ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Cynthia Lunette


  • Cynthia: Cynthia was originally an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis, who according to legend was born on Mount Cynthus. Selene, the Greek personification of the moon, and the Roman Diana were also sometimes called "Cynthia".
  • Lunette: Little Moon. The name Lunette means Little Moon and is of French origin.
  • Nickname: Cyn, Cinny.
  • Title Neo Queen Serenity.
Crystal Empire
Face Claim
Elizabeth Lail
Queen Regnant
  • The Silver Crystal is Cynthia’s Sailor Crystal, and her most valuable possession. Currently the Silver Crystal is in the form of a lotus, and resides in a hidden chamber inside her bedroom at the Crystal Palace.
  • Cutie Moon Rod: Cynthia’s Cutie Moon Rod is her current primary weapon. It consists of a pink rod and on top of it it has a red sphere with a gold crescent moon, adorned with gold jewels and wings with a heart shape in the center underneath the sphere. Cynthia uses this to perform Moon Princess Halation.
  • Disguise Pen Given to her by Luna when she was a teenager, Cynthia’s disguise pen appears to be a fancy, thick pink pen with a ruby sitting atop of a crown with jewels. She shouts "Moon Power! Change me into a ____!" and twirls clockwise and raises her pen into the air. She's then engulfed in a pink light that changes her attire and hairstyle.


Sailor Moon
Light, Purification
  • The Silver Crystal: As Neo Queen Serenity, Cynthia is able to wield the Silver Crystal to its fullest potential. She may or may not need to shout attacks when she performs her abilities. Cynthia is capable of healing, sealing, and granting rebirth with her Silver Crystal, but it may cost her life if she uses it at its maximum power. She may also use it offensively, e.g. unleashing a powerful wave of energy from the Silver Crystal.
  • Moon Healing Escalation: Lifting her moon rod in the air, Cynthia no longer needs to perform a series of complex movements to perform this ability. By merely shouting “Moon Healing Escalation!” Cynthia is able to heal individuals.
  • Sealing: Using the power of the Silver Crystal, Cynthia has unlocked its ability to “seal” away her foes, just like her mother once had been able to. However, her emotions must be levelheaded in order to use this ability, as the seal will always be imperfect if she is not levelheaded.
  • Astral Form: During the Black Moon arc of the manga, the slumbering Serenity was capable of creating an astral projection of herself through her younger self while she was on Earth and her younger self was on Nemesis. She was capable of controlling her body and aiding in the escape of the Sailor Guardians. Also in her Astral form, Serenity was able to use her attacks and various abilities.
  • Summoning: Cynthia was capable of summoning her ‘weapons’ no matter their location, e.g. she summoned the Cutie Moon Rod from inside the Crystal Palace and made it manifest.
  • Self-healing: While Cynthia can be awake to heal others, in order to heal herself Cynthia depending on the extent of her injuries must be encased in Silver Crystal. The Silver Crystal will heal and protect her while she’s in a coma, and although she may seem comatose, Cynthia is fully aware of what is occurring and may use her astral form during dire circumstances.
  • Moon Beam: An offensive ability, Cynthia is capable of using her crescent moon on her forehead to unleash a powerful wave of energy.
  • Sensing: When Cynthia touches the ground and focuses she's capable of sensing if her friends are nearby by detecting their energies.
  • ’Upgrades’: Cynthia is capable of giving her Sailor Guardians new upgraded forms, technology and abilities, but only if they’ve reached maximum potential in their current stage.
  • Flight: Cynthia is able to form wings on her back and fly.
  • Various Attacks: Supersonic Waves, Moon Tiara Action, Moon Tiara Stardust, Moon Princess Halation, Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Rainbow Moon Heartache, Moon Gorgeous Meditation, Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, Silver Moon Crystal Power
  • History

    Cynthia was born to her father Mr. Lunette, a magazine editor, and her mother Mrs. Lunette, a domestic housewife. They lived in a two story home in Infinity City. She was the oldest child beside her younger brother, who she engaged often in a sibling rivalry with. Unlike Cynthia, her brother studied hard in school and got good grades, whereas Cynthia was an academic underachiever who often got detention for being late, sleeping and eating in class. Her brother oftentimes teased her for her bad grades and when her mother kicked her out of the house for poor test marks, it led to tantrums trying to get back inside.

    Her parents had eventually settled on trying to get her a tutor, but Cynthia simply wasn’t interested. It also didn’t help that it was one of her friends who was the known ‘genius’ in the class who they tried to encourage to tutor her. Cynthia rebelled, even refused to learn from her friend. There was something in the back of Cynthia’s mind that viewed academics as boring, and she had no motivation on continuing her academics.

    But this didn’t mean that Cynthia wasn’t smart. She was smart if she actually tried. Although Cynthia wasn’t aware of it while growing up, her lack of interest in academics was likely derived from her past life, who was forced to study different subjects as she was being groomed to be a Queen. Cynthia wanted more to have a social life and play video games at the arcade rather than study.

    It wasn’t until she bumped into a little black cat with a crescent moon bald spot on her forehead that she began to discover her true destiny, and become reunited with those who she treasured most: the Sailor Guardians. After saving her best friend at her jewelry store and becoming Sailor Moon for the first time, Cynthia eventually discovered her true identity: that she was Princess Serenity, the heir to the Moon Kingdom. Together with the Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask, they managed to combat numerous foes. With her friends at her side, she was encouraged much more to study academics, and eventually managed to gain passing grades throughout her education to be able to be with her friends.

