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Late March 2031 - April 2031

Mallaidh O'hara



ALIAS: Molly - Basically the less confusing variant of her first name. One she, for a time, adopted in order not to have to explain how to spell her given name.

Molls - Affectionate nickname for anyone that she's close to.

AGE: 34
FACTION: Earthlings
PRONOUNS: she/her
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
OCCUPATION: Lapidary & Jewelry Designer
FACE CLAIM: Eleanor Tomlinson


  • Cell phone
  • car - house - office - shop keys
  • planner
  • sketch book
  • ipad




Sarcasm : For the teenager that had to grow up as homunculus bait, she had to learn quick and a hurry on how to grow a thick skin. Sarcastic remarks eventually became her go-to defense mechanism.

Creative : It's a much needed trait for her occupation, considering she's more inclined to design jewelry than to sell it.

Kind-hearted : Deep down she's still the sweet girl she was once before everything in her life exploded when she was a teenager.

Cynical : Life's left the girl a little bit jaded. And like her sarcasm she tends to hide behind the dryness of it.


From the very start, Molly would acquainted early on that some of the people she would love most dearly would just exit her life in ways out of her hands. It was a pattern repeated time after time after time, until Molly just learned to become numb to it.

Since childhood, all Molly can remember is her and her mom, in a mid-century little bungalow. Her absentee father was some form of ghost that haunted the two of them before he eventually decided to move on to green pastures. Kind like the way a starving artist does, roots never were never allowed to grow beneath their feet. Yet, even then, Molly didn't seem to mind it much. He took no effort with her, and when she grew older, she took no effort with him. After all, she had her mom, and her mom was great.

Teens were hard on Molly. Harder than they should have been, in hindsight. She was 14 when the world changed. When her best friend (and heart sister) changed and began to ghost her. When monsters, actual living monsters, began to zero in on her. When she found herself in a relationship, much too young, with a much too older man. (A man, despite his flaws, she would never truly get over) But Molly was always a clever girl, even if she was slow to understand people. Eventually she figured out the man was aiding the monsters ... or them him ... whatever. And she began to have an inkling on to why Cynthia had begun to pull away.

A girl never forgets her first heartbreak, and boy Molly's nearly destroyed her. One attack on her person went too far, and Nephrite sacrificed himself for her in an attempt at redemption. Putting himself between her and his boss' minions. There was nothing to save him, and she didn't get to have anything but her memories of him, as he faded away into nothingness in her arms.

That was the beginning of the end for a lot of things. She grew further away from her best friend, depression set in and began to shut her mom out as well. And while she tried bring herself out of the deep, using poor "Melvin" as an attempt to keep her head above the water. But by that time, her mom had had enough, allowing her to finish out middle school before informing her that she would not be attending the same school as the rest of her 'friends'. She was sent up north, to Boston, to stay with her mother's parents. For her own safety, she was told.

Whatever her mother had thought would happen, by shipping her north, perhaps did. She thrived there, and little by little the melancholy slipped away as her effort to make calls and write letters faded away. And as time marched on, she would go through high-school and then college, yet eventually following in her mother's footsteps. As inevitable as it was. Building a life for herself in her new home. Though trips to Florida came more frequent to see her mother up until Cynthia's wedding.

Yet time has a way of bringing people into a person's life when you really don't expect it. Molly never expected to meet a girl named Cynthia as a grade school student, never expected to sit beside her and become friends with her. Yet it happened. She found herself, one day, sitting next to the blond girl at lunch and the rest was history. Well ... at least for nearly the next decade.

Eventually that day came and Molly would find herself once more in Infinity City.

Writing Sample

Returning to Infinity City for good this time had left Mallaidh in a nostalgic haze. Being home wasn’t something she ever expected in the last dozen or so years of habitually arriving just for the holidays to spend with her mom before taking the first red eye that she could just to get back to Boston or New York, or wherever her job was located at the time. And it wasn’t like the requests to move back down weren't met with resistance. It was hard. She was working on it, but it was still hard. And yet, she’d had to admit, she always found it hard to say no to her mom.

So she packed her place up and moved down the coast to the city she grew up in.

That was a month ago. A month spent moving mom into a small bungalow while “renovating” the old apartment above the store to give Mallaidh her own space. Her mother was insistent on the move, and on her taking over the shop for a while. Telling her that eternity, thanks to Cynthia, was much too long for either of them to run the shop, but it was ‘her turn’ to ‘man the fort’. At least it came with some privacy. As much privacy as one got when a 20lb ball of orange tabby floof followed you everywhere come evening time.

Which was fast approaching, she noticed as she glanced at the time quickly while ringing up a customer. Handing them the small branded shopping bag that contained their purchase. There were a couple more customers on the floor, she noticed as she moved to the middle island, centered in the ring of display cabinets. Her phone both flashing and vibrating with an incoming call.

“Hi mom!” She said, as she slid onto the stool, her eyes trailed on the two browsing customers as she listened to her mom’s ramblings about her day. She dropped her phone away from her ear for a moment as she watched the two wave goodbye to her, promising to stop by another day when they made their choice of rings.

“Sorry about that, I was seeing the last customers out. What was that again?” She asked as she kicked at the stool’s leg lazily, her mom’s voice a rapid string of words coming through. Her face twisted in an expression when her mom asked if she wanted to come over for dinner, glancing at the dusky sky. “I don’t know, mom. It’s getting late. You know I don’t really like driving at night.” She hated putting her mom off, and while it was still early, she knew how long her mom liked to keep her. It would be close to midnight before she got home.

“Maybe this weekend? We’ll make a full day of it.” A smile formed on her lips when the offer was accepted, “Okay, I’ll see you then. Love you too.”

Her phone was placed back on the counter with a slight clatter as she slid off the stool. Moving around from one display to another turning off the lights and removing the more expensive pieces so she could put them into the safe for the night. The sound of the doorbell brought her out of her work haze for a second.

“We’re closed for the night … you’re going to need to come back in the morning … ” She started as she turned around to face the person or persons that entered. Recognition instantly crossed her face and her lips formed a silent “oh”.

“Hello. Come on in.” her tone was soft as she just stood there, still a little deer in the headlights. She wasn’t expecting someone she knew.

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