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Late March 2031 - April 2031

Pandora Mendelssohn



  • Pandi
  • Princess Salacia
  • Princess of Neptune
  • Goddess of the Seas and Oceans
AGE: 36
FACTION: Crystal Empire
ETHNICITY: Native American
OCCUPATION: Famous Violinist, Artist, and Advisor to the Queen
FACE CLAIM: Tanaya Beatty


  • Cell Phone: Pandi carries her phone with her at all times to ensure she can be contacted in emergencies.
  • Neptune Crystal: The Sailor Crystal of Neptune is what allows Pandora to change into Sailor Neptune. The crystal is heart shaped and a deep aqua color. It is one of few possessions that she keeps with her at all times.
  • Deep Aqua Mirror: One of the three talismans needed to awaken Sailor Saturn, the Deep Aqua Mirror belongs to Sailor Neptune. She's able to access the power of the mirror whether or not she's transformed. She uses it both to channel her abilities as a senshi for attacks and also as a medium to focus her psychic abilities.
  • Marine Cathedrale: This is Pandora's Stradivarius violin worth over several million dollars. Aside from using it to perform, she also uses it in one of her attacks.
  • Art Supplies: Her collection of paints, chalk, pencils, brushes, canvases, and sketch books. It's sometimes hard to find time, but she enjoys painting or drawing when she has the chance.


NAME: Sailor Neptune


  • Deep Submerge
  • Submarine Reflection
  • Submarine Violin Tide
  • Tidal Wave: Using her connection to the deep sea, Sailor Neptune is able to summon a large wave of water similar to her Deep Submerge attack. She's able to send the wave of water crashing into a target.
  • Psychic: Neptune has psychic abilities that allow her to get hints about what's coming. She mostly gets feelings or visions in her dreams. Unfortunately, she doesn't have control over this ability. She's learned to let the feelings and visions guide her, like it did with her awakening as Sailor Neptune. Generally, she'll get a sinking feeling often when something bad's about to happen and she can tell by the severity of the feeling, how bad whatever's coming will be. Visions appear in her dreams and it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between a regular dream and a vision.
  • Scrying: This is a subpower of her psychic abilities and can only be used with the Deep Aqua Mirror. The mirror allows her to see visions while she's awake, both of other locations or individuals (such as when she's checking on the Outer Solar System or one of her fellow senshi) as well as giving her brief glimpses of her visions. It's usually not anything more than she can see in her dreams, but it sometimes helps her to be able to see the visions more clearly which helps her decipher them. The mirror also helps her to see through illusions.


Pandi was born to a young woman who wasn’t even out of high school yet. She had no choice but to give her daughter up for adoption since she could barely take care of herself, let alone a baby. The baby, Pandora, was sent to a foster family. It took nearly 3 years before she was adopted. She didn’t understand what was happening or why. Once the adoption was finalized, her adoptive parents, Bernie and Brenna Mendelssohn, insisted on calling her Pandora… a new name for a new life. Or at least that’s what they told her, as if it should explain everything.

With the exception of a few snippets from when she first came to live with the Mendelssohns, her earliest memories are of living in Philadelphia. Her parents were both lawyers, so they lived in one of the upper-class suburbs just outside of the city. While her parents often said they loved her and gave her plenty of wonderful gifts at Christmas and usually her birthday as well, they weren’t around a lot, not to mention that there were several occasions when they completely forgot about her birthday because they were too busy with other things.

Pandi had gone through several nannies in the time they lived in Philadelphia. Not that Pandi was acting out, or that she was a terrible child, but she was very busy. She was curious by nature which led her to acting on ideas as soon as they popped into her head without taking the time to think through whether they were a good idea. Like the time she tried to give the dog a bath. The dog got away from her and shook shampoo all over one of the expensive paintings that hung on the wall. Shortly after that the dog disappeared and so did her nanny.

Before she knew what was happening, Pandi found herself attending finishing school. For two hours after school was over, she had instruction in etiquette until her parents got home from work. Then, after a proper dinner, she was to spend the rest of the evening studying. Her parents made sure she understood their expectations of her in no uncertain terms. They expected that everything she did was no less than perfect.

