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April 2031
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Uriel Carroway


  • Uri
  • Orpheus
  • Herald of Hades
  • Angel of Death
Face Claim
Chai Hanson
Jewelry Designer/Sculptor
  • Cell Phone: The poor thing is cracked and chipped in so many places, it's a miracle it still works. It's an older phone and looks like it's being held together with tape. He doesn't have many friends, but he still needs it to keep in touch with his business contacts.
  • Sketch Pad: Uri keeps a sketch pad with him at all times in case inspiration strikes. He also finds it a helpful deterrent when he's required to be out in public. He realized while he was still young that people were less likely to bother him if it looked like he was busy.
  • Pencil: This is mostly because he keeps his sketch pad with him, but he usually likes to keep something with him he can write with if he needs to.
  • Lucky Citrine: He has a piece of polished citrine he keeps with him at all times. He bought it when he was a kid at a Discovery Channel store because he thought it looked interesting. He started keeping it with him because not only did he have an interest in rocks and minerals, but as he got older and learned about what different gems were associated with, he learned that Citrine was associated with the Azrael, the archangel of death. Uri always felt a certain kinship with other loners, especially when he was growing up, so knowing that connection made him cherish the stone even more.
  • Nether Bow: As Herald Orpheus, Uriel is able to wield the neither bow. Made from silver and encrusted with various gemstones, this bow helps Uriel to concentrate nether energy into arrows.


Herald Orpheus
  • Netherkinesis: As Herald Orpheus, he can manipulate nether, the Chthonian Element that’s found everywhere, in both the living realms and the underworld. He can concentrate nether to create arrows with the use of his nether bow and he can also use nether to destroy any material. He must be touching whatever item he wants to destroy and the larger the item the more energy he uses. Through his power he can also see spirits as they have a higher concentration of nether around them than the living typically do. He can also use nether to create an aura around another person that persuades them to follow his instructions. He must be physically close to the person and also cannot activate this power without singing.
  • Chrimatakinesis: With his connection to Nemesis and to Hades, Uriel can manipulate metal and gems. He can sense the composition of rocks which helps him to not only identify the type of metal or rock it is, but he can also tell if something is real (this particular ability extends to money as well). He can bend metal and gems to his will and make them take whatever form he wants. This often helps him with his career designing jewelry and his sculptures often include metal and gemstones. He can also sense how lucrative an opportunity will be and he’s able to influence others to take the opportunity. However, if he tries to take advantage of this himself, it doesn’t work and he ends up with nothing.
  • Archery: Uriel is proficient in using different types of bows and rarely misses his target. Using his nether bow, he can focus nether into arrows. As he starts remembering his past he’ll only be able to create a single arrow at a time, but as he unlocks memories, he’ll gain better control and be able to fire multiple arrows at once or make the arrow split on its way to the target.
  • Shapeshifting: He is able to turn himself into a black cat with gold eyes because cats are associated with death and mystical realms. In his cat form, he has enhanced senses, just like any other cat would have, but unlike just any other cat, Uriel can talk.
  • Subterranean Navigation: When he’s underground, he can find his way without a map or gps. He’s especially at home in caves and can sense where a cave leads so he can navigate it or use a cave system to find water or whatever he’s looking for.


Orpheus’ earliest memories were of Sagittarius Star Zero. He was the one charged with protecting it and Hades, the god that ruled over it. Aside from being destined to work together, Hades quickly earned his trust for a variety of reasons, the biggest being that Hades treated him like an equal, despite Orpheus’ powers not being a match for the God of the Underworld. They were close, closer than he could have imagined being with anyone else.

He wasn’t the friendliest person. Dealing with spirits all the time didn’t exactly do much to sharpen one’s social abilities, so the few times he was around someone other than spirits and Hades, he didn’t know how to act or what to say. The separation made it easier to keep his distance when some of the other gods started squabbling. He saw no reason to interfere in things that weren’t any of his business, like seeing Sailor Pluto being sent to guard the Space-Time Door. He might not like it, but it had nothing to do with him.

