Rosalind Forrest



ALIAS: Rosa (by her sisters and familiars only; just try to call her that if you aren't!)
AGE: 26
FACTION: Inactive
ETHNICITY: Technically a Latina, since she was born in the Amazon Rain Forest?
FACE CLAIM: Chloe Grace Moretz


  • Tiara: A fake tiara that she wears when transformed instead of her regular Senshi tiara, when posing as thte "Princess". The tiara is very similar to the one worn by Sailor Venus back when she served the same purpose, and is made of a light translucent jewel, meant to represent the so called Princess' connection to the Silver Crystal. The tiara is used in one of the "attacks" that she's using when posing as the Princess, "Ceres Tiara Boomerang", in which she is simply throwing her tiara as best as she can, hoping to actually hit her target. Since the tiara was planned in order to be used for such fake attack, it was designed with rather pointy edges.
  • Amazon Stone: Four spheres made of glass-like material, the Amazon Stones used to be the Quartet's main source of power back when they still served Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon. Since being purified after the final battle against Nehelenia, the Amazon Stones are no longer the source of power of any of the sisters, and thus are pretty useless in a battle; however, Rosalind cherishes her respective stone in a special place in her bedroom, as a reminder of her past, and the present she could've been living if it wasn't for her Princess and friend. Though all four Amazon Stones are nearly identical in appearance, the one feature that distinguishes them one from another is their colors, Rosalind's being vibrant yellow.


NAME: Sailor Ceres
ELEMENT: Flowers


  • Amazoness Jungle Arrow: A combined attack for all four of the Sailor Quartet members, with each one sending an arrow made of her element, Ceres' being made of pink petals.
  • Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss: A combined attack for the Sailor Quartet and their leader, in which all five of them sends an icy crystal kiss towards the enemy in her respective aura color, Ceres' being bright yellow.
  • Florid Harvest: Sailor Ceres' first true solo attack. she rotates and points her arms down to the earth, her palms wide open, and calls "Florid. . . ", pink flowers start growing out of the ground as she says the word. She then rises her arms upwards, with the palms of her hands still open, now aiming towards her enemy. ". . . Harvest!", she completes the incantation, as the petals detach from the flowers and fly towards the enemy in a pink blaze.
  • Ceres Tiara Boomerang: an attack used when posing as Princess Sailor Ceres, in a similar fashion to the original attack used by Sailor Moon and Neo Sailor Moon. Ceres calls out the attack's name and throws her Princess Tiara like a boomerang. As the tiara is rather sharp it can be used to cut, but its efficiency depends a lot on Ceres' ability to aim and throw it.
  • In addition to her named attacks, Sailor Ceres still retains her acrobatic skills since her circus days, and is very flexible and agile, which can become handy in a battle.


Back when the Black Moon Clan was attacking both Crystal Orlanndo and 20th century Orlando, Sailor Moon's love has caused a miracle: the creation of new life. Four new Star Seeds, which were also Sailor Crystals, were born within the Galaxy Cauldron and brought to Earth, where they were planted within the deep Amazon rain forest. Once planted, the four crystals developed into four young girls, one of which was Rosalind. The four girls were sleeping quietly within the jungle, waiting for the right time for them to awake and fulfill their destiny as Sailor Senshi.

But fate had other plans for the four girls. They were awaken from their sleep by Queen Nehelenia, leader of the Dead Moon Circus, who recognized the girls' Sailor Crystals as a potential source of power. When waking them up, Nehelenia introduced herself kindly as the true queen of the moon, and started to tell them lies. She told them that although now they are carefree children, someday they would grow up and turn into adults. And being an adult is terrible, she said, because when you're an adult, you don't have any dreams. The four girls, who had just recently woke up from their long sleep for the very first time, believed the evil queen. They agreed with her that it could have been nice if they could find a way to not grow up at all. The problem was that they had not known such a way. . . Then, Nehelenia gave them four special stones, called the Amazon Stones, one for each girl. She offered them to join her and her organization, the Dead Moon Circus, in return to these stones, which were said to have the ability to keep them young forever. Dazed by Nehelenia's words and promisses, the four girls had decided to join the Dead Moon Circus and work for the evil witch.

