Eleanor de Marine



ALIAS: Ella, Elly, Elly-Mama; Sailor Neptune, Princess Neptune.
AGE: 36
FACTION: Inactive
FACE CLAIM: Diane Kruger


  • Cell phone: At this day and age pretty much every person has one, and in that regard Eleanor is no different. She sees a great importance of having the device, even though she could keep track of events via her Deep Aqua Mirror, because the later would not allow her to actually speak to her loving daughter and fellow Senshi when in a distance.
  • Sailor Crystal: The source of Eleanor's powers as Sailor Neptune, the Sailor Crystal is actually her Star Seed, and it was created originally together with the planet Neptune itself. It is a heart shaped crystal, colored in a pale shade of teal, which Eleanor uses to transform into Eternal Sailor Neptune. When transformed, the crystal is located inside a star shaped broach, in the center of the front bow. Even as a civillian, Eleanor carries her Sailor Crystal with her at all times, for nobody knows when duty would call her.
  • Deep Aqua Mirror: Eleanor's Talisman - a special artifact possessed by the Senshi of Neptune that when joined the two other Talismans can awaken Sailor Saturn's destructive powers. The Mirror can also be used as Sailor Neptune's personal weapon, and is used in the attack Submarine Reflection, as well as for teleporting to a place of choice. Out of her Senshi form, Eleanor can use the Deep Aqua Mirror to read the future, in the form of visions that appear to her in the mirror's reflection. It is often said by Eleanor herself that her Deep Aqua Mirror shows only the truth, and that it can see into one's soul; as such, she trusts the visions seen in itcompletely. The mirror itself is oval in shape and is sorrounded by a golden frame, that has a golden engraving of a young maiden in the right margin. The back of the mirror is colored in a deep shade of teal, with the planetary symbol of Neptune inscribed in its center in white.
  • Marine Cathedral: Eleanor's wooden Stradivarius violin, given to her as a present from her parents when she was a child. The name of the violin was chosen by Eleanor itself. It is a true Stradivarius, meaning that its worth is asteemed to be around millions of dollars. People have tried to convince Eleanor to sell it in the past, but she had always refused, as she feels an emotional connection to the instrument. The emotional connection to the vilolin is so strong, that the instrument is also used in one of her Senshi attacks, Submarge Violon Tide.


NAME: Sailor Neptune
ELEMENT: The Ocean


  • Deep Submarge: Sailor Neptune says "Deep. . . " while she rotates and rises her hands upwards, which causes a stream of water twirl around her and eventually become a sphere of sea water, shaped like the planet Neptune, in her hands. She then reaches her hands forwards and calls "Submarge!", which launches the sphere towards the enemy, drowning them.
  • Submarine Reflection: Sailor Neptune aims her mirror towards her enemy, in order to dazzle them by sending at them a shining energy blast. This attack can also be used by Neptune in order to detect the enemy's main weakness, which would be reflected in the mirror; the reflection won't always be clear, though, and Neptune would have to think what the image shown means.
  • Submarine Violon Tide: Sailor Neptune calls out the attack's name, and then plays a tune on her Marine Cathedral, which makes a stream of sea water come out of it and wash the enemy.
  • Sea Queen's Tempete Furieuse: Sailor Neptune says: "Sea Queen's. . . ", and reaches each of her arms in a different drection, which makes two huge waves appear on each side of her. She them crosses her hands and calls: "Tempete Furieuse!", which makes the two gigantic waves rush towards the enemy and colide into a whirlpool that sorrounds them, and prevents them from moving past in all directions. While this attack is powerful, both in effect and the panic it may cause, it is not eternal, and after 20 seconds or so the waves will abate.


Eleanor de Marine was born in Paris, France, to a luxurious family of high class acedemics. Her father, Pierre de Marine, was an acclaimed Professor of History, specializing in History of Medieval Europe. Her mother, Eloise de Marine, was a PhD in art and a well known artist herself, who presented in the most well known galleries, both in Paris and in the world. The two of them studied, taught and researched in the Sorbonne, and this was actually where they first met. The name Eleanor for their newborn child was suggested by Pierre, as a homage to Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine, a noblewoman who lived in the 12th century and encouraged the development of trobadour singing culture in her court; Eloise, who liked the sound of the name, as well as its infamous bearer, agreed to name their daughter after the musical, romantic duchess.

