ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Acacia Alvarez


  • Acacia Florise Alvarez (A full name that was bestowed onto herself to blend in with the current Era)
  • Cia (A common Nickname given to her by friends and comrades)
  • Cacia or Cacie (A secondary Nickname given to her by friends and comrades)
  • Ace (A secondary Nickname given to her by friends and comrades)
  • Kaysha (A secondary Nickname given to her by friends and comrades)
  • Cerelia (Rosea Millennium Princess name)
  • Sailor Ceres (Official Sailor Guardian Form)
  • Guardian of the Spring (Official Sailor Guardian Title)
  • Goddess of Flowers (Official Sailor Guardian Title)
She | Her
Face Claim
Symphani Soto
Singer | Songwriter ; Lady-in-waiting
  • Cell Phone -- A common necessity to every teen and young adult in the current millennium that makes communication easier and of course, allows fellow peers to keep up with the current trends and events that are transpiring worldwide on a daily basis. This applies to Acacia as she not only uses it for social media purposes but she also uses it to communicate with her fellow comrades and maintain personal contacts with friends and of course business associates as she is an aspiring singer and songwriter with a dream!

  • Song Book -- A musical journal that Acacia purchased to jot down not only lyrics for potential songs but also personal thoughts and opinions of the events that may have transpired on her day to day adventures.This book details musical lyrics that are either in reference to personal experiences, feelings, or even just random thoughts that are often left unshared.

  • Purse -- A common item that is a constant in the world of womanhood, Acacia being no exception to the rule as she carries one of her own; a nude-colored designer bag that was purchased with her own money earned and saved from small singing gigs. Inside contains her cell phone (a permanent necessity), her wallet, lip gloss, compact mirror, transformation wand, and other important necessities.

  • Pink Amazon Stone - A relic and gentle reminder of her former life as a member of the Amazon Quartet when under the influence of Queen Nehelenia and of course, her slumber in the forest. It also serves a positive token as to not only how far she has come but also how far she will go.

  • Ceres Sailor Crystal -- A precious relic that is near and dear to the heart of Acacia and her home domain on Planet Ceres with its unique form taking the shape of a lotus flower with vibrant shades of pink, white, and yellow making up of its rich color. It is said that the star seed symbolizes one of the many flowers that remain embedded within the garden of her home planet and is the source of her power as Sailor Ceres.

  • Cererean Orb - The main weapon for Acacia when she is currently in the form of Sailor Ceres, its shape similar to her sailor crystal but in form of a camellia with a stone in the center that is said to be the power source of some, if not all of her attacks. The 'petals' on the flower are said to be detachable while embedding themselves in its Cererean energy upon activation.

  • Cererean Fan - A secondary weapon for Acacia when she is currently in the form of Sailor Ceres -- this magical item only making its grand appearance when using certain attacks, appearing in a hauntingly magnificent pearl and rose-colored shade that illuminates upon activation as the stone of Pink Tourmaline rests directly in the center of its rivet.


Sailor Ceres
Aerokinesis and Floraekinesis
The core abilities behind the Cererean Guardian.

  • Aerokinesis also known as Air Control or Air Manipulation which is one of the two sources behind Sailor Ceres's attacks. With this ability, Acacia is capable of not only manipulating and shaping the element of air but creating said element as well. This also allows her to manifest a force comparable to tornadoes and hurricanes. This also includes techniques such as air generation, aero-telekinesis, and mild enhancements to both sound, touch, and smell.

  • Aerokinetic Constructs With Air Control being one of the main sources with Acacia's abilities, as Sailor Ceres -- she is capable of manifesting things like air-based weapon attacks such as blades and polearms as well as barriers and armors. She can also manifest platforms and restraints, serving as a huge benefit to her fellow allies as far as escape and defense tactics are concerned.

  • Aerokinetic Combat A pretty self-explanatory ability that is often observed by those of the Cererean lineage during physical combat (hand-to-hand), where the element of air is infused with every kick and punch delivered towards their enemy -- adding a bit of oomph in their technique; also earning them the ability to glide as well.

  • Florakinesis also known as flower control or flower manipulation is the last and final source behind Sailor Ceres's attacks. With this ability in her possession, Acacia is capable of not only manipulating and shaping flowers but also creating them as well. This element also serves as a nod to the Goddess Ceres and the people of her planet as they carry a heavy attunement to nature's flora -- allowing her the uncanny ability to not cause flowers and parts of the flowers such as petals and pollen to grow, bloom, move or attack but also mutate or even revive themselves.

  • Florakinetic Constructs Another nod to the Goddess Ceres of which she represents, Acacia is capable of changing plants, flowers, trees, vines, etc into tools, objects, weapons, and other necessary items that would serve as a benefit in battle. These items can range anywhere from armors, polearms, barriers, and appendages using tree limbs and vines.

