ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Isabella Cristobal


Isabella Sophia Maria Cristobal Hernández
her full birth name, though hardly anyone knows it, let alone uses it.
the only nickname she accepts (very few people can call er Bell / Bella, and she'll punch most people who try to call her such).
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Tha name she was given during the Silver Millenium.


Her brother was the only one who shortened her name like this.
Princess of Jupiter
Her title on Jupiter.
Crystal Empire
she / her
Face Claim
Eiza González
She is currently a member of Queen Serenity's court, as well as the leader and founder of the Queensguard.
Rose Earrings
They are pretty much Isa's most prized posessions, despite the fact that they are a simple pair of pink, rose shaped earings. But, they were a gift, given to her by her mother when she was just a child, and had first gotten her ears pierced. She cherishes them with every fiber of her being, and would be utterly destroyed if she ever truely lost them.
Rose Belt
The belt is a gold chain with pink beads attached it. On the left side, there is a translucent spherical container that holds homemade rose petal potpourri.
Jupiter Crystal
a heart shapped green diamond that is the source of Jupiter's powers.
Tiara (w/ Thunder and Lightning Antenna)
A simple golden tiara with a smooth design and a green gem at the center. Upon closer expection, you can see that there are subtle details engraved in its surface, and the gem is encased in a golden frame.

When using Jupiter Thunderbolt or Supreme Thunder, a small antenna extends from the center, right above the gem, where her attacks come from.

Leaves of Oak
A golden oak wreath imbued with power that Sailor Jupiter uses when she attacks with Jupiter Oak Evolution.
Holy Moon Sword
Once Sailor Venus was deemed unfit to lead the inner Guardians, the Holy Moon Sword (also known as the Sword of the Silver Crystal.) was passed on to Isa.


Sailor Jupiter
Thunder/Lightning & Wind
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
    Even before becoming Sailor Jupiter, Isa was pretty profeicent in fighting, though her style was a bit... well, crude. But, becoming Sailor Jupiter did help when it came to becoming a better fighter, and even after everything, Isa started taking official lessons at a local taekwondo place, where she excelled rather quickly. She knows there’s always more to learn, but even she’d admit she’s pretty good at it.
  • Cooking / Baking
    Isa spent a good chunk of her childhood fending for herself, so she realized she had to become at least a decent cook at a pretty young age. Once she became friends with the other guardians, she found that she rather enjoyed cooking for other people, and began to truely perfect the craft. While she never went to culinary school, per say, she spent years working in other, various kitchens learning the tools of the trade, and even went on to open a rather successful cafe / bistro of her own.
  • Electrokinesis
    Isa's ability to control lightning (and, to a lesser extent, thunder) is due to her electrokinesis - the ability to manipulate electricity.
  • Aerokinesis
    Isa's ability to control windy storms is due to her aerokinesis - the ability to manipulate air.
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  • Flower Hurricane
  • Jupiter Thunderbolt
  • Supreme Thunder
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure
  • Jupiter Coconut Cyclone
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution
  • Sailor Planet Attack
  • Sailor Planet Power Meditation
  • Galactica Gale
  • Galactica Planet Attack
  • Jupiter Storm Blast Sword
    Upon recieveing the Holy Sword, Isa gained a new attack - it works in a similar fashion to Sailor Venus' Venus Wink Chain Sword attack. Isa claps her hands together, creating a booming thunder-like sound. As she separates her hands, the sword appears in them, and she is able to weild it. When she swings the sword, it produces a strong lightning bolt from the tip.


Isabella Sophia Maria Cristobal Hernández was not born into a wealthy family, though she was born into a family full of love. Her parents, Marisol Hernández and Jose Cristobal, were two immigrants from Mexico who came to El Paso, TX, right before Isabella was born, to start a new life – one better than anything they could’ve had in Mexico. It was never easy, but Isa never thought she or her parents were unlucky in any way – she knew her parents lived hard lives and worked hard, to make sure she had a good life.

At the age of 7, Isa lost her parents in a plane crash. Little Isa was left all alone - That profoundly changed her, and was something she carried around for years, as she bounced from one foster home to the next. She was always angry at the world, wondering why it had to take away such wonderful people. She was ridiculed by the other children - for her accent, her height, really any small feature of Isa's that was different was pointed out. Despite her desperate need to feel loved and wanted, she created a hard shell because of all the bullying that was done to her. Still, deep down she truly was a kind and caring person.

Somehow, at age 14, Isa made it to Infinity City. At the time, she was just confused as to why she was being sent to this strange city in the middle of nowhere, but looking back, now, she realizes that Destiny was 100% at play, here. Shortly after getting kicked out of her first school for fighting, she met a small girl named Cynthia Lunette. And then, her life drastically changed – she became Sailor Jupiter, and found out that she had a whole life before this current one. She fought the Dead Moon Circus, the Black Moon, as well as others. It was an adventure, to say the least, and not only did Isa finally have friends – She had a family.