When joining the circus, each of the girl was required to find a field in which she'd preform. Rosalind, who had always loved the flowers in the jungle, turned into a flower magician, as well as a graceful trapeze artist. For a while they have been practicing their circus arts, until Queen Nehelenia had decided to invade into Elysion, the land of dreams that is located deep within the Earth. The Dead Moon Circus had invaded into the land of dreams, in search for the Golden Crystal. There, they had to face against Helios, the priest of Elysion. Helios being untrained, the battle wasn't hard. However, the Golden Crystal was no where to be found, and Helios managed to run away from his physical body, hiding within the dream of a human. . . The Dead Moon then appeared in the human world, willing to get a hold of the Golden Crystal and take over the world. During that time Rosalind and her sisters were unaware to the wrongness of the Dead Moon's actions; they were just willing to help the kind woman who gave them eternal youth and by that, the ability to dream forever.

During a solar eclipse, with nobody noticing them, the Dead Moon Circus has appeared in Orlando, taking the form of a big circus tent. Once arriving, the Amazoness Quartet was given the task of finding the Golden Crystal. Soon, they started to attack around the city, using the power of their Amazon Stones, and getting help from the Amazon Trio and Lemuresses. However, eacn and every time they were bothered by the Inner Senshi, Sailor Moon and Neo Sailor Moon. They tried to change their strategy and focus on each Senshi at a time, thinking that seperating them would make them weaker, but every time the Senshi who was trapped had received an upgrade to her power and managed to escape.

As Queen Nehelenia and Zirconia turned unhappy with their faliures one time after another, the Quartet members had started to notice something was not right about the way things were going in the Dead Moon Circus. It was their true soul, starting to be awaken. It was not fully awaken, though, and they were still unaware to it. Willing to please their leader and appear worthy enough for the gift she has given to them, they have decided to combine their powers and attack all of the Senshi at once. At first their plan seemed to be working, but it was disrupted with the returning of the for Outer Senshi. The four girls ended up having to battle againstNeo Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn. During the battle, Saturn was able to recognize the aura of the stars within the girls. . . Soon, she realized and tried to reawaken their true identity, but Queen Nehelenia interrupted the process, trapping the Amazoness Quartet within their Amazon Stones. It was then that Rosalindand her sisters understood the evil witch had been misleading them all along, but at that point it seemed too late.

Though, it wasn't. As the ten Sailor Senshi combined their power and defeated Queen Nehelenia, Sailor Saturn, with the help of Neo Queen Serenity, were able to release them from their Amazon Stones and purify their souls, reawaking them. They told the four girls the truth: they were actually Sailor Senshi as well - Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno and Sailor Vesta, the four Senshi of the asteroids and the guardians ofNeo Sailor Moon, the princess of the future. Their role was said to to guard the princess in the 40th century, just like Sailor Moon nad her four guardians in the Silver Millennium times. Ceres and her sisters greeted their new queen, princess and comrades, thanked them and returned to their sleep in the Amazon rain forest, where they've been waiting for the right time to awaken once more.

It took them two thousand years or so, but eventually, the four girls have opened their eyes once again, in the same rain forest they have awaken in the first time. This time, they were not mislead, though. They could brightly hear the call of the lunar queen, inviting them to her Crystal Palace, in the other side of the continent. Parting from the jungle in which they were born was rather hard, but the Quartet members knew they had a mission. Eventually, they have started their way towards Crystal Orlando. The journy was dangerous and hard, but eventually the four sisters has managed to make it in peace.

Shortly after arriving to Crystal Orlando and starting to practice their Senshi powers, their princess had a mission for them. She wanted them to go with her through the Time-Space Door and travel to the past, in order to help her friends in their battle against Shadow Galactica. Remembering how thte Princess and her friends from the 20th century had saved them from the Dead Moon, the Quartet has agreed to accompany their leader and help her as much as they can. The five girls soon traveled from the peaceful Crystal Orlando into 20th century Orlando, where Sailor Galaxia has already started to take over the Earth.

Neo Sailor Moon and the Sailor Quartet made it just in time to aid Sailor Moon, the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Kakyuu and Chibi Chibi in their batle against Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion. They were able to defeat her with Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss, but the battle wasn't over ther, as Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi were sent by Galaxia. Sailor Moon was able to defeat them as well, and then Galaxia wanted to hurt her weakest point and sent the Sol Senshi to fight against them. It was a hard situation for them, as they had to fight against their friends, but eventually the Senshi understood ther is no other choice and fought against them. Once the Sol were defeated, Sailor Galaxia herself appeared before Sailor Moon and the others, taking Sailor Moon to the Galaxy Cauldron, where the planets and their senshi are born. Neo Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi followed, and the Quartet wanted to help as well, but the route was already locked and they could not join them. The Sailor Quartet had no choice but praying that their princess and future queen would be able to return the peace to the universe. Eventually, they did, and once the battle with Shadow Galactica was over, Neo Sailor Moon and her guardians have returned to the utopian future.