Having been born when her parents were relatively old, and the both of them having a successful academic career, they felt as if they didn't have the time nor the will to have another child. Thus, Eleanor was an only child, and the majority of her childhood was spent on her own. Even at kindergarten and later at school, her well known name made it difficult for her to make friends; the other children were either too scared to approach her, thinking she's too perfect and good, or they were jealous of her and acted mean towards her. Eleanor's parents tried to make up for the loneliness, though, by showing their affection to the girl at any opportunity they had. They showered her with gifts, and tried to make time in their schedule every now and then to teach her, each about his own research field: history and art. They also encaureged the young girl to expand her horizons by reading as much as she could, about any subject she'd like, both from books and online. Eleanor was a bright and curious child, and asked her parents a lot of questions, much to their pride and joy. 

However, one subject in which she found more interest then in any other that she stumbled upon was music. Pierre and Eloise, who noticed Eleanor's growing interest in the subject, decided it was a love that needed norturing; thus, they bought her a real Stradivarius violin, and paid one of the very best violinists in France to teach her how to play. According to violinists' tradition, Eleanor decided to name her violin Marine Cathedral, and from the very moment she had touched the instrument, she felt as if it should've been in her hands all along; as if its another organ of her body. From that moment, she dedicated most of her days to practicing the violin, and the results were quick to come; the entire household was enjoying the lovely melodies and tunes that could be heared from her room.

In one of Eleanor's parents' attempts to compensate for their usual absence during the academic school year, they madde a tradition of taking Eleanor to a summer home  once a year, for a month during the summer break. The summer home was located in one of the picturesque, little villages of the French Riviera, right at the shore of the Medeterenian Sea. There, Eleanor would spend days at the beach, with her parents or just with herself. But it was also in that summer home that a strange phenomenon started to occur. It was in the summer home that Eleanor started to have strange dreams; of castles in the skies, of princes and princesses, of colorful crystals, of her dancing with a mysterious person, that she couldn't tell the gender of. . . The strange dreams did not stop when coming back to Paris in the autumn, but they did grow more vivid and intense every year when she got back to the seaside summer house. Eleanor felt increadibly confused by these dreams, and didn't know what they meant; however, she had a feeling that she should keep them a secret, because nobody else would understand her. Thus, she didn't tell any of her nannies, and not even her parents, who were so busy, because she didn't want to worry them.

Years went by, and although she kept having these wierd dreams every now and then, Eleanor was doing well and bloomed into a graceful young woman. She invsted in her studies, and became not only one of the top students in her class, but also a very knowledgeable person, who enjoys profound conversations about art, philosophy and history. She also became a famous musician, who composes her own melodies and could fill any grand hall not only in France, but in the entire world. 

It was when she was eighteen years old, shortly after finishing her second European tour of concerts, that she had recieved a letter from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Since they've heard about her achievements, especially in the field of music, they invited her to study for her Bachelor's Degree in thei campus, specializing in Music and Musicology. They even agreed to pay her tuition, based on her academical achievements thus far. At first, Pierre and Eloise were opposed to the sugestion; they were teaching in one of the best universities in the world, and wanted their daughter to continue the family legcy of studying in the Sorbonne. What has she got to do in Orlando all on her own, anyway? Besides, being as wealthy as they are, it's not like they couldn't fund her studies in Paris. But even if their claims made sense, since recieving that letter Eleanor felt an unexplained attraction to Orlando; it was almost as if the city was calling her name, asking her to come. In addition, the dreams started to become more frequent and more intense since the letter has arrived to her, making Eleanor think that maybe, just maybe, there's a connection between the two. After giving it a lot of thought, Eleanor decided to leave Paris behind, and start a new life in America.