    It was Sailor Galaxia’s defeat where Cynthia made her wish: to be resurrected with her loved ones so that they could see the future that they desired, Crystal City. She married her destined lover, Prince Endymion, and together they became King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity. It was a union that was felt throughout the universe as it led to a new beginning.

    Moments after their marriage, the Crystal Palace reemerged from the depths of the sea in the Northern Atlantic ocean. Scientists couldn’t understand why the Crystal City suddenly formed, but it had. Cynthia hadn’t understood it, but when she arrived at the Crystal Palace, it resonated with the Silver Crystal and gave her access inside.

    At first Cynthia was instructed to keep it low-key, that things would settle down within time. But the riots that stirred didn’t bode well with Cynthia. It was Cynthia’s decision after much convincing that it was time to reveal their identities to the world in efforts to begin anew. Cynthia revealed her identity for the first time as Sailor Moon to the public while being protected by the Crystal Palace, but it was minutes after her transformation that it faded away.

    While the public was still able to view the situation on television, Cynthia attempted to transform again as Sailor Moon, but to no avail. Instead, the Silver Crystal resonated with the Crystal Palace, triggering a transformation into Neo Queen Serenity instead. Cynthia was no longer able to transform into Sailor Moon, and with the tiara that she bore, she understood her new duties to the world. She and Endymion were now King and Queen.

    After more riots ensued, Cynthia attempted to appease citizens by granting them immortality, but at the price that they cannot have an antagonistic mindset. Cynthia wanted everyone to be on equal footing with the White Moon, just as the denizens of the Silver Millennium once had been. With the advice of the Sailor Guardians, Cynthia and King Endymion began working closely with the American government. Coincidentally, Cynthia’s marriage to Endymion just so happened to take place at the end of a president’s term, and a new government would soon rise.

    The pressure of being the new Queen of the Earth had quickly affected Cynthia. It led to many meetings with governments around the world, which Cynthia oftentimes tried to feign being sick to avoid meetings. Cynthia wasn’t ready to be the Neo Queen, not yet. She didn’t realize that that was what her wish meant.

    When the American government revealed that they had already uncovered the ruins of the Golden Palace, Cynthia was quick to encourage Endymion to investigate and visit the sites and she’d also accompany him. Endymion’s decision to resurrect the Four Heavenly Kings was also brought with much encouragement from Cynthia, knowing how much that they’d meant to him. But what surprised her was that Endymion still had the stones of the Four Heavenly Kings. She tried not to let it bother her, but Cynthia ultimately wished that he’d said something to her, knowing just how much that they’d meant to the other girls as well.

    Unfortunately, the conflict that stirred outside of the Crystal Palace was enough to keep Cynthia’s mind off of the subject. When the formation of the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom was discovered, Cynthia was instructed to remain inside the Crystal Palace for her own safety. However, Cynthia oftentimes daringly wanders outside of the Crystal Palace using the pseudonym Serena Rose. Her appearance has also been altered and placed under a magical protection using her disguise tools.

    Writing Sample

    Serenity knew that Kali was right, as always. But Serenity knew that Endymion was much more studious than she ever was. He was much more capable of sitting through a meeting and Serenity had a hard time sitting through them.

    She remembered discussing this to him once before. She knew that he had a similar dislike for them, but it was inevitable. It was their duty, the reason that they were reborn—to become King and Queen of the Earth and lead the Earth into the Crystal Millennium.

    Serenity knew that if she even tried to argue that point, it was pointless. This was Kali, after all. She wasn’t dealing with her personal guardians, she was dealing with an Outer Guardian. Serenity was never good in school, she could barely sit through a class without getting into some form of trouble. Perhaps that was why it was hard to sit through meetings.

    “I know,” Serenity nodded her head. “Endymion is much stronger than I am when it comes to these things. He’s much more patient, but I know that’s where I need to be. It just seems like we’ve been having so many political meetings this week, and not enough time for anything else.”

    Perhaps that’s what they needed? A small retreat? Serenity knew that that wouldn’t be too wise right now, though. It was why she couldn’t get herself to suggest it. With the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom committing terrorism, this was no time for a break. They needed to act, and it was a lot harder now that she wasn’t Sailor Moon. Serenity had yet to fully understand where her powers lied, what she was capable of doing without the ability to transform. Yet it still made her uncomfortable going into battle while wearing a flowing gown.

    Serenity watched as Kali walked away towards the balcony, her azure hues gazing towards her curiously. She stood slowly, wondering what she was up to. But when Kali began to talk about the gardens, Serenity tilted her head.

    She smiled softly, appreciative that Kali nearly thought that she was Queen Serenity. She missed her dearly, but Serenity knew that this was her time now. Part of her wanted to retreat to the Moon Kingdom and relive her past just for a few moments.

    “I remember the parties that mother used to have, everyone was happy during those times… and they always looked up to mother.” Serenity began to walk towards Kali. “Your words mean a lot to me, Kali. I know I need to try harder to achieve that, and I will. There’s so many unique cultures on Earth and it’s fascinating, if we could somehow come together….that would be a dream. I know it would make Endymion very happy, to have a United Earth.”

    And she knew that in some way, it started with her. Endymion could negotiate as much as he’d like, but countries would still govern their own way. It was going to take a lot of effort to win the hearts of the people, especially with factions like the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon rising.

    “….What happened at the meeting, Kali? Did the Prime Minister suggest anything?” Serenity inquired, wondering if Kali’s words were hinting at anything. Did….did her absence leave a bad impression to the Prime Minister?

    Serenity sure hoped not.


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