying dormant within the Earth Prince. Through the combined efforts of Sailor Moon, the Guardians, the High Priest, and even her own Amazoness Quartet, Nehelenia was once again sealed behind her mirror.

That is, until now.

Writing Sample

The other side of the mirror had been blank and without image. This time hadn't been like before; before, when the original Moon Queen sealed Helenia behind her own mirror, she had been able to watch. She had been able to bide her time and make her play, prepared for the day that she would be able to once again walk free. She watched, once a month, for however many millennia as the blue marble called the Planet Earth grew in strength. She watched as the Moon Princess was revived, and grew into her own, until the time came that Nehelenia was able to step out of the mirror again. Until she became the so-called ringleader of the Dead Moon Circus.

After her crushing defeat at the hands of Sailor Moon, Nehelenia had been sent back into the mirror, but this time she feared that there would be no escape. She didn't know how long she had been trapped in her mirror. Days? Weeks? Months? Perhaps even years? There was no way to tell time here. The darkness had been Nehelenia's friend, and in truth, it still was - what most children would consider the monster underneath their bed was the only creature that Nehelenia could find comfort and companionship in here, whether it was living or not.

When one was trapped, they made due. She grew more and more restless the longer that time went on. Her sanity remained, if that was what one could call her mental state, but her anger towards the White Moon only grew ever stronger. Princess Serenity and the child would pay for what they had done to her. So she sat, for however long it had been, her knees curled up to her chest... and she waited. Silently. With darkness as her only friend as it had ever been. There had been no change within the mirror, not that Nehelenia could sense, but something continued to urge Nehelenia further.

And then the mirror opened, and there was light. She was rejuvenated and freed. Nehelenia - no, that wasn't quite right... That wasn't her name any longer. [i]Morrigan.[/i] That sounded right. Morrigan felt as though she had stepped through the mirror, perhaps literally, perhaps figuratively; she couldn't be fussed with the semantics, but for all appearances it seemed as though Morrigan had been within the Crystal Palace the entire time; she was the one wearing the mask that appeared to be a web, her elegant black dress adorned with the similar web-like design throughout it and with the symbol of the black widow spider forming the front of the torso, just enough to break the color.

While others shrieked and cowered from the sheer power of Chaos as it spread through the area, Morrigan did not. Instead, a small smile spread across her lips, and she reached for a nearby champagne flute. "Cheers, darlings." Morrigan intoned, though her voice couldn't be heard underneath the screams. She raised the flute and sipped it.


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