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April 2031
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Lilith Rey


Lilith means "of the night" and Rey means "king".
Nickname: Lil, but only to a select few who knew the real Lilith Rey.
Title: Great Ruler
Dark Alliance
Hispanic American
Face Claim
Lana Parilla
Crystal Empire Territory Mayor
  • Cell Phone: Lilith has the latest iPhone at her disposal and is frequently on call.
  • Lexus: Lilith owns the latest Lexus top of the line model for 2030.
  • Apartment: Lilith owns an apartment in Infinity.
  • Stones: After being corrupted by Metaria, Lilith has become a hobbyist in stone collecting. For every member of the Dark Kingdom, she has a stone on display in her office. She specifically has ones of Beryl, Kunzite, Zoisite, Jadeite and Nephrite. However, contrary to what a Dark Kingdom member might assume, they are just normal stones and hold nothing special to them.


Queen Metaria
  • Darkness Manipulation: Contrary to her current appearance, Metaria is a dark energy mass. She does not have a true physical form, and she is capable of manipulating the darkness with utmost ease. Her ultimate goal is to devour each and every being on Earth and turn them into beings of darkness. The stronger that darkness becomes, the stronger and larger she becomes. She is the shadow that follows you. For Lilith, that’s absolutely certain as her shadow has Metaria’s symbol visible on its forehead without any other distinct features.
  • Teleportation, Levitation and Flight: As an incarnation of Chaos, Metaria is capable of teleporting, levitating and flying with ease. When her energy was released from the sun thousands of years ago, she demonstrated a speed comparable to light.
  • Petrification: When Queen Metaria is at her full power, she can turn an entire kingdom to stone. She is capable of still wielding this power as Lilith Rey, but not nearly as strong – she only can petrify a person, but not without using a lot of energy.
  • Dark Energy Beam: Metaria is capable of releasing a dark energy beam at her enemies.
  • Weather Manipulation: When Metaria first surfaced to Earth for the first time at her full power, Metaria’s energies were capable of creating multiple weather catastrophes throughout the Earth due to the mere amount of power that she was displaying all at once.
  • Lifespan: Metaria is an immortal being, who was only able to be sealed away rather than permanently defeated. As she is an incarnation of Chaos, chaos is known to be eternal – existing so long as darkness lingers in the hearts of humans. Through this, she may resurrect herself time and time again, but with each resurrection she is weaker than the last and must regain her full power through absorbing the energy of others. Her regeneration takes time, of course – but the more chaos that is created, the stronger she will become.
  • Life Energy Absorption: In order to become her strongest, Metaria is capable of absorbing the life energy of human beings. This energy is oftentimes collected by her subordinates through some means. When Metaria dies, this energy is not returned to the human she stole the energy from. Even though Metaria is a human now, she is incapable of stealing the life energy herself. It must be collected for her.
  • Purification Negation: Queen Metaria is incapable of being purified, but Lilith Rey could be revived.
  • Brainwashing, Illusion Manipulation, Power Bestowal: As Metaria is a being of darkness, she is capable of corrupting the minds of Earthlings to obey her every whim and grant them powers. However, as a price, they must sell their soul to her, their ‘life energy’, and they are granted power stones as an alternative to live. Using these stones, if they forfeit their usefulness to Metaria, Metaria is capable of ending their life at a whim.
  • Sensing: Metaria is very talented at sensing energies throughout the planet Earth. From a great distance, she can detect whether or not the Silver Crystal is active.
  • Ultimate Weakness: Metaria’s weakness is a diamond-shaped symbol on her forehead that acts as her “heart”. When the power of the Silver Crystal is used against it, Metaria is capable of being destroyed.


Thousands of years ago during the time of the Silver Millennium, a radioactive sun gave birth to an entity of darkness. When solar flares began to burst from the sun, this being was released and landed on Earth. Her name was Queen Metaria, incarnation of the God of Darkness, Chaos. When Metaria crash landed on Earth, she appeared before a young sorceress named Beryl, who through her manipulation sold her soul to her with false promises.

After she landed on Earth, darkness began to corrupt the hearts and minds of Earthlings. They began to suspicious and began to hate the Moon Kingdom that watched them like hawks. Using that to her advantage, Metaria began to grow stronger, and eventually corrupted every human being on Earth with the exception of Prince Endymion.