Once the lessons on basic etiquette were mostly covered, that was when the other lessons started. Monday was music lessons. Pandi chose to play the violin, and it turned out she was rather good at it. Tuesday meant literature. Wednesday was current political affairs. Thursday was a review of Mathematics since that was her weakest subject. That left Friday to review etiquette to ensure she didn’t forget anything, and her mother insisted she needed to work on her poise.

Pandi started drawing to escape from the pressure. It didn’t help that she started having these visions in her dreams. She drew the scenes she saw to get them out of her head, but she found people wanted to buy them. By the time she was in high school, she already had a following, both as a professional artist and as a violinist. Online articles praised her for being poised and articulate.

At school, the other students either hated her because they wanted to be her, or tried to be her friend so that some of her fame and good luck would rub off on them. She had little time to spend with friends, but chose the most accomplished of those around her and pretended to be friends with them. Half the time she thought her parents didn’t like her unless she was their perfectly trained performing monkey. If her parents didn’t even like her, then why would anyone else? She did what she was trained to do. She was friendly with the girls, coy and demure with the boys, and was so well-versed in every one of her classes, her teachers didn’t have a nasty word to say. The entire time she kept everyone at a distance. After all, if she ever told anyone about her dreams, they’d think she was crazy.

Between her popularity and the straight As in her high school transcripts, she was offered a full scholarship by dozens of schools that would love to have her on their alumni list. Her parents had more than enough money to pay for tuition if she’d wanted to go somewhere else, but scholarships, tuition, and program credentials were not what Pandora considered when she chose to attend UCF Orlando.

Her dreams intensified when she started classes at UCF Orlando. She couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something else she was supposed to be doing, or some other purpose for her life than being a student of the arts. Her parents wouldn’t let her think of doing anything less than a dual major in both art and music, especially not with her public watching her and them.

It wasn’t until a monster appeared that she understood her dreams were more than just dreams. In the moment, it felt like she was in a dream. She just reacted, and it wasn’t until she transformed she knew it was real. Her dreams shifted after that. She first started remembering things from her past life as Princess Salacia of Neptune. She was the guardian senshi of the planet Neptune, and also one of the outer senshi whose sworn duty was to protect the solar system from threats.

For as much as she learned from her dreams, there was still so much she didn’t know. Her dreams started focusing on her partner, Sailor Uranus, and she felt an urgency to find this person. It was a shock to find out that Sailor Uranus’ present day incarnation was attending the same school. Then again, she’d picked the school because she kept having a nagging feeling like she needed to be there. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d decided based on a gut feeling, and she doubted it would be the last. She wondered if that was fate’s way of putting Uranus in her path.

She started going to races to observe and position herself close to this person who went by Lightspeed. She thought it was oddly appropriate for the senshi of the skies. She didn’t know how to approach at first without seeming like some crazy stalker. Not that the route she took was much better. She didn’t blame Alexis for not believing her. Pandi doubted she would have believed any of it either if things had somehow been reversed. She couldn’t give up though. She wouldn’t.

Another monster showed up and while Pandi couldn’t be grateful for such a thing, she was glad to have Uranus awake, even if it meant there was something coming that both of them needed their powers for. They became closer as she helped Alexis come to terms with everything and get caught up on what they were supposed to do. Somewhere along the way, things between them turned into something more than friendship. Maybe it had always been more than friendship. Alexis was the first and only person she let close to her. Alexis was the only person she let see everything she didn’t let anyone else see. As she expected, her dreams changed again. This time she kept seeing Sailor Saturn awaken, and the destruction caused in the process. Their mission was clear. They had to stop Sailor Saturn from awakening.

Of course, nothing was ever easy. Not only did they have to kill Sailor Saturn before she could awaken, they also ended up having to deal with Sailor Moon and her team, who refused to let them do what needed to be done. Why couldn’t they just listen to her and Alexis? Why did they have to get in the way? It was their mission to stop the threats that threatened the world because of their previous failures and carelessness. She was thankful Sailor Pluto came to help them, but they were nearly beaten and it nearly destroyed the world. Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn could stop Pharaoh 90, but not without a cost. Sailor Saturn nearly lost her life. Sailor Moon could bring her back as a baby.

From the first moment Pandi held baby Saturn, she knew she couldn’t give the child to someone else to raise. Having been adopted, she knew what it was like when your adoptive parents didn’t understand you. Then there was the part where she wanted kids someday. Things were much more complicated with being a senshi. Could she ever really devote time to her child if she always had to put her duties as a senshi first? She knew it would be complicated for Saturn as well. Who could they trust to understand whatever mystical elements that might come into play?