The infamous student's arrival to the campus in Orlando attracted a lot of attention. But Eleanor couldn't care less about all of that, because shortly after arriving to the city her dreams became clearer and clearer, until she finally understood their purpose; in one of her dreams, she regained the memories of her past, and was awaken as the Soldier of Deep Waters, Sailor Neptune. Not only was Eleanor awaken, but she knew who the person she was dancing with in her dreams was - her partner, Sailor Uranus. She knew she had to find her, and she knew exactly who it could be; a well known car racer, that happened to be acquainted with one of her new schoolmates. Eleanor came to watch some of her partner's races, and later tried to talk to her about their shared destiny, but the stubborn car racer thought she was being crazy, and had no idea what she was talking about. It was only when a monster interrupted their conversation and caught Eleanor that she was convinced, regained her memories of her shared past with Eleanor and transformed into Sailor Uranus for the first time.

A while after Uranus' awakening and the attack she had experienced, Eleanor's dreams started to become more gruesome, violent and frightening. The palaces that previously were shining in the sky were now in ruins, the people she danced with in the ballrooms were now corpses. And above all she could see the chilling image of the Goddess of Death, Sailor Saturn, who would be awaken by the Talismans posessed by her and her partner. Eleanor had no doubt as for what her duty was - to prevent from history repeating itself, she and her partner had to find the third Talisman. 

As they started the quest to find it, they stumbled upon the reincarnation of the Princess, Sailor Moon, and her four guardians. The Inner Senshi wanted to fight alongside Uranus and Neptune, but Eleanor knew their soft, delicate hearts wouldn't bear the autrocities of their duty, and thus decided that Uranus and herself should act on their own. 

When it was discovered that the Soldier of Death was reincantered into the girl named Seraphina Bailey, and was living amongst them, the Outers felt that they had no choice but to kill her, in order to save humanity. Sailor Moon and the Inners were against it, of course, But Eleanor felt as if they had no other choice - the memories of the tragic past were now so vividly embodied in her, that she never wanted anyone to experience anything like them, ever again. Eventually, all hope seemed lost when the Messiah of Silence was finally awaken, and the world was at a dire situation at the hands of Pharaoh 90; however, against all odds, Sailor Moon managed to use the powers of the Holy Grail, as well as everyone else's, in order to defeat Pharaoh 90. It was then that Saturn used her destructive power to seal him away, but using every bit of her powers made her reborn into a little baby once more. At the sight of the helpless baby that not too long ago she was trying to kill, Eleanor felt mercy towards her, and suggested to Uranus and Pluto that they adopt her as their own daughter, as she had nobody else in the world.

Once the battle was over, the dreams started to drift away from her mind at night, and for the first time in a long while Eleanor could sleep peacefully. After the battle was over she had lost her ability to transform, and thus dedicated most of her efforts to performing, studying in the university, and raising baby Seraphina, who grew up rapidly by the day. Much to her surprise, Eleanor slipped naturally into the role of an adoptive mother, and discovered that not only did she have maternal instincts built in her, but she also enjoyed raising the child no less then she enjoyed performing in her concerts. Like her mother and father before, she made sure to encourage little Seraphina to read and learn as much as she could about things that she found interesting, and also gave her daily violin lessons. Eleanor lived in a suburb of Orlando with the three other Outers as her family members, and felt truly blessed. She could get used to this serene lifestyle; the only thing that ruined the idyll was that they lost contact with the Princess and her guardians, which she had learned to appreciate, in spite of their differences.

She'd be reunited with them sooner then expected, though. One night, Seraphina grew up all at once, and the time for her awakening as Sailor Saturn arrived once again. Having been awaken, her daughter gave Eleanor the ability to transform again through the power of her Sailor Crystal, and explained that in this current battle it is crucial that all of the Solar System Senshi fight together. Once all four of the Outer Senshi were awaken once again, and their powers were upgraded to the Super stage, they joined Helios, Sailor Moon and the others for the final battle against Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon. When all ten Senshi were united once again, the Holy Grail evolved into the Moon Chalice, and as a result Eleanor's powers were upgraded once again, to the Eternal stage. The battle was difficult, but under Sailor Moon's leadership, the united team was able to defeat Nehelenia and return peace to the world.