Although they've been awaken and active as Senshi for a relatively short while, much has changed in the girls by the 40th century; and out of all four, Rosalind probably changed the most. She learned to know and respect her sisters better, learned the meaning and responsibility of her role as the leader of the Sailor Quartet. As a result of her high rank role, Rosalind grew very close to the Heiress to the Throne. Which is why when Princess Chloe addressed her with a special mission for the both of them and her three sisters, Rosalind agreed immidiately, without even knowing what it was. She had no doubt that for her Princess, she'd go through whatever trails and tribulations needed. . . Even to the past, once again.

Which was exactly where Chloe had intended for them to go - back to the 30th century, shortly after the foundation of Crystal Orlando, where apparently things were not quite alright. After crossing the Time-Space Door again, the four sisters knew they had to be very careful, and not only due to the Black Moon and the Dark Kingdom lurking around, but also because their allies very well exist in this timeline, but don't know whatsoever who they are. Hence, each of them had to disguise herself, and keep their Senshi identities and origin a complete secret. Given Rosalind's affection of flowers, it seemed only natural that she'd work as a florist. But unlike her sisters, she had to disguise herself twice: as the 30th century wasn't safe enough for her leader, it was agreed between Chloe and Rosalind that the later would pose as the Princess in order to fool their enemies. For the first time Rosalind learned that being a Princess is a heavy bourden - even just a fake one. But her leader was there to save her from complete darkness, and she has no doubt that in this strange time, it it her turn to do the same, no matter how hard it can be. 

Writing Sample

The very first rays of sunlight started to be reflected upon the big display window of Rosa Linda as the owner of the shop was inside, swiping the floor rapidly. She couldn't allow for a single leaf to be laid on the floor, out of place; that would make her little piece of heaven look untidy, and what would the costumers think of that? 

At the thought, the blonde couldn't help but pause for a moment, look at her dim reflection shown on the display window. It was pale and unclear, almost as if she had seen a ghost, but it was there nonetheless. Rosalind could see a young woman in her 20s looking back at her, her golden tresses bound in a French braid that was short in size, yet thick in volume, reaching about an inch below her left shoulder. Her upper part was covered in a peach hued tunic, while her athletic legs were worn in a pair of crimson leggings. Not much of her outfit could be seen in the reflection, though, because above these cloths she wore a long apron, reaching below her knees, colored in a calm shade of mint green, with the store's name embroidered in bright pink cursive writing - Rosalind stitched it herself. Her feet were shod in a pair of high heeled sandals, colored in a shade similar to that of the tunic. An expression of worry darkened her otherwise bright facial features. 

Opening and running the shop sure has been taking its lot from her, that Rosalind knew too well. Even a past circus artist such as her couldn't help but get her back hurt every now and then as a result of having to make sure the shelves are always filled with fresh, new stocks of flowers of all kinds. Funny, only a year ago if anyone would've asked her if she'd imagine herself as the owner of a flower shop, Rosalind would probably laugh at them at the spot. Loving flowers is one thing, but actually working for them? A completely different thing. And yet, here she was, and not only was the shop not losing, she seemed to actually enjoy it, for the most part. Who would've thought she'd get used to it so quickly? Once again, she had witnessed the adaptability of human life, which to her was nothing short of amazing.

Though, it could've been nice if she had more helping hands around here. Those sisters of hers. . . If only she could get them to help her a little instead of slacking around' or doing whatever it is they do all day long! Even if flowers are not their thing, surely there's something they could help with around here!. . . 

The train of her thoughts was interrupted at once at the sound of a little delicate bell above the entrance door. Rosalind picked it precisely because of this sound, thinking it would prevent her from growing annoyed after hearing it for so many times, but alas, that didn't quite work out. Nevertheless, the golden haired amazon wore her most inviting, warm smile, as she knew she should. 

"Welcome to Rosa Linda, how can I help you?", the florist asked in the most charming tone she knew, turning elegantly towards the costumer, in a way that made it seem as if she was almost dancing with the broomstick.

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