Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
March 2031, Spring

Amaryllis Ogawa



ALIAS: Amaryllis; the name of a tragic heroine in Virgil's Eclogues. According to hanakotoba, amaryllis symbolize timidness; while Victorians associated the flower with strength and determination. Her given name.

While she prefers usage of her full name, she tolerates the nickname Rylli (RYE-lee) or Ry, but prefers, if short-handing is required, Lis. Please for the love of all that is good do not call her Ama or Mary.

Ianthe; (ee-AN-thee). Her name during the Silver Millennium.
AGE: 22
FACTION: Crystal Empire
ETHNICITY: Japanese-Australian
OCCUPATION: Curator of the Silver Millennium Museum (SMM); a state-of-the-art museum in Crystal City, hosting artefacts recovered from the Moon Kingdom, and recently a handful of artefacts from Elysion.

Historian; her area of expertise revolved around ancient Rome, and in particular the Imperial Roman era.

FACE CLAIM: Hamabe Minami


⋆ The Silence Glaive; fashioned by the deities of eld, the Silence Glaive is a scythe-like weapon of destruction, infused with awesome and terrible power. The weapon itself stands at 6 and a half feet, with the blade itself being a whole foot itself. When it is paired with the Saturn Crystal, the Silence Glaive has the ability to bring ruin to worlds, ushering in rebirth; Sailor Saturn merely needs to swing the weapon downwards to the ground with the intent of destruction.
⋆ Saturn Crystal; the lilac-colored crystal allows Amaryllis to transform into Sailor Saturn, and can be considered to be a manifestation of her soul. Separating the Saturn Crystal and Amaryllis would result in an instantaneous death for the woman.
⋆ Cellphones; Amaryllis has two cellphones, both of Samsung Galaxy models: one is for work-related purposes, while the other is for personal purposes. Both are black in color, while the cover for her work phone is simplistic leather; and her personal phone has a lunar, "witchy" pattern cover.


NAME: Sailor Saturn
ELEMENT: Ruin & Rebirth


⋆ Silence Wall; utilizing the Silence Glaive, Sailor Saturn summons blackened tendrils of energy, that form a protective barrier around herself and others around her. The barrier is strongest at the tip of the polearm.

⋆ Death Reborn Revolution; upon uttering the phrase, lilac-colored ribbons of energy swirl around Sailor Saturn, which then summons a blinding vertical beam around her person. The beam is pure negative energy, swallowing everything it touches and draining energy from any living creature it spans to. If Sailor Saturn was to drop the Silence Glaive, she typically precedes such an event with this attack.

⋆ Silence Glaive Surprise; an immensely destructive attack, which can become more ruinous depending on the amount of power Sailor Saturn puts into it. The attack summons raw energy into an orb, which can be sent at enemies. Sailor Saturn has the ability to commit her life into the attack, resulting in a terrible attack.

⋆ Healing; both in senshi uniform and out, Amaryllis has the ability to heal wounds. She cannot heal disease or cancer, however can heal cuts, punctures, and broken bones. As a side-effect, Amaryllis is typically less susceptible to sickness or illness.

⋆ Illusions; Amaryllis has the ability to create illusions, and typically uses the ability to give her thoughts a physical manifestation.

⋆ Precognition; As a result of being deeply in-tune with the galaxy itself, Amaryllis has the ability to sense future events - typically ones that would result in ruin.

⋆ Haunted; The ghost of Ianthe is never too far from Amaryllis - although if she is tangible and visible varies on Ianthe's whims. It is from Ianthe that Amaryllis is able to gleam information about the Silver Millennium or even simply the galaxy as a whole.


Once upon a time, there was a princess, cursed to an eternal slumber. Princess Ianthe of Saturn wasn't always asleep; for her youngest years, she wandered Titan Castle, her sky eclipsed by countless moons and dead rocks. She was lonely; lonely as a child with absent parents could be, despite being surrounded by a court that loved and admired her, guarded by a Knight whom she admired.

She wanted nothing more than to visit the other planets - her eyes lighting ablaze when traveling merchants presented themselves to her, hosting exotic silks from Venus and strange plants from Jupiter, among others. She would plead with any who would hear her, to let her even step foot off of her palace grounds, to even see the calming stillness of her planet. All would deny her - with a certain knowing pity in their face. Her Knight would take to regaling her with stories, of adventures of the inner planets and the mysteries of her fellow outer ones. She would make him promise that, once she was of age, he would take her on a tour - and she would not take no for an answer.

It would be an empty promise.

