ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Elijah Mitchell


  • Eli
  • Used most by those closest to him
  • Elijah Mitchell
  • Pen name
  • Elijah Mitchell Kincaid-Mercer
  • Full name
  • Elizabeth Michelle Kincaid-Mercer
  • Dead name
Future Moon
Face Claim
Elliot Fletcher
Leader of the Asteroid Knights/Author
  • Cell Phone: Being in the past requires appropriate technology. He needs to be in contact with his team of knights and his princess, so having a communicator of sorts that won't make him stick out like a sore thumb is a necessity. Since it basically functions like a mini computer, he often uses it to research things he doesn't understand about the current time period.
  • Laptop/Laptop Bag: As a writer, he likes to be able to sit down and write wherever he's able so he carries his laptop bag around wherever he can. He writes historical romances based on the time period they're visiting. He also carries around a few notebooks as well as pens and pencils in his laptop bag. They're primitive instruments, but according to his research, it's typical for people to carry them in backpacks and laptop bags.
  • Book(s): Elijah carries around at least one book at all times, though often he has two ore three printed books tucked in his laptop bag, but he usually has a few ebooks that he can access either through his computer or his phone as well. Being a writer, he likes to read as much as he can to help with his writing. It has the added benefit of giving him something to do when he feels awkward.
  • Mercer Family Signet Ring: Given to him by his fathers before he left the future, Eli wears this family heirloom on a cord around his neck to hide it until he's ready to reveal who he is.
  • Crescent Moon Staff: This is the weapon bestowed upon Elijah when he became the Neo Moon Knight. It's a long silver intricately decorated staff that is topped with a moonstone that's been carved into the shape of a crescent moon.


Neo Moon Knight
  • Cosmic Starburst: Using the Crescent Moon Staff, Neo Moon Knight is able to launch off several small balls of light that create small explosions. He is able to direct the balls of light either in the same direction or in along a line.
  • Celestial Supernova: Using the Crescent Moon Staff, Neo Moon Knight gathers a large ball of energy and launches it at a single target where it creates a large explosion on contact.
  • Moonlight Bow Meteor Shower: Neo Moon Knight uses starlight or moonlight to create a bow and arrow out of light. When he shoots the arrow into the sky, it rains down over one or more targets like meteors falling from the sky. Since the bow is created directly from starlight or moonlight, he can only use this ability when he is in direct natural light produced by the sun and stars or reflecting off the moon.
  • Moondust Purification: The moonstone on top of the Crescent Moon Staff glows and sends a beam of light that engulfs the target. This is a healing attack and while it is not powerful enough to heal corruption or purify one of their enemies, this can be used to heal minor injuries and re-energize an ally.
  • Lunar Portal Creation: He is able to create wormhole like portals that he can use to either redirect attacks (can only be an attack from someone else as he doesn’t have enough mental energy to sustain both an attack and the portal) or to transport people or things. He needs to be able to focus on where he wants the beginning and ending points to form, and either see them physically or in his mind’s eye.
  • Immunity to Stellar Energy: Along with his powers comes immunity from the effects of stellar energy. This grants him immunity to UV radiation, bright lights, fire and certain types of heat (heat from fire doesn’t affect him, but artificially produced heat, such as from a heater can make him feel overly warm quite quickly).


Eli grew up in the Crystal Palace. His dads, Zoisite and Kunzite, were two of King Endymion's guardians, and friends, so they lived in the palace. Not that Eli ever minded. He enjoyed exploring the palace whenever he got the chance. His favorite place in the palace was always the library. He just loved all of the books and stories (both real and fiction) contained within it. He also knew most of the people that resided within the palace, including Princess Lady Serenity.

Being the child of Zoisite, Eli grew up learning to accept all forms of gender expression, so it was neither a big deal, nor a surprise when he voiced that he was a boy, not a girl. He still went to therapy, because while this information was accepted (celebrated even), his dads wanted to make sure Eli had all the support he needed to transition into the person he wanted to be.

Eventually, he was put on hormone blockers to keep him from going into puberty with female hormones, and then was eventually put on testosterone so he’d be just like the other boys in his classes at school. He continued the therapy throughout high school, which ended up being really good for him, especially when he started having crushes on some of the other boys. He was able to talk through it in therapy and then came out to his friends as gay not long after.

It was the therapist he had through most of high school that introduced him to writing. She had him keep a journal and encouraged him to make journal entries when he felt intense emotions, no matter what they were. She also practiced narrative therapy with him (since he loved reading so much), often encouraging him to find problematic narratives in his life so he can find ways to rewrite his narrative. He started envisioning himself as a character in a book, which eventually turned into him thinking up entire stories. At his therapist’s urging, he started writing those down as well and eventually decided he wanted to become a writer.

He was happy that his family stuck by him through the entire thing. He was so grateful for all the love and support he got, not just from his dads, but from everyone at the Crystal Palace, he did what he could to pass on that love and acceptance to others. During one incident, he jumped in front of a classmate to protect them from bullies at school, the Crescent Moon Staff appeared in front of him. He didn’t hesitate to grab it and use it to fight, causing him to transform into Neo Moon Knight. He couldn’t say he was entirely surprised considering he'd grown up around the planetary guardians and saw all the work they did, not only to protect Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, but also the world.

He had to come clean and tell his dads that he was Neo Moon Knight. Considering their positions as two of the Golden Kings, and King Endymion's guardians, there was no way Elijah would have been able to hide something like this from his dads for long. To his surprise, they accepted it easier than he anticipated (it almost seemed like they expected it to happen eventually) and helped him train.

He doesn’t know what happened to everyone he cared about in the future after he and the others in Princess Lady Serenity’s court headed to the past. He was admittedly a little jealous that she went back in time before and was excited to go along with her this time, but he also worried a little about what they might change by accident. He has been worrying more about that recently now that Princess Lady Serenity transformed into Sailor Neo Moon and revealed herself and her court to Neo Queen Serenity and those of the Crystal Empire, but he also understood her reasons for doing it. He would support her no matter what.

On a personal note, he enjoys living in the past. He loves writing historical romances so he’s excited to have the chance to learn about the time period his stories are set in while living in it.

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