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Late March 2031 - April 2031

Mayra Lunette



ALIAS: Cynthia Mayra Lunette II, Mayra, Princess Lady Serenity, Small Lady
AGE: 19
FACTION: Future Moon
OCCUPATION: Journalist
FACE CLAIM: Anna Taylor-Joy


  • Pink Moon Crystal: This is the Silver Moon crystal of the 31st century. This acts as Mayra's star seed, allowing her to transform into Neo Sailor Moon. When not transformed, she normally wears the crystal as a necklace, but it can take on the shape of a lotus flower if she wants it to. When she is transformed, it is located safely in her uniform's broach.
  • Luna-P: A device that was given to her by Sailor Pluto. Luna-P is able to transform into any object that she desires, or to be used for attacks and hypnotism.
  • Eternal Tiare: This is the tiara that is worn when she is transformed. When she is using it to attack as Sailor Neo Moon, its default form is that of a staff, but can be transformed into a sword for better combat.
  • Moon Kaleidoscope: During the Dream Arc, the past version of her father gave her a kaleidoscope, which was then turned into a weapon for her to use as Sailor Neo Moon by Helios.
  • Cellphone: A simple Iphone used for quick communication within the 21st century.


NAME: Neo Sailor Moon


  • Luna P Change: Using this command, Mayra is able to change Luna-P into any object that she desires. It can be used as a civilian and as Sailor Neo Moon. This can also be done by saying Abracadabra Pon.
  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack: Using her Eternal Tiare in its staff form, she is able to create heart shaped balls of fire to attack. At first, this attack was weak, and required several attempts to get it to work properly, but after much training, it's a decent starting attack.
  • Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss: Using her Eternal Tiare, Sailor Neo Moon is able to produce a powerful blast of healing power. This healing power can not only heal someone, but it can also purify a corrupted person if strong enough.
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation: Using her Moon Kaleidoscope, Sailor Neo Moon is able to shoot a powerful rainbow blast that also has shattered glass-shaped energy bursts.
  • Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss: A combined attack with the Amazoness Quartet.
  • Psychometry: Mayra inherited some of her father's psychometry powers, and can use them in and out of Sailor Neo Moon transformation. Her psychometry powers allow for Mayra to learn the maker, past users, and current users of an object when she touches it.
  • Pink Crystal: Not only does this crystal allow Mayra to transform into Sailor Neo Moon, but it has its own capabilities. The Pink Crystal is able to reincarnate or revive the dead, with the loss of Sailor Neo Moon's own life. It not only has its own healing abilities, but it can also enhance Sailor Neo Moon's healing attacks. When she holds the Pink Crystal in her hand, it can give off energy beams and blasts at her enemy, or even create a protective shield or barrier around herself and her allies.
  • Double Moon Princess Halation: Combined attack with Sailor Moon.
  • Rainbow Double Moon Heartache: Combined attack with Sailor Moon.
  • Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack: Combined attack with Tuxedo Mask.
  • Supersonic Waves: A vibration based attack that comes from her headpiece, and is only used when she has nothing else to protect herself with.
  • Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss: Combined attack with Sailor Moon.
  • Double Moon Princess Halation: Combined attack with Sailor Moon.
  • Moon Princess Halation: Using Eternal Tiare, Sailor Neo Moon is able to generate several moonlight based blasts that go in different directions.
  • Dreamwalking: When Mayra is sleeping, she is able to enter the dreamworld, or if she knows whose dream she wants to enter, another person's dream. There, she is able to communicate with someone who is basically lost, or just far away.
  • Magical Link: Because of her close bond with Helios, he is able to not only channel Neo Moon's Pink Crystal, but he is able to strengthen her power as well. This connection and bond also allows for them to be aware of how the other is doing, whether they are fine, or harmed and in danger.


Mayra's history can be shrouded in confusion, because it isn't history, but the future. Mayra was born as Cynthia Mayra Lunette II, in the 31st century. Being the first and only child of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, she was the next in line for the throne. But, as the time passed for Mayra, she would soon realize that life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows like she would have wanted it as a young child. She only had one friend, Elijah, but the other children made fun of her. They teased for because she didn't show any signs of having Guardian powers. This led her to walk down a forbidden corridor one day, only to run into Sailor Pluto. That was when she was gifted Luna-P, and from there, she was able to create a friend when she needed one, and when Elijah wasn't around.

Then, the Black Moon Clan attacked, and to flee from them, she took her first trip back in time. She knew that Sailor Moon would be able to help, but Mayra had to find her first. Being lost and alone was bad enough in a strange new time, but when the fact that she was only seven got added onto that, it felt worse. She didn't even have her one friend here with her. Mayra would travel and look for Sailor Moon, until she finally found the teenage version of her. At first, Mayra was uncertain. She didn't know if this truly was the Sailor Moon that she had been told to look for. As time went on, she figured out that this Sailor Moon, was actually a past version of her mother.