Shortly after the battle gainst Nehelenia was over, Eleanor recieved an invitation from a boy band called Three Lights. They said they've been listening to some of her concerts and have been impressed by her music, and thus would like to perform with her. Even though boy bands were never her musical style of choice, Eleanor felt complimented by the request, and decided it would be an interesting expirment to combine classical music with teen pop. It was during the rehearsals to their joint performance that Eleanor noticed a wierd scent coming out of the three members of the boy band - it was the aura of the stars, but it felt different from the scent that came off Sailor Moon and her other teammates.That, combined with visions in her Deep Aqua Mirror, indicated that a new threat was on its way, different from anything they've been facing before - an enemy from beyond the Solar System. 

Soon enough, Shadow Galactica, led by Sailor Galaxia, made themselves known, and started to attack in different corners of the city, in order to find among the people those with a true Star Seed - the Sailor Senshi. With each and every battle, another of Eleanor's teammates was killed, and their Sailor Crystals stolen by Galaxia's servants. 

And if that wasn't enough, her suspects about the Three Lights were revealed to be true, as apparently they were female Sailor Senshi from another Solar System, dressed as men in search of their princess. Once again, the differences between the Inner and Outer Senshi made themselves stand out, as the Inners wanted to trust the Starlights and work alongside them, while Eleanor and the other Outers couldn't trust the alien Senshi; after all, Galaxia's followers were Sailor Senshi as well, so who said the Sailor Starlights weren't double agents or spies that served her, as well? The fact that the Starlights made it clear that they did not care about the fate of the Earth and were only interested in finding their princess and returning home surely did not help their reputation in Eleanor's eyes. Eleanor was unable to see Sailor Moon win over the Starlights and defeat Galaxia; she had been killed beforehand, and her Neptune Sailor Crystal stolen away from her. It was only after the battle was finally over that thanks to Guardian Cosmos' powers she was reborn in Orlando, along with everyone else.

The years following the revival were some of the best in Eleanor's life, if not the best. With the peace finally returning and Seraphina no longer being a baby, Eleanor could finally focus on her music and studies. She finished her both Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Music and Musicology, and continued performing, going on tour across the U.S. for the first time in her life. She also continued taking care of Seraphina, who still needed her attention and motherly guidance, even if she wasn't a baby anymore. Their violin lessons, though not occuring as frequently as they did when Seraphina was only a child, were still considered a tradition that the two of them cherished and liked to return to, when the both of them were available. 

But perhaps the most meaningful thing that happened to Eleanor during those years was that she got married to her partner in love and war, Sailor Uranus.Since being awaken the both of them knew they were soulmates, but now felt like the right time to announce it to the world. The two of them got married at the shore - at Eleanor's request - with the loving presence of all of their friends. They spent their honeymoon in France, visiting Eleanor's parents (who were surprised to hear they already have a grandchild!), and also the costal summer house where she had the awakening dreams for the first time.

In all honesty, Eleanor wouldn't mind it at all if life could go on as peaceful like that, and she'd remain just an ordinary woman. However, destiny had other plans for them. When Sailor Moon was awaken as Neo-Queen Serenity and granted the gift of youth to the citizens of the Earth, a Crystal Palace was built in the center of Orlando. The past Sailor Moon and Tuzedo Mask were crowned as the King and Queen of the Earth and the Moon, and a court was established - a court of which Eleanor knew she ought to be a part, for the sake of the Queen and her kingdom. As her partner and lover became in charge of the security in the palace, they moved into a special quarter of it that was reserved for them. 

In the newly formed court, Eleanor has much less time to compose, play or perform. She has a diplomatic and public role as the Princess of Neptune, and continues to be on guard in order to protect the royal couple from any potential threats that might arrive. Until not too long ago it remained peaceful, but recently the Deep Aqua Mirror started to show signs of another threat coming, from this very planet. . . Eleanor is still not certain as for what it is, but she has a feeling that it is an old foe that is returning to life. . . Could her suspects be true, or is the threat she's sensing something completely different?. . . As Sailor Neptune, Eleanor would not rest until she gets to the bottom of things, in order to protect the newly founded kingdom, and the peace they worked so hard to achieve.