Finally having the family that she had longed for, for so long brought a sense of peace to Isa, and while, at first, she was worried that she was going to lose it after moving on, but it became quite evident that Cynthia and the other scouts were going to be in her life for the long hall, no matter if Isa wanted them to be or not, she started feeling a bit more comfortable in who she really was. She didn’t have to be that tough girl who kept to herself.¬

After graduating high school, she couldn’t afford going to college, but that was alright with Isa – instead, she spent a few years gaining experience, working at various restaurants to hone her cooking skills – cooking was something that she had always enjoyed doing for herself, but once she made friends, she found that she especially enjoyed doing it for other people. She had hoped that one day, she’d be able to open her own restaurant. So, she patiently waited for the day that she could finally achieve her dream, working as hard as she could in the meantime.

She also began taking taekwondo classes at a local studio, even though as Jupiter she had already had more then enough training. But it was nice, having something to focus on that wasn’t work related. She had her restaurant dream, sure, but taekwondo was here and now. Not to mention, it really helped Isa with letting her anger out when she needed it.

By the time that Isa was 22, she had a pretty good handle on her life – she was still working at starting her own restaurant, still working on her taekwondo training, still spending time with her best friends, as well as reaching out and making new ones. Then, Cynthia got married, and the Crystal Empire appeared out of nowhere, and things once again got crazy. Cynthia ended up revealing that they were the guardians, and things began to change for Isa. Although not the intimidatingly quiet girl that she used to be, Isa had always been somewhat of a private person, but when Isa’s identity as Sailor Jupiter became public, people treated her differently. Not bad, just differently.

At some point, through all the craziness, Isa did it. She managed to open her little café / bistro, Marisol’s. It ended up being much more than just that, though, seeing as part of it had quickly become overrun with her plants. Someone joked that she should just start selling flowers and plants on that side of the store, and well, it just stuck. Isa was so proud of her little restaurant – even thought she sometimes found it overwhelming to run, it was hers, and she was proud. It was easy to advertise the little café that was owned by none other than Sailor Jupiter herself, so it was hardly ever empty.

Life was going well for Isa, up until a little over a year ago – First, Marisol’s ended up destroyed when Green Emerald and White Diamond bombed the shopping district. Sure, that was upsetting, but Isa wasn’t going to let those two scare her, so she began to rebuild. However, roughly six months after the bombing and destruction, Venus and Mars ended up questioning Cynthia, and they ultimately lost their positions, so Isa had to step up and become the leader of the group. It was then that she and Uranus decided to create what is now known as the Queensguard. She hadn’t meant for it to happen, but the Queensguard began taking up more and more time, until it was the main thing she focused on, and Marisol’s was put on the back burner. She does still have hopes to reopen Marisol’s someday, even better than before, but it’s not something that she’s super pressed about.

And then there was a few months ago, and dealing with Queen Nehellenia, or Hecate as she was now known as. Isa wasn’t quite sure if purifying Nehellenia was the way to go, but she trusted Cynthia’s decision. After all, Cynthia hasn’t let Isa down yet.

Now that everything has since calmed down with Hecate, Isa’s main focus is to truly figure out what’s happening to Elysion. They can all tell that something is deeply wrong with the sacred grounds, and while Isa has her suspicions that Queen Metaria is at play, there’s no concrete evidence. Isa has focused a lot of attention of Cynthia right now, and making sure that t he queen is not only protected and safe, but that she isn’t stressing out. She’s still the leader of the Inner Guardians, as well as leader of the Queensguard, so of course Cynthia is her main priority – that’s what she’s good at, and what she knows.

Writing Sample

Isa's life had changed so much over the past year – I mean, really, her life had been changing pretty consistently for the past twenty years, ever since she became Sailor Jupiter, but honestly, this past year in particular had been a lot. She had lost Marisol’s and two friends, and the work as Sailor Jupiter had just slowly piled up until suddenly, it pretty much became the only thing that Isa could focus on. Not that it was something that irritated Isa – her duty as Sailor Jupiter was important to her, and would always be important to her, but some days it felt like Isabella Cristobal was slipping further and further away, and Isa wasn’t sure how to get her back.

A small sigh escaped the young Latina’s lips as she looked at the building in front of her. It was a rare moment in time that Isa didn’t have duties as Sailor Jupiter to attend to, and she was feeling good enough to visit the location that was once Marisol’s. Luckily, she had managed to find someone to rebuild the building itself, shortly after the whole thing happened, but after it was done being built, the empty building just kind of sat there, gathering dust.

Without much more thought to it, Isa made her way through the double doors at the entrance and looked around. Bare walls, empty spaces – Isa had to take a moment to gather herself before she burst into tears. This wasn't the end, after all - she would rebuild it at some point, once her duties as Sailor Jupiter had finally calmed down.

After a moment, she went deeper into the café / bistro, and saw pipes sticking out from the ground, where she knew that dishwashers, and ovens, and other serious cooking items would have – should have – been. She took another deep breath in and out as she walked through... what was the point of coming here? All it would do is remind Isa of something that she ... well, couldn't obtain right now... But still, it reminded her that she wasn't just Sailor Jupiter. She was also Isabella Cristobal, no matter how far away she felt from that indentiy at times, that's who she was.

Another breath in and out, and Isa found her way back to the main room. She hadn't realized that anyone else had come into the building, until she was startled by their presence. 'Ay, mi Dios!" she said, bringing her hand to her chest, "You scared me!" she took another small breath in and let it out. "What are you doing here?"


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