That was something of its own realization that hit hard, or the fact that Mayra had been transformed into Black Lady Mayra. With the help of the 21st century Sailor Moon, she was saved, and even able to help stop Wiseman with her own Pink Crystal in unison with Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal. With Wiseman and the Black Moon Clan gone, Mayra had been sent back to her time, and was able to start her training as a Sailor Guardian. She was known as Sailor Mini Moon then, but her training hadn't been completed due to how peaceful things were in the future.

With it being too peaceful to complete her Sailor Guardian training in her time, she was sent to the 21st century once more to train there. She knew that she would be greeted with troubles to be able to train with, but she didn't expect it to be what it was. The Witches 5 and the Dead Moon were attacking. Mayra helped defeat these foes, and once she had, her training had been considered to be completed. Once more, she was sent back to her time, where there was a lesser chance of the timelines getting messed up.

Upon her arrival back in her own time, her mother brought back the Amazoness Quartet, to be Sailor Mini Moon's own this time. But, none of them had stayed in their time for too long, for they had been sent to the past, again. This time, with the help of four others, they were able to defeat the Shadow Galactica. Now, things seemed to be peaceful, and once more, Mayra was sent back to her time. It was peaceful for the future of the White Moon Kingdom. The Asteroid Knights started to awaken, and joined in their numbers. There was even a ceremony held that was a renewal of vows for Mayra's teams. But, Mayra had to start finalizing her training to become Queen.

This was when she started to train with Zoisite, alongside of Elijah, who was the Neo Moon Knight. During her training with Elijah and Zoisite, she was able to ascend to becoming Sailor Neo Moon, leaving the title of Sailor Mini Moon behind her in the past. She even seemed to inherit Zoisite's adaptive sword fighting techniques, allowing for her to not only be able to use her powers for fighting, but a sword just as well. But, with her coronation approaching, things started to ripple, and just not seem correct for their time. The Dark Alliance appeared once more, and only this time, Chaos had ascended to become Sailor Chaos, leading the assault fueled with revenge.

Neo Queen Serenity tried to ascend to Sailor Cosmos to combat Sailor Chaos, but it didn't work. They had to retreat to recover in the Crystal Palace. There was something that hurt Mayra, Helios, her trusted friend and companion, had given his life to protect them. That was when Mayra had a plan, albeit a last resort one. She, and her team, had to go back to the past to prevent this future from happening. With Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion's blessing, she was given a Space-Time Key of her own, and she and the Future Moon went back to the 21st century, to the year 2030. She promised Guardian Cosmos not to meddle with her families lives, and was granted complete passage.

But, Mayra needed information, and using Luna-P, she told Dion Lunette that she was a cousin of his, and this resulted in herself and Diana becoming interns at his company. Soon, she became a journalist, who was happy to live with Diana. When she transformed in the 21st century, she looks just like Sailor Moon, and it caused confusion for some. Others, who didn't know she was here, thought that there was a second Sailor Moon running about. This caused Neo Queen Serenity to transform into Sailor Moon once more. Mayra even helped purify Queen Nehllenia. While Dreamwalking one night, she had even found Helios once more, and was able to awaken him, bringing him back to the world where he belonged, even if it might not have been in the right time.

But, then came the time to end the confusion, and she and Diana announced who the Future Moon was. With the deeds that have been done since returning to the past, it was clear that Mayra's true time was gone. She and her court weren't able to go back, which had to only mean that they were on the right path.

Writing Sample

The right thing had been done. The future was gone, that was easy to know with how she and her court couldn't go back. This gave Mayra a spark of hope, because it had to mean that they were on the right path. The path of saving the future of the White Kingdom. But, she knew that she could only avoid the Crystal Palace for so long before she knew that she was going to be needed.

Mayra didn't know how to interact with Cynthia now. Yes, she was Mayra's mother, in the future at least, but right now, things just felt off. Maybe it was mainly because Mayra was trying to get used to the fact that she didn't need to hide herself anymore. That would probably be the biggest factor of it all. After a year of hiding, it was hard to not hide. She thought about this, and how she should try to connect with Cynthia once more.

Mayra stopped at this little café that she found, and ordered herself a passion fruit tea, before she sat down at a table. Thankfully, they hadn't announced who the future moon court was to the world yet, just to the Crystal Palace. That might mean that Mayra would be able to sit here and not be bothered. She wanted to keep the profile that she was just a normal worker bee, so she pulled out the notes that she had been holding onto to for an article for the Crystal City Chronicle.

She could pretend to work on this while she kept her eyes and ears out for any kind of trouble. But, she was starting to feel a little lonely, and she grabbed her phone. "I wonder who might want to come and talk. Plans can always be a useful thing for continuing the goal, right Luna-P?" She looked at Luna-P, her little device that she's held onto since a child, and waited, as if it was going to answer her. Mayra knew that there was more that could be done to protect the future, but finding the things that were threatening it, wasn't always easy.

Perhaps one of her court had an idea. Or possibly Helios. She sent a quick text message to one of her court, before putting her phone away, and accepting the tea that was brought to her, "Thank you." She politely smiled to the person before taking a drink, and looking at the notes about the Pantheon and the Dark Alliance, which were neatly laying on top of the notes that she needed for the article that she hasn't worked on in months.

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