  • Flower Petal Manipulation Another nod to the Goddess Ceres of which she represents, Acacia can shape, manipulate, and generate the petals of any given flower by using them to attack, grow, or even move.

  • Fragrance Manipulation With flowers comes the sweet scent of their fragrances, blessing Acacia with the ability to also manipulate the fragrances of said flowers of her choice. This often leads to Acacia's attacks having a chance of causing hypnosis, insanity, love, paralysis, and pain. Some of her attacks have a hint of fragrance in them, thanks to the combination of air and petals.

    The core attacks behind the Cererean Guardian.

    Side note: With many of Sailor Ceres’s attacks, there’s a combination of flower petals that may or may not give off a fragrance that will potentially cause side effects to her opponent.

    • Zephyr's Song (Original Attack) -- Upon summoning her Lotus Flower Orb, Ceres would spin around in a circle as the orb between her hands began to illuminate a blush hue as the winds around her began to increase. A flurry of pink rose petals would soon begin to manifest and materialize in its essence; spiraling around her body as waves of Cererean energy began to follow the same motion of the wind as it took the shape of a tornado. Cia would soon come to a complete stop with the orb facing her opponent and immediately send off a gust-like force of wind their direction.

    • Nature’s Kiss (Original Attack) -- Ceres calls upon the power of her planet, embracing its essence upon its summoning as balls of wind energy that was induced with a sweet fragrance manifesting in mid-air, hovering in place before crossing those hands of hers into place as the orbs moved respectively before making an x-shaped swipe towards her intended target as those orbs flew off, attacking her opponents with the potential intent of temporarily damaging their nerves once a certain amount has been inhaled.

    • Cererean Shield of Protection (Original Attack) -- Summoning her planet's energy once again with the use of her Cererean fans, Ceres would press her weapon against the floor of the ground and immediately upon the point of contact, the entire ground surrounding where she stood would sprout vines that would take manifest and solidify itself in form of a firm shield that would temporary protect and prevent incoming attacks from landing on her and those she was defending.

    • Dance of the Storm (Original Attack) -- Summoning her planet's energy once again while still utilizing her fans weapon, Cererean would summon two wisps of wind energy and flowers that would grow bigger with size; acting as familiars of nature -- they would move in accordance with her body's rhythm and movement, attacking her opponents in question as if she was laying her hands and/or feet against them. It was a style of elemental combat that was greatly practiced by Cerereans.

    • Gospel of Ceres (Original Attack) -- Using her Lotus Flower Orb, the "flower petals" of the crystal would peel from the orb as if shedding its "leaves" as the orbs disappeared without a trace, each petal becoming a spire of wind energy before thinning into needles and with the movement of her hands would strike her opponent creating a piercing needle effect while potentially causing frostbite to the intended targets.

  • Pink Freezing Kiss (Canon attack) -- A energy-based group attack involving her comrades/sisters as well as Chibi Moon..

  • Amazoness Jungle Arrow (Canon Attack) -- A energy-based group attack involving just her comrades/sisters. When using this attack, the quartet unleashed a concentrated burst of combined power in order to blow their enemy.
  • History


    Who would've thought that this young Cererean who remained slumbering within the realm of the Jungle along with Pallas, Vesta, and Juno would find herself in the most unprecedented situation as what was meant to be long-term slumber that was set to last for all eternity until a young princess by the name of Small lady Serenity needed them by her side was soon to be disrupted a woman who went by the name of Zirconia. She and her comrades were so innocent in nature, unaware that Zirconia was tapping into their power for the sake of malice rather than good, for the sake of bitterness instead of tenderness to serve as members of the Dead Moon Circus which was run by a woman that Zirconia served named Nehellenia ... It was with the level of naivety in their mental possession that she along with her comrades fell into the trap that was so delicately put in place by evil woman hat they had begun the process of her own little curse which resulted in both their corruption and initiation to her alliance; rising to become the Amazon quartet.

    Ceres would blindly follow Nehellenia's every whim upon command, doing her every bidding for the sake of some sense of approval and affection but also recognition; causing chaos and strife against not only Sailor Moon and her Guardians by also the one that she was supposed to guard once she had awakened: Sailor Chibi Moon. She was unaware of the spell that she was placed under but yet It did not cease the mild headaches and fragments of memories that would cloud her mind about her truth and the nature behind her identity. Little did she know, they were just slaves to Nehellenia's cause of discord towards then-princess Serenity who had not yet taken the throne as Queen. Any recollection was met with further corruption and manipulation as a preventative measure to explore the depths of these hidden clues at least until Sailor Moon had made her rise to ascension to Eternal Sailor Moon.