Metaria ordered Beryl to lead a revolt against the Moon Kingdom, which eventually led to not only its demise, but the Earth’s as well. Unfortunately for Metaria, Queen Serenity was able to seal her away using the power of the Silver Crystal. Metaria was sealed away deep within the Earth, at D-Point.

Thousands of years later, Beryl managed to rediscover Metaria through her own attempts to lure her to D-Point. Unfortunately, Metaria was defeated by Sailor Moon when she used the Silver Crystal.

Metaria was resurrected for a third time by accident, this time by Guardian Cosmos. It was a means of balance to order and chaos. When darkness began to fill the minds of Earthlings after the coronation of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, it provoked her freedom from the Galaxy Cauldron. She made a long journey to Earth, but this time she was not powerful enough to live by her lonesome within the depths of D-Point.

Instead, Metaria needed to find a suitable host in order to continue to thrive. Metaria found one in Lilith Rey, the Mayor of Infinity City,.

Lilith grew up in Jacksonville, eventually moving to Infinity City, in order to study at Infinity Academy University in political sciences. Lilith had a relatively normal childhood, though was not proud of her commoner heritage as her family was not wealthy. Her tuition was well-earned through hard work and scholarships, proving herself to be akin to a genius through the art of manipulation. At Infinity Academy University, Lilith made sure that her financial status was unknown and often dressed with clothes that made her appear higher-class.

Lilith was elected as Mayor of the City of Infinity City when she was 34 years old. Lilith was reelected for another term when she was 38. For quite some time, the Earth had been at peace and crime and murder were nearly nonexistent.

When Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion took the throne of the United States, and eventually the world, that’s when Lilith was able to use her powers as Mayor to her advantage. Lilith was able to peacefully end some of the riots and protests that formed outside of the Crystal Palace, claiming that the Crystal City was under ‘investigation’ and should remain untouched until further notice. Quietly, this permitted the royal family to move in, and she worked closely with them.

She managed to gain security clearance to enter the Crystal Palace at will. However, despite her public image as a supporter of the King and Queen, that was not the case. Lilith wanted access to the Crystal Palace and she wanted to be able to keep an eye on the royal family. When Neo Queen Serenity bestowed immortality to Earthlings, no one was aware that Lilith was denied that gift.

Still, Lilith continued to work in favor of the King and Neo Queen despite her hatred towards them in order to keep her political ties. July 22nd, 2030 was a fateful day for Lilith. The hatred that she had for the King and Queen for denying her immortality lingered for years, and it was the ever-growing darkness in Lilith that lured Metaria when she was free once again. Metaria attached herself to Lilith’s shadow, eventually corrupting Lilith’s mind to an extent that Lilith was no longer there. Instead, it was Metaria who was acting in Lilith’s name.

Lilith Rey was dead.

Metaria’s return to the world was not silent. Darkness clung to the city, eliminating all light from Infinity City in a daylong blackout. Metaria in the body of Lilith hopes to reconnect with Beryl, and hopes to be able to once again feed on the life energy of Earthlings.

Writing Sample

“I’ve had enough!” Lilith exclaimed as she slammed her fist against the table, gazing downcast at her shadow as she watched its movements. Her shadow seemed to be frustrated as it was, and briefly, she bent down to touch it and the symbol on its forehead.

“Soon, I shall be able to reconquer this world. The Neo Queen is doing my work for me, enraging citizens with her alien heritage. That good for nothing isn’t anything like her mother. She might have defeated me once, but the longer that she angers those humans the more beneficial it is to me! HEHEH!” Lilith laughed, moving towards her desk as she pulled out an envelope that said CLASSIFIED.

Delicately, Lilith opened up the envelope to reveal its contents, a photograph of the explosion site. She ran her long fingernails alongside the photograph, a smirk forming on her features.

The photo was of Neo Queen Serenity using the Silver Crystal, captured by the security cameras in the vicinity. As Mayor of Infinity City, Lilith was capable of accessing private data such as this. Setting it aside and placing four other photographs beside it, the photos each revealed to be a member of the Four Heavenly Kings.

“Once I locate Beryl, she better have a good explanation for permitting this treachery.” Lilith grabbed the photo of Kunzite, her once favored General as she’d rip it to shreds. “I’ll find and kill each of them myself, and take their energy!"


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