ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Lee Morgan


Carter Celestro, Moon Knight, Labradorite
Dark Alliance
Face Claim
Orlando Bloom
Labradorite owns and operates a computer gaming cafe, under the guise of Lee Morgan. He currently doesn't have an employees work for him, at least none that appear on his employee roster. However, patrons who visit the cafe always notice that someone, if not always the owner; to be present at the check-in station.
  • Cell phone: Like everyone else in the world, Lee Morgan owns the latest model of the Samsung Galaxy Note is the type of cell phone Lee keeps on his person. The faster processor and large screen makes it easy for him to run his business while away from an actual computer.
  • Motorcycle: While nothing super fancy, Lee's personal pride and joy is his Harley Davidson 600 roadster. The power and comfort of the machine makes his commutes around the city to be rather enjoyable. A pair of baggage containers were added to help carry everyday items and the extra magazines for his pistol.
  • Auracite Crystals: These special crystals are harvested from both Crystal City and the Dark Alliance Empire alike. With the ability to be stored with energy, Labradorite will often keep several of these charged crystals on his person help fuel his powers or give energy to his Dark allies. Larger version of these crystal are often used for energy harvesting for the Dark Empire.
  • SIG P320 Compact 9mm Pistol: Lee keeps a 9mm pistol CONCEALED on his person at all times. While Infinity City considers itself to be one of the safest cities in the world, Lee is reluctant to change into his alter ego and use his knight powers if the situation doesn't warrant him to. The pistol is always loaded with extra magazines found in the baggage containers on Carter's bike.
  • Remmington 870 Express Shotgun: Nothing strikes more fear into a potential robber than staring down the barrel of a fully loaded shotgun. Normally kept under the desk on a trio of hooks; this theft deterrent is the best spent security system Lee has ever bought.


Light, Light Manipulation
Labradorite is best described as an empty battery, always requiring the need to be recharged before ANY of his abilities are used. Each of his abilities require a certain percentage of the energy stored in the Auracite Crystals to execute, with certain abilities requiring more energy than others.
  • Flashbang: Just as the name sounds, Labradorite has the ability to replicate a Flashbang grenade. While not an actual grenade is used, Labradorite will take one of his smaller Auracite Crystals and overcharge it with Tainted Light energy. He will then throw/place the crystal at a designated point and retreat before the trapped energy escapes the vessel causing a brilliant flash of light and a loud deafening sound to those around the release point. The non-damaging ability is mostly used to incapacitate/disorient the afflicted; allowing Labradorite and his allies to escape safely.
  • Empower Auracite Crystal: (Passive) This ability allows Labrador to imbue his Auracite Crystals with energy. The type of energy imbued can either be Moonlight, Tainted Light or Life energy; depending on the need that is required of the crystaline vessel. Smaller versions of the crystal are usually stored with Moonlight or Tainted Light while larger versions are stored with Life energy.
  • Reflection: Just as the name sounds, Reflection is an expulsion of light energy in a defensive manner. Shaping the light energy in to walls or domes, Labradorite can create reflective barriers around himself or others. However, each barrier created requires a fully charged Auracite Crystal to use.
  • Mirror Image: During the Silver Milennium, the Moon Knight was best known as the one man army. Mirror Image was the reason why. Focusing the light energy within, Labradorite can create multiple duplicate images of himself. While these images can not use any other of Labradorite's abilities, the best use of the images is to simply be disposable minions. However, with the ability to create perfect duplicates, the images created in the forms of others lack the ability to speak in the stolen person's voice; while the duplicates of Labradorite can be used as various mouth pieces for himself. One hit against a copied image causes it to dispel, as well. This ability is very taxing on Labradorite but if supplemented with an Auracite Crystal, up to five images can be created with the use of one crystal.
  • Hide in Plain Sight: Using the available light around himself, Labradorite will wrap light around his form and render himself nearly invisible to the naked eye. This allows him to sneak around the enemy undetected however, when moving; Labradorite's form will shiver or shimmer as he moves along. The slight disturbance in the scenery is difficult to spot except to the most keen of eye.
  • Master of Weapons (Passive): During the Silver Millennium, the Moon Knight was proficient with all types of martial weaponry. But even with his memories gone, Lee can still wield any type of Martial weapon that is placed in his hand. While no exact weapons are held by the Moon Knight, any weapons wielded as actually highly focused particles of light made to take shape in the form of a martial weapon. While Sword and shield are the Moon Knight's favored weapon; it is not uncommon to see him wield a Great Sword, Great Axe, Scythe, Pair of Daggers, Great Katana, or Polearm. (Should duplicate images of Lee be summoned, each image will wield one of the weapons listed above)


Born during the First Silver Millennium, Carter grew knowing he was destined for greatness. His parents, both descended of Lunarian Nobility, were well known with the Lunarian Community and the Royal Court. When Carter began showing signs of control over the infinite element of Light, his parents were quick to inform the Palace of the Moon of the blessing that their son possessed. He was soon drafted into the Lunarian Military after that. The majority of his adolescence was spent learning to control his newly found powers while the teen years and young adult was culling him into the perfect soldier. As time moved forward, Carter embraced his military lifestyle and made it his sole purpose to advance as far as he possibly could go.

