ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Miki Shimizu


  • Miki - beautiful chronicle.
  • Shimizu - last name that means ‘clear water’. Both first and last names are of Japanese origin.
  • Nicknames: Miks, Mickey
  • Title: Sailor Mercury
Crystal Empire
Face Claim
Sayaka Yamamoto
  • Mercury Crystal: the most important item in her possession. It allows Miki to transform into Eternal Sailor Mercury and is usually stored in the safest place she knows of if it’s not on her person.
  • Mercury Goggles: scanner/analytical tool she’s been using since awakening to analyze enemies’ powers and find their weaknesses, along with best tactics to use against them.
  • Mercury Computer: personal repository of knowledge that aided Sailor Senshi in general and Sailor Mercury in particular numerous times. If this information exists, this little computer most certainly can retrieve it.
  • Cell phone: Probably to the outrage of many of her generation, Miki uses her (older than most others) model for its main function alone, to stay in touch with those she needs to.
  • iPad: she’s never seen without one of these tucked under her arm. This, now, gets used to its full potential, and contains any information Miki might need or might need to write down during the day.
  • First aid items: one can count on Miki to have these handy. Her bag usually has, at minimum, a roll of gauze, scissors, bottles of pills for colds and headaches, needle and thread, and a packet of band-aids.
  • Glasses: Miki uses reading glasses, so they’re rarely far from reach.


Sailor Mercury
water and ice
  • Mercury Aqua Mist: Mercury summons mist to cover the area in which she’s fighting to hide tracks of her and her allies and attack from its cover.
  • Hyperspatial Sphere Generate: the maneuver needs Mercury Computer to implement; when in use, it creates a pocket dimension of the area in which battle of the week’s happening so that, when the battle’s done, the civilians are no wiser as to the damage that would’ve been should it be lost.
  • Shine Aqua Illusion: Mercury generates a stream of water against inanimate objects or drones. It’s ineffective against fire like, for example, Koan’s.
  • Shine Snow Illusion: a powerful snow storm directed against an enemy. Similar to Aqua Illusion, its main difference in that Mercury freezes them in order to destroy them.
  • Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: typically used to destroy or weaken the enemy in a concentrated water blast with the help of an illusion of a watery harp that Mercury summons when calling on this attack.
  • Mercury Aqua Mirage: when called on, this attack surrounds the enemy in a circle-shaped pool of water before submerging and destroying them.
  • Mercury Mirage Wave: a wave of her hand in direction of her target creates an illusion of a water wave that on dispersal traps them in a mirage of their own making. They’ll see what they want to see the most, usually a place they hold dearest and have the clearest memory of. The illusion can break should the target prove to be of strong will and be driven by a purpose that won’t let them get distracted by this. It only works on living beings.
  • Water communication: as a civilian, Mercury can use water, such as rain, the surface of a puddle, or tea in a cup, to communicate with another person almost anywhere in the world. This form of communication would need her to focus on the person she wishes to talk to. She can use it easier if they’re also near a source of water and more so if they have water affinity like Sailor Neptune. She’ll be unable to reach a person should they be in an area lacking a water source, such as a desert.
  • Strategy and tactics: Mercury is the strategist of Sol Senshi. Aside from the fact that Miki is an excellent chess player and is among the smartest people of her generation (at least when it comes to vast reserves of knowledge), Mercury’s ability to analyze beings for strengths allowed her form tactics that saved her team more often than not. Given that she knows them best, Mercury’s unafraid to use her closest allies to full advantage on battlefield, especially if it means all of them live to fight another day.


She grew up alone, a daughter of a single parent household. Her mother was a well-known doctor, and she was a quiet, reclusive girl whose only company was her books. In part, she thought she was to blame - she was always extremely smart, at least when it came to academics, and that might’ve scared off her peers. She held the highest score in her region in math and science examinations and had a photographic memory and a ridiculously high IQ, or so went the rumors. She knew better. About half of that achievement was hard work, but it left her little room for friends.

All of that changed when she met a black cat with a moon mark on her forehead and the girl accompanying her.

Luna and Cynthia turned her world upside down. Not only did she find out that she was Sailor Mercury, a magical guardian of her planet fighting remnants of an ancient past by night, but also, for the first time, she had friends. She also had purpose that was beyond graduating high school to become a doctor like her mother. She had no idea she needed precisely that.

As they faced numerous conflicts, Miki found herself testing limits of her own keen mind. While for the most part, she managed to help her team get out of trouble more or less intact, sometimes it didn’t happen. Sometimes they couldn’t save anyone, sometimes they died, and sometimes, they had to kill because they’d be killed otherwise. Between facing the Dark Kingdom and Shadow Galactica, the biggest challenge was keeping it secret and staying true to herself. After she almost accepted an invitation to one of the foreign universities based on her scores, Miki realized she needed to stay because Sailor Mercury would always be needed. That left her with several choices after the Sailor Wars, especially once she regained memories of those conflicts.

Truth be told, memories dealing with Sailor Neo Moon’s active participation in their adventures were foggy from the moment Miki was reborn after Sailor Wars. It was only recently that she learned they were locked away by Guardian Cosmos until such a time it no longer mattered. She was annoyed at first, but came to realize that Guardian Cosmos did them a kindness, because living knowing the future was probably not the trial Miki could’ve managed.

Much changed over those years before it happened. While initially, she followed her dream of being a surgeon, early on she realized she was at risk of her usual mistake of taking on too much. That was why, soon after Cynthia revealed them to be Sailor Guardians to general public, Miki had a long conversation with her mother on necessity of keeping secrets, following her dreams, and her identity as Sailor Mercury and quit hospital work. Instead, she focused on astrophysics doctorate despite making herself available for hospital cases specifically relevant to Sailor Senshi. Her reasoning was that it would help her both as a Senshi and as someone dealing with various things alien to Earth on daily basis, and here was the chance to study them that she could not pass up. In light of recent conflicts, including Dark Alliance revealing themselves, Miki was, once again, needed closer to home in Infinity City and at Serenity’s side. After all, she was a Sailor Senshi. It was time for her to go back to being one.

Writing Sample

The problem with most automated systems was that sometimes, a system or other was still wired into some circuit that got itself fried or destroyed, and later, needed to be fixed at discovery. That meant it was not unusual for anyone to find Miki contemplating a seemingly random tangle of wires under or behind a particularly random piece of technology that she probably could’ve left to a competent technician. This particular tangle belonged to the Crystal Palace’s central computer, and the fact that it existed at all made it about as volatile as a bomb ready to go off at any moment. The only difference was that the result of said bomb could be anything from loss of recent information in the computer’s data banks to temporary blackout in about half the palace.

Miki was currently trying to avoid either of those scenarios.

Raising the wires up to peer at them closer, Miki wondered if she should keep it as is, or if it would be better to just replace this entirely. The tangle in question was not only a hopeless mess, but also had damaged casing to yellow and red wires, which meant they’ll be smoking any minute now if left unattended long enough.

Luckily for the system, she was the technician available for the moment, and after a particularly trying day, needed something to do to steady both her hands and her mind. That didn’t mean that people wouldn’t be looking for her, be it her fellow Senshi, those who needed her for whatever problem cropped up that her mind could solve, and numerous others who possibly had problems of their own. As it was, Miki wasn’t at all surprised when a shadow fell over her hands, holding up the tangle she was looking at for their inspection.

“What do you think about yellow wire over here?” She asked. “Should it stay, or should the whole thing go?”

She was asking about more than a set of problem wires. Question was whether whoever found her would catch on to it.


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