Her father would make a deal, putting Ianthe's life as payment. Her duty would be explained to her - a solemn purpose that many adults would balk at, or refuse. Instead, Ianthe would only nod, spending her last night awake staring down at her distant planet. And then, she would sleep, awaiting for the day she would usher in the ruin of civilizations.

Her dream-state was varied, shifting from oceanic planets to sweltering hot deserts. Sometimes, she would dream of simply wandering through Titan Castle's halls, and sometimes, there was nothingness, a still silence. A voice would whisper stories to her - ones of adventure and wonder, ones of the worlds she had never truly gotten to see. How much time would pass, until her dreams would begin to grow darkened edges? How long until she felt a deepening pit in her chest, like something shadowy was on the horizon?

When her eyes would snap open, she was not clothed in the gentle attire of a young princess. Instead, she would be clothed in a sailor suit, her hands gripping around a legendary polearm. War and chaos and pain was erupting through the galaxy, the scales of balance tipped lopsided. Her Knight, ever loyal, would be by her side when she would awaken - it would be his voice she would recognize as her tether to reality, the one that weaved her dreams. He would plead with her, try to reason with her, to deny her her true destiny.

How she much she wanted to follow him, to forge a different path.
But it was time for the wheel to break and be rebuilt - this was her purpose.
Her Knight was in her way.

Her hands were clumsy, as she summoned energy from her fingertips; her eyes would burn as she sent it towards him. It would rip through him, like glass to a curtain, her body shaking from distress. To a child who had been protected and sheltered all her life, she could only assume he had been destroyed at her own hands.

For that, he could not be reborn. For that, she had sinned.

Sailor Saturn would emerge from her castle, her body drifting towards the Moon. Her boots would touch the soil, her lungs breathing in the crisp air, eyes seeing all pain and suffering. This world was beyond salvation, even if the Silver Alliance would emerge victorious. Her fingers would wrap stiffly around the Silence Glaive, the hands of a child delivering destruction to the civilization. And then, the scythe would drop, and everything would turn pitch black.

Daichi and Alice Ogawa were an odd couple. While Daichi was obsessed with technology and science, Alice was more enthralled by nature and biology. Their union would result in a single child - one whom Alice would insist be called Amaryllis. She would be the apple of both of their eyes - while Alice would pour her love and admiration into her, Daichi would flood her with his knowledge.

Amaryllis would grow up secluded, her parents homeschooling her in-between their own research projects. As a child, she would insist on helping in the labs, eyes bright as electrical sparks and rosy scents. It would be during one of those nights that an experiment would go wrong, the lab and then their home erupting into flames. Alice would die in the initial explosion, and so should have Amaryllis; but her father would play God, pulling her burnt body from the wreckage and implanting her with the soul of a foreign alien.

He would rebuild her, her mangled fleshy arms being replaced with cybernetics. Robotic legs would have synthetic skin pulled across them, ripping as its joints. She was an abomination, but she was alive. Her father would refuse to let her see others, especially not of her age - only him and his newest lab assistant, whom she could feel nothing but resentment towards, taking notice of the disgust in her eyes.

Then, came the seizures. Her father would gift her with a crystalline necklace, would say that it would help her stay calm. For a while, it did - and for a while, she grew weaker and more faint. She would spend her time studying and collecting relics of a lost age, until a chance encounter would open her world. It would be Sailor Chibi Moon that would lighten her shadows, with her she would find her first friend. With her close proximity to the girl would only hasten her seizures, the alien vying for control.

The creature known as Mistress 9 would gain control of her, ripping Sailor Chibi Moon's Crystal and delivering it to its master. It would be the creatures' intention to terraform Earth to their own galaxy, and Mistress 9 would use Amaryllis' body to do so. Little did they know, that Amaryllis was not destroyed upon consumption - she would emerge to rip Sailor Chibi Moon's Crystal from Mistress 9, would refuse to let the creature come to full strength. Her spirit would deliver the Crystal to its rightful owner, before emerging as Sailor Saturn.

It would be Sailor Saturn that would stop the terraforming, witnessing Sailor Moon's sacrifice. When the woman did not emerge from the shadows, Sailor Saturn would deem the world beyond repair, ready to destroy the world once more; it was only when Sailor Moon would appear that Sailor Saturn would change her mind, instead ready to sacrifice her own life in an effort to save Earth.

Sailor Moon was irreplaceable to her - she, herself, was expendable. Such was the order of things.

Sailor Saturn would shepard the aliens back to their own galaxy, ready to allow her own destruction to overcome her body. It was Sailor Moon that would retrieve her from the ruin, in the form of a small infant. It would be the Outer Senshi who would take her, to raise her following her father's demise.

