Eternal is a Sailor Moon roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since July 10th, 2018.

Late March 2031 - April 2031

Liliana Corynn



ALIAS: Queen Serenity (Selene)
Lilliana can mean lily, ‘pure’, ‘innocent’, and carefree.
Corynn means ‘maiden’, which is in reference to Persephone.
Title: Queen Mother.
AGE: 50
FACTION: Pantheon
ETHNICITY: Australian
OCCUPATION: Clinical Herbalist
FACE CLAIM: Cate Blanchett


  • Cell Phone: the latest model of iPhone.
  • Cat: Liliana has a pet cat named Cerebrus.
  • Vehicle: Liliana drives the latest CRV.
  • Tools of the trade: Liliana keeps in her vehicle a variety of herbalist tools just in case.
  • Star Seed: Unbeknownst to Liliana, she carries a standard Star Seed within her chest with no power or connection to the moon. However, her soul carries the memories and identity of Queen Serenity. Liliana herself would recall nothing of her former life.


NAME: Queen Serenity (Selene)


When Queen Serenity was reborn as Liliana, she was not only reborn without memories, but she was reborn disconnected from the Silver Crystal. This was primarily since when she died, she chose to disconnect herself from it and give the Silver Crystal to her heir, Princess Serenity, who was later reborn as Cynthia Lunette. Therefore, all previous abilities, immunities and resistances have been revoked.

With Queen Serenity being unable to tolerate darkness for long periods of time during her previous life, Liliana’s disconnect from her former abilities and the Silver Crystal allows her to tolerate darkness to some degree. She is still ultimately a human, therefore how long she may be able to endure the effects is entirely situational and may require some aid. She bears a Star Seed with no power.

The only power that Liliana would possess is immortality, which she obtained when Neo Queen Serenity bestowed immortality upon citizens.

AI Selene

When Selene passed away, she had uploaded her will into the Eternity Main System at the Moon Palace. This will still contains her memories, and may be a huge reason as to why Liliana will struggle to regain her memories as Selene. The AI Selene will often act as an advisor to her now purified sister, Hecate, whether she likes it or not, and will be considered a NPC to Liliana.


Selene was born to Cosmos and Chaos along with her twin sister Nehellenia (Hecate). Because Cosmos and Chaos were unable to care for their children due to their duties, the two twins were cast off to the Solar System and left in the care of another. Selene rarely saw her twin sibling after that, but it became common knowledge that the two of them came to occupy different sides of Earth’s moon.

For Selene, it became the light side of the moon, where the sun’s rays shined bright upon it. Selene was left in the care of her protector and herald, Pandia, who would raise her as if she were her own child. The two of them came to form an entire civilization on Mare Serenitatis, the Sea of Serenity, and it would flourish.

Selene had governed the Moon Kingdom following the mindsets and desire for pacifism and peace and provided guidance to her neighboring planets. After the Solar System began to flourish, it was Selene who sought to unify the Solar System, believing that they all could come together for a common cause. Many planets had formed peace treaties with the moon as a result, the era becoming known as the Silver Millennium.

It was during her travels throughout the Solar System that Selene became acquainted with her soon-to-be husband, Hades, who she bore one child with: Princess Serenity. Unfortunately, before Serenity’s birth tragedy had struck with her husband and many other deities, Heralds and Augurs as Chaos began to corrupt them and send them down a darker path.

Chronos was forced to raise his hand and seal them away, even assigning Hades to the planet Nemesis when he otherwise shouldn’t have been assigned to a planet. It was the assignment to Nemesis that saw a drastic change in Hades, eventually leading to Chronos to sealing him away.

Selene never forgave Chronos for that, as she believed that there was still good within Hades, despite the fact others within the Alliance had fallen far. Selene’s birth of her daughter, Princess Serenity, was met with another tragedy as Nehellenia attacked and cursed her daughter during her baby shower. Selene proceeded to seal her away, despite having offered her an opportunity to live on the light side of the moon should she have sought peace.