    With her ascension came the defeat of Nehellenia and also the purification of the Quartet as all the memories that were once clouded beginning to restore themselves within her own mind as well as the others; a breath of fresh air as her true identity was revealed: She was Sailor Ceres - leader and body double of Sailor Chibi Moon who would grow up to become Neo Sailor Moon with herself, Sailor Juno, Sailor Pallas, and Sailor Vesta serving as the Guardians of the Future Moon court; a revelation that she would reveal to the Planetary guardians as they were meant to be asleep until Small lady called for their assistance to join by her side.. a moment that she would never forget as she got to see how strong the young princess had gotten before returning to her eternal rest where she'd be for over a hundred years...until the call finally came...

    THE PRESENT: 2035 AND BEYOND Decades would go by as Small lady was finally born, soon after Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask married and became Neo Queen Serenity and Neo King Endymion; granting Terrans immortality and peace. It is with Small Lady's awakening as Neo Sailor Moon would the Asteroid Guardians awaken and serve by her side along with Diana who served as their advisor; Ceres picking up a human alias in which she would call herself Acacia Florise Alvarez to blend in with the population and learn to function as a decent denizen of society, which did not come with its own trials and tribulations as adjustments were hard from learning how to deal with finances, education, and other important factors that served as a catalyst to the natural life of a human being -- all of which she would pick up fairly quickly while discovering a passion for something that would serve as a purpose in her return to the "past" before Small lady was born: music. She had come to develop a love for music as a collective...whether it be writing lyrics, creating instrumentals, or even just belting out random notes for the fun of it; declaring it to be as some form of therapy as it allowed the woman to not only express herself but to also get beyond hardships... and little did she know? Life was going to serve to grow very difficult as chaos began to do exactly what chaos does and that's run rampant.

    As their timeline's dark alliance began to set its claws deep within the veins of Crystal City and their respective regions alike, Crystal Empire as they once knew it was beginning to twist in ways that were hard for her to comprehend and even harder for her to deal with as everything they all once knew became nothing more than a shadow of its former glory, apocalyptic times beginning to set in place for their current time; prompting their Neo Queen Serenity to have a series conversation with Small Lady in regards to traveling back to a more peaceful time frame...one that came with a plethora of risks as time travel was forbidden by the Plutonian Law. But it was a risk her princess was willing to take as Acacia along with her comrades followed her to the present, where the group would find themselves in uncharted territory with the hopes of a brighter future...unaware that this particular change of events would be their biggest one yet..

    Writing Sample


    It seemed as though it had been just forever ago since she was last in the current Era, her eyes wandering over the landscape and its delicate elements that made Crystal City what it was now -- finding herself in a state of reflection as the light from the sunrays graced her melanated tone with its essence. The memories were flooding her mind one after another as the need for a walk down memory lane was necessary...from the time she was CereCere and a member of the Amazon Quartet when the Dead Moon Circus was a thing to being purified along with the rest of her fellow comrades/sisters where they would be briefly met with the visual of Neo Sailor Moon before she obtained the strength, knowledge, and prowess that she does now before she had gone to her rest, where she'd lie asleep until the call was made once more for them to arise and serve at the side of their princess for good.

    It was a bittersweet moment if she was honest, simply because it was only but for a brief second that she would be able to talk to her and tell her (Then Chibi Moon) so much -- yet the curious mind wandered so much more with the desire to ask for more. But it came with a sense of ache, one that she knew she had been forgiven for as it wasn't necessarily their fault that they were so clouded and deluded by the magic of Queen Nehellenia, who by the way, was purified and now known as Queen Hecate? It only added to the questions that clouded her mind now as there was a wonder as to how much corruption really existed all these years...especially before their time. Not to mention, one could hardly forget the mere fact that not only Queen Nehellenia now Queen Hecate and the MOON QUEEN, might she add? But she was also the current princess's great AUNT, which never ceased to blow her mind every time that she thought about it...

    Acacia took the time to just simply marinate on the matter some more while looking down at her tote bag, pulling one end ajar so that she could reach inside and pull out what appeared to be a round, pink-colored stone. There was a gentle breeze that manage to brush those long curls to the side as her eyes studied the shape of the object before glancing up towards the night sky, observing the moon for a moment with a cant of her head. "I suppose, we weren't the only ones who had a bit of corruption in us, huh? We weren't the only ones who served as pawns to the matter of Chaos.." Her own thoughts rolling through her mind as her dictation continued to speak them. "But it's a very telling display of just how raw and intimidating Chaos truly is..." She'd allow the orb to fall into her hands before giving it a squeeze. "And I have a feeling that it's only going to get worse from here.." A hint of concern lacing her own words as her eyes came to a close. "But how much worse, I'm unsure...and even more unsure about how much it's going to affect us as a collective. But we need to be prepared..." Her eyes came open as these next words would ring true to the very might and fire that was brewing within her core.

    "Be prepared to fight together...forever. To stick together and never allow any harm to come to our fellow men and women..and especially not our princess."


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