Kelvin Thomas



  • Dark Kingdom Alias: Apatite
  • Silver Millinium Alias: Charon
AGE: 33
FACTION: Dark Alliance
ETHNICITY: African-American
FACE CLAIM: Michael B. Jordan


Cell Phone: It's a smart phone that he usually just uses for work purposes.

'69 Chevelle: This car is a car that Kelvin's father aquired when he was a teenager and planned on working on it but it was left in a shed and forgotten about for a long time. Eventually Kelvin inherited the family home and discovered the car. He then began working on it and rebuilt it from the ground up.

Charon Coin: Once as a child, Kelvin was walking through the cemetary where his father was buried with his mother and found this coin that was a little bigger than a dollar coin. They later found out that it was called a Charon Coin which some people put over the mouth of the dead so Charon would ferry their souls to the next life from Greek Mythology and Kelvin has kept it on his person ever since then. He thinks of it as his good luck charm.

Dog Tags: Kelvin was once in the military and to this day still wears his tags to remember those days.


NAME: Pluto Knight
ELEMENT: Space Manipulation


Spatial Manipulation: Kelvin can create, shape, and manipulate physcial aspects of pace within an area of onces choosing, including an area and whatever is inside of that area.

Spatial Flight: This is a sub-power of Spatial Manipulation. Kelvin can control his location ins space, and can use this to levitate or fly by preventing their location from altering as it would do if he succumbed to gravity and fell. He can also control the direction and speed of his flight by changing the location. Is not teleportation.

Portal Creation: The power to create portals for transport between two non-adjacent locations. Cannot create space time rifts.

Subspace Manipulation: Kelvin can create, shape and manipulate subspace — a dimensional space exists as part of the normal 3rd dimensional space. In general, this refers to the 11th dimension, but more specifically, it can be a pocket dimension created by Kelvin, which is loosely connected to the normal world. Kelvin does not have access to the fourth dimension (time), and therefore, cannot travel through time.  


During the Silver Millennium, Charon grew up on the south side of the planet Pluto and when he turned 10 he was placed in the training programs for the knights and from then on he lived on the main planet of Pluto. After that he easily rose in the ranks and by the time he was a a pre-teen it was discovered that he had the greatest potenal and so he was trained by the current knight of Pluto and as suck when he turned 14 he was named the new knight of Pluto. 

Growing up, Charon knew heard the stories of the 'mythical' princess that protected the planet as the Sailor Guardian. No one knew what she truly looked like or where she was and as such she became somewhat of a fairytale. Many of his fellow Plutonians inquired of him if he knew if the stories were true but he didnt even know. He suspected she was real because of the other Sailor Guardians plus the paintings seemed fair to realistic to be fake. When the Silver Millinum fell he was unable to leave his position to help. Just before Saturn was summoned he briefly met the woman that resembled the painted figure her grew up knowing as the princess and protector of Pluto. But his idenity, as far as he knows, was revealed to her because he died protecting them before the glaive was dropped. He was then resurrected in the slums of Chicago, Illinois.

When Kelvin was born he was almost imdieantly thrown into gang wars. His father and mother were not married at the time of his birth and his father was killed by a drive by shooter just 2 years later. As he grew he learned that his father moved to Chicago though he was originally from Orlando, Florida. But his mother didnt have the money to leave and she also didnt have the ability to protect her son from the gangs that ruled the streets. Before his 10th birthday he was orking for one of the more prominet gangs of the city.

By the age of 12 he became the snitch for the gang. He was quiet and good at listening to conversations. By the age of 15, he was arressted for gang related activity in the form of a drive by shooter. Because he was in the car when the death occured they believed he was an acomplished and was sentenced to 10 years by when he was 18 the account was overturned because it was porven he had nothing to do with it. That same year is when crime and murder mysteriously stopped.

Shortly after he enlisted into the Army and with money he earned he moved his mother to Orlando where they were greated by his father's parents. They took them in and became very protective of the boy and his mother. Within 5 years his grandparents died of cancer and a heartattack respectively. With that, Kelvin inherited his grandfather's autobody shop as well as their home and and property. Two years later he was honorably discharged from the military. He opened the autobody shop and began working as a mechanic. He also took care of his mother the way she deserved after growing up in the slums of Chicago.

By 2025, Kelvin was happy with his quiet life with his mother. When the Crystal City appears Kelvin doesnt much mind. As long as it didnt intervene in his life he wasnt bothered. For his 30th birthday his mother gifted him a dog which he has come to love more than anything because it was from his mother. He named his Charon after the coin he found with his mother as a child. His life continued being pretty boring until a woman's car broke down outside his body shop.

As he was working on her car, she spoke of strange things that had to do with the guardians and because he was happy with his life he finished quickly and told her to leave. She just laughed and began asking about his mother. Kelvin asked how she knew about her and she said she'd been watching him and claimed he was exactly what she needed for her revolt against the queen. She then went on to say that now that the so called guardians controled everything that his mother wasnt safe. Before long she had convinced him that the guardians were going to be the reason for his mother's death and if he wished to protect her he should join her.

Reluctantly, Kelvin agreed and was granted the abilities of Space. Kelvin made it clear he would protect his mother but didnt care much for her reasons to go against the guardians. Now he is known as Apatite in the Dark Kingdom and though he keeps to himself he has kept everything from his mother for fear it would worry her. That was the last thing he ever wanted to do." writingsample="Here.

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