Eventually though, things happened that Orpheus couldn’t ignore. He did his best to stay neutral when Chronos tied Hades to Nemesis even though Hades wasn’t meant to be tied to a planet. Orpheus witnessed first-hand the toll that took on Hades, but it wasn’t until Chronos went to seal Hades away that Orpheus took a stand to defend his god and friend. Unfortunately, Orpheus knew there was no way he’d ever be able to match the power of a god, let alone Chronos, so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when he lost his life.

Eventually, he was reborn on Earth as Uriel Carroway. He was always one of those odd kids that never really got along well with the other kids. His parents were often told how he lacked social skills. He preferred to play on his own rather than with other kids and his parents held him back from starting kindergarten for a year, not that it made much difference. He’d gotten in trouble more than a few times for bringing dead animals into the house. It was mostly birds, but there might have been a rabbit or rodent on occasion.

As Uri got a little older, he finally lost interest in dead animals, something his parents were very thankful for. Instead he became hyper focused on rocks. He had a large rock collection and started learning all he could about rocks, particularly the gemstones and minerals that could be found in rocks. He often could name more types of rocks than he could name the other kids he went to school with.

It didn’t help his reputation when he started spending his free time in cemeteries once he got to high school. He liked cemeteries. They were quiet and people left him alone so he could read. It was about that same time when he started seeing spirits. He didn’t know why he could see them, but he could definitely see them. They kept their distance from him, even when they didn’t with other people. It almost seemed like they were afraid of him, but he couldn’t imagine why.

At one point in high school, his parents forced him to join a team or club at the school in an effort to make him be somewhat social. He ended up finding one of the most solitary sports available and joined the archery club. As it turned out, he had some talent. He even managed to get a college scholarship because of it.

After he finished high school, he went to a local college for geology. Given his interest in rocks, it seemed like the perfect fit for him. At least until he started classes. He’d been studying rocks on his own for many years, so he knew the various types of rocks and minerals, as well as their properties. Most of them he could identify on sight with tremendous accuracy. He received a warning from the professor for cheating. The professor didn’t have any proof that cheating had occurred or any idea how Uriel might have done it.

Then in his white minerals class, he again had an easy time identifying them without needing to rely on experimentation like the other students did. So once again, he was accused of cheating, even though this was a different professor. By his third semester and his third accusation, Uriel got the feeling that the entire geology staff was against him and dropped out of the program. If they were going to accuse him of cheating, despite having no proof or any idea how he managed to tell the stones apart with such accuracy, then in all likelihood, things would escalate eventually. Odds were good they’d eventually kick him out before he had the chance to graduate, so he didn’t see any reason to continue with his degree.

In an effort to help their lost son, his parents made Uriel do something… take a class or get a job, if he wanted to be able to continue living with them. He looked at the listing of classes at the local art institute since they were literally the only place that still had classes open for enrollment and he signed up for a jewelry making class. He’d never really thought much about jewelry before, but he was often doodling rocks in his spare time or sculptures he could see making with various rocks and metals if he ever had the time or money to be able to make them.

He ended up enjoying the class more than he expected to and his teacher gave him a recommendation on a certification course to become a bench jeweler. He started his career working at one of the chain jewelry stores, creating mundane pieces that didn’t inspire him as an artist. He saved up money for his own place and began collecting all the materials he needed to strike out on his own. Once he had a decent portfolio put together and purchased his own tools, he quit working at the store and went freelance. Instead of the big corporations, he sold his pieces to the smaller, locally owned jewelry stores. Each piece he made was unique in some way and the stores let him know what was selling well.

Eventually though, he set up an online business for himself which allowed him to also sell his sculptures: mythical creatures and other fantasy inspired objects made of various metals with gem accents. He sold almost everything online, though he still had a few pieces at some of the jewelry stores in the area because they sold well there.

His life was pretty much perfect. He was in charge of everything, without anyone else telling him what he had to do. Yet, there still seemed to be something missing. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. It was like trying to remember something he’d forgotten, like the ghost of an idea that left him long ago. He dismissed it of course, as he was just trying to get on with his life, but then something happened that made him wonder if there was more to him than he knew. It was the night when the skeletal beings were in the city. He’d been on his way back from the cemetery when he ran into them. He expected they’d maybe try attacking him, but instead they backed up like they thought he’d attack. The strangest part though, was when several of them bowed to him. That was new. What the heck was going on with this place?

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