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April 2031
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Jade Rodriguez


  • Jade: Spanish origin meaning "stone of the side".
  • Rodriguez: It refers to ‘son of Rodrigo.’ The name ‘Rodrigo’ comes from the name ‘Roderick,’ which has Germanic origins and means ‘famous power.’
Dark Alliance
Hispanic American
Face Claim
Emeraude Toubia
Commander, ex-model.
  • Cellphone: Although  Emerald is capable of using telepathy, she still has a mundane cellphone to keep in contact with ordinary civilians.
  • Porsche: Emerald still has her Porsche Panamera S and often uses it.


Green Emerald
Atomic Energy
  • Telepathy: Emerald is a telepath, capable of communicating with her comrades if she so desires. However, Emerald is not fond of this skill and often prefers to block it out unless it's orders coming from Diamond or Wiseman.
  • Teleportation & Levitation: Emerald is capable of teleporting and levitating in thin air.
  • Beast Hands: Using the power of Beast Hands which was gifted to her by Wiseman, Emerald is able to extend her hands far enough to grasp her opponent and strangle them with an inhumane grip and create multiple hands.
  • Evil Eyes: An unnamed attack, Emerald is capable of releasing a golden dark energy string from her eyes to inflict pain upon her enemy. This attack is capable of affecting multiple enemies, not just one, and it will circulate around them. If Emerald is able to complete this attack, her enemies will explode into atomic dust and vanish.


Jade would tell you firsthand that she has no living family aside from those within the Black Moon. She prefers to keep her past a secret.  Growing up the daughter of a fashion designer, Jade recalls being home schooled and traveling with her mother. It was her mother who educated her in fashion and strictly instructed Jade to take proper care of appearance and etiquette.

Her mother was the definition of judgmental of Jade, expecting the absolute best from her. Jade would soon follow in her mother’s footsteps and while she had no interest in designing fashion, Jade became a model for her mother’s line. Jade expected nothing but perfection from herself even while she was on stage. The way that Jade dressed and carried herself outside of her fashion shows even demonstrated this.

It was after one of her modeling shows that Jade recalls wandering off and encountering Diamond for the first time outside of the building. Jade was enamored by him, and after that brief glimpse, she couldn’t get her mind off of him. Somehow, they managed to encounter each other again and Jade insisted on remaining in contact with each other and took advantage of every attempt to be with him.

Unfortunately for Jade, Jade wouldn’t confess her true feelings for Diamond even when jealousy sparked when he expressed affection towards other women. When the royal family abruptly rose into power and changed the face of America from a presidency to an extraterrestrial monarchy, Jade was taken aback and quickly influenced by Diamond’s ideals.

She agreed with him completely. The Earth didn’t belong to aliens, and if there was any monarchy in charge of the Earth, it should be comprised of humans. When Diamond was persuaded by Wiseman to join him, Jade followed him unquestionably. She was vehemently protective of Diamond, and although she was wary of Wiseman and how he strangely obtained power of his own, Jade would agree to follow him.

As one of the first to join the Black Moon Clan, Jade did not need to partake in the initiation, but it was when her loyalty was questioned by a newer recruit that Jade was provoked to undergo the murder trial even after she gained the codename Green Emerald. During one of her conversations that Jade had with her mother on the phone, Jade had learned that her mother was for the White Moon and had accepted immortality from the Silver Crystal. Jade was mortified when she learned this and she knew what she had to do.

She absolutely refused to be associated with someone who was for the White Moon, even if it was her family. One night while Jade was visiting her mother, Jade took a knife and slit her mother’s throat when she slept. In order to ensure that there were no remains, Jade used the power of her Evil Eyes and exploded her mother into atomic dust.

After demonstrating her loyalty by killing her own mother, Jade silenced the new recruit quickly and returned to Diamond’s side. While Jade is a commander of her Clan, Jade may oftentimes find herself trying to aid Diamond in his own missions, and will answer to no one but Diamond or Wiseman. Her own underlings may find themselves facing high scrutiny from Jade, as she expects nothing but perfection from them.

To Jade, failure is not an option, and they must appease Diamond and Wiseman.

Writing Sample

"Ugh! It should be me in the public limelight, not those pesky Specters! How dare they think that they have any authority! What is Rubeus planning with them?" Emerald thought to herself aloud as she combed her hair in her bedroom in her Earth modern, luxurious apartment at Dark King Tower. Behind her was a flat screen television set mounted into the wall and in front of her was a wall mirror. 

Although Emerald knew why the Specter were tasked to address minor concerns, Emerald didn't like their growing power and presence in the public eye.  That should have been her! There were citizens who hadn't even known their future Queen's name! They were under the command of Rubeus, and Emerald had always viewed Rubeus as a threat. 

Emerald swung her chair around turned off the television with her remote, standing up as she threw her comb aside. Taking care of her features might have been easier in the future, but Emerald was usually pleased with her personal results without the aid of a makeup artist.  

She fumed as she walked out onto her private balcony and looked out towards the city, stretching her arms out onto the railing as she leaned against it. It was unfortunate that Emerald's apartment wasn't even the penthouse suite, but she was grateful that she was able to occupy an entire floor with restricted access.  

"Chiral! Achiral!" Emerald exclaimed as she summoned the Boule Brothers. When they appeared before her they bowed before their mistress. "I think it's time we start putting those children in their place. Do what you must to lure out the leader of the largest Resistance cell! I want his head to present to our King!"


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