Peace carried out from that point on for sixteen years until Princess Serenity began to venture off to Earth which saw the eventual downfall of the Silver Millennium. Unbeknownst to many, Selene had an ulterior motive when she sacrificed herself as well as she purposefully separated herself from the Silver Crystal’s power. It was to ensure that should she ever be resurrected, she would be given an opportunity to be able to restore Hades to his true nature as she could never, ever step foot upon Nemesis were she tied to the Silver Crystal.


Liliana was born to Joyce Devin and Daniel Corynn, both from Sydney, Australia on June 29th, 1981. The two had met in high school, and were high school sweethearts who had married promptly at the age of nineteen. However, their relationship didn’t last throughout the years, and Joyce had to raise Liliana after having her at the age of twenty-four and their relationship ending when she was twenty-six.

It wasn’t a scandalous divorce, the two just didn’t get along and it was time. While Joyce would have liked to remain in Sydney so that Liliana could have her father despite their separation, an opportunity had arose in the United States that took her to Miami, Florida, and she and Liliana were forced to move. Both Liliana and Joyce were able to obtain citizenship in the United States and had their citizenship changed.

Liliana had chosen to spend the school seasons with her mother, and the summers with her father. Due to the financial wealth that her father had obtained with his pharmaceutical career, traveling fees for Liliana weren’t a big deal. In fact, Liliana welcomed it; it gave her the opportunity to explore and Liliana was finding herself more intrigued with what life had to offer.

Liliana found a strange comfort when she was flying, being able to be high above the clouds and overlooking the cities below had given Liliana a sense of nostalgia that she couldn’t quite explain. It was even more surreal when it was nighttime and she was closer to the moon. The feelings had never dwindled, even today.

Liliana graduated high school with high marks, there was something within her that was studious and driven to learn everything that she could about the planet that she was on. It was in high school that Liliana grew a fondness for Earth’s flora, and she went onto university to earn a Master of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine (major) and a teaching degree (minor).

Liliana had worked as a Clinical Herbalist in Miami for years, being able to remain close to her family and friends, and taking vacations to Sydney when she could. When there was a shift in management in Infinity Academy and positions began to open up, Liliana had decided to become a researcher at the institute, and eventually moved to Infinity City.

Liliana had been unaware of what had caused the shift in management, but she was aware of the rumors of Sailor Guardians and possession. The truth became clearer eventually when the Crystal Empire had rose to power, and Liliana had felt a sense of pride that she couldn’t explain.

Liliana supports the Crown strongly, and continues to focus on her work at Infinity Academy.

Writing Sample

Selene was getting ready to fall asleep in her chambers when guards knocked on her door, only to inform her that they’d caught her daughter about to go to Earth. When she’d learned of this, Selene quickly got out of bed, put on a cotton throw to cover her upper-body, and left her chambers after slipping on a pair of white slippers.

So the rumors were true. Selene had gotten wind of it only weeks before, but she chose to give her daughter the benefit of the doubt. How could she have been so foolish, to go without a guard, to go when God’s Law was initiated?

Selene simply couldn’t believe it.

Or maybe she could. Serenity was her daughter, who’d just committed crimes similar to her own. Selene was simply smarter and knew how to not get caught. Without knocking on the door, Selene slipped into her daughter’s chambers and heard her murmurs.

Her arms crossed, Selene moved closer to her bedside, sitting down on the bed next to her daughter as she placed a palm against her back. Was it wise to inform her of her own journeys to Earth? Serenity wasn’t known to keep a secret well, but Selene needed to calm her daughter and enforce those laws.

“My love,” Selene began calmly. “You need to think about this wisely, as a queen would. I understand that you desire to go to Earth, but your adventures could ruin any potential union that we could make with them should you do something wrong. Earthlings have their own culture, one different from our own, and that’s what makes them dangerous. It was their choice to not be part of the Silver Millennium.”

“However, you will not be going back to Earth. I will enforce a guard to be present in and outside of your quarters if that is your goal. Please, my love, you need to understand that I am doing this for not only your own benefit, but also the Silver Millennium.”

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