ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Emery Sullivan


  • Doctor Sullivan: As part of his main cover identity, Emery presents himself as both an Anthropologist and Archaelogist.
  • Lord Hades: His full title is far, far longer, so let's just stick with Lord Hades and not bring up the multitude of other titles and names he has as Ruler of the Underworld Nemesis.
  • Hematite: An epithet that he has adopted as he masquerades within the Dark Alliance.
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Face Claim
Eddie Redmayne
Archaeologist & Anthropologist: Through mental manipulation and otherwise, Emery has set himself up as such within the proper academic circles. While this is only a means to an end when it comes to disguising himself upon Earth, it is most often the identity he uses most. Just don't expect him to be having classes or the like, for all that he could tell you everything and anything you might want to know about the world(s) that once were.
  • Cellphone & Tablet: One might be surprised to learn that somehow, no matter where he is in the universe, Emery's technology seems to have perfect signal. Don't question it.
  • Hades Core: A manifestation of his Star Seed--not unlike a diamond--that is rarely called forth. When it does, it crackles with chaotic energy and is generally unsettling to be in the presence of. Something is very, very wrong with it. Worse: it looks as if part of it is missing.
  • Sword of Hades: Made out of the Key to the Underworld. Once upon a time, a single touch of it had the power to send someone straight to the Underworld (aka Galaxy Cauldron/Sagittarius Star Zero/Sailor Graveyard). Now it is often kept on him in the form of a pen, though he can manipulate its shape as necessary back into a rather fearsome blade that still really hurts to get hit with.
  • Limiter: Unlike the other Deities, the limiter upon Hades' struggles to hold him in check and he is fighting to break it entirely. It manifests as a fancy bracelet or watch, depending on his outfit.
  • A Chip On His Shoulder: Oh, you cannot see it but it's there.


Nether & Underworld
As God of the Underworld (and Nemesis), Hades is capable of a great many things. Some of those are listed below and other powers may return in time as he works to fully break the limiter placed upon him.
  • Nether Manipulation: Able to create, shape, and manipulate Nether--the Chthonian Element that flows through the known universe and those that reside within it--this means that Hades is capable of manipulating the very essence of both the living and the dead. While this power has faded due to both his recent awakening and the limiter placed upon him, he is still capable of sensing and tracking any life aura he wishes to fix upon with the additional benefit of knowing not only the condition of a person but when their destined death will occur. This also gives him command over the dead; ghosts, spirits, and otherwise must obey his command whether they like it or not. As this is his primary way of creating minions, they often take the form of hulking skeletons and other similarly undead beings be them humanoid or monstrous.
  • Chrimatakinesis: Many may not realize it, but Hades is considered the God of Riches. As such, he is capable of detecting any precious metals, gemstones, and otherwise above and below the ground. Likewise, with focus, he can track the flow of money and would probably be an absolute beast if he cared about the stock market. Additionally: he likes to create tokens in the form of golden coins that, when given out to people, serve as a way for him to communicate and keep in touch with them.
  • Umbrakinesis: With absolute control over shadows and darkness, Hades is at home within the abyss. He is capable of hiding himself completely in shadow, manipulating them defensively and offensively, and dispel them as necessary. It is also his primary method of travel, traveling between the shadows that exist everywhere.
  • Phobokinesis: Whatever your fears, whatever you tell yourself that does not scare you, Hades knows and will use them against you. This also manifests as an absolutely intimidating aura about the deity, ensuring that when dealing with his full presence, no one is ever at ease.
  • Infernal Magic: From hellfire, abyssal ice, simple chicanery, and mental manipulation, this is Hades' go-to for his day-to-day cantrips and otherwise. It is through this magic that he is also capable of shapeshifting. While this can extend to animal forms, Hades often uses it to take on whatever appearance he prefers. There are reasons why the stories of Hades are not consistent when it comes to his description and what he was capable of doing.
  • Chaos Command: There is only one entity that is considered more feared than Hades and that is Chronus. As such, those touched by Chaos will find that it can be difficult to resist commands issued by Hades. A strong will is certainly capable of doing so or perhaps even carrying out the command but subverting it in some manner.
  • Fate Bound: As much as Hades would love to see some of his opposition taken care of, he is unfortunately bound by The Fates. This means that unless someone is destined to die by his hand, it is their appointed time of death, he is unable to truly kill them. Keep in mind this doesn't mean he can't make someone wish they were dead or likewise have someone do his dirty work for him.


As long as Star Sagittarius Zero exists, so too will Hades. God of the Underworld--the Unseen Realm, as he calls it--it was his duty to look after and keep watch upon the place where all souls come when their journey through life is complete. Despite what many might think, Hades was not bound by Chaos but rather Cosmos. After all: death was a natural progression, a fact of life, and while his existence was a lonely one--not many were able to travel to the Unseen Realm, let alone stay within it--it was a life with meaning.