Amaryllis would grow quickly, both physically and mentally. For a while, her growth was stunted at the age of a five-year-old, her mind expanding evermore. She was loved, never in need of attention thanks to having three parents. Life was simple, and innocent, during this time - her mind ravenous for knowledge, committing various classical work to memory, fingers learning how to play violin.

It would be a fateful day, following an eclipse, that the shadowy ghost that followed her would speak to her, awakening the child to her true fate once more. Amaryllis would rapidly grow, ready to protect the world once more. It would be her who would push the Outer Senshi to join the fight with the Inners, and it would be Sailor Saturn who would combat against the Amazoness Quartet alongside Sailor Chibi Moon. It was a moment of foresight that allowed her to see that the girls were corrupted - and it was this vision that prompted her to retrieve their Amazon Stones in an effort to have them purified.

Time would pass following the Dead Moon Circus' defeat, leading into the invasion of the Golden Soldier. She would give her all to protect her Princess and Prince, eventually falling to Sailor Galaxia. She could do little as her body was puppeteered, in some perverse effort to destroy the ones she held dear. It was Sailor Moon's affirmation that would cause for Guardian Cosmos to roll-back the galaxy - allowing Amaryllis, finally, a shot at a normal life.

The ghost of her past would still follow her, a calming presence and friend that offered insight. She would go to college young - thanks in part to Ianthe - studying the past in an effort to better understand the future. She would gain her degree in history, immediately deciding to use her resources to help curate a museum for those hungry to learn about the Silver Millennium. The Silver Millennium Museum was the forefather of hosting artefacts from the forgotten time period, a resource that Amaryllis poured her essence into. She would split her time between the museum and the Crystal Palace, ensuring the royal family's protection the best she could.

The fact that her Knight was alive was more than a surprise to her - it was a shock. Her ghost would disappear for a while, in an effort to process, but Amaryllis had no such luxury. His subsequent purification was one that caused a rush of complicated emotions - guilt, shame, anger, disgust. It would spur her into more action, determined to retrieve her comrades' fellow knights.

But there is a shift in the air, like something big is on the way, something that could tip the scales once more.

Writing Sample

Things were a mess.

It wasn't just that things were messy now - which they very much so were - but perhaps it was the speed at which shit hit the proverbial fan that caused Amaryllis a near constant migraine. It was tricky for her to even figure out where to start, to begin to piece together the unimaginable mess that was dropped upon her - and, to be fair, her allies' - lap.

For the past several weeks she had been a constant presence at the Crystal Palace, for a plethora of reasons. For one, the castle felt warm and safe, especially upon the arrival and integration of the Future Moon Court; to say Amaryllis was elated to see Cidney once more would be an understatement - it was refreshing that the shadowed clouds in her memory were wiped away, the sunlight shining through. While Cidney - and her court - were a brighter aspect of the recent events, there was then the Nehelenia situation.

She supposed referring to the woman as Hecate was more respectful, regardless of the feelings of distrust she had for her; the woman's ascent as a lunar goddess only brought more questions than answers, a fogginess that Ianthe was even shrouded from.

And then... then there was him. The retrieval of her Knight put everyone on edge - especially her parents. It was perhaps this reason that pushed her the most to stay more frequently at the Crystal Palace: if not simply for their peace of mind, but for Leandro's protection.

(She knew he didn't really need her protection, not in the literal sense - but if something was to happened, she perhaps would be able to deescalate before her parents would take action. She supposed if she couldn't do that, then...)

Her head shook at the thought, fingers digging into her purse as she stood at the doors to her office. She had neglected her duties at SMM, she couldn't deny it - the museum had been pushed to the backburner, and rightfully so. She had left the management in good hands, of course, and she had no doubts about how secure everything was. She had, after all, insisted on upping the security following the Dark Alliance's attack some handful of months ago.

She would push through the doors, her nose scrunching at the mounds of paperwork piling upon her marbled desk. The lilac-colored curtains were ripped open, sunlight shining and reflecting upon a perfectly scrubbed floor; her secretary had made sure everything was bright and airy before taking her lunch break, and Amaryllis couldn't only appreciate the action. Things were easier with others - a mindset she stood vehemently behind. If only she could rally others to follow...

The thought was scraped from her mind as she became aware of the fact that she was very much so not alone. Nothing was missed in her gait, her steps casually bringing her forward behind her desk, allowing herself and her company to bask in the short silence. "I wasn't expecting you to be here, of all places," she stated, her eyes lifting from her paperwork to make direct eye contact with her guest. "Is there something I can assist with?" Her frame would lower into her chair, her head leaning on her knuckles as she tilted her head. She was intrigued for the "house" call - and Amaryllis supposed it would be rather interesting.

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