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April 2031
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Roxanne Hayes


  • Sachmis: Silver Millennium name
  • Andradite: Dark Kingdom alias
  • Nicknames: Roxie, Rox
Face Claim
Alexis Krauss
  • Cell Phone: Doesn't really use it to talk to anyone, mostly to play games if she's bored. And maybe to jot some ideas for stories down if she doesn't have her journal nearby.
  • Lighter: A must have for when she is anywhere. Roxie always has it on her as a memento of her "rebirth" of sorts.
  • Andradite: A type of garnet that has a vibrant orange-red color to it, like it's on fire. Roxie keeps this on her at all times, as it is the only reason she is alive.
  • Baseball Bat: She always has to have something on her, just in case she happens to come across some idiot who doesn't know any better...
  • Pocket Knife: Mainly for self-defense and convenience for when she can't bring the bat with her.
  • Journal: An odd, leatherbound journal with a lock on it. She often uses this to jot down ideas that come to her at random.


Mars Knight
  • Fire Manipulation: Roxie is able to create fire from her hands and redirect most fire attacks if she is stronger than the other user.
  • High Body Temperature: Roxie's body temperature is naturally high due to using fire. Summer days barely phase her and she can do well in most cold weather. Her body temperature can drop rapidly if in freezing temperatures.
  • Fire Chains: Roxie can create fire in the form of chains to wrap around her enemies. They intend to cause burns when successfully performed. Water or ice can douse the fire if powerful enough.
  • Hell Hound: Last resort move. With all her strength and willpower, Roxie will summon a fire dog to unleash on her enemies. The fire takes on the shape of a Rottweiller and will charge through enemies. This takes a lot of her strength so she does not use it unless absolutely necessary.


Long ago, during the Silver Millennium era, Mars was a thriving planet with their own people and culture. Sachmis was one of them and while her family remained close to their court and protected their Princess, Sachmis was off doing her own thing. She was rebellious at a young age, always focused on doing something that wasn't always protecting somebody else. She felt more inclined to get into fights with others, which only alluded to her being assigned the role as the Princess's knight. Sachmis did not want to feel tied down to the Princess but once she thought that she can kick butt in the Princess's name, she remained diligent in doing so.

When war broke out between the Moon and Earth, the Mars faction was one of the first to lend their support to the Moon Kingdom. Unfortunately, Sachmis jumped into the heat of the battle and was killed almost immediately. The enemy was far too strong and spread fast as the war escalated. The late Queen Serenity soon used the power of the Silver Crystal (at the cost of her life) and everyone killed in battle resurrected on Earth, including Sachmis.

She became Roxanne Hayes and from her birth it was dreadful. Her parents were drug addicts and they often left their child with family. Her relatives were dismissive and only provided the basic care and nothing more. Once Roxanne started attending school did she not bother coming home because who would really be there to care? She tried to reach out to teachers who seemed to care but eventually someone called child protective services on the family. Roxanne's home was investigated but not much was done due to the risk of child endangerment not being present. Roxanne's parents eventually disappeared from existence (possibly dead) and once it was certain they weren't coming back, she was thrown into foster care.

Foster care became an immediate hell. Roxanne had to learn to defend herself at an early age and keep many things to herself. It was not the most thriving environment she could be in and she often never came home for weeks. She eventually ran away and stayed at an emergency shelter but she was reunited with the foster parents, much to her dismay. But thankfully, she was with a different foster family who tried their best to care for her but Roxanne felt so...dead inside and apathetic to people showering her with gifts.

One of the gifts ended up being a puppy. It was a little Rottweiller dog that always gave Roxanne licks and snuggles. She didn't care for the puppy at first but realized how much unconditional love this dog was giving her and started to open up a little more. She took the puppy everywhere she went while shutting herself away from everyone else as a result. People were terrible but this animal wasn't, she thought. She gave him the name Dante and she taught him to fight and defend himself and her. Dante proved to be a very loyal companion, scaring off anyone that Roxanne knew to be a threat.

Roxanne and Dante unfortunately found themselves in the wrong neighborhood as a gang tried to ambush her. She fought them off, along with Dante. Sadly, the dog did not survive the fight and the gang members beat it senselessly, forcing Roxanne to watch. They let her go and she glared back at those guys, swearing revenge for her one and only friend.

It was difficult to think about a plan when you lost your only friend. Roxanne got into a lot more physical fights and keeping herself in shape in order to be stronger than those who destroyed her life. This led to her being sent to juvenile hall many times and given chances to turn herself around. She was given several therapy sessions and Roxanne learned to keep a straight face to get these people off her back.

She was already in adulthood, with access to more resources, when she spotted those wretched gang members again. Those faces of those who murdered her pal were hard to forget. She heard a voice from a mysterious woman, Queen Beryl, feeding her ideas to get revenge. In doing so, Beryl unlocked memories Roxanne had about this enemy called the White Moon. The woman explained that they are a bigger enemy she could fight off, if Roxanne was up for the challenge. Roxanne seemed to dismiss the idea, fixated on getting her revenge. Beryl understood and allowed Roxanne to get her revenge, encouraging her to use her newfound powers to do so.

Roxanne soon followed the gang members to an abandoned house, curious what powers Beryl talked about. Her hands felt hot and as soon as she focused on them, they burst into flames but they did not harm her. A sick smile curled on her lips as she peered inside the house and began her ambush. The fire chains emerged from her hands as she entrapped her targets, burning them immensely. Their screams were music to her ears. The gang members were a mixture of angry and horrified as more came after her. Her body only grew hotter as the fire turned into the same dog that they mutilated so many years ago. The house eventually caught fire and everyone inside were engulfed in the flames. Except for Roxanne, who barely escaped the fire but collapsed due to the amount of power she used.

Roxanne somehow woke up in a hospital bed, wondering what just happened. The memories still burned bright in her mind but she tried to hold back a smile as she realized what happened prior. She destroyed them with her own power and it felt fantastic. She had to give that woman some appreciation, surprisingly, for giving her this chance to enact her revenge.

Just as she thought it, the voice returned and Queen Beryl was right there. Beryl kept feeding Roxanne's ego, stating that this kind of spirit would be great to fight off the White Moon. Roxanne decided to give this a try, if it meant practicing her fire abilities a lot more. She left the hospital without a trace and went with Beryl to serve under the Dark Kingdom.

Her journey took her to the Crystal City, wondering what exactly the White Moon were planning. She knew she had to remain undercover for she could not just explode on everything, much to her dismay. She decided to take up writing and perhaps this would be a fun way to let go and write horror novels or something. Maybe even a journalist to uncover all the dirty laundry the White Moon was not telling anyone. She had to make money somehow while amidst all this chaos.

Writing Sample

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