For countless epochs, Hades kept watch of the universe and the souls within it. Watched as civilizations flourished and fell, ensuring that when they departed the mortal coil they could make the journey to the afterlife and eventually begin the rebirth process. To Hades, he was beyond the petty squabbles that often came up and wanted no part in the never-ending balancing act between Cosmos and Chaos. At least, he did not until he met her.

Selene was one of the few that sought him out, that found him within his quiet existence, and he was immediately smitten. Though some like to tell the tale that he stole her away, sought to keep her light for himself, Hades only wanted the best for the beautiful Moon Goddess. Her hopes and dreams became his, they did not feel too far away from the way he looked at the universe and those within it after all, and so he did his part to work with her.

Their time together was sometimes limited, especially as he was Darkness to her Light, but every moment was filled with love. So it was no surprise that not long after they pledged themselves to one another that Selene became pregnant with their child, their future daughter.

Yet Chaos had moved in the background, always needing to see Darkness equal to Light. In some ways, Hades understood this--after all, he did not specifically see Chaos as evil--but in other ways, he knew that this put the dreams of his Queen in jeopardy. As other deities fell under Chaos' sway, Heralds and Augurs likewise slipping, Chronos reacted in the worst way possible.

In attempts to keep those still Cosmic aligned closest, he committed what Hades believes to be one of his greatest crimes: he bound the God of the Underworld to the phantom planet Nemesis through magic and ritual. It had been decreed by the Fates in ages past, that Hades was to be tied to no planet--that his place was within Sagittarius Star Zero; the Underworld--and to bind him would create a terrible ripple effect. One that came into effect the moment that Hades realized just how Chronos had done what he did: somehow carved out a piece of his very being and made it the core of Nemesis.

There was little to be done when Chaos left its touch upon Nemesis for all that Hades sought to fight against the inevitable descent. Insult to injury came when, without warning, Chronos sealed him away believing him to be corrupt and without saving.

Locked away, tethered to a planet that he held no love for and was never meant to be part of, Hades seethed, and in that loneliness both madness and Chaos took hold.

Time passed.

Hades lost count.

When it felt as if something else had been carved out of him--someone toying with all that was Nemesis--there was little that he could do. Oh, but then the question came: when was that? That was one of many problems when it came to being the God of the Underworld; he existed across time and what was done to him in the future (or the past) meant repercussions for him no matter what.

Not that it mattered because he was waiting.

Prisons, Hades knew, did not last forever, and yet when his did break, it did so unexpectedly. It was the light of the Moon, though not the familiar light of his long-dead Queen (another twist of the knife; that he felt the passing of both his Queen and daughter and could not be there to guide them) but ... Nehelenia? No, Hecate. Still, the light of her ascension was all it took to create fissures in the chains that bound him. From there, Hades was able to call upon a whisper of his power and break from his bondage. What was a whisper grew to a roar, sending him racing to the core of Nemesis only to find it was taken.

His rage reverberated through the darkness, surely felt by those that were sensitive to such things, but he did not care if anyone knew he was coming.

What needed to be done would be done; Chronos' work would be undone and from there ... Well, Hades would ensure that Chaos would have more than enough to keep it pleased until the end came for everything.

Writing Sample

The sight of the Crystal Palace unsettled Hades, though he rather pointedly did not explore any of the reasons why. No, they did not matter at all. What mattered was what brought him here, the person that brought him here, and nothing else.

He stretched his arms out above his head, folding his fingers behind his head as he let his senses expand. Within the crystalline structure was the individual he sought, though they liked to mask their existence from the world. Ah, he thought, but you cannot hide from me. Well, that and the fact that Saturnians had this terrible habit of lingering long after their death within their next incarnation. That was, however, to his advantage and precisely why he was able to find who he was looking for.

... and yet as soon as he detected him, Hades' eyebrows rose. "Mm, is it complication or boon?" A grin spread across his face. "Boon for me, a complication for him." The shadows enveloped him, the deity disappearing into the darkness and reappearing in a silent room. What lights were on cast long shadows, no one seemingly present within.


"Don't be rude, Mitra," called Hades. "Show yourself." There was a command laced within, giving his voice a strange reverberating quality. Hades knew that the Knight of Saturn tried to fight back against it but there was little to be done: Mitra and his reincarnation were now tangled as one; the dead had to obey their Lord.

With a ragged breath, the Knight appeared. "Lord Hades." Oh, his name sounded both cursed and blessed spoken like that, it made him smile.

"There we are," said Hades, as if there was nothing at all wrong with the situation. "I knew you wouldn't keep me waiting."

"As if I have a choice," the Knight hissed out.

Making a tsk-tsk sound, Hades shook his head. "You most certainly have a choice, Mitra," there was a derisive snort, "but it is not so much whether or not you do as I ask as it is how much harm you will suffer as you continue to resist me." There was no if because Hades knew that the Knight before him would continue to resist. Honestly, that made it more fun for him.

"I've no idea what you want but there is nothing I can do for you that you cannot do for yourself," replied Mitra. Or was it Leandro? To Hades it did not matter.

"Oh, dear boy," replied Hades with a sharp smile; one that showed too many teeth, a shark's smile, "that is where you are so very, very wrong."


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