She knew they were still in school and had to juggle their duties as senshi on top of that, so perhaps it was unfair of her to even ask Alexis to help her raise baby Saturn, especially since she had the feeling there was very little that Alexis would deny her. She asked anyway. Thankfully, Layla agreed to help them. It was much easier to figure out schedules and share duties when there were three of them working together. It was the happy little family she’d always wanted growing up. For a brief moment, everything was perfect.

Then Sailor Galaxia came, and that perfection was shattered. She didn’t like the new senshi that came along with the new threat. She didn’t enjoy having to share the spotlight on stage, and she didn’t like how protective and jealous Alexis got over Cynthia. Pandi knew she and Alexis were in love. They were partners. Nothing could ever break the bond they had. She knew that. Despite everything that happened, Pandora liked Cynthia. The girl was sweet, annoyingly innocent, and too adorable to hate her. Somehow Cynthia had wormed her way into their hearts and their lives. Pandi could deal with that. The less than subtle flirtations between Cynthia and Alexis? Pandi knew nothing would come of it, but she couldn’t help being jealous. She hated herself for the things her jealousy pushed her to do, like flirting with the newcomers to make Alexis jealous.

In the end it didn’t matter, she gave her life in the fight to protect the planet and the rest of the senshi. Sailor Cosmos brought them all back and gave them the chance to live their lives free of senshi duties, but Pandi knew it was only a matter of time before senshi duties took over their lives once more. That didn’t stop her from taking advantage of the time she had. Alexis hadn’t even finished proposing when Pandi said yes. It wasn’t long before they exchanged their vows on the beach in front of their closest of friends and family. Along with Alexis and Layla, she continued raising their daughter. Pandi focused on her music and her art, enjoying as much of the time as she could.

The wedding of Serenity and Endymion set things into motion in ways that no one could have ever predicted. Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion had officially awakened, the Crystal Palace appeared, and their identities revealed. She was no longer just Pandi. She was the Princess of Neptune and a Senshi. She understood it in a way she hadn’t years before when she first awakened. She did her best to hang on to her art and her music. Thankfully, she didn’t have to play to a packed concert hall to enjoy herself. She didn’t know yet if those days were over, but for the time being she recognized that there were other things that were more important. She supported her wife, first and foremost, as Alexis took over as the security chief at the palace.

Things weren’t easy for any of them, but Pandi held her head high as they all continued to try figuring out what they were doing. Recently, with the friction among the inner guardians over some of Cynthia’s more progressive decisions, Pandi was asked to become the queen’s primary advisor. While she still keeps up with her art and music as she can, advising Neo Queen Serenity has become the main focus of her professional life.

Writing Sample

Pandi frowned as she placed a cool towel on Saariyah’s forehead. Pandora volunteered to stay and watch over the other woman while the others discussed everything they’d recently found out. Jeremiah knew better than she did what was going on, so he needed to be at that meeting. Not her.

She couldn’t shake the ominous feeling. It clawed through her gut and wriggled into every space. Something was coming and it was bad. She pulled out her Deep Aqua Mirror. Sometimes she could get enough images in the mirror to get a few ideas about what was going on. Unfortunately, today she saw nothing. She even pulled out her sketchbook and tried to draw anything that came to mind, but that didn’t seem to be helping.

She hugged her arms around herself as she walked toward the window. She paced around the room. She hated not being able to do anything but waiting. With each step she carried herself like she did on stage, with her head held high and her shoulders back. After so many years of having it drilled into her, she still found it hard to relax her posture.

Her gaze returned to Saariyah. The distress was evident on Saariyah’s face. With how much worse things were getting, she prayed Jeremiah returned with Cynthia soon. Pandi didn’t know much longer Saariyah would be able to fight this before they lost her. She wished she could do more, but she was an artist, not a healer.

Music played softly in the background. She’d turned it on half an hour ago in the hopes that it might give Saariyah an anchor to focus on. They were musicians and it was the only help she could offer for now.

She felt something shift ever so slightly just before Jeremiah and Cynthia appeared. “Cynthia, Jeremiah.” She looked toward the pair before looking back at Saariyah. “She’s been getting worse.”

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