Pleased with his strong dedication to the Moon and perhaps to the Sol system entirely, Carter's superiors soon began introducing Carter to the Royal court on a regular occasion. Specially Queen Serenity herself. Sharing an affinity to Light, not in the same manner as Queen Serenity, Carter was soon transferred to the Royal palace and was placed in command of the Palace guard. It was here that Carter's powers over Light soon became well known and after foiling an assassination attempt against Queen Serenity, did he receive the prestigious title and Rank of Knight of the Moon.

Becoming the Knight of the Moon also meant a major increase in responsibility. He was deemed Admiral over the Lunarian Army, Captain of the Royal Guard, faction leader of the Sol Knights, a responsibility that was ripe with its own difficulties and most of all; the personal body guard to Queen Serenity herself. A grand amount of responsibility that would have driven any other man mad.

While he had properly divided up all of his work load onto subordinates, the task of remaining Queen Serenity's bodyguard remained his and his alone. As the years passed and Carter's dedication remained, the pair had grown close, perhaps to close for some to believe.

Thus, when the Dark Kingdom invaded the Moon ad the end of the First Silver Millennium; Carter was the first to charge to the battle front to force back the invading foe. However heroic this action was; it would be his last as Queen Beryl herself was the one to strike Carter down with his own sword.

But that was a lifetime ago and by Queen Serenity's dying wish, a new life had been given to him in the Future.

Reborn in future, Lee Morgan became Carter's new identity. Originally bornand raised in London, England; Lee grew up with a desire to always wanting to play video games. Spending hours as a child on various consoles and his personal computer, Lee developed a proficiency of understanding reading and writing computer coding. As he grew up, classes taken while in grade and high school; Lee excelled to the top of his class. While in college, Lee majored in Business Development and Computing. It was after graduating college, that Lee decided to move away from his home in London to a new life in Infinite City.

Once settled in Infinite City, Lee was able to obtain a Business Loan to open his own Computer Gaming Cafe. Naming the business, Brilliance Gaming was the name of his store and while the first few years were difficult, namely select opening hours and days, advertising expenses and maintenance/software costs; Lee was finally able to stabilize his business to a point where he was able to turn a decent profit and allow the store to remain open for at least 12 hours a day. By this point in time too, Lee was able to hire 2-3 employees to help him run the business as well.

While his life seemed to finally begin stabilizing, it wasn't until one night that Queen Beryl and Danburite suddenly appeared and kidnapped Lee for his dormant power over the Light. His memories of the past were erased while false ones were placed into his mind instead. Fully empowered by the Dark Empire, Lee was given the new name of Labradorite and he pledged his loyalty to the Dark Alliance.

Maintaining his guise as Lee Morgan, began changing his business from a place of respite and enjoyment to a focal point of energy harvesting for his Queen. Terminating his employees was only his first act as Lee began retrofitting his computers to become siphoning stations for unsuspecting customers. Placing an Auracite Crystal in each of the desktops, the computers would act as life energy draining focal portals, siphoning away the precious life energy needed by his Queen. In the back of the shop, Lee changed the break room into the epicenter of the Life draining, placing a massive Auracite Crystal in the room that was attached to his personal computing station connected through wires and cables. Multitudes more of cables went from his personal station into the ceiling across the store before coming back down the support beams located around the store and then connected to each computer. This was the web that made up the entirety of Labradorite's new business practice.

Labradorite even used his powers over the light to change his appearance to that of a Lunarian when changing into his Knight form. His Mirror Images would run the store for him, all the while over seeing the stealing of energy from half whited humans to fuel the Dark alliances ambitions.

Now able to monitor his busniess 24/7, Lee changed his business hours to allow him to remain open for exactly that. Changing prices to be more appealing than his competitors, Lee advertised on a large scale to attract as many victims as he could. He would even hold E-Sport events to draw in even larger crowds, offering special discounts to those who attend the event. However, Lee takes care not to allow any of his customers to become overly drained, as such an occurrence would arouse any unwanted suspicion. When he is draining his customers, Lee only targets 40% of person's Life energy. Once the target percentage is reached, he would kindly end the person's session and suggest they go home and come back after getting some rest.

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