Writing Sample

The monotonous rhythm of people clapping could still be heard inside Eleanor's head, even when she finally arrived to her dressing room in the grand hall. After a big performance, it always took her a few minutes to calm down. There was something about performing in front of hundreds of people, and receiving their love and appreciation that boasted her with energy and vitality, ones that still overflowed her even after the performance was over. Thus, she had made a habit for herself, to remain in the dressing room for a few minutes after the curtain call. These were her own private moments that she didn't tell anyone about, not even to her lover and partner.

Placing the Marine Cathedral carefully in its leather bag, the violinist took a few minutes to look at her reflection in the mirror. She wore a black, form fitting gown that was covered in sparkly sequins. The gown had a long train that strolled along behind her when she was walking, but now was hidden as she was seated on a chair. Her hands were worn in a pair of matching long, black gloves that reached above her elbow. On her right wrist she wore a diamond bracelet, and her neck and ears were decorated with matching diamond necklace and earrings. Her long, wavy hair was bound in an elaborated bun, one that reminded the hairstyles of ancient roman women. Her feet were shod in a pair of classic high heeled shoes, and were currently unseen under the long black dress.

Usually, Eleanor would take more time to stare at her appearance in the mirror - not out of vanity, for her mind would often wander somewhere else, mostly to her family or to her duties as a Senshi - but today something noticeable on her makeup table distracted her mind. It was a bouquet of red roses, to which a letter was attached. Her azure eyes wondered from her reflection to the large bouquet. 

Eleanor was used to getting fan mail, and usually found it endearing. She'd often let her beloved partner open the letters and read them out loud, just for giggles. But she had never received anything right after a concert and right into her dressing room, like that. How did it get here? The whole area behind the scenes was hidden and supervised by security men, so she doubted anyone could just stroll into her dressing room, even if they really wanted to. Had it been a more peaceful time, she might have not made such a big deal out of it. But with the recent visions the Deep Aqua Mirror has been providing her. . . Who knows, maybe even a seemingly innocent bouquet of flowers could be a trap? As an Outer Senshi, she knew she must never let her guard down, not even when doing what she loves.

"I see you found it. I hope you like red roses", she heard a masculine voice coming from behind her.

As Eleanor turned around, she saw a man dressed in uniform standing in front of her. A slight grin featured her face. It was all clear now; the reason her mysterious fan managed to get across the security and into her dressing room was because he was one of the security, himself.

"They're sufficient. Though they're much more suitable as a gift that a boyfriend gives to his girlfriend, don't you think?", Eleanor asked as she slowly rose from her seat and started to progress towards the man, the bouquet in her right hand.

"Are you hinting anything?", the security guard asked, a smirk featuring his face.

A delicate chuckle slipped her thin lips. "Me? Hinting? What makes you think that?", she whispered as she got closer to him. "Though I have to admit, I have never thought that a security guard would find interest in my music. I'm quite impressed". It was true; the security guard she knew best was her partner, and even though she tried to attend as many concerts of Eleanor's as she could, the violinist did catch her fall asleep from time to time, between one adagio and another. . . 

"Life is full of surprises, Miss", the security guard answered.

As far as Eleanor could tell, the correct form to address a married woman in English was Mrs. She didn't bother to correct the man, though; where's the fun in that?

  "Indeed, it is. I would like to see you again in one of my concerts - as a guest, not in duty. It would bring me much happiness", she said quietly, almost whispering, looking deep into the man's eyes.  

"That would be something", he replied.   She was only teasing, of course; her one and only guest of honor was a three hour flight away from where she was, making sure that their daughter is asleep and eating all of her vegetables, even though she is so close to officially becoming an adult now. But when in a new town she's never been to before, it's always good to have at least one familiar